• hey i will be posting my fanfic for book 9 on here! pls tell me if there are any mistakes so i can fix them!

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    • heres the first part!

      Councilor Oralie plopped down beside her under the Panakes tree. “here we go,” Oralie breathed.

      “Can I enter you mind?” Sophie asked, though she was tempted to just but in the blond empaths brain. Oralie gave her a nod, and with that, Sophie stretched her conciseness into hers. Lights and color with varies shades of pink flashed in her biological mothers mind.

      Oralie glanced at sophie before whispering a single word. “Fathdon.” Sophie couldn’t help but be surprised by the word, though she should have suspected that Oralies love and fellow councilor’s last name would be the secret word. Though it did bring back a spark of sadness. Councilor Kenric had been killed in a fire in Eternalia. A soft click brought Sophie back to the present. The pale blue gem in the center started to spin and then dissolved. Something stirred in Oralie’s mind. Something that drew them deeper and deeper into the pink obsessed elfs conciseness.

      Hold on, she said. And just as swiftly as it started, it stopped. They were in an empty room. Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Suddenly, a crack opened up. Light shone thought it. Sophie tried to stop her hands from shaking as she looked in it. The memory came flooding in.

      All the councilors where around an unfamiliar round table. Councilor Emery was the first to speak. “You all might be wondering why I called this emergency meeting-”

      “In the middle of the night.” Bronte grunted

      “I called it,” Councilor Emery fixed Bronte in his hard sapphire for a moment or two, as if seeing if he was going to interrupt again. He turned his attention back to the rest of the council. “Because I found something that may cause concern. Mr. Dizznee said that he and is Fiancé where cleaning up Slurps and Burps when they found this.” Emery put a vial on the table. “He said that he is not sure what it is, but he does know it’s not something that he made. He said that is looked sketchy so he thought that we might want to know about it.”

      “Sooooo….. what is it?” Councilor Ramira asked.

      “honestly? I’m not sure but….” Councilor Emery voice started to fade. Councilor Velia snapped her fingers, making orbs a light form around the bottle, as if she was testing it. She gasped. Not like a small gasp, but a great big gasp that scream a OH MY GODNESS I KNOW WHAT THIS IS AND ITS NOT GOOD!!!

      “What?” Councilor Kenric asked. Sophie couldn’t help but notice how much younger he looked.

      “It’s… It’s… I don’t really know how to describe it… but it’s like… like liquid light.”  Velia said.

      “Liquid light?” Terik echoed.

      “That isn’t vague at all.” Councilor Bronte scoffed.

      “What exactly do you mean?” asked Oralie.

      “I don’t know how exactly to describe it… but its kind of like shadowflux, just, its light instead of dark, and its also more… how do I put it… watery? I don’t know… but…” she flashed a few more lights around its. “You guys might not notice because you’re not flashers… but it kind of feels like the prime sources, but… one of them is missing, sunlight maybe?” Councilor Velia said.

      “What exactly are you implying?” asked Councilor Clarette as she tucked her long black hair behind her ear.

      “I’m not exactly sure… but I think it is the light from the moon and quintessence… but it… it.. do you remember the Stellarlune tale?.”

      A few of the councilors nodded, while others shook their heads.

      “You know what happens when a human has a child with an elf?” when everyone nodded Velia continued. “Well, it is said that Stellarlune has that same power, and if it is combined with the right elements, then it can give elf an amber ability.”

      “Are you saying that is Stellarlune?” Oralie asked. Looking relieved when Velia shook her head.

      “Not pure Stellarlune. It seems like there is something else added to it. What that something else will do, I’m not sure. Though I do think it will have the same effects as stellarlune, just… with something else.”

      “Are you sure your right?” Kenric asked.

      “I don’t know. I hope I’m not right.” Velia  grimaced.

      “Theres something else I found.” Emery clapped his hands, turning the light off. He struck a match and held it close to the vial. There, in the firelight, there was a symbol. The  Neverseen symbol.

      “Neverseen,” Kenric said calmly. “Should I make a meeting to give it back to them?”


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    • Sophie didn’t know what surprised her more. The Neverseen symbol, or the fact that Kenric  KNEW WHO THE NEVERSEEN WERE. It seemed like others knew who they were as well, because no one asked who the Neverseen were. No one asked what Kenric meant. Which meant one thing. The councilors know about the Neverseen. They had talked with the Neverseen. They were friends with the Neverseen.

      This changed everything.

      Sophie’s head was spinning, as she tried to process the revelation.

      If the Council had known about the Neverseen that long ago, they hadn’t just been working against the Black Swan all that time.

      They might have been working with the Neverseen. 

      Or at the very least, they had been allowing them to continue with their work. Which was much, much more than they could say for the Black Swan.

      A wave of horror overcame Sophie as she realized what that meant. When Oralie had volunteered to be her biological mother, for the Black Swan…

      She had known about the Neverseen. She allowed the hunt for the Black Swan to continue. Allowed the hunt for her daughter to continue.

      A surge of hatred, pure and black, fueled Sophie’s thoughts. How could anyone be quite that evil? Sophie might have had a close second on Keefe’s Worst Mom Ever.

      Which reminded her. Keefe. She should head over soon to check on him.

      She might never look Oralie in the eye again. She might never speak another word to her. But right now? She had to pay attention.

      “I think we should look into it a little before we give it back. Find out if Velia is right.” Councilor Emery said.

      “I would be more than happy to look into it, though I might need some help.” Councilor Velia said.

      “I’ll help you,” Oralie said with a smile.

      Bronte clapped his hands. “Great! Now can we all go home and get some sleep?”

      Emery and a few other councilors nodded and murmured in agreement. They got up and started to leave as Oralie and Zelia made their way over to each other. 

      “What time do you want to meet up tomorrow?” Oralie asked.

      “Actually, I was thinking, if it really is Stellarlune, then we might want to see what it does at night, unless your too tired.” There was a little bit of tease in the last words. Sophie didn’t know Velia that well, but she seemed like a nice person.

      “That sounds like a good plan.” Oralie said. “Do you want to go to my place or yours?”

      Velia thought for a second or two. “let us go to mine.” She held up a crystal and took Oralie’s hand as they stepped into the light.

      The next clip seemed a little later. Velia and Oralie were walking next to a cliff, with a gorgeous house in the backround. The house was made of wood and half hanging off the cliff.

      Velia had a stellarscope and Oralie was holding the bottle. Suddenly, out of nowhere, there came a small dwarf. He – or she, it was too dark to tell - popped out of the ground and yank at the bottle, trying to rip it out of Oralie’s hand. But Oralie had a good grip. 

      “Give me the stellarlune!” the dwarf shouted when Oralie didn’t let go. Velia snapped her fingers, making light shine on the dwarf’s sensitive eyes. 

      “Arrrrr!” he screeched. But he just shut his eyes and pulled harder. He let go with one hand and dug his into Oralie’s hand. Oralie screamed and let go of the vial. Velia lunged for the vial and grabbed it before the dwarf could burrow in the ground. Oralie grabbed his shoulders, preventing him from escaping, but the dwarf just kicked Velia in the face, knocking her back, as Oralie half raised him in the air. but he thrashed, making Oralie take two steps back. But two steps back was the cliff. Oralie tried to regain her balance but it was near impossible holding a squirming dwarf. They tumble off the cliff. But at the last possible second, Velia grabbed Oralie’s ankle and pulled her up. But the dwarf was gone. So was the vial. Both at the bottom of a cliff. And it was a tall cliff. Oralie was frozen with shock. 

