• so basically I added a new member who has an ability that the black swan really need to recruit. I literally can't stand it any more so I made this trash

    [keep in mind that this time period is from no specific book, it's just after tam and linh joined the keeper crew]

    Chapter 1 : sophie's pov

    "Forkle, slow down," Keefe called out from his spot next to Sophie. "You're going to make a dent in the floor."

    Mr. Forkle's feet stopped pacing, and he turned to face Sophie and her friends. Sophie expected him to tell them about another Neverseen attack or give them a mission, but he definitely didn't expect him to say, "Are you all close friends?"

    "What kind of a question is that?" Sophie said, mystified.

    "Unless you count how Bangs Boy has been warming up to me lately, then yes," Keefe said as Tam scowled at him from another couch.

    "You can't exactly call us close friends," Linh told Mr. Forkle. "We don't really get together much."

    "Unless you count for when you tell us to go on missions," Tam added. "Which is all the time." he shot Keefe a glare. "Oh, and I still don't like him."

    "Why are you even asking us this?" Biana folded her arms and scooted a little closer to Sophie.

    Mr. Forkle sighed. "You'll find out later." He turned to Fitz and Dex. "What about you? Do you have a good friendship with them?"

    Fitz grinned his movie-star smile. "I would say."

    Dex shrugged. "Pretty much, I guess."

    "Okay." Mr. Forkle rubbed his temples. "Because you will have a new person joining your team."


    ohmygod this is trash, why did I even try

    but i'll have more chapters coming up, chapter 2 will probably come today after I finish my homework

    just take this for now ok byee

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    • ohmg this is good!!

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    • Panakes pancakes wrote: ohmg this is good!!

      thank you!! i'll be posting chapter 2 soon (and its one heck of a long chapter)

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    • ok im back and I still haven't done my homework but who cares, I've had chapter 2 written in a notebook and I really want to post it

      Chapter 2 : sophie's pov

      Sophie's stomach felt like it was being bent and twisted as everyone shouted, "What?"

      "Listen to me first!" Mr. Forkle yelled over the protests and questions.

      Everyone fell quiet.

      "We figured that there are some abilities that we are going to need on our team," Mr. Forkle explained. "One that we don't have."

      Tam looked at Mr. Forkle with a stare that was both confused and menacing as he listed the abilities. "We have an empath, a shade, a hydrokinetic, a pyrokinetic, a vanisher, way too many telepaths, a phaser, a froster, a flasher, and a telepath-polyglot-inflictor-teleporter-enhancer combination. What else do you need?"

      "Guess," Mr. Forkle challenged. After a few minutes of silence, he said, "I'll give you a clue. Squall's sister is one of them."

      "A conjurer!" Dex exclaimed.

      Fitz groaned. "Of course he'd know first - Edaline's his aunt."

      "She's my mom too," Sophie reminded him before facing Mr. Forkle. "Who is this conjurer?"

      "All we know is that they exist."

      "What, you don't even know their name or if they're a boy or girl?" Tam said incredulously.

      "Forkle, you've messed up on this one," Keefe said. "How'd you even meet them?"

      "Our Technopath hacked into the files and looked through all the Conjurers who manifested," Mr. Forkle began. "We did find an extremely skilled one, but strangely, there was no personal information. All we know is that they attend Foxfire, and we know where they live."

      "What, you can do that?" Sophie said, feeling even queasier. If the Neverseen's Technopath was able to hack into the files, tracking down a victim would be as easy as enjoying Mallowmelt.

      "Yes, but we did this for good intentions," Mr. Forkle assured her. "And yes, I've opened my mind to all of you," he told the room. "I need to know your thoughts about the new member. All I have to say is, the potential of Conjurers are higher than we have speculated."

      "Then why don't we recruit Edaline?" Linh asked.

      Keefe snorted. "Would you rather have Sophie's mom following us around and being all grown-up-ish or do you want someone who's our age and can show us some cool tricks?"

      "Mr. Sencen has a point," Mr. Forkle informed Linh. "Let's also not forget that she has a life here in the Lost Cities, and sneaking away would be next to impossible."

      "What's the Conjurer like?" Biana ventured to ask.

      "We leaped to where their file said they lived with a few dwarves and the Collective," Mr. Forkle replied. "Like I said, we didn't have any of their personal information, so we didn't have any expectations of how they were. In fact, when we arrived, no one was there."

      "Then how do you know that they were even there?" Fitz wanted to know, as did everyone else in the room.

      "Because suddenly we heard a series of finger snaps and a row of tall rocks appeared around us, blocking any chances of escape," Mr. Forkle told them. "Then we were raised twenty feet into the air and a piece of paper and a pen appeared in front of me. It said 'who are you creepy hybrid creatures and what the heck are you doing here?"

      Keefe snickered. "I think I'm going to like this Conjurer."

      To be fair, the Collective's disguises were pretty bizarre. Especially Squall's frosty body and Granite's half-carved statue costume.

      "I wrote 'we've come here to hire you' and made a hand signal to let them know we were done writing. It disappeared for a few seconds and when it came back, it asked for what."

      "How were they even doing that?" Sophie wondered.

      "Their conjuring and telekinesis," Dex answered for her. "Which is reeeeeeeeeeally strong from what we've heard, by the way."

      "Yes," Mr. Forkle agreed. "I would've assumed they were from Exillium if I didn't know they attended Foxfire."

