• Okay, so, I will be playing around with ships... A lot... Honestly, it's about ships. Please do not get frustrated with me, I don't usually write romance/ship stories. I will try my best to be very unbiased with ships, so don't automatically assume it's a Sophitz story if Fitz is the first character in the story other than Sophie, or the other way around with Keefe. Or any other ship! There is not a highlighted ship in this story.

    --Chapter One: The List--

    Sophie, Tam, Linh, Dex, Fitz, Marella, Biana, and Keefe were waiting for their matchmaking lists to be given to them. Years earlier, they'd made a deal they'd get their first one together. Sophie twiddled with her fingers, nervous and excited at the same time. She wondered who would be on her list.

    Finally, the matchmaking lady came out. "Biana Vacker?" Biana stood up nervously (something Sophie rarely saw on Biana) and retrieved the list. "Dex Dizznee?" Dex stood up, faking a confident smile, and took the list, immediately stealing a peek. "Fitz Vacker?" Fitz got up, shining his movie star smile, and Sophie tried not to blush. She failed. "Keefe Sencen?" Keefe immediately jumped up, almost ripping the list as he grabbed it.

    "Don't read it yet!" Biana told him. Another deal they had made was that they would read it together, once they got under the Panakes tree.

    The matchmaking lady rolled her eyes. "Teenagers," she muttered, annoyance coating her tone. "Linh Song?" Linh looked at the others before standing and taking the list carefully. Sophie began to daydream through the others' turns, causing her to jump a bit when her name was called. "Sophie Foster Ruewen?" Sophie stood up, trying to keep her face straight. She couldn't help but sneak a peek at Fitz, hoping she had him. Instead, she caught Keefe's eye, who smirked at her and gave her a thumbs up. She smiled back at him, then caught herself, turning away and focusing her gaze on the matchmaker. She grabbed her list, somehow knowing this was going to turn her life upside down.

    "Pennala Toogoofy." Keefe read his first match aloud, and laughter broke out amongst the group. "Next?"

    "Me!" Biana called, biting her lip when she looked down. "Valin's my first one..."

    Keefe snorted. "Good luck with that, he's head over heels for Foster."

    Tam rolled his eyes. "So are you." Sophie felt her cheeks get warm. "My first one is... Maylee Yughunga. Whoever that is."

    "Are you sure your pronouncing it right?" Fitz asked, peering over Tam's shoulder.

    Tam rolled his eyes again. "Of course I am."

    "My turn!" Dex cut in. "Mine is Stina Heks. Wait what?" He recoiled in disgust, almost chunking his list across the property. "Next?"

    Marella smirked. "Mine is Wylie. I bet your jealous, Linh."

    "I am not!" Linh protested, yet her cheeks turned a bit pink.

    Biana giggled. "I'm so sure about that..."

    Linh crossed her arms. "Well, since you all are so interested in me now, my first one is..." She stopped speaking, her expression set in pure shock. "Magnate Leto." The group erupted into laughter, and Linh blushed harder.

    "Me now?" Sophie inquired, and they all nodded. "Okay, mine's..." She felt herself began to spiral out of control. Why would he be her first match? Why would the matchmakers do this to her.

    Biana noticed her expression. "Do you want to do it at the same time as Fitz? You both look reluctant, so maybe you'll feel better together?"

    Sophie nodded. "On three. One..." Dex began.

    "Two..." Marella continued.

    "Three!" Keefe ended, and Sophie and Fitz both blurted their match.

    "Fitz Vacker!" Sophie said at the same time Fitz said "Sophie Foster Ruewen!" Then their eyes met, chocolate brown to teal blue. They both broke into a smile, and Sophie realized that this might not be so bad.

    Finished! Anyway, please leave a comment down below to support this FanFic! As always, have a game changing (for the better) day and wish to be an elf!


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