      “I let go. I killed him.” Oralies voice was barely more than a whisper.

      “Get your cache,” Velia said softly. Oralie obeyed. “We need to erase all traces of stellarlune. It is to dangerous.”

      The memory ended there.

      Sophie leaned against the panakes tree.

      “Any questions?” Oralie asked quietly.

      “Yes, actually. You KNEW about the Neverseen. You ALLOWED the hunt for the Black Swan to continue. Allowed the hunt for her DUAGHTER to continue. HOW COULD YOU DO THAT?!”

      “I’m only one vote! I can only do so much! Please Sophie, just be open minded and here me out on this! I-”

      “You lost the right to ask me to be open minded and hear you out when you volunteered your child to be part of an experiment!” furious, Sophie whipped around, almost running into Edaline, who was holding a tray of mallow melt.

      “Your… you…” she kept looking from Sophie to Oralie, as if looking for a resemblance – and finding it.

      “I should go…” Oralie said quietly.

      “You should.” Sophie agreed, feeling pleased when Oralie flinched at her harsh words. Edaline was still speechless as Oralie lifted up a crystal and leaped away. Sophie walked torward the house.

      “Sophie,” Edaline called after her. “That night when you were really upset, and you said you were having trouble with Fitz, is that when….?”

      Sophie nodded, and to her relief, Edaline didn’t have any further question.

      “Hey kiddo!” Grady called when Sophie came inside. But Sophie wasn’t in the mood to talk. She stormed past him and slammed the door to her room. She went over to Iggy and started to pet him. Then she remembered. Keefe. 

                  Hey Fitz, I’ll be there soon. She transmitted.

      No Sophie,  he transmitted back, you get a good night rest, I’ll stay with Keefe tonight. I can tell your exhausted. He was right. Sophie was exhausted and getting a good night sleep in her bed sounded nice. 

      Okay, I will see you in the morning. Goodnight.


                  Sophie fell asleep as soon as her head hit the pillow.

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    • THIS IS GREAT!!!!!!!! I NEED MORE!!!!!!

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    • This is amazing!!! I love it!! It’s so great to see a fan fiction with plot. As a fan fiction writer, I gotta say, it can be REALLY hard to incorporate plot. But you’ve sone it soooooo well!!!

      Great job!

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    • Tysm! it can be really hard, but also REALLY fun! 

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    • This is awesome!

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    • cooool! this is awesome

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    • Heres the next part! 

      “Oh, hi Tam, I didn’t expect to see you here.” Sophie said. She had expected to find Fitz, hoping to share Oralie’s memory with him. But instead she had found a guy with silver bangs.

      “Hey,” Tam said, tugging on his bangs.

      “Perfect timing!” Elwin exclaimed. “I need to take a quick trip to Livvy’s place to grab a new elixir she made. It won’t take me anymore than a ten minutes. Can I trust you guys to watch Keefe while I’m gone?” Sophie glanced at Keefe’s body before she nodded. 

      “Oh, and Tam, I’ll speak to Lady Zillah about what you suggested..” With that he leaped away.

      “What did you suggest?” Sophie asked.

      “Well… do you remember when you and Fitz had those echoes, and I lifted some of the shadows to make you guys feel better?” he continued when Sophie nodded. “I was wondering if I could do the same thing on Keefe, but Elwin said he wanted to look into it more before I try it.”

      “Do you know why Elwin won’t let you do the shadow thing before he wakes up?” Sophie asked.

      Tam shook his head, “Something about not wanting to mess with the natural process or something.”

      “Maybe if you remove the shadows, he’ll wake up! It’s worth a try.” Sophie said.

      “But,” a squeky voice reminded her, “Elwin told Tam not to.”

      “but it might make him wake up!” Sophie argued, annoyed at her bodyguard.

      “But it might also make things worse!” He argued back.

      “its really not your guys decision,” Tam said. Sophie felt guilty that she had forgotten that it was his ability, and his choose. 

      “Please Tam!” Sophie begged. “What could go wrong? Worst case scenario, it does nothing. What negative effect could it possibly have?”

      Tam tugged his bangs. “I don’t know I mean…”

      “Or,” Sandor but in. “It could kill him! Who knows? It might even kill you!”

      “That’s not likely! Please Tam!” she transmitted if you do it, I’ll do you a favor. You name, I’ll try to do it.Tam raised his eyebrows.

      “I’ll do it.” He said after a moment or two of thought. “Come on Sophie, do your thing.” He wiggled his fingers.

      “I don’t approve of this!” Sandor shouted. 

      Sophie turned on her enchanting and grabbed Tam’s hand. He flinched at her touch. “Woah.” He breathed. “Your enchanting has gotten stronger.”  Darkness and shadows went to his fingertips. He closed his eyes.

      “if you stir Sophie’s echoes, you will think of your time at the Neverseen as a vacation.” Sandor grumbled. Tam’s mouth twitched at the remark. Darkness surrounded Keefe. It engulfed him.

      “Tam,” Sophie said, concerned. “Tam! TAM!”

      “Give me a second. This was your idea.” He grunted.  The darkness went on for a few more agonizing seconds. And then it just… disappeared. Tam let go of Sophie’s hand, and she rushed over to Keefe, grabbing his hand.         

      Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Then thrashing. Terrible, uncontrollable thrashing. Sophie took a few steps back to try and avoid getting hit. Darkness started to go around his fingers.
      “Tam!” Sophie said, whipping around. “I think that’s enough!”

      “its… not me.” His voice was barely more than a whisper. His gaze was fixed on Keefe.

      Sophie turned around. He was in the air now sucking all the darkness and light into him.

      “What the…” Elwins voice faded out. Sophie tried to look behind her at the Flashers reaction, but she couldn’t move. Her gaze was stuck on the floating body in the air, which was shaking and twisting while pulling all light and darkness to it. It went on for another terrifying minute. Then he just… fell. Sophie started to go toward him but was pushed out of the way by Elwin, who started flashing different lights all around his body.

      He turned to look at Tam. “I told you not to do it!”

      “It was my fault,” Sophie blurted out. “I thought it would wake him up. I convinced Tam to do it.” Tam opened his mouth to respond, but Elwin cut him off.

      “Sophie, its been five days. Five days. It took you weeks to wake up from the shadowflux you were exposed to.”

      “But you sedated us!” Sophie argued back

      “Not immediately! It was more than a week before I sedated you!”

      Sophie didn’t have a response for that. Why did she do this?

      “Yeah.. sorry,” Tam grumbled. He glanced at Sophie.

      “Sorry Elwin.” Sophie said.

      Elwin sighed. “You better go outside so I can look at him more indepthly.”

      Sophie and Tam nodded.

      “See you later, Keefe.” Sophie took one more look at the unconscious body.

      “Get well soon Keefe,” Tam said, heading for the door. Sophie followed him out.

      “I’m sorry Tam, I shouldn’t have asked you to do it.” Sophie said, staring at her feet.

      Tam didn’t answer. Instead he pulled out his home crystal. “I’ll see you later I guess.”

      Sophie nodded, “Say hi to Linh for me. And oh, I almost forgot to tell you-“

      Sophie!  Fitz transmitted. Quick! Neverseen! Help

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    • ERMEHGERD I LOVE IT!!!!!!!! RIGHT MORE XD no rush though

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    • This is great!!

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    • HOW ARE PEOPLE SO GOOD AT WRITING THESE?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? THIS IS SO GOOD!!!!!!! WHEN MORE?????

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    • okay, heres the next part! Enjoy!

