• Thanks for helping me with the font. I was wondering how you made the profile and message wall colorful? I've always wanted to have a colorful message wall.

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    • No problem!

      I can totally do that!

      If you want just a plain background color then you put this code in

      <div style="background: color here;"> You can use a hex color code or just a color like purple. This is an example of a hex color code #FFFFFF

      I like to use this website to find pretty colors

      If you want a gradient like I have on my profile then use this code:

      <div style="background: linear-gradient(to right, color here, color here, color here);">

      Those are the two basic ones.

      In my opinion it looks better if you add a border and padding. Here's a code if you want to add that.

      This is for a double border like I have on my profile. <div style="border: numberpx double #FFFFFF; padding: numberpx">

      I normally do a 10 px border and 15 px padding so filled in it would look like this. Just play around with some numbers to see what you like.

      <div style="border: 10px double #FFFFFF; padding: 15px">

      And for a single line border the code would look like this: <div style="border: 10px solid color here; padding: 15px">

      And to make the code go down your message wall add:





      I hope this helps. Sorry if it's confusing!

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    • i'll try it. thanks!

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    • how do i make it cover my entire message wall?

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    • And to make the code go down your message wall add: <div> <div> <div> {|

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    • But with them stacked on top of each other

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    • okay

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    • A FANDOM user
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