      "I mean, five people twenty feet up for that long plus a piece of paper and a pen!" Linh hugged her knees to her chest. "I doubt even Tam and I could do that."

      "What about Sophie?" Biana countered. Sophie was known for her insanely high concentration levels that were genetically enhanced, and even she bet she probably couldn't lift the Collective that high in the air for so long.

      "Nah, this is Foster," Keefe said lazily. "Show us some of your stuff."

      Sophie sighed and focused. All the furniture in Havenfield's sitting room levitated half a foot of the ground for a few seconds before dropping back down.

      "See?" Keefe said, as if he'd done it himself.

      "Yeah, but this is twenty feet in the air for more than ten minutes plus a sheet of paper," Tam argued.

      "Don't forget the pen," Fitz jumped in.

      "As I was saying," Mr. Forkle continued, glaring at all of them. "I wrote about the sole focus of the Black Swan and you all-"

      "Woah, stop there, Forkle," Keefe interrupted. "Did you introduce us? If you talked about my looks and my reputation for pranks I will hug you."

      "No, I described you as trustworthy friends who would accept them warmly," Mr. Forkle said dryly.

      Tam snorted. "Yeah, right."

      Keefe pouted.

      "So I finished writing and the paper disappeared. And when it was conjured back in front of my hands, the conjurer had written this: Sounds cool, so sure. But before I officially join, I want to meet these people."

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    • Wow!!! I need more!!!

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    • okokok thank you guys!! here's chapter 3

      Chapter 3 : sophie's pov (again hahha)

      "Okay," Linh's calm voice cut through the silence. "When do we leave?"

      Tam reeled on his sister. "Are you crazy? They could be dangerous!"

      "That's unlike you to say that," Linh replied teasingly. "Usually you'd be saying, 'let's go meet this stranger and wreck them if they're evil!"

      "I don't say that," Tam corrected.

      "Don't deny it, Bangs Boy," Keefe said as he flicked a piece of dust of his sleeve. "You do."

      "Really?" Tam asked the room. Everyone nodded. He groaned and pulled his bangs over his eyes. "Ugh, this is awkward."

      "But Linh," Sophie said. "Are you sure you think this is a good idea?"

      Linh nodded firmly. "We should give them a chance to prove themselves. Unlike my parents did."

      There was a silence as Tam reached for Linh's hand.

      "Anyone else agree?" Mr. Forkle asked.

      Tam came first, followed by Biana and Dex. Soon everyone was in agreement.

      "Very well," Mr. Forkle concluded. "I'll set up a time for us tomorrow." He glittered away, leaving the team to stare at each other in silence.

      "Let's agree that Linh is the only one of us who makes good decisions?" Biana pleaded.

      Linh shrugged, blushing. "I don't know about that."

      "Can we just talk about how cool it will be to have a conjurer on our team?" Keefe said excitedly. "We'll never have to lug any stuff around with us again! Just have them snap their fingers and- boom! Instant weapons!"

      "What if we have to spilt up?" Dex countered.

      "We'll have Foster or the Fitzter transmit to them," Keefe said, stretching. "Whew, we have a long day ahead of us."

      "Which is why you should all go home and get some rest," Grady said from the stairs as Sophie wondered why she even wondered how long Grady had been eavesdropping anymore.

      "See you all tomorrow, guys," Sophie called as they glittered away.

      Sophie had mixed feelings as she got ready for bed that night. Mr. Forkle was right- conjuring was an underrated ability. Her head ran with all sorts of theories and possibilities about the Conjurer.

      But then her memories flashed back to the strain on Edaline's face when she conjured away the falling rocks at Lumenaria. Would the new Conjurer be able to handle it?

      Great. Now she had to end her procrastinating with negative thoughts. She reached out to Silveny, her head throbbing.

      She definitely deserved the warmth that flooded her thoughts as Silveny transmitted, SOPHIE?

      Yep, it's me, Sophie transmitted back. New person joining us tomorrow.

      FRIEND? Silveny asked.

      Maybe, Sophie told the alicorn. Give me some luck?

      SOPHIE! FRIEND! GOOD! Silveny assured her as she poured positive thoughts into Sophie's mind.

      Thank god for sparkly telepathic alicorns, Sophie thought as she drifted to sleep.


      I lost my planning notebook where I draft down these fanfics before typing them on here *sobs loudly* so just take this short and uneventful chapter for now I already have an idea of how chapter 4 will happen!! ly all pls have a niceu day <33

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    • POST MORE PLZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    • I lost my planning notebook so the next few chapters might be postponed :(( i'll try to find it asap!!

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    • my notebook is still missing but that's not going to stop me >:3c

      here we go chapter 4!! not as much action but it's kind of important

      Chapter 4 : sophie's pov

      Sophie blinked, light burring her vision. She made out a smear of amber and a smudge of turquoise, and eventually she found herself staring at the form of her adoptive mother. Edaline stared out of the window, mindlessly making a panakes blossom appear and disappear in her hand.

      "Edaline?" Sophie said sleepily.

      Edaline started and gave Sophie an apologetic smile. "Sorry, sweetheart. I wanted to check on you before the big meeting."

      "I'm really sorry I didn't tell you earlier," Sophie said in a small voice. "I thought you'd feel bad because you're a Conjurer yourself."

