they apologize for their lack of music a lot but it really isn't their fault in the slightest

i'm sure if yg let them write their own songs too that would definitely help

Jennie wrote her rap verse in her solo song SOLO which is what's considered a general standard for a rapper (not just idol rapper) in general and it had a good flow

so she definitely has potential for writing songs

yes, Jennie definitely gets the best treatment out of Blackpink from YG. but this is mainly because she's the most popular member in Korea. They love her because she's cute but also s*xy. ofc she's talented; it just really shows when Jennie gets the best outfits for every stage, the most lines in every song, the most promotion and the first solo song out of blackpink released, and the first member (i think) to become a promoter for a fashion label.

about the laziness "scandal"

I had a pretty similar reaction honestly 

however, that was so out of the ordinary with her usual stage presence. like out of blackpink, i saw some of their live stages before that whole scandal. Jennie was the one hyping up the crowd.

while i jumped on the hate train back then, in retrospect, something was definitely going on behind the scenes.

Jennie is NOT okay and we should be worried

Jennie is NOT okay and we should be worried

this video (especially the end) educated me on a lot of incidents i didn't know happened

like the part OP calls "The Sickness"

when Jennie starts breathing and seems on the verge of tears, that reminded me way too much of me when I had my first panic attack.

it starts with the breathing, gradually taking in bigger and bigger breaths but for some reason you're not getting enough air.

then it seems like walls are closing in and your ears block

and then tears fall out of no where

she really was about to cry but she knew how to stop herself (which i learned is to breathe in through the nose and out through the mouth; whoever invented that is revolutionary)

now, the other members:

Rose: promised solo earlier this year (still haven't gotten squat); there's also speculation that yg is making her fake her high-pitched aegyo-ish voice (it's of her on a v-live before she realized the camera was on) hence why some people say she sounds like she's straining her voice (i learned this from the same channel that posted the video above)

Lisa: the most popular member of blackpink internationally; she has the most followers on instagram out of all kpop idol or kpop related accounts (idk if i worded that properly); by far the best dancer on blackpink, yet never given a dance break (there was a dance break for her in the original choreo of kill this love but yg took it out)

Jisoo: her vocals are considered impeccable by the kpop stan community and in the comment section of blackpink mr removed videos; has the least lines in every song; probably never going to get a solo if it's taking this long for rose and lisa

yg has seemingly done this with other groups like 2ne1 and BIGBANG

he picked one member to pamper 

while the others sort of faded unless they could make their own stuff 

but that hopefully stops with the new CEO (even though she pushed for 2ne1 to disband (like bruh)

and eafdksafj this was kinda a long message

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