Oh, ok!

So templates, like pages, can have pretty much anything in them - they look completely different depending on what code is inside them - that's the main way I tell them apart.

For instance, this is a spoiler warning template (and since it's called Template:Spoiler, the code for putting it on a page is {{Spoiler}}:

Spoiler warning!
This article contains plot details from the latest book.

but then, my friend badge template couldn't look more different. It's called CressFriend, and it looks like this:

Cress's Friend!

Hello, dearest humanoid. Greetings! This badge is a thank you from MagicDaydreamer. If you have this badge, know that I love you! You've won my gift of friendship. And I want you to know that you're amazing, loyal, and fun(ny) in the best combination. It's crazy we've known each other our whole lives It doesn't matter whether you've known me for days, weeks, or months, but that you've been there with me during that time. We have at least a couple inside jokes that always make me laugh. Our messages may be comprised of solely "XD"s sometimes, and the weeknights I spend chatting with you instead of doing homework are TOTALLY worth it. You may be just as (in)sane as me, or maybe be gifted with a little more sanity - both are awesome and both are okay. You can count on me to help you with absolutely anything - I promise I'll try my best to help - and in return I'll occasionally ask for your help or kind words as well. You've supported me and anyone who needs it no matter what regardless of their sexuality/gender/ethnicity/beliefs/abilities/religion/opinions/social standing, because you know that everyone is valid, everyone is real, and everyone deserves to be seen. You're a true friend, something that's hard to find and lucky to have. :)

Please only use this with permission from Cress (please note that this applies to copying source code as well). Once you have received it, type {{CressFriend|nickname=*nickname of choice*}} into the source code of your profile! If you need additional help, don't hesitate to ask.

You can add badges to your profile by typing in {{Templatename}} to your profile and it should work! For instance, you can definitely have my friend badge if you want - and it'll appear on your profile if you type {{CressFriend}} into the editor.

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