• Hello there,Flamecloud The Earthling! Welcome to the wiki! I'm Starpetal, but you can call me Star or any other weird nickname you can think of! So…here is my attempt at a welcome message, aka a bombardment of questions! What do you want me to call you? What are your pronouns? (I apologize if this is a strange question, I just don't want to call you by the wrong gender or offend you.) You can use they/them for me, but she/her also works. What do you ship? I'm Sokeefe all the way, a Tiana shipper, and Dexella and Finh too. Favorite characters? Mine are Biana, Tam, and Keefe. If you have any questions, our wonderful admins and mentors are very kind and helpful people. Hope you have an amazing time on the wiki!! :3


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