      Edaline laughed, the sunlight glowing across her rosy cheeks that had no signs of any familar dark circles whatsoever. "It's  okay. Frankly, I'm glad to see my ability recieving more attention." She geustured to the clothes at the foot of her bed. "I prepared these for you, because it sounds like you'll have a little battle," she said. "Conjurers are understated often for their fighting skills."

      Edaline snapped her fingers and a lasso appeared in her hand. She performed a series of whips, lassoing each of Sophie's things before launching into a neat backflip and landing on her feet lightly.

      Sophie clapped her hands vigourously. Edaline, along with Della and a few other female elves she knew, were seriously underestimated for their skills.

      "I'm just saying that abilities that seem useless have a lot more potential than you realize," Edaline told Sophie as she snapped her fingers and conjured the rope away. "Like Vanishers, for example. Some may think that turning invisible isn't helpful at all, but look at Della."

      Fitz and Biana's mother may have looked like a beauty standing in her family's shadow, but she knew her stuff.

      "I'll let you get ready," Edaline said as she rose from the foot of Sophie's bed. "Good luck today."

      "Thanks," Sophie mumbled as she started pulling on the clothes. "I'll need all I can get."


      thanks for the little heart to heart edaline ily

      i've always admired her and della because they look like fragile dolls but even with "useless" abilities they know how to fight. like seriously remember in nightfall when they were choosing who to protect wylie? della frickin pressed a throwing star into sandor's throat and in flashback edaline showed her backflipping and whipping stuff

      okay I'll stop. Chapter 5 will be epic i promise ily guys

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    • This is really good!!!!!!!!!!

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    • This is so good!

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    • I like it a lot!

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    • You need to do one from the new member’s POV

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    • wrote: You need to do one from the new member’s POV

      yeah I was thinking of that :'0 i'm going to do one after they are revealed!

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    • and the for the moment you've all been waiting for...

      chapter 5!! in two parts just because it's too long

      Chapter 5 (part 1) : sophie's pov

      "Ugh, where's everyone else?" Sophie moaned as she sat on the lush green grass in front of Havenfield.

      "Don't worry," Edaline assured her. "They'll be here soon."

      Right on cue, a figure started forming in the grass in front of her, and as it slowly pieced together it became the lanky, tall image of Keefe.

      "Hey, Foster," Keefe said with a smirk. "Excited to meet the newbie?"

      "I honestly don't know," Sophie mused. "Edaline gave me a little speech on how we should underestimate an ability just because it seems useless." She twirled a blade of grass around her finger. "So we should be preparing ourselves."

      "We should get you a tunic that says 'Queen of inspirational talking," Fitz's crisp accent got louder as he and Biana plopped down on the grass beside them.

      Keefe made a sound that was halfway between a snort and a moan. "Where'd you guys come from?"

      "We would be here earlier, but someone was picking out the best outfit deciding whether to prepare to fight or to impress them," Fitz accused Biana.

      "Says the one who was doing the same thing with his cologne!" Biana shot back.

      "Wow, you guys are as bad as my siblings," Dex remarked as he materialized on the lawn.

      "Why is everyone leaping here without any warning?" Keefe yelled.

      "I don't know," Tam said as he and Linh approached from behind them.

      Keefe held his head in his hands and screamed.

      "Then let's just hope Forkle doesn't surprise-leap here like the rest of you did-" Sophie started.

      "I've arrived," Mr. Forkle announced, striding towards the pile of friends.

      Keefe screamed louder.

      "Mr. Sencen, it would be very kind of you if you stopped making that horrible noise," Mr. Forkle advised as he pulled a clear leaping crystal out of his pocket. "This crystal goes to Luminebloom. I hope you've been practicing, because you'll be going alone-"

      "Wait- just us?" Biana asked.

      "You kids depending on adults all the time," Mr. Forkle muttered under his breath. He cleared his throat. "Yes, they specifically stated that they wanted to meet you alone."

      "Oh, okay." Biana looked a little pale. Sophie clutched her hand for support.

      Mr. Forkle held the crystal up to the light, and it cast a dazzling beam onto the ground. The crew looked nervously at each other, holding hands.

      "Ready?" Sophie asked.

      Everyone nodded. Then they stepped into the beam, and Sophie let the warm feathers swish her away.


      "This is where they live?" Linh was the first to say as they stared at the landscape.

      They were standing on an island composed of rocks covered in earthy moss, the white swath of beach off to one side while an azure ocean lapped at the shore. Enormous indigo flowers grew out of the cracks in the rocks, their petals drooping over their heads. Shimmering mist surrounded them, thin enough to make out the beach but thick enough for them to not see any sort of shelter.

      "It's beautiful," Fitz agreed.

      "Can we stop wasting time and do what we came here to do?" Tam asked, parting some of the flowers. "Which direction should we go?"

      Dex levitated over them, squinting his periwinkle eyes at the distance. "I think I see a point over there."

      "Then let's go!"

      The group advanced through the blue blossoms, Dex leading the way. The moss was very slippery, and pretty soon Biana fell.

      Tam caught her. "Seriously, can you get any more clumsy?"

      Biana smiled shyly, blushing. "Thanks for catching me, thoOOUUGH-"

      Wind rushed past Sophie's cheeks as she opened her mouth to scream, but no sound came out; they were rising so fast. It was over as soon as it happened, and she found herself hovering in the air.

      "Oh no you don't!" Keefe shouted, thrashing. "You can't get us the same way again!"