      “Fitz is in trouble!” she said as Fitz sent her an image of the terrain. It wasn’t the best, but it would do.

      “Do we need to get outside?” Sandor asked while Tam tucked his crystal back in his pocket

      Sophie shook her head. “I have a faster idea.” She grabbed Sandor’s and Tam’s hand. She started running. She got faster and faster. Then she slipped into the void. She came out in right in front of two Neverseen cloaks. 

      “Well, well,” said a familiar voice. “We meet again.” The cloak figure flipped of her hood reveling her blond hair. “Welcome to the party!” exclaimed Lady Gisela. 

      Sophie looked around, only to see Fitz and Biana in a force field. They were in the middle of a forest, with lush greenery all around them. Rage filled Sophie’s mind. She felt herself levitating as she got ready to inflict. A red beam shot out of Sophie’s head as she aimed for Lady Gisela. A force field went around, reflecting the beam straight into Sandor. Sophie stopped inflicting dropped ungracefully to the ground as she rushed over to Sandor. 

      Ruy raised his hands, trapping them in a force field, but the force field looked… different. Instead of being the usual yellow color, it was darker, with black streaks flowing through out it. 

      Tam gathered up his shadows and tried to break through the shield, but he couldn’t penetrate it.

      “Shadowflux changes everything it touches,” Ruy said. Even though Sophie couldn’t see his face, she was sure he was grinning. “For better or worse? You tell me.”

      Sophie glanced at Sandor. He was still out. 

      “Now,” said Lady Gisela, “How’s my son? And Tam, I would stop trying. It’s never going to work.” 

      Sophie glanced at Tam. There was a bead of sweat trickling down his temple as he tried to open the force field, but no matter what he tried, nothing worked. 
      “So, are you going to answer the question?” Lady Gisela asked after a few seconds had passed.

      Sophie looked at Fitz. His perfect teal eyes meet up with hers. What should I do? She transmitted

       I would tell her he transmitted back after a few seconds of thought, I mean, he’s still in the wakeful sleep thing, it’s not like he woke up.

      No but… you know the thing Tam did by raising our shadows to make us feel better? We did that on Keefe and… 

      She looked Lady Gisela in eye. “I had Tam lift his shadows, and he woke up.” She lied.

      “He did?” Biana said, looking at Sophie in astonishment. Sophie couldn’t help but flinch. How could she forget that Biana was there?

      No, but I need information. I will explain later. She quickly transmitted

      “He woke up already?” Lady Gisela looked away as she paled a little.

      “Great,” Ruy said, “you got your information. Can I Look around now?”

      “Patience, Ruy.” Lady Gisela said, gritting her teeth.

      Sandor grunted and started to get up. 

      “Lunar, do your work.” Lady Gisela barked. Another Neverseen cloak appeared. The new cloak – who Sophie assumed was Lunar – rasied her hands. 

      Ice started to form around Sophie’s body and the bodies of her friends. It got colder and colder. Sophie tried to do her tempature control thing but couldn’t concentrate. She started shivering and shivering. They needed help. Her panic switch. She tried to press the button, but she could barely move. She was in a coffin of ice. Sophie rubbed her finger along the ice, hoping it would press the button. She didn’t know if it worked, but she couldn’t move her hand anymore.

      “Okay, can we please look around now.” She heard Ruy say impatiently.

      “Why?” asked Lady Gisela.

      “You know why!” Ruy snapped.

      “It’s been five years Ruy!” Lady Gisela sounded annoyed. “What do you think?”

      Ruy grumble some very creative words. Human words. how did Ruy know human curse words?

      Sophie tried to think, but the coldness was too much. Blackness comsumed her.

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    • This is sooo good!!! Plz post more!!!!

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    • Sooo goood

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    • awesome!

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    • SOOOOO GOOD!!!

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    • This is amazing!

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    • MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

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    • Hey srry I havent postd in a while I accidently smashed my computer..... lets just say if your computer falls out of your backpack down a flight of stairs you might have to replace it XD. Anyway, here is the nest part! Enjoy!

      There was heat. Extreme heat. Sophie heard a gentle voice “Its okay Sophie.”

      Sophie jerked awake. Her legs were still in ice though. Sophie sat up. 

      “Stay still, Sophie.” Sophie turned her head to see Linh by her side. At her feet was Marella, melting the ice with fire. Linh had put water around her torso to prevent it from getting burned.

      “Is anyone else up?” Sophie looked around, only seeing Sandor awake        

      “Just you and Sandor.” Marella said.

      Dex chuckled. He was standing next to Biana, who was still in her ice cage.  “If we didn’t 

      wake you up next, Sandor threatened to put us in coffins.”

      “Almost done,” Marella said. Sophie looked down at her legs. Her feet were the still in ice, but her legs were free. A small spark landed in the grass, but Linh quickly put it out.

      “How long did it take you guys to melt me?”

      “Umm,” Linh said, pausing to think for a moment or two. “No more than ten minutes.”

      “There you go!” Exclaimed Marella. “Ice free!”

      Sophie stood up a little wobbly, only to fall down again.

      “Don’t stand up yet,” Marella advised. “Just take it easy. Elwin should be her soon.”

      “We should do Biana next.” Dex said.

      “No,” Linh argued. “We should do my brother.”

      “I agree with Linh. Tam’s the most likely to freak out – no offense – just he could possibly do some damage.” Marella had a valid point.

      “Let’s do Tam. We’ll do Biana next.” Sophie promised.

      Dex didnt look happy, but he didn’t argue. Sophie headed over to him.

      “Why do you want to do Biana so bad?” she asked.

      He blushed. “I… uh… just think that we should do her.”

      “Ooohh. Biana and Dex, sittin’ in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G.”

      Sophie wasn’t sure if he understood the human reference, but he did understand the kissing part. He turned redder than beets.

      “Its not like that…” he started

      “Don’t worry. I won’t tell.” Sophie assured him. “oh, and how did you know to bring Marella and Linh?”

      “I didn’t.” he confessed. “Marella told me that every morning she wakes up with flames around her. She is afraid one day she’s going to burn there house down, so I’m making a gadget to help her. I’m thinking a gadget like your fingernail things to stop her from using her power.”

      Sophie shivered. She remembered the ability restrictor he unknowingly had made. 

      “Don’t worry,” he said, clearly able to tell what she was thinking. “the only one who would be able to control it is Marella. And she’s not forced to wear it.”

      “So how does that correlate to with you bringing Linh and Marella?”

      “I was delivering the gadget to Marella when your panic switch went off, and she suggested we stop by and pick up Linh real quick.”

      Elwin arrived just then. “Sorry it took me so long. I had to brew this.” He proudly held up a small vial.

      “What is it?” asked Linh, glancing at Tam. His head was unfrozen, though he still wasn’t awake.

      “Watch this.” Elwin said grinning. She poured the vial on Tam’s legs, and almost immediately, the ice melted. 

      “Woah!” exclaimed Marella. “That’s way faster!”

      He took out another elixir and handed it to Linh. “Pour a few drops in his mouth. And Sophie,” he handed her a bottle of youth. “drink this.”

      Sophie gulped it down and looked back at Tam. Linh poured a drop or two in his mouth. Instantly, he woke up. 

      “It’s okay Tam.” Linh assured him when he started to pull shadows to himself.

      Elwin handed Tam a bottle of youth moved over to Fitz.

      “Can’t you do Biana next?” Dex pleaded

      “There’s no rush.” Elwin clearly didn’t what Sophie had promised him. “I’ll do her after Fitz.”

