• (Inspired by Divergent's Amanda Ritter Speech)

    Hello. My name is Fallon Vacker.

    First of all, I would like to congratulate you for fighting for the truth, the real truth, and only the truth. You are right in agreeing that a different kind of truth exists: a truth that everyone believes in, which is usually the lie. 

    The real truth is that honesty can shatter our sanities as much as guilt can. Over the past millenia, we've learned to lie and deceive while under the assumption that we are doing good. We are strengthening this mysterious lie that everyone believes to be the truth, extending its power, and making it last. 

    But we cannot ever erase the truth. Once it is out there, it is always there. I'm sure you've felt its presence by now: let me assure you that if that tiny bit of existence dissappeared, we would be crushed under the pressure of pure lie. Untruthfulness, so to speak.

    The Evercache is still building to this day. If you have ever felt regrets about forgetting something, it is in the Evercache. No truth or lie so big will ever be able to evade the Evercache's grasp. All of our minds are connected to the Evercache in a weak, fragile way, but it is enough to store our history. Every single memory you have lost is stored in that weak cache, happy to stay inside and serve no purpose — for now.

    When the Evercache is discovered and opened, its power will be stored in one's mind permanently. The person who holds the power of remembering everything will be known as the Eversource, and this person will be the one whose sanity is not shattered by the guilty history of the elves.

    This person will be the universal Telepath. They will have seen their fair share of truth and lie. They will be able to recognize its difference.

    But most of all, they will survive

    The funny thing about truth is that it still has limits. It has as much potential as a lie does. And being so delicately balanced means that your lifespan will have to be, unfortunately, shortened. By how much of course depends on the Eversource, but the person who holds the Evercache implant shouldn't be foolish and believe that their lifespans are still indefinite. This is like a human trying to convince everyone that it cannot be proven that they are not immortal until they die. 

    Once this individual leaves our world in a way that will allow them to never return (the humans call it death), it means that the end is near. 

    But you deserve some truth even if you do not get to the Evercache in time. You see, our abilities naturally present in times of stress and fear until we can get it under control. Telepaths, however, are much harder to control once they begin. Several times there have been Memory Wipes (Big Washes, as the Ancient Councillors like to count them) performed on the entire elvin world, and naturally the Telepath themself. The Evercache will never be wrong, not about history.

    THE NEVERSEEN ARE SEARCHING FOR THE EVERCACHE. This is Jolie Ruewen. By the time you find this, I'll be dead and so will my family. The Neverseen are trying to locate the Eversource and you've only seen a part of who they are. Their entire force is larger than you might think. You've been the distraction all along. -Jolie

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      The End is near.

      They do not know what they are fighting for.

      Nominations begin today.

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      Name: Brant Ruewen (Spyball) Age: Indefinite Ability: Pyrokinesis

      ​​​​​​ ​​​​​​​​​​​The End is near.

      My name is Brant Ruewen, and I have three separate identities in the Lost Cities: Brant, the husband to Jolie Ruewen, daughter of Edaline and Grady Ruewen; Brant the Neverseen; Brant the Pyrokinetic.

      I have been part of the Neverseen order ever since my sixth year at Foxfire. At the time, I believed of the so-called "rebels" to be evil; though I certainly saw some flaws of the elvin world, I thought they were essential to a peaceful world. Now I know that it is not us who are the enemy. It is the Council who built the Evercache. It is the Black Swan who intervenes for no reason. For if they knew who we truly are, they would be on their knees begging to help us.

      To keep this application to the point, I have endured more pain than many of you. It seems natural for a Pyrokinetic, someone who has the only forbidden ability, to join a "rebel" group. The lowest of the low always rebel. So it is time to turn that around.

      I understand the tasks that I have to complete to prove myself. Fortunately, I am close to someone who we can mark as a suspect.

      I accept my role as the counterpart of Sophie Elizabeth Foster.

      I chose you. Now you have to choose me.

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