      "Don't try to do anything!" Tam warned everyone. "If you try to levitate down, they'll drop you and you'll be dead!"

      "Dropping!" Fitz said excitedly. "Is this high enough for us to teleport, Sophie?"

      Sophie shook her head. "Their telekinesis is too strong."

      "Would they be able to hold me if I turned invisible?" Biana wondered.

      "Biana, don't!" Everyone yelled.

      But Biana was gone.


      part 2 will most likely come out later today after I finish some art! ily all pls have a niceu day <3

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    • happy valentines day everyone who celebrates it

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    • It’s really good!

      However, I’m a bit confused about what happens in the second part. Why was Sophie screaming? How does she know it’s telekinesis?

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    • Happy Valentines day!

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    • Lucat 13 wrote: It’s really good!

      However, I’m a bit confused about what happens in the second part. Why was Sophie screaming? How does she know it’s telekinesis?

      because the conjurer used telekinesis on the collective last time, and they're using it again on the crew :) hope this helps

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    • Mizulinh wrote:

      Lucat 13 wrote: It’s really good!

      However, I’m a bit confused about what happens in the second part. Why was Sophie screaming? How does she know it’s telekinesis?

      because the conjurer used telekinesis on the collective last time, and they're using it again on the crew :) hope this helps

      Oh, okay. Thanks!

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    • here we goo!!

      chapter 5 (part 2) : sophie's pov

      "BIANA!" Fitz screamed.

      There was a sickening silence as the wind pounded in their ears.

      And for a moment, they just lost hope...

      Until they heard a shriek from Linh.

      "I see her!" Linh yelled. She pointed, and everyone nearly sprained their necks to look.

      Biana was blinking in and out of sight, tackling a small figure dressed in black. The fight was hard to see as they kept vanishing and reappearing, but eventually they made out Biana floating towards them, between Tam and Fitz.

      "What happened?" Dex asked.

      "I saw this black figure in a clump of flowers," Biana gasped. "I screamed and tried to fight them, but they levitated me back. I stared at them as they used their telekinesis to take me to you guys, but they just... disappeared."

      Keefe had clearly had enough of waiting around. He hollered into the raging air, his voice echoing for miles around.


      Sophie heard a snap of fingers and a person dressed in black appeared on the ground in front of them.

      "So you want to meet me, huh?" A child-like voice shot at them. "Then you show me if I can trust you."

      "If you want to meet us," Tam bargained with them, "show us what you look like."

      There was a sigh. "Fine. If you really need to."

      The figure reached up and gripped the hood of their cloak. And when it was pulled off, it revealed a girl.

      A short girl with dark, chocolate brown hair and midnight-blue eyes.


      yes hhhahha I left it on cliffhanger *evil grin* i'm so so so sorry that these chapters are getting really short but seriously chapter 6 will be the most epic thing ever

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    • OH MY GOSH!!!! PLZ POST MORE!!!!

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    • we need more!!!

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    • I NEED MORE RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!

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    • aight thanks for the support ily guys

      chapter 6 : sophie's pov

      "That's what you look like?" Keefe yelled incredulously as if he didn't believe what he was seeing.

      The conjurer tossed her dark hair. "Am I not what you were expecting?"

      Keefe gritted his teeth. "Well.."

      "You're a girl," Fitz finished for him.

      "Hmm, I expected as much from the boys." She snapped her fingers, and slimy seaweed appeared on the Fitz and Keefe's heads. Sophie struggled not to laugh as she listened to Keefe scream about his hair.

      "Thanks for finally messing up his hair!" Tam said sarcastically.

      Keefe peeled the seaweed off his head and hurled it at Tam.

      "Missed." Tam edged out of the way, letting it hit Linh instead.

      "Ugh!" Linh concealed the seaweed in a ball of water and threw it into the ocean.

      "Ooh, I like you two." The girl grinned and she snapped her fingers. Tam and Linh suddenly disappeared from the air.

      "Where'd they go?!" Dex panicked.

      Biana pointed at the ground. "Down there."

      The twins were standing on the ground, shaking and sweating visibly.

      "What the heck did you just do?" Tam asked the girl a little accusingly. Beside Tam and Linh, she looked like a nine year old.

      "I conjured you down. It's just like teleporting isn't it?"

      "Fun experience that was," Tam muttered, and Sophie didn't have to read his mind to know that he was thinking of the time they'd used Silveny and Greyfell to teleport from the Neverseen.

      Linh pulled the moisture out of the air and placed a water compress on her and her brother's forehead.

      "You can conjure people?" Sophie didn't remember Edaline conjuring anything but objects.

      "Yep. Earned me major points with my conjuring mentor when I demonstrated." She stalked toward the rest of the floating group. "Okay, now to decide who to get down next. "

      "It'd be really cool if I could be that lucky person," Keefe suggested.

      "Nope, I've decided that you're going last," the conjurer told him. Her dark blue eyes locked with Sophie's. "Hey, nice contacts."

      "They're not contacts," Sophie argued, flushing. "My eyes are just brown."

      "Seems like you have a story behind them," she noted. "Well, come on down to share it."

      She snapped her fingers, and Sophie caught a glimpse of the gray, endless void before she was on the ground. The girl was right - it was like teleporting, only way quicker.