      Dex muttered something about promises.

      Elwin poured a bottle on Fitz. As the ice melted, he handed Sophie two bottles. “Put a few drops in his mouth, and then let him drink this bottle of youth.” 

      Fitz woke up in a cold sweat after Sophie poured a drop or two in his mouth.

      “What happened?” he asked, rubbing his temples.

      “I’m not quite sure.” Sophie admitted, handing him the bottle of youth.

      “Where’s Biana?” Fitz looked around. His eyes settled on her in her ice box, with Dex crouching beside her. Elwin poured the ice melting Elixir on Biana. Dex crouched next to her and poured a few drops of the other elixir into her mouth. Biana awoke with a shiver. She kept shivering. 

      “Wh-What h-happen-ned? Wh- Why i-is it so-o co-old?” her teeth kept chattering.

      Dex wrapped his arm around her. “Its okay,” he told her quietly. “I got you.”

      Biana let her head press against his chest. Dex turned redder than rubies as he cradled Biana in his arms.

      Fitz let Dex have a second or two before he rushed over to his sister. “are you okay?” he asked as he clipped his cape around her shivering body.

      “Wh-hy is-s it s-so c-cold.” Elwin rushed over and started flashing different color lights around her.

      “What’s wrong?” Sophie asked as a crease appeared in his brow.

      “I… don’t know.” He confessed. “She is perfectly fine just, freezing.” He shook his head. “I don’t understand.”

      Marella rushed over and held some fire around Biana as Linh collected everyone’s capes and covered Biana.

      “We need to get her home.” Fitz glanced at his sister, who was still shivering.

      “Yes, but she’s in no condition to light leap.” Elwin informed them.

      Tam rolled his eyes. “You guys never think outside the box, do you.”

      “What do you mean?” asked Sophie, narrowing her eyes.

      You can teleport! Why am I the only one here with common sense?” 

      “But I’m not high enough.” Sophie crossed her arms.

      “What about that runny thingy you did to get us here.” Tam reminded her.

      “oh. I… er, guess I forgot about that.” Sophie mumbled staring at her feet.

      “Well,” Marella said clapping her hands, “There’s no time like the present.”

      Sophie took the freezing Vacker into her arms, which would have a lot easier if she wasn’t a vanisher.

      “You got her?” asked Fitz. Concern laced his eyes. Sophie nodded, trying to look more confident than she felt.

      “We’ll be waiting for you at Everglen.” Elwin said with a forced smile.

      Sophie concentrated on a strip though the wood without trees. She ran, faster and faster as she slipped into the void.

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    • She teleported just inside the gates, right in front of Alden and Della. Sophie could see the horror in their face as they looked at their shivering daughter. 

      “What’s wrong with her?” Della asked as Alden grabbed Biana, cradling her in his arms.

      “I don’t know.” Elwin’s voice made Sophie jump as she turned around to see Fits, Tam, Linh, Marella, Sandor, and Dex. “We need to get her inside and warm her up.” Della and Alden rushed inside. Sophie took a step forward to follow them. 

      “No,” said Elwin, moving to block her. “You all need to go home and get some rest.”
      “But what about Biana?” Linh asked. Concern laced her eyes.

      “I’ll update you later, but right now, you all need to go home and get some rest.”

      “I agree.” Sandor said. “We need to go home and get some rest. It wont help if we are all here looking over Elwin’s shoulder, questioning his every move.”

      “What about my Mom?” Dex glanced around. “She’s a froster, maybe I could bring her over and she could see if she knows what’s wrong.”
      Elwin leaned back thoughtfully, “that’s not a bad idea… fine. You can stay, but everyone else needs to go home and rest.” Elwin whipped around and went inside followed by Fitz and Dex, leaving her with Sandor, Tam and Linh.

      Sophie said a quick bye and pulled out her home crystal and leaped away. The rest of the night was a blur. Sandor informed, Flori, Bo, Edline, and Grady on what happened while Sophie took a shower. Before Sophie knew it, she was in bed.

      “Are you alright?” Edaline asked when Sophie didn’t eat the dinner she brought her.

      Sophie sat up in her bed.   “I’m fine.” She said, managing a weak smile.

      “we’re here if you need to talk about anything.” Grady placed his hand on her shoulder. Edline set her dinner on her nightstand. “Goodnight kiddo.” Grady kissed her on the forehead.

      “I love you.” Edaline said as she gave her a tight hug.  With that, they left her in her room. Sophie tried to sleep, but she couldn’t. She should be kept up worrying about Biana, and why the Neverseen only took out her, but instead she found herself worrying about Ruy. He had used human curse words. How did he know them? Yes, he was at Exillium, but so was she. They didn’t have access to the Forbidden Cities, so how…? But there was another question that bothered Sophie even more. Ruy was looking for something. What had he lost? Lady Gisela said it had been five years. What happened five years ago?

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    • Sophie woke up to the sound of someone slamming into a door. Startled, she jumped out of bed and hurried downstairs. Where was Sandor? She heard the bang again. It came from the front door. She hurled the door open, and there in the grass, was Grady, struggling to get up. 

      “Are you okay?” she helped him up. Edaline was in the pastures, with Bo, Sandor, Flori, and a fleet of gnomes, trying to tame an animal. Sophie heard Grady say something, but she didn’t process what it was. All she could focus on was the animal. 

      The Gorgodon had escaped, and two young alicorns were flying around its head.

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    • Shannon messenger would take advice from some fandom fanfics! And put them into her book

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    • Please write more!!!!!! You have write since February! Long Time Ago!

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    • Write more! I need to know what happened to biana

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    • I was rereading Flashback, and I thought "Which fanfiction is this? LinhAndTamSong's? Swearingparrot's?"

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    • Srry I havent posted in so long... Anyway, here's the next part.

      “It escaped.” Sophie’s voice was hardly more than a whisper. “How?”

      “I don’t know.” Grady confessed. “I looked outside and he was out of his cage.”

      “A little help over here!” Yelled Edaline, conjuring another rope. She hooked it around its neck, but the beast broke it like it was made of noodles. Sandor jumped to avoid its poisonous tail.

      “Flori, Gerda, Roset,” Grady called. “Go to the shed and find all the ropes you can, then weave them together. You go too Sophie, and try to transmit to it or inflict or something.”

      Sophie nodded and raced away with the gnomes. “Do you know how it escaped?”

      “I was in the pasture next to its inclosure,” Roset shook her head uncertainly. “One second it was in the cage, the next it was gone.”

      When they reached the shed, they all split up to find ropes. Sophie quickly grabbed all the ropes she could find. Her gaze rested upon something… unfamiliar. She had removed a bag of feed to get to some ropes, but instead she found a little piece of wood the jutted out of the wall. A handle maybe?

      A soft voice broke Sophies concentration. “I think we have enough ropes.” Sophie turned to see Gerda. Flori and Roset had already started on weaving them together.

      “We just need you to hold it right here.” Flori set Sophie’s hand on part of the rope. “you better start transmitting like Grady asked.”

      Sophie nodded, feeling sick. She remembered the last time she had went into the Gordons mind. She sighed and pushed her consciousness into the Gorgodon. All emotions hit her at once. Hate. Anger. Revenge. And fear. Fear was most prominent. Fear of what? Sophie transmitted the question over till the Gorgodon responded. Pictures flooded into Sophie’s mind. The Gordon was in the first Nightfall, watching flames consume the other Gorgodons. The next seen was in the other Nightfall. It was starved. Black cloaks came in, taunting it, laughing at it.  Then a group of Neverseen cloaks came in. First, they tried to kill it, then they trapped it in an enclosure, isolating it. Then two alicorns came by. They transmitted him pictures of freedom, flying free and safe. No more caging. Sophie saw how the Gorgodon desired to be free. No more chains. No more cages. Freedom. The word was bittersweet. Sophie had to stop them from trapping the Gorgodon again.

