• Hey, so sorry to bother you (again) but I have been getting many requests and suggestions to create a page made for Fanfictions and short stories that the users come up with and many users here seem to want that feature but on the other hand, the page wouldn't be considered factual or informative so I don't think it could be a page but I thought maybe you thought otherwise? Or not create the page.

    What I have suggested to one user is to create blog posts, comment and even use message walls for the stories. I have also come up with the idea to create a Forum board called 'Fanfictions and Short Stories' where users can create threads with their fanfics. Thank you!

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    • At one point (like three years ago) I made a separate wiki for fanfics about KotLC but I don't think anyone used it and I can't find it by googling it anymore- probably because it wasn't popular at all. I think your idea for blog posts or forum boards sounds like a much better idea than a separate wiki¬†;). I like the idea of keeping the wiki pages factual and having something else to post theories or fanfics to but if you (and others) feel like the wiki would grow more by allowing people to post fanfics wherever then I support your decisions!

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