      The girl eyed Dex, Fitz,  Keefe, and Biana. "Oh, you!" She pointed at Biana. "Nice move, vanishing so you could've gotten out of the air. You can come down next." She snapped her fingers, and Biana was conjured down. She nearly slipped again before Tam caught her.

      "How about me?" Dex asked hopefully.

      "Ah, yes, you," the conjurer said. "You didn't say anything about me, unlike those two." And Dex appeared next to Linh, smiling at Fitz and Keefe teasingly.

      "Now." The girl glared at Fitz and Keefe, who were picking seaweed out of their hair. "I'm not going to conjure you down."

      "Then what are you going to do?" Sophie asked, a little worried about what the girl would dream up.

      The conjurer smirked. She snapped her fingers, and an enormous wooden barrel filled with water appeared beneath Fitz and Keefe.

      "You're the best," Tam said, clearly impressed.

      "Oh no," Fitz and Keefe started together. But the sentence faded into screams as the telekinesis disappeared and they plummetted into the barrel.


      awesome amirite

      wow so this blew up??!! tysm yall ily !! <3 i have a lot of fun writing this

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    • This is really good! The conjurer is amazing - I love how snarky she is.

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    • This is so great! I love your ideas!

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    • who is she????????????/

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    • hey guys heads up i'm going to make some edits to chapter 5 part two :)) so don't be surprised! might wanna reread that one too

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    • Wow! That was really good!!!!!! 

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    • snarky snark snark

      chapter 7 : sophie's pov


      Keefe and Fitz dropped into the barrel and emerged coughing and spluttering. Keefe's hands tugged at his hair, desperately trying to style it back together.

      "WHAT THE HECK HAVE YOU DONE!!?" Keefe screamed at the conjurer, who was inspecting her nails causually. "DO YOU KNOW THAT YOU'VE RUINED THE HAIR?"

      "Wow, is he always this crazy?" the conjurer asked everyone else. Everyone nodded.

      Fitz glared at the conjurer. "Thanks a lot."

      "You're welcome." She smiled, and Sophie got a closer look at her. She had a small face that contrasted nicely with her wide midnight blue eyes. Overall, she had a very cute appearance - but after what had happened so far, Sophie could tell that it was a very bad idea to mess with her.

      "You could dry off at my house," the conjurer suggested. "And we could get down to some introductions."

      "You could tell us your name," Biana jumped in. "It's weird calling you 'the conjurer' all the time."

      "All in good time. But let's not waste it." The conjurer turned around and snapped her fingers. With a flash, a large estate appeared.

      It was built from silvery crystal in various shades of blue, with a diamond roof that glittered in the sun. Beautiful flowers with colours of lavender, indigo and violet flowers casacaded elegantly from the top of the house, and dangling strings of warm lights were hung around. A waterfall crashed next to the doorway, shooting rainbows down on the surface of the pond next to it. And to top it off, a tall tower poked out of one side of the roof with a golden moon balancing on the narrow spire.

      Sophie's jaw dropped, and while she was sure everyone else's did too, but she was too busy admiring the intricate details on everything on the home.

      "Welcome to Luminebloom," the conjurer called out as she skipped and twirled on the glowing stones that formed the pathway. "What do you think?"

      "It's amazing," Sophie breathed as they made their way down the stones.

      "I know." Dex frowned and looked at the sky. "I feel like something's going to happen..."

      "You mean that?" The conjurer pointed at the moon, which looked like dark cloud was gathering behind it.

      "Are those-" Linh began, but it faded away as a flock of sapphire butterflies fluttered from behind the moon and enveloped Luminebloom in their blue wings.

      "They come here to feed on the nectar on the flowers," the conjuer explained as everyone watched the butterflies in awe. "The sound gets annoying after a while- but no home is perfect."

      "Are you kidding?" Biana gasped as she moved to get a better look. "This is awesome!"

      "Then come inside. It's more comfortable here."

      The sitting room was just as decorative and elegant as the outside, with hydrangeas woven into the carpet and boutiques of flowers in clear glass vases. The conjurer snapped her fingers and a tray of ripplefluffs appeared.

      "So...what are your names?" The conjurer reached for a caramel ripplefluff.

      "That's Foster," Keefe answered before anyone could say anything. He pointed to Tam next. "That's Bangs Boy, that's the Fitzter, that's Dizznee the Technopath, that's Foxfire Princess, and that's the Water Girl. And I'm Lord Hunkyhair, ruler of good hair land."

      "What are your names?" The conjurer repeated, ignoring Keefe.

      Biana introduced everyone properly. The conjurer nodded.

      "Okay, I've got everyone's names straight. Now tell me more about the Black Swan and your adventures."

      So Sophie rattled off the whole tale of her adventures, from being raised in the human world to healing her abilities to jumping out of Oblivmyre to flooding Ravagog - Linh got a hearty round of appluase - to the downfall of Lumenaria to saving her human parents to the battle at Loanmore.

      "You guys have a very... eventful life," the conjurer said slowly.

      Tam snorted. "That's putting it very lightly."

      The conjurer's grin grew huge. "And it sounds awesome! So count me in. But don't go yet. I still have some amazing things to show you."

      "Before any of that," Biana interrupted. "What's your name?"

      The conjurer sighed and sank in her seat. Thanks to her height, it seemed to swallow her. "I knew it would come to this point." She straightened up and tossed her hair back nervously before saying, "Kumiho Viorene."



      some of you have seen kumiho before in roleplays, i just want to add her to the keeper crew because she seems like she'll fit in and holy moly yes please

      ily all thank uou so much for supporting and reading my stories! please have a wonderful niceu dayyy <3

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    • THAT WAS SOOO GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    • ITS SO GOOD!