      She ran down the hill, back to the pasture were Grady, Edaline, her bodyguards, and a fleet of gnomes were trying to capture. She heard Flori shouting at her to come back, but Sophie didn’t listen.

      “Stop! Stop! Don’t catch him!” Sophie shouted.

      “Sophie!” Edaline shouted back, hooking another rope around its neck. “This creature is dangerous. He needs to get back in his pasture!”

      “You mean his cage?” Sophie tackled Edaline, knocking the rope out of her hand.

      “What are you doing?” Bo shouted.

      The Gorgodon flew up in the air almost getting away, but a rope hooked itself around its neck. Sophie saw Flori and Roset holding he rope.

      “Let it go!” Sophie shouted, but neither gnome would release there grip. Bo, Sandor, Grady rushed to help pull it down. “No!” Sophie screamed. She ran, faster and faster, slipping into the void. She reappeared on the Gorgodons back. The Gorgodon tried to buck her off. Friend! She transmitted desperately.  She showed it picture of freedom as she pulled a knife out of her boot and started to cut the rope, but it was thick. She sawed and sawed, but the ground kept getting closer. Sophie gritted her teeth as she took out a throwing star and launched it at the rope. It didn’t cut anything but it did make Sandor jump and let go of the rope, which gave them about another minute. It still wasn’t enough time.  I need you to trust me, okay? I’m going to get you out of this. I’m going to set you free. At that word, Sophie felt something inside the Gorgodon spark. When I say three, I need you to stop flying and drop. One. Sophie tighten her grip on the Gorgodon. Two.  She pictured the sandy beach where Silveny gave birth. Three! There was only a second hesitation as the Gorgodon dropped. Sophie closed her eyes and opened them a second later to see the sandy beaches and turquoise water. Sophie didn’t have to be an empath to feel the happiness flowing from the gorgodon. It took her another five minutes to finally cut the rope, but the Gorgodons reaction was well worth it. He flew in figure eights and loops. Sophie laughed till her side hurt. She sighed as she turned to slip off, but before she did, she had to ask one thing. Do you know anything about Keefe’s Legacy? Instantly, she was hurled into a memory.

      Lady Gisela was walking down a hall in her Nightfall, holding a syringe filled in neon green juice. “This,” She said with a wicked smile, “Is Keefe’s Legacy.”

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    • Saying Sandor killed her was an understatement. When Sophie got home, she was first, yelled at, then grounded, then ungrounded? There was so much shouting, yelling, screaming, and growls that Sophie had no clue what anyone was saying.

      “CAN I EXPLAIN!” she shouted for the fifth time. Sandor quieted everyone down. “Can I please explain with no interruptions this time. I will answer all questions at the end.” She waited for everyone to nod, ignoring Bo’s colorful mutterings. “When I slipped into its mind, there were lots of emotions, like anger and hate, but the most prominent was fear. It’s been tutored, caged, and abused. Then it came here. Still in a cage, but this time, Luna and Wynn fill its head with picture of freedom. Why wouldn’t it try to break out and be free?”

      “But it tried to kill you!” Flori crossed her arms.

      “Yes,” Sophie said, trending very carefully, knowing that one wrong word and she would be grounded for the rest of her life. “But we did come in dressed like the people who tortured it and then we tried to kill it, so…”

      “Why didn’t you tell us before you tried to set free a hybrid killer, proceeding to jump on its back and teleport away to an undisclosed location.” Sandor stared her down.

      “I tried to! I told you guys to stop, but you didn’t listen to me! I had no other choice!”

      “Really?” Grady put his hand thoughtfully on his chin. “I just remembering you shouting stop, not caring to explain why we should stop trying to capture a dangerous creature that was trying to kill us.”

      Sophie winced.

      “What’s done is done.” Edline said after an uncomfortable minute or two. “Sophie had her reason, whether they were right or not, I can’t say. Grady,” She rested her hand on his arm. “Maybe you can just add this little incident in at the meeting today.”

      little incident.” Bo huffed as Grady nodded.

      “What meeting?” Sophie asked.

      “The council has called a meeting this afternoon to discuss yesterday’s attack.” Edaline explained.

      “Here?” Sophie asked.

      “No,” Grady dusted some dirt of the front of his light blue tunic. “They doing it at Everglen so Biana can be there.”
      “Is she still on bed rest?”

      “To what I understand from talking to Julien.” Edaline said with a sigh. “She will be out for a few weeks.”

      Sophie nodded. 

      Grady looked at his diamond encrusted watch, which miraculously didn’t have a crack. “You better go inside to get ready to leave.”

      Sophie headed inside with a sigh. She had a feeling that it would be a very long day. 


      “Hey!” Biana shouted as Sophie entered her room. Sophie had only been in Biana’s room a few times, but she must have done some renovations recently. Her room was no longer glittery pink, instead the walls were a light baby pink. Her once sparkly bed had turned into a simple white blanket. In place of a vanity full of lip gloss and golden eye dust stood a simple mirror with small table and very few products. Fairy lights were strung across the room, seeming to give it a simple but elegant glow.

      “Like the change?” Biana asked, noticing how Sophie’s eyes lingered from one new feature to the next. 

      “It looks really good.” Sophie pulled her eyes away from the room and focused on her friend. “How are you doing? Are you still on bed rest?”

      Biana nodded as a shiver consumed her body. “I’m good, just really c-cold. Juline said that she has never seen an-nything like this before, but she has a few theor-ries on what it might be.”

      Sophie opened her mouth to ask her how the Neverseen found them, but Dex and Fitz walked in just then.

      “I will secure the surroundings.” Sandor said as he left with Grizel.

      “How are you doing?” Dex rushed to Biana side.

      “Good.” Biana flashed him a smile.

      “Is there anything I can do for you?” They stared into each others eyes. They both blushed and looked away.

      “Could you help me sit up?” Biana asked after a minute or two.

      “Of course.” Dex put his arm around her shoulder and helped her up. Sophie and Fitz exchanged a look. Dex brushed a piece of hair out of her face and tucked it behind Biana ear. His hand touched her cheek. Now their were mere inches in between them. They started getting closer.

      Might want to look away! Fitz transmitted.

      Definatly! Sophie replied, though neither of them looked away.

      There was less than an inch in between them now. Someone cleared there throat. Biana and Dex broke away instantly, turning redder than beets. Sophie covered her mouth to prevent a giggle from escaping. She had to add a second hand when she turned to see who had cleared their throat. Where expected to find Sandor, but instead she saw the Stina, Wylie, Tam and Linh, Marella, the five members of the Collective ANDtwelve Councilors. Bronte looked from Biana to Dex, raising his eyebrows.

      “I hope we didn’t interrupt anything.” Emery said, amusement sparkling in his eyes. A giggle escaped Fitz.

      “He was uhm… just helping me get an eyelash out of my eye.”

      “Yeah, it was nothing, just an eyelash.” Dex muttered.

      “Really?” Stina strode over and nudging him. “Woah. Those are some strong emotions for just helping a girl with her eyelash.”

      “Lets put this incident behind us and focus on the reason we are here.” Mr. Forkle said. 

