• Hello, how are you? It's Reyna, and it's been a while since we talked... how's being stuck in quarantine?

    Do you want to talk about Marvel/OUAT, the two obsessions that are taking over my life?

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    • Oh geez, this is SUPER LATE. Ahhhh I'm SO sorry, i was just going through my notifications today and saw this XD.  I also haven't been on the wiki much during the last six months ish, and there's alot of new changes!

      Yeah, I guess I'm okay, what about you? Quarantine is killing me, i'm so bored. I can't go outside or see any of my irl friends which sucks.

      Yesss Marvel and ouat. I haven't watched once upon a time in a super long time, but I do remember it. Who's your favorite character? mine was rumplestiltskin.

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    • Lol it's ok. Life happens. I've actually been on fandom a lot more thanks to quarantine XD

      Uuuugh, I'm okay too, but I wish I could see my friendsssss... but there's a lot more free time, yay..?

      MY TWO LOVES OMG (lol but lately it's mainly Lokane fanfiction, idek) I haven't watched the show in forever too, but it's the besssssst. My favorite would probably be Killian XD Rumple's whack. He was... interesting


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    • Yeahhhh true I have a lot of free time now lol. I've mostly been watching Netflix and reading random books through the day. 

      Oooooh I love captain hook lol. And I ship him with Emma cause like it's cute. 

      I'm probably gonna start being more active on the fandom so yay!

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    • LOL I can totally relate.


      for a second there i was worried that you might be one of those-GASP-swanfire shippers...

      like nothing against the people who ship it, but i... i kinda hate the ship...

      yay! maybe we could lc sometime?

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    • Lol XD

      Oh no not Swanfire.. *shudder*

      Yeah same, CAPTAIN SWAN ftwww

      Ooh yeah! what time zone are you in? I'm in EDT

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    • A FANDOM user
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