      I love your writing voice. It’s a mixture of your own unique style, but drawing heavily from Shannon.

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    • Is it over or there is more to that story? Kumiho is amazing but seems a bit overpowered. Did she just conjured a whole building or I misunderstood? Can she just conjure all the Neverseen into prison? How did she hacked the registry? And where are her parents?

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    • wrote:
      Is it over or there is more to that story? Kumiho is amazing but seems a bit overpowered. Did she just conjured a whole building or I misunderstood? Can she just conjure all the Neverseen into prison? How did she hacked the registry? And where are her parents?

      1. she didn't hack the registry, tinker did.

      2. yes, she is a very powerful conjurer, as said in the first few chapters. normally she couldn't conjure a whole building, but since she was around sophie's enhancing, she could sense it and conjured luminebloom.

      3. she could conjure the whole neverseen into prison, but conjurers can be disarmed. edaline couldn't conjure anything when the ogres attacked havenfield in lodestar.

      4. that part will come later :)

      hope this helped you understand!

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    • yay cool listening to boy with luv while writing woo hoo

      but fr im back guys!

      chapter 8 : sophie's pov

      "Kumiho," Sophie repeated. It sounded a lot like a human Japanese name.

      "Yep, that's me," Kumiho replied, inspecting her fingernails. "So... yeah. I'm a conjurer, you guys know my name, and now what?"

      "House tour?" Fitz suggested.

      "What's the point?" Linh countered.

      "I think Fitzy wants to do some good old snooping," Keefe whispered loudly.

      Everyone glared daggers at him. Keefe raised his hands. "What?"

      "For real, though," Sophie jumped in, "a house tour would be nice. Maybe start with your room, so we know where to find you?"

      Kumiho shrugged. "Sure."

      "Are you sure you don't want to snoop, Fitzy?" Keefe put an arm on Fitz's shoulders.

      "STOP!" Everyone yelled simultaneously at him.

      "Go ahead and dump something on his head," Dex told Kumiho.

      Kumiho snapped her fingers and a muddy glop splashed with a satisfying PLOP on to Keefe's head. Keefe screamed.

      "Okay, now we can proceed with the tour," Kumiho said calmly, ignoring Keefe's wails.

      Biana giggled. "That was awesome."

      "I know, but we don't want mud on the floor." Kumiho pointed to a crystal basin that was shaped like a flower. "Go ahead, mud boy."

      They left Keefe washing his hair and made their way up the glass stairs. And the first thing Sophie noticed was the smell.

      The scent of dozens of sweet-smelling flowers wafted through the air, nearly choking her with their thick perfume. And the more she breathed it in, the more it tickled her nose. The sweet, cloying smell brought her back to the sedatives...

      "Woah, is she okay?" Kumiho's child-like voice pierced through the air as Sophie blinked. "She straight out fainted with no warning."

      "Sorry, every time Sophie smells something sweet, it reminds her of the sedatives," Tam informed Kumiho.

      "I fainted?" Sophie sat up and rubbed her eyes.

      "Yeah, sorry, guys," Kumiho said sheepishly. "I should've warned you about the crazy smell."

      Biana smiled at her. "It's okay. I honestly have no idea how you live with this."

      "Welcome to my weird life," Kumiho muttered as they entered another room.

      This room answered the unspoken question of where the flowers came from. The walls were covered in pale blue blossoms, and the carpet was similar to the one in Sophie's bedroom. There were white roses in a clear glass vase stationed on every surface in the room, and the whole group began to feel lightheaded.

      "We have a thing for flowers around here," Kumiho explained unnecessarily.

      Tam snorted. "I think we can see that."

      "Dude, do you have a snorting problem or something?" Kumiho shot back, though a smile clipped the ends of her mouth. "I think the perfume's getting to your head."

      Biana scowled. Kumiho ran to her side and whispered something in her ear. Biana nodded, still frowning.

      "Anyway." Kumiho pulled open a pair of doors. "Welcome to my bedroom!"

      It took Sophie a moment to realize that they were inside the giant crescent moon perched at the top of the house- and it gave them a perfect view of the island Luminebloom was stationed on. The mossy, flower-filled rocks looked much more beautiful from high up. Kumiho's room was bathed in a pale golden glow that radiated off the slightly yellow, translucent walls. Her round bed had blue flowers growing around it, and moon-shaped sconces gave them light. A crystal clear waterfall cascaded into a pool nearby, and of course, the whole room was covered in powder blue flowers.

      "We look like we're drowning in pee," Tam said drily, touching the walls.

      "Exactly," Kumiho agreed as she flopped onto the bed.

      Sophie had a question that had been itching inside her ever since they'd stepped inside. The house had been too empty. Too quiet. And Kumiho was the only person they'd seen on the island.

      "Where are your parents?"

      Kumiho's midnight blue eyes widened. She slumped onto her bed, her dark hair covering her face. Her voice was muffled as she whispered, "I conjured them into the void when I was little."

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    • THAT WAS SOOOO GOOD!!!!!!!!!!

      How do she conjure her parents into the void...........

      Actually, why didn't she ever conjure them out of the void?????

