• wylie's pov

    every time i look at you
    i think you just drowned.

    feel free to kill me now, but
    ​​​​trust me,
    i try really hard not to blurt it out.
    but the more effort i put into it
    the more i can't resist saying it, so
    when i can't say it, i think it
    and when i can't think it
    i don't speak and i pretend to be scared

    well, i am scared
    but when you find out,
    you'll see what the endal legacy is
    for yourself.

    lie, protect, be selfless
    do everything for your friends
    then face the consequences.

    i'm scared you're not real.
    there, okay?
    you're too powerful and i feel delusional
    especially since i can't recall
    how i met you in the first place.
    you're more powerful than me,
    and if you want proof...
    you flooded atlantis. like, five times? 

    ​​​​but you're way too real sometimes
    that feist and that courage and that edge just  makes you seem too real
    ​​​​and it's easier to believe that you're not 

    like how i've been fed lies

    by the council

    for my whole life.
    so just
    give me an opportunity to tell you, 
    sophie's mad at me 
    and it's way too awkward
    ​​​​​​so let me tell you how you've been seeing me wrong this whole time, how
    i lied to keep the waters smooth
    haha, do you get it?

    i'll stop.
    it must be scary for you
    so you can tell me as much or as little as you want
    and you'll see 
    if i'm worth it.


    (p.s: it's not about prentice.)

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    • Panakes pancakes wrote:

      this was inspired by your sokeefe poetry, i loved it sm!! sooooo good and one of the best pieces of poetry ive ever read <3

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    • what really?! thank you sosososo much!! <333333333333333333333

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    • part 2, linh's pov | hydrochanges

      i can't decide if i'm more mad
      or frustrated
      or angry
      or pitiful
      or everything. 

      i could never hate you, okay?

      when you say you don't remember how you met me...
      the same day you met me was the day i met you, too.
      but that wasn't - isn't - important.

      what we've been through is more important
      and how we've changed
      because we're way too similar. 

      it doesn't seem like it?
      i can hear your voice blaring in my mind
      but you know i'm right
      i'm a flasherkinetic-
      oops, hydrokinetic-
      and that's the only time when i'll be glad i'm not with you right now. 

      i can come up with some pretty creative excuses
      to get what i want
         but not whenever i want
              because powers need restriction
        even if they're mine. 

      before you say anything
      i would NEVER need an excuse
      for anyone

      to see my friends.

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    • Nice!

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    • Yeah pretty good

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