i think 15-20 min lol

i can only imagine

big truth

reee still haven't watched it yet 

bUT instead I listened to the whole WINGS album again for like the 70th time ugh it's my favorite and it's so good. also playing paper io rn cuz it's the weekend

my school just finished the first quarter this feels so weird

that'd be a smart move for sk's government since bts make them a lot of money and attract a lot of tourists. if he doesn't end up going that'd be neat. if he does, then i'll be sad. but, even as a devout jin stan, i know he was a Korean citizen with duty to his country before he was my ult bias out of all kpop groups. so idk

BTS (방탄소년단) 화양연화 pt

BTS (방탄소년단) 화양연화 pt.1 '花樣年華' Comeback Trailer

also have you seen this comeback trailer from their I NEED U era? I saw it earlier this year when I while scrolling through bighit's channel. very aesthetic and very nice drawings.
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