• Hi Sokeefe Rules! First, I read your fanfic, and I must say, I LLLLLLOOOOOOOOVVVVEEEEDDD IT!!!!! It is so well written, I couldn't even believe it! I think we might have met in the wiki, (probably in a fanfic because that is where I am surviving until fall!!lol)but we never got a chance to REALLY meet so I am doing it right now! Just a few questions first: 1. YOU SPEAK HINDI!!!??? (that's a surprise!)And how? (Did you learn it at school or something, or does your family speak it? My family speaks it.

    2. Who is/are your favorite KOTLC character(s)? Mine are Keefe, Sophie, Biana, and SILVENY! SIVLENY! SILVENY!lol

    3. If you had an ability(abilities), what would it be? Mine would be a Telepath, Vanisher, and Teleporter

    4. And finally, how old are you? (you don't have to answer this, I know some people don't like to, I just want to know f you are in my age group)I am 10 years old.

    I look forward to getting to know you and being your friend!!!!!!


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