      “We are here to disscuss what happened in the Neverseen attack yesterday,” Emery said, “Sophie, will you please inform us on what happened.”

      Sophie explained what had happen, though she didn’t mention the human words Ruy had muttered, deciding to look into that herself. Maybe Amy could help.

      “What were you doing in the woods without your bodyguards?” asked Granite.

      “We, er,” he glanced uncertainly at Biana. 

      “I needed to talk to Fitz about something, and we didn’t want our bodyguard’s to overhear, so we ditched them.” Biana said as she bit her lip.

      “SECRETS HINDER OUR ABILITY TO PROTECT YOU!!!” Grizel and Woltzer shouted as they both stormed in.

      “What, may I ask, did you NOT want us to hear?” Grizel demanded, grabbing Fitz shirt and pulling him toward her.

      “it was nothing big or anything, I just needed to clarify something with him.” Biana said fiddling with the edge of her blanket. 

      What was she clarifying? Sophie transmitted to Fitz.

      He looked away. I’ll tell you later. 

      “Anyway,” said Squall. “Sophie, what did it feel like when they trapped you in the ice?”

      “It was really cold, and I could see it building around me, but I couldn’t move or anything because of the cold.”

      Biana frowned. “That’s not what mine felt like at all.”

      “Exactly what I was wondering! How did yours feel?” Squall looked excited.

      “It felt like a brain freeze, but a hundred times worse. Like thousands of tiny ice crystals were poking into my head. Then, all throughout my body, it felt like, well, it felt like I was being burned, except with it was cold instead of hot.” Biana shivered.

      “Excellent! Just what I thought!” Squall clapped her hands joyously. “Sophie and everyone just got incrusted in ice, while you were incrusted in ice, but they also froze your mind.”

      Froze her mind!” Dex exclaimed, confusion in his gaze. “Wouldn’t that mean she’s in a coma or something?”

      Squall laughed. “It’s not what you think. Basically, her mind think’s she cold, when she’s really not.”  Squall tore off Biana’s blankets. “You have to be careful not to overheat.”

      “B-but its s-so co-old!” Biana’s teeth chattered.

      “The real question is, why just Biana?” Linh swirled water around her finger thoughtfully. Sophie noticed Wylie’s arm was around her. 

      “I agree.” Tam said. “I have no doubt they could have taken out all of us, but they didn’t.”

      Everyone pondered his words for a few minutes.

      “We might need time to think these words over,” Mr. Forkle said, stroking his chin. “but before we depart, I have a proposition.” He turned to the council. “I have been watching Exillium to see if the Neverseen will try and recruit any of the students, and while I’m glad to report I have seen nothing, I have stumbled across a rather extraordinary student. She is a Phaser named Vitori Lennol.” 

      “Lennol?” Emery frowned “I don’t remember a Vitori Lennol.”

      “doesn’t matter if you remember her or not.” Mr. Forkle informed him. “I would like to bring her to the Lost Cities, she could really benefit our cause.”

      Your cause.” Bronte scoffed. “We may be working together, but we are not the same.”

      “Yes, she will be valuable to the Black Swan, but I suspect she might be more valuable as a member of Team Valiant.”

      “What did she do?” Sophie asked.

      Mr. Forkle sighed. “Her file says nothing. I suspect she was following someone, just like how Mr. Tam followed Ms. Linh. I’m sure you saw her, though you may not remember. She is very good at blending in with the crowd.”

      “What do you mean we’ve seen her? Here, in the Lost Cities?” Sophie thought of everyone she’d ever met, struggling to remember anyone named Vitori.

      “No, not in the Lost Cities. She has been at Exiliumin for the past eight years.”

      “Eight years!” Everyone echoed.

      “That’s longer than my brother and I!” Exclaimed Linh.

      “How old was she when she was Exiled?” Wylie asked, stunned.

      “I’m not sure, but I think she was around eight.”

      “She’s been there for half her life.” Dex whispered, mainly to himself. Raising his voice, he asked, “Did she every go to Foxfire?”

      Mr. Forkle shook his head. “Unfortunately, not.”

      “Woah.” Tam looked at the councilors. “She must have been the youngest person exiled.”

      None of the councilors met his gaze.

      “There have been people younger?” Marella gasped.

      “A few.” Councilor Terik admitted grudgingly. “but we are getting off track.”

      “Councilor Terik’s right.” Mr. Forkle said. “Will you accept her back into the lost cities?”

      “Who will she stay with?” Councilor Alina cocked her head. “Assuming we let her return.”

      “I have a few people in mind.”

      “Won’t she go back to living with her parents?” Fitz inquired. 

      Mr. Forkle sighed. “I couldn’t find anything about her family, much less her parents.”

      “Why d-don’t you jus-st ask her?” Biana asked through a shiver.

      “Well, I, er, haven’t actually talked to her yet.” Mr. Forkle said quietly.

      “Let me get this straight.” Stina folded her arms. “You want to bring a girl, who has lived her whole life in exile, and who you don’t know the crime she did to get there, to the Lost Cities, without her permission?”

      “No,” Mr. Forkle sighed. “Of course we would ask her if she wants to come, but I thought we might want to get permission first before we do.” He cast a hopeful glance at the council.

      Emery put his fingers to his temples. After a few minutes Sophie started to count seconds. 567 seconds later, Emery let out a sigh. “though not unanimous,” he glared at Councilor Alina and Zarina, “We have reached a decision. We will allow Vitori Lennol return to the Lost Cities, but, She must take a placement test to attend Foxfire, and we want to be updated thoroughly on her behavior.”

      Mr. Forkle smiled.

      “If there isn’t anything else that requires our presence, we must depart.” Bronte informed them.”

      “Well actually,” Grady said before they could raise their crystals. “We had a…”- he glanced at Sophie- “Incident, today.” He went on and explained what had happen with the Gorgodon. The whole room went deathly quiet.

      “I think we all need to go home and process everything we have learned.” Councilor Terik said quietly. The other councilors murmured in agreement. They glittered away. 392 seconds passed by. 793 more seconds passed by.

      Mr. Forkle finally cleared his throat. “While this incident is unfortunate, we must not get distracted from our mission.”

      “So we’re just gonna show up on some girls doorstep and say ‘hey, we are complete strangers, but you’re coming with us to the Lost Cities!’ I mean, seriously, if this girl has any sense, she’ll run away faster than you can say stop.” Dex crossed his arms defiantly.

      “Exactly why that is not the plan.” Mr. Forkle clarified. “We will send two of you to Exillium to befriend her, when you have gained her trust, we will invite her back to the Lost Cities. She is an Ambi, so Ms. Foster will go along with Ms. Linh.”

      “I’m an Ambi.” Tam said. “I’ll go too.”

      Mr. Forkle bit his lip. “I don’t think that would be wise, Mr. Tam, I don’t want to overwhelm her.”

      “Okay,” Tam crossed his arms. “Then I’ll go instead of Linh.”

      “No offense, Mr. Tam, but sometimes you can have a less than friendly appearance.”

      “Tam,” Linh grabbed his hand. “I’m okay.”

      “No your not!” Tam pulled his hand away. “You might get hurt! You don’t know how dangerous that girl is!”

      “I’m not made out of glass.” Linh kept her cool.

      “No.” Tam said. “Your not allowed to go.”

      “I’m sorry, did you just say I’m not allowed to go?” Linh’s voice was calm, but her fists curled.

      “Yes,” Tam stalked up to her. “Your not allowed.”

      “What? Why am I not allowed to go?” Sophie could tell Linh wanted to say more, but she held back, waiting for her brothers response.