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    • she doesn't know where they are in the void so she can't conjure them back out. its a conjurer thing and its kinda hard to explain.

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    • Oh, okay.

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    • This is so good!

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    • song : bbi bbi by iu shes such a queen

      chapter 9 - sophie's pov

      There was a silence.

      Sophie put her hands to her mouth. If Edaline was as powerful as Kumiho, could she have conjured a few people into the void? She couldn't imagining losing your parents forever because of your doing.

      "I manifested super young," Kumiho whispered. "I was, like nine. My parents were going on a trip without me, and I missed them a lot. And then I just snapped my fingers, wishing I could conjure my parents back. They were supposed to be back in three days, and they never did come."

      "Who knows?" Biana said in an attempt to calm Kumiho, but a tone of panic in her voice. "They could've...lost their leaping crystal, or something."

      Kumiho shook her head. "I felt it. Every time we conjure something into the void, it radiates a sort of feeling, like you're being hit by a wave. Every time I conjure a person, it feels like there's leaves mixed into the wave too. So when I snapped that day and felt those leaves, I knew my parents were in the void. And it was all. My. Fault."

      Everyone stared at this somehow still sane person, sitting on her bed and glaring at them defiantly. Sophie wondered how her mind wasn't broken.

      "Couldn't you conjure them out?" Fitz tried.

      Kumiho shook her head. "I don't know how to explain this. Basically, if the person I'm going to conjure isn't expecting to be conjured, then I can conjure them through the void. But if they don't want to, or know that I'm going to conjure them, I can't do it."

      "There was a lot of conjure in that sentence," Tam noted, earning a sharp elbow and glare from Linh.

      "And now my parents probably hate me, if they're still alive, so I can't conjure them back."

      "So you can't just conjure the Neverseen into prison, then?" Dex asked, deflated.

      Kumiho shook her head.

      There was an ahem from the doorway, and Keefe was standing there, his hair dripping wet. Somehow he had managed to use water to style his hair again, and Sophie couldn't help but notice how his wet hair and made it darker blond and so much more dashing.

      "I heard the whole thing," Keefe announced, "and I have come up with two things to say: one, you're not as cool and powerful as we thought you were-"

      Automatically, Kumiho picked up a pillow and threw it at his head, messing up his hair again. Keefe scowled. "You really seem to hate my hair, do you? Anyway, number two: Foster here can teleport into the void. Can she save your parents?"

      Kumiho leaned back on the bed. "No thanks, mud boy. They hate me, I don't want to see them, and I like living here, just with the gnomes. I can be free."

      So that explained the thousands of flowers covering Luminebloom.

      "I vote that this is our new meeting place," Tam suggested. "No parents snooping around and messing up our plans."

      "Ugh, stop," Linh snapped at him.

      "But seriously," Kumiho told Linh, "I'd be more than happy to offer up my place. I mean, I have a privilege that... all of you don't have."

      "She's right," Biana jumped in.

      "I second that," Dex voted.

      "I don't care if anyone else agrees," Kumiho said, examining her nails, "Just come here for any team meetings."

      "Welcome to the team the-" Sophie began, but was cut short by Keefe.

      "Before you officially join, can I just know how old you are?" He asked. "Everyone here is fourteen to seventeen."

      Kumiho coughed. "well, I guess I'm the youngest, then."

      "And what do you mean by that?" Fitz demanded, his teal eyes saying For your information, I am the oldest and you should listen to me how no matter how old you are.

      "Uhhhhhh…" She blinked as she said, "Thirteen."


      Kumiho backed up. "Woah, slow down."

      "Seriously, though," Tam scoffed. "How are you just thirteen?"

      "Does age make a difference?" Kumiho snapped.

      "YES," Keefe emphasized at the same time Biana replied "No."

      "Thank you!" Kumiho said triumphantly.

      Sophie coughed. "Well, I'm sorry to interrupt this conversation, but we should get Kumiho to the Black Swan for her to swear fealty."

      "Gotcha." Kumiho stood up and crossed the room. When she walked into a ray of light shining through a window, she disappeared.

      "Where did she go?!" Sophie screamed. "Is she blinking?"

      Dex shook his head. "No one could blink for that long."

      Suddenly, Kumiho appeared ten feet away from where she had stood when she had vanished. Her face was pale and she looked like she was going to faint.

      "What just happened?" Fitz spluttered. "How did you disappear?"

      Kumiho's smirk was tired and panicked at the same time as she told them, "because I'm also a vanisher."


      before yall scream "OVERPOWERED" at me, can i just remind you of sophie pls

      hope yall enjoyed this chapter! feel free to theorize in le cooments

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    • This is really good!!!! Post soon!!

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    • THAT WAS SOOO GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!

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    • ya


      sorry for being dead guys im alive I exist and im gonna write chapter 10

      chapter 10 : sophie's pov (im sorry)

      The first thing Sophie noticed was Biana. Her face was slightly pale and she was leaning back in the white, plush chair she sat in, fanning herself feverently. Sophie also saw Tam looking concerned and glancing at Biana a lot. Her attention turned away from them as Kumiho stepped into a beam of light and vanished, again, to confirm her second ability.

      "No. Way." Fitz gasped. "You're thirteen, the best telekinesis I've ever seen, a super-powerful conjurer, AND you're a vanisher?"

      "People like you shouldn't exist," Dex said faintly. "You're way too powerful."

