• Well, the one and lonely, is going to delete this account. That's all I want to say. If someone has a reason why I should stay, then shoot. But otherwise, I don't really see any point. I feel like I've been a horrible friend to everyone on here, and I think I should leave. Thanks to everyone who has been amazing to me, even though you shouldn't of. 

    To Arry, aka, Omi, I'm sorry I wasn't a very good friend, I hope I can make up for it. You are such an amazing friend, unlike me, and I'm very lucky to know you. I still don't understand why on earth you are my friend, but if you weren't, my life would incomplete <3

    To Tar, aka, Star, I'm not even sure why you talk to me, but I sure am happy you do. I love our talks, you're really fun(ny), I love sending you music videos and you sending me music videos. you're one of my closest friends on here <3

    To Rok, aka, Trista, you're not here right now, but if you ever see this know that you're a fantastic friend, and an astonishing believer Chirst. You're the first person I ever opened up to, and my first friend on here. Don't EVER stop being so amazing <3

    To Ress, aka, Cress, thank You for so many reasons, but thank you for not being my friend out of pity. You're one of the few people who makes me feel wanted. I'm also sorry for not being a very good friend to you, but thank you for being Such a great friend to me <3

    To Blo,aka, PearBlossom, you have been my friend since that one RP, and hopefully we'll always be friends. You are so beautiful, inside and outside, and if not everyone can see that, then clearly they're stupid. <3

    To Ber, aka, Berlynn, you're probably not on, but when you are, I just want you to know that you are one of the nicest people I know. You and Arry refuse to listen to the truth that I'm an idiot, and that makes me feel really happy. I hope you know that you're amazing, and that anyone who doesn't think that is a lair. <3

    And to everyone else, weather I've talked to you in the past or recently, thank you. But please don't waste your time on me.

    I'll still be in Wattpad, my username is StinkyTheStegosaurus, in case you didn't know

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    • You're deleting your account? Well, if you have to go, then  wish you luck in life, but always remember that so many people care about you, and love you, and you left a positive mark here. Remember you are amazing. I'll miss you.

      You aren't a terrible friend, I'm pretty sure anyone here would vouch for that. 

      I don't want you to go, but if you have to, then good-bye. The wiki won't be the same without you.

      Good luck.

      ((and this is Chloe the fandom user by the way)

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    • No! Doe!

      if you wanted reasons to stay, I could fill a whole thread (and break the 500-message limit, too) with reasons. You've been an amazing friend to everyone here, you bring smiles to everyone you talk to and you're one of the sweetest, most loyal people I know. But if you don't want to stay, then it's your decision and only yours. Do what's best for you.

      But please, please listen when I say that you aren't a horrible friend, never were, and never will be. You're kind and loyal and amazing to literally everyone except yourself. You're awesome, and I wish you would believe that!

      I don't want you to leave, but if you want to then you should be able to choose. 

      We won't forget you, so in return, please don't forget how amazing you are.


      Thank you for everything. I hope everything offline is okay and that life treats you well, because you deserve luck and joy.

      Thanks for being a friend when I needed it.


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    • Aw, imma miss you! I'm not gonna convince you to stay, cause then I'd feel bad, cause it's your decision, not mine, but I am gonna say thanks for being such an awesome friend and cheering me up! Your jokes were funny, and I loved talking to you, and imma miss you a lot! But I hope you have a great life, and I here if you ever need anything :)


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    • oh no!! I'm going to miss you!! I haven't really known you that long, but I'm going to miss you. Ican give lots o freasons to stay, but if you need this, you should do what's best for you <333

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    • On no! I'll miss you! Good luck with everything!

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    • I hope everything goes well Dia.

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      dia I hope Im not to late but keep on believing and remember Christ loves you and He loves everyone! 

      --Trista, AKA Rok, the person who misses you so much and wishes to talk to you

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    • DIA NO

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    • AH! Dia! This is so late! I know that you're still on Wattpad, but you brought such a light to this place. Good luck with your adventures!

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    • A FANDOM user
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