      “You too weak. I’m stronger, I can take care of myself better than you.” He snarled.

      Linh couldn’t keep her calm any longer. “What is it with you? You not in charge of me! Sophie’s going to be there! I’m not even going to be alone! What about when I saved all of your butts in Ravagog? What about when I HELD BACK THE OCEAN to stop Atlantis from flooding!”

      “I’m sorry I care about you!” Tam shouted. Sophie noticed shadows pooling around his fingers. “I’m sorry I know the dangers out there and want to protect you!”

      “You think I don’t know the dangers as well? I was with you for years in the Neutral Territories!” Linh pulled water to her fingertips.

      “You clearly don’t know them enough! Do you remember how you almost died in Lumenaria? YOU NEED ME TO PROTECT YOU!”

      “Ugh! You are so annoying!” Linh splashed him with a wave of water. “I don’t need you to protect me! I can take care of myself!”

      “Fine!” Tam huffed. He pulled out his home crystal and held it up to his life.

      “Wait!” Linh checked her pockets. “I don’t have my home crystal with me!”

      “You said you could take care of yourself, and that you don’t need me to protect you, so figure it out.” He glittered away.

      Linh huffed. “I’ll be back in a second.” She stepped out of the room.

      “I’ll go be with her.” Sophie offered.

      “I’ll come with you.” Wylie followed her out of Biana’s bedroom.

      “I’ve never seen Tam and Linh fight like that.” Sophie said quietly.

      “Me either.” Wylie sighed and rubbed his temples. “I’ve seen them have disagreements, but never like that.”

      After a few minutes, they finally found Linh by the lake, sobbing.

      “Oh Linh,” Sophie put her hand on Linh’s shoulder.

      “It didn’t used to be like this.” Her voice was so quiet it was barely audible. “Ever since he came back from the Neverseen, he’s been… different.” She sniffled. “His tempers gotten way worse, he barely easts, he never sleeps.” A sob overcame her. Wylie wrapped his arm around her.

      “I will just take some time.” He assured her.

      “That’s what I thought.” Linh sobbed. “I let Glimmer move in with us, hoping that would help him get better, but it’s just made him worse. Yesterday he wouldn’t let me go train with Marella because I might get burned or something, and when Marella come over to our house he practically threw her out the door.”

      Sophie tightened her hug on Linh. “All sibling fight once in a while.”

      “I know, I just can’t stop wondering if he will ever be back to normal.” They sat there hugging her for a long time.

      When the tears stopped, Linh asked. “Sophie, can you teleport me home please?”

      “Of course.” 

      “Do you want me to come?” Wylie asked.

      Linh though for a second or two. “No, Tam already hates you enough.”

      “Wait, he hates me?” Wyle voice betrayed confusion. “Why?”        

      “Now’s not the time.” Linh said quietly.

      “Can you levitate us?” Sophie asked Linh.

      She nodded “Do you need to look into my mind to see where we are going?”

      “Oh, uh, Yes.” Sophie was embarrassed she had forgotten such a crucial detail. She quickly opened her mind and to Linh’s.

      “Can you levitate the three of us?” Sandor’s squeaky voice made them both jump.

      Linh nodded as they locked hands.

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    • Okay, I jsut noticed I never posted my Preface, so I'm going to back track a little and post it now. Enjoy!

      She couldn’t take it. She curled up underneath a tree, sobbing. Why? Why her? How cruel this world is? 

      “Take it away! I don’t want it! I don’t want this! Why couldn’t I have died in your place?” She buried her face in her hands. Her clothes still smelled of smoke, but she didn’t care. She wished her mind could break like normal elves, then at least she would have some relief. She grabbed her knife out of her boot and set it against her throat. No she thought, She wouldn’t want that. She would have gladly plunged that knife into herself and ended her life, but then she would have died for nothing. Still, they were both dead, and it was all her fault.

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    • Here's the next part! Enjoy!!!

      “Hey kiddo!” Grady called from the pastures. 

      Sophie waved back as she headed inside. She ran up the stairs and plopped on her bed. She had just returned from dropping off Linh, and that had consumed all of her energy. The teleportation was fine, but when they got there Tam was waiting. Then he and Linh got in a massive argument about her needing help or something like that. Eventually she and Sandor had slipped away. A soft knocked brought her out of her thoughts.

      “Hey,” Edline smiled. “How did things go with Linh?”

      Sophie sighed. “I wish I knew. Tam is just… not been himself lately.”

      Edaline gracefully sat next to her. “Tam had a traumatic experience. None of us know what happened to him while he was with the Neverseen. The best thing we can do is try and help him through this.” She smiled at Sophie. “I need to feed the new baby griffins, why don’t you help me?”

      The day after Lumaria, four orphan griffins had been brought to Havenfield, after their mother was killed by sickness. Sophie smiled. “Sure.” She followed Edaline outside, where the griffins where tumbling in the grass. Griffins are pretty much how humans imagine, just scarier. They have long, sharp talons on their scaly bird like front legs. Giant razor sharp beaks where adorned atop their white heads. But these were babies. Really cute babies. They rustled and tussled in the grass.

      “Rats!” Edaline muttered to herself as a crease appeared between her brow appeared.

      “What’s wrong?” asked Sophie.

      “You guys must have moved somethings around while you were looking for ropes this morning. I can’t conjure treats if I don’t know where they are.” She closed her eyes and snapped, but nothing appeared. 

      “I’ll go and grab some treats.” Sophie offered. 

      “Thanks sweetie.” Edline smiled.

      Sophie ran to the shed. She grabbed the treats and was about to leave when something caught her eye. It was the handle she had seen that morning when she was looking for ropes. She went to grab it, but a squeaky voice stopped her. 

      “I’ll grab it.” Sandor shoved her out of the way. 

      “And you will wait for me, Sandor, and Flori to tell you it’s safe before you go in.” Sophie turned to see Boa and Flori.

      Sandor pulled the handle, which opened a door. Her body gaurds filled in. Sophie went in behind them. As soon as they all stepped in, the door shut.

      “We told you to wait outside until we told you it was safe!” growled Bo, but Sophie ignored him.

      “What do you see?” she asked. There was a spotlight up ahead, shining down on something, but behind Bo and Sandor’s hulking muscle. She couldn’t see what it was.

      “It’s a… book.” Confusion was clear in Sandor’s squeaky voice. Bo moved aside so Sophie could see, and sure enough, there was a book. It wasn’t fancy or jewel incrusted like most elvish book, instead it was a plain brown leathery color with a strand of cloth closing it shout. It looked like a human diary.

      Flori walked up to it. “It doesn’t seem booby trapped.” A crease formed in her green skin. She reached out to grab the book.

      “Wait!” shouted Bo, his voice echoing through the dark hall. He took his sword out of his sheath and touched the blade to book, and instantly the tip turned black. “Knew it.” He muttered. “Feronia cornoctailio, odorless and see through flesh eating bacteria. They turn black when the touch metal. I’m glad I brought some friends.” He reached into his metal dipper and pulled out a vile of red worms, dumping them onto the book.

      “Where did you get knemano worms?” Demanded Sandor.

      “These are not knemano worms.” Bo said through a smug slime.

      “Then what – Oh,” Flori shruddered as Sandor gulped.

      “Do I want to know what they are?” asked Sophie.

      “NO!” Flori and Sandor shouted.

      “Well,” Bo dumped the worms back into the vial and tucked it in his pants along with the book. “If you want to have nightmares…”

      “Were getting off track.” Sandor snapped. “Ummm… where’s the door?”

