• Prologue

    Humans deserved better. That’s what Counselor Sophie thought. With the help of the counsel she gave them a second chance. Everyone trusted Counselor Sophie, she had accomplished many things. Like defeating the Neverseen, getting rid of matchmaking, and being the first ever married counselor. Sophie had fantastical abilities, and she replaced her late mother on the counsel. Everyone trusted in Foster so they agreed to it. 

    Counselor Sophie chose a couple, her friends Marella and Dexter Dizznee to assist the humans. Everything was well for the two. They started raising a daughter. Humans became more and more advanced without learning what the two really were. It was perfect. 

    Dexter had made a friend in the forbidden cities who often drove him and Marella everywhere, while his daughter earned money babysitting for the elves. Marella was always ecstatic to get home after they were out helping people. There was a time when she prefered going out over staying home, but having her baby changed that.

    It was just another day of helping people, Marella was getting anxious about her only daughter, while Dexter and the friend were having a conversation about science or something. Marella was just staring out the window when she saw a car. Now, Marella didn’t know anything about how cars work but even with her limited knowledge she knew something was off about it. Before she could say anything the car rammed into theirs. 

    No survivors.

    Chapter One

    “Jewlie, wake up!” My mom called from the kitchen. The smell of cinnamon rolls wafted through my nose. Mom only made cinnamon rolls on special occasions. Such as birthdays. Why was she making- oh yeah.


    I leep from my bed more excited to start the day then I was before my drowsiness made me forget about the occasion. I don’t even bother to change out of my night clothes, I run downstairs with my coily strawberry blond hair flowing behind me. I needed food.

    My sister, Chleo, is already sitting on the table, she stared at me as I sat down. Chleo was much younger than me, and we weren't even biologically related. I was adopted, and she was the actual daughter of our parents. My mom used to babysit me, but when both of our parents died in a car crash she adopted me. We live in my parents old house and sometimes I feel like that brings me closer to them.

    My mom brings out a plate of delicious gooey plate of cinnamon rolls. I took three and shove one into my mouth, it’s really hot and sweet. The frosting was a perfect mix with the rolls. My mom is the best cook I know.

    “That’s a lot of rolls.” Chleo scoffed.

    “It’s my birthday,” I tell her even though she’s well awhere. Chleo presided to take a roll.

    My mother sat down at the table. “Jewlie, when should Anna and Raelynn be coming?” She inquired. Anna and Raelynn are my best friends and to celebrate my birthday they were coming over for a sleepover.

    “Amy is coming too.” I tell my mom.

    “Who?” My mom asked obviously annoyed at my lack of communication.

    “A new girl, I wanted to be nice and invite her.” My mother's thin eyebrows twitch. Luckily for me my dad enters the kitchen.

    “Hi Natalie, hi Chleo, hi Jelwie, happy birthday.” I beam at the fact my dad remembers my birthday. Dad pulls out a chair and sits down. Just like me he slides three rolls on his plate. I shove my last roll into my mouth.

    “I’m going to get dressed now.” I tell my parents and Chleo. I walk back to my bedroom and slip on a plain green shirt and a pale purple skirt. I tie my hair up in a pointy tail. Then I take a moment to rest on my bed. I realise that I am officially sixteen. I got interrupted by a knock on my door.

    “Someone is here.” Chleo says from outside my door.

    I jump up and run to greet whoever was there. I don’t see a car outside like I was expecting, but instead Amy was just standing outside holding a bag. My mom opened the door and gasped, I couldn’t tell why.

    “Hello, what's your name?” My mom asked Amy to be polite.

    “Amy Foster.”

    My mom forces a smile. “Are you related to Sophie and Quanadon Foster?”

    “Yes actually they’re my parents.” Amy told Mom, “Nice to meet you Mrs. Anderson.” It's Amy’s turn to force a smile.

    “Amy, what a nice name.”

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