      "Oh, I'm sorry, but are we talking about me being powerful while we're in the same room as Miss Five-Abilities-Foster?" Kumiho snapped, reappearing with a scowl. "I'm literally the worst vanisher EVER. I don't even appear and reappear randomly like a normal vanisher does. That is a difference."

      A little colour returned to Biana's face as she said, "Oh, okay."

      "'Oh, okay' what?" Tam asked worriedly.

      "You'll see later," Biana answered, waving a hand unconvincingly.

      Kumiho smiled one of those smiles Edaline would do whenever a boy came to Havenfield.

      "Soooooooooo," Sophie said, breaking the silence. "Should we get back to Havenfield and get Kumiho to the Collective?"

      "Sure," Kumiho said, getting up. "Though I probably don't want to see those creepy elf-monsters again."

      Keefe choked back a laugh. "Can you conjure us there?"

      Kumiho shook her head. "I don't even know where Havenfield is."

      "Then let's expose the newbie to the magical wonders of Foster teleporting." Keefe began to escort Kumiho grandly out of the room, winking at Sophie as he did so. Kumiho gave him a piercing glare that had him stumbling backwards.

      "If you didn't know, the balcony is this way." Kumiho marched in the opposite direction Keefe had taken her through.

      "Obviously, he wouldn't know," Tam muttered as they followed her. "He's never been here before."

      "Give Kumiho a break," Linh told him, elbowing him in the side and splashing his bangs. "She's been through a lot. You can relate."

      Tam grunted.

      "Okay, ready?" Sophie concentrated, gathering her mental energy as they crowded together on the crystal balcony that was, of course, covered in flowers.

      "So basically, you open the reality of the universe with your mind while we go crazy with fear, right?" Kumiho asked nervously as she held on to Sophie's sleeve tightly.

      "That's about it," Fitz confirmed.

      "On one...two...THREE!"

      They threw themselves off the balcony. Sophie expected a lot of squealing and flailing from the tiny girl beside her, but Kumiho remained still, like she was paralyzed. She didn't get to think about it any more as she cracked open the sky and they dropped into the greyness of the void.


      "This place makes Luminebloom look like a little kid's drawing," Kumiho announced as she stared at the glimmering mansion in front of her as everyone else except Sophie struggled to get up from the grass.

      "Why didn't you get knocked over?" Dex asked as he brushed the grass off his jerkin.

      Kumiho rolled her eyes and snapped her fingers, conjuring herself away from the group to right in front of Havenfield's front door. "Hello? I conjure myself through the void all the time?"

      Dex nodded. "Got it."

      They heard a gasp, and the whole group turned to see Edaline standing at the front door with her hands covering her mouth and staring at Kumiho like she was the Keeper of The Universe of Conjuring. "Where did you learn to do that?! You're so young! What's your name? Are you the new member?"

      "She'll answer those when we get inside," a voice croaked, and they all spun again to see the Collective behind them, Kumiho letting out a giggle. Mr. Forkle ignored her as he said, "Now, please."

      Soon they were seated in Havenfield's plush, white sitting room, Kumiho staring around in wonder and the Collective practically scratching their heads as they studied this so-young-but-so-powerful child that was currently talking to Edaline about being a Conjurer with sarcastic remarks.

      “Miss Viorene,” Granite coughed, and Kumiho turned to him.

      “We understand that you are not only a conjurer, but also a vanisher?”


      “That’s… surprising.”

      “I know. I manifested right after I conjured my parents into the void. It’s weird because my vanishing is so crappy that I don’t even blink in and out normally.”

      “That’s unusual,” Wraith said thoughtfully. “Maybe you could speak to your vanishing mentor about this.”

      Kumiho snorted with laughter. “You don’t think I would’ve asked a long time ago? I don’t have a vanishing mentor. I practically don’t exist at Foxfire. I’m invisible all the time.”

      “So that’s why we never see you at school!” Keefe yelled, jumping up and pointing at Kumiho like he had uncovered a big secret.

      Kumiho rolled her eyes. “Yes, very smart, Lord Stupidhair.”

      “Well, it seems you have proved yourself worthy.” Mr. Forkle glanced at the Collective. He turned around and shook Kumiho’s hand. “Welcome to the Black Swan.”


      oomg that was soo boring im sorry that I disappointed you guys Ily all

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    • That was great!

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    • No, that was AWESOME!!!!

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    • Hey, even if this chapter contains a bit less excitement, it's rather good. Kumiho's personality is really well-developed, and the other characters are acting like themselves... though I'm a bit dissapointed of THEM about all the "why are you so powerful you should not exist"...

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    • HumansCanWinElves wrote: Hey, even if this chapter contains a bit less excitement, it's rather good. Kumiho's personality is really well-developed, and the other characters are acting like themselves... though I'm a bit dissapointed of THEM about all the "why are you so powerful you should not exist"...

      that was a joke lol, I didn't know what else to put

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    • Yes a joke and a good one, I can understand them...

      BTW Lipo really miss Kumiho :) Actually I think that the whole thread is dying without her, or maybe disappeared to the void...

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    • LMAO

      i'll go back to the thread soon

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    • when will you post more?

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    • i'm trying but im really busy with online learning!! and i have literally no ideas so pls help

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    • Do you mean that you need ideas for what would happen next?

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    • YES

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    • OK I can't write as good as you, but I think that I will be able to put a few ideas on your wall.

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