It's fine! tbh I've been trying to keep away from social media as to focus on homework more (unless its keeping up with twitter and youtube updates for comebacks) 


can you believe 7 already has 3.42 million preorders alsfdkjkfb


I really liked that twist at the end when it somehow got even darker. i really like twisty songs ig. also, he hit 1m likes in 30 minutes?? uh, king??

ay, good for you!

i've stopped doing my 25 minute workout because I now have an exercise bike which i try to go on for at least 2 hours everyday. really need to lose 20 pounds this year, doctor's orders 😔

also, this year in kpop hasn't been too bad so far. A bunch of idols aren't participating in their groups tours and stuff like that because of anxiety, and I mean, of course they probably are feeling bad about themselves, but at least they're able to take breaks. 5 years ago, this really would've been unheard of. but now, since kpop has become so mainstream and so many fans are more genuinely concerned for their idols, more companies will listen.

also loona comeback?? after a whole year???//!@?!?@?!???!@?!? 

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