• Uhh Such a beautiful day

    Sun's shining in a beautiful way

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    • Ya wooh

      gonna take a shower

      brush my teeth and

      Life is ultimately meaningless 

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    • Uhhh uhhh 

      But I'll get out of my house

      Get on the road 

      top down

      Hands out! (wooh)

      Put on my favorite song and nod to the rhythm

      The planet's being destroyed by your carbon emissions

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    • oh!

      but i-i-i'll head to class!

      try my best on every test till i pass!

      and my grades are screaming in my face


      98% of what you learn is a waste

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    • (sorry I was busy swimming)

      I get to hang out with all friends

      My friends are the friendliest friends

      can't think of a better way to spend my time

      Your brain is flawed and all your friends will die

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    • Never mind!

      I'm alive in the greatest nation!

      So proud of the exploitation of natives

      This graceful bird means freedom for all

      Tell that to the slaves and bald eagles aren't even bald

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    • what are we doing

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    • idk fam XD maybe pondering life by quoting the lyrics of a very optimistic song about existentialism?

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    • I could live in the moment

      milk every second

      At any time, you could get clinical depression.

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    • But I'll just be happy, no matter what’s in store

      It’s quite genetic and we have no cure


      I feel like Keefe is James and Tam is Boyinaband...

      But even Tam's not that depressing.

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    • oh ya! I never thought about that!

      uhhh at least

      We ArE YoUnG

      Not for long

      LiFe Is FuN

      everything goes downhill

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    • it only goes downhill***

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    • We gotta make the most of it, make the most of it. 

      Or you'll regret it.

      We are young 

      For now

      Life is fun 

      For some people

      We gotta make the most of it, make the most of it.

      Good luck.

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      • Meow*


      I got a brand new job today!


      Doing stuff that'll help the economy


      I'll save money and buy things at the store!

      Banks can crash

      And capitalism is flawed

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    • And it's all 


      of my hard work

      And the thousand advantages

      You lucked into at birth 

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    • I put alotta effort 

      in my resume

      Good thing you don't have a black person's name

      I'm proud to be a functioning 

      member of society


      I can be the citizen I dream to be 

      part of the community

      contribute with my tax what could possibly stop me

      The shrinking middle class

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    • I've at least got a nice stable job!

      Until it's outsourced to China or replaced by a robot

      OH GOD- Well then I could relax a bit

      You'll be empty with nothing to distract from it

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    • But man I'm a passionate graduate

      I could be different 

      And I have career paths to pick from

      I could be a rapper or an animator if I'm lucky

      Neither of those will make you happy

      TRUST ME

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    • I'm able to choose what I pursue

      You're a slave to people born richer than you

      Then screw it, I'll keep going in
      Then I'll party on the weekend and sing!


      Thanks to autotune.

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    • We ArE YoUnG

      not for long

      LiFe iS fUn

      it only goes downhill

      We gotta MAKE THE MOST OF IT


      or you'll regret it

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    • We are young

      Not for long

      Life is fun

      It only goes downhill

      We gotta make the most of it, make the most of it.

      Or you'll regret it

      We are young

      We still die

      Life is fun

      Until you die

      We gotta make the most of it, make the most of it.

      Because you'll die

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    • MEOW

      LiFe is a wonder!

      you'll never know the answer 

      Nature is a miracle!

      natural disasters

      it's good to be alive!

      you could wake up with cancer.

      but I'm healthy

      healthy people still get cancer

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    • I love this show!

      It's the last episode

      The sun is shining!

      It's going to explode

      Every species is beautiful and unique though!

      Children have malaria thanks to mosquitoes


      y so sad tho?

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    • I met a cute girl with a ponytail😊

      statisticly that relationship is going to fail

      I have a wonderful family

      It's like no other!!!

      You're not special

      and one day you'll burry your mother

      Jeez dude....

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    • No matter what, I can find a home!


      There's amazing potential in every human on earth!

      There's no escaping the heat death of the universe.

      I don't have to live life-based on negative parts.

      No matter how bad they are, they're just thoughts!

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    • Yeah, that's fair.



      Yeah that seems reasonable


      But you were just telling me

      whatever, man

      I dunno'''''

      live your life how you want 

      I'm not forcing you to do anything

      I'm just saying


      wElL iN tHaT CaSe

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    • We are young

      Life is fun

      We gotta make the most of it, make the most of it.

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    • We are young!!

      Life is fun!

      We gotta make the most of it, make the most of it!

      Enjoy it while it lasts.

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    • Can't believe we all just did that. XD

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    • d:

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    • lol

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    • what are we doing with our lives

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    • obsessing over kotlc and theodd1sout

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    • Yeppers

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    • lol

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    • My sister watched the first sooubway video, the roommates video, and the getting recognized video. Then she stopped. I was like "That's it? You're not obsessed with theodd1sout like I am?"

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    • XD

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    • wow. I don't know how it's possible to start watching his vids then stop. O.O

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    • At my new school, I make so many KotLC and Jaiden Animations and TheOdd1sOut references and no one gets them. *sniffle*

      And people wonder why I'm not making any friends...

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    • Lol i'm gonnatype that all out tommorow

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    • A FANDOM user
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