      Sophie’s blood went cold when she turned around, not seeing the doorway that they came in from. 

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    • Her heart started racing. 

      “Its probably just an illusion.” Flori sounded like she was trying to convince herself. 

      “I bet we can walk through it.” Uncertainty edged Bo’s words.

      “Do we have any light?” asked Sandor. Sophie nodded, pulling out her balefire Black Swan pendant. Sandor snatched it, taking the lead with Flori behind him and Bo taking up the rear, pushing Sophie in the middle. When they reached the end, there was a solid brick wall.

      “Maybe whoever built this used a Fluctor to change the densinty of the bricks, like the Neverseen hideout in France.” Sandor said, pushing all the bricks to see if he could shove through them. Sophie shuddered as she remembered the Neverseen hideout where she had been tortured. After what felt like hours, they finally decided that none of the bricks had been altered.

      “Maybe Flori could use roots to pull us out?” Sophie cast a glance at the gnome.

      “It might take a while, but I can try.” Flori gasped as she turned around. Sophie slowly turned around, not seeing what was wrong, but then she noticed.

      Bo let out a high pitched shriek.

      Sandor whimpered.

      Sophie’s jaw hit the ground.

      The formerly stone walls were now solid magsidian.

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    • Hey! Sorry those words are in all caps and huge font, idk whats causing that. Anyway, here's the next part!

      Sophie couldn’t think. She couldn’t move. She couldn’t breathe. A not of emotion’s formed.

      “I don’t understand.” Bo was shaking his head. It must be an illusion. It has to be. There’s not this much magsidian.

      Sophie wiped back around. “The brick wall…” her voice stoppeded as she look upon a magsidian wall. The bricks had vanished, they were surrounded by complete magsidian.

      “Roots can’t break through magsidian.” Flori mumbled.

      “You can teleport while running, right?” Bo asked, glancing at the hall, which seemed to have gotten shorter.

      “There’s not enough room.” Sophie sighed.



      Are you all right?


      Where are you?
       Sophie hesitated. I’m… not sure.

      Did you go through the door in the shed? It leads to a spotlight.

      Yes! It’s like a maze in here.

       I’m coming in. can you track my thoughts and guide me to you?

       NO! Don’t come in! It’s all some sort of illusion teleporting thing. I think it’s a trap.

       Okay…  Grady wants to know if anyone is with you.

      Bo, Sandor and Flori are with me.

      “I take it you are transmitting to someone?” Sandor raised his eyebrows.

      “Yeah, Fitz.”

      Sophie, you still there?

      Has Flori tried to tunnel you out with roots?

      She can’t. The walls are solid magsidian.


      A gasp came from Bo.

      Sandor and Flori rushed over, looking at the marking on the wall. Sophie had to stand on her tip toes to see it.

      “What is it?” she asked. All three bodyguards shared a look.

      “Something best left in the past.” Sandor grunted franticly. “But we really need to get out of 


      Sophie took a step closer to the symbol. “Is it a Neverseen symbol?”

      “The symbol’s not important! We need to get out.” There was a faint hint of panic in his voice.

      Have you tried light leaping. Fitz crisp voice made her jump

      We are underground, there is no light.

      Do you have your Black Swan balefire pendant?


      Hold it up to a crystal, it might make a path.       

      You’re a genius!

      Sophie dug out her home crystal. “Can I see my pendant?”

      “Sure.” Confusion filled Sandor’s squeaky voice. 

      She held them together just like Fitz had suggested, and sure enough, it made a path. A very weak path, but a path all the same.

      “Of course!” Flori grabbed Sophie’s hand, while Bo and Sandor took hands and grabbed onto Flori.

      Sophie stepped into the light, letting it wash over her.

      “Sophie?” She heard Grady’s voice as she opened her eyes. He and Edaline crashed into her, delivering a tight bear hug.

      “When you didn’t come back I went to check on you…” she swallowed hard. “When I saw that door I thought you had gotten kidnapped again. I hailed Fitz and told him to transmit to you, and I was so scared you were trapped forever.”

      “Why were you down there?” Asked Grady. 

      “We will update you fully later.” Sandor said with an edge to his voice. Grady and Edaline gave a confused nod, but didn’t ask any further questions.

      “I must inform King Dimitar about the symbol.” Bo informed them before rushing off.

      “The… symbol?” Edline locked eyes with Sandor. “do you mean the symbol?”

      Sandor gave a slight nod

      “It’s getting late.” Grady glanced at the sun setting on the horizon. “I’ll hail the council and tell them about… the uh, door.” He glanced at Sandor.

      “Sophie, why don’t you and Fitz go to your room and hang out.” Edline smiled. “Grady and I need to talk with Sandor about what happened. “

      “Um… Okay.” Confusion swirled around in Sophie’s head. What was that symbol, and more importantly, why keep it a secret?

      “Can you show me the symbol?” Fitz asked when they got to her room. 

      “Sure, maybe you can tell me what it is and why everyone is being so secretive.”

      He flashed her a movie star smile. 

      Sophie transmitted the symbol to him. “Do you know what it is?”

      “No,” he said quickly. Too quickly. She tried to look him in the eyes but he avoided her gaze.

      “Your lying.” Sophie sat down on her bed, “You know what that symbol means don’t you?” He looked at her, his teal eyes locked with hers. “What does it mean?”

      His eyes drifted to the floor as he said. “It’s the sign of those who tried to destroy the world. It’s the sign of the witch.”

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    • What's a witch? Read this to find out!

      “Witch?” Sophie pictured wrinkly old ladies riding on broomsticks. 

      “Not the human interpretation of a witch, something much, much worse.” Fitz sat next to her on her bed. “Back when humans and elves lived in peace, some elves and humans got married and had kids. Most of the time, those kids were either and elf or a human, but sometimes, they would have a witch. Witches are just like elves, they can light leap, they can levitate, and use telekinesis, but instead of getting special abilities, they get and amber ability.”

      “Amber ability?” Sophie echoed.

      Fitz nodded, “They can steal abilities from other elves, and then use those abilities themselves, but when they steal an ability… they also kill the elf they stole it from.”

      “Wouldn’t their mind break? Elves can’t handle violence.”

      “That’s the scary part, they’re not elves, so their minds can’t break. In fact, because of their human side, they crave violence. That’s why the council had no other choice but to eliminate them.”
      “Eliminate? They killed an entire race of people?” Sophie couldn’t – wouldn’t allow herself to think about how many men, women, and children that included.

      “They weren’t a race, more like an unwanted mutation, a mistake. Besides, there were only five hundred of them, and they kept killing elves.”

      “But why would their symbol be in the tunnel? Was that a hideout?” Sophie asked.

      Fitz next words sent shivers up her spine. “That’s how they killed them. They made tunnels or buildings like that to confuse them, it would make them go crazy until they eventually die.”

      “Are they’re anymore witches?” Sophie asked. 

      “Thankfully, no,” Fitz sighed, “But, witches had Elvin children, so in some families, there are faint traces of witch blood, and once, two hundreds of years ago, a witch was born to one of these families.” Fitz shivered, “But, nowadays, the Witch blood is too faint. There will be no more witches.” He smiled.

      “What happened to the witch that was born?” Sophie asked, her blood chilling.

      “They locked her in Exile.” Fitz muttered.

      “They Exiled a baby?”  Sophie couldn’t believe her ears.

      She was relieved when she saw Fitz shake his head. “She was about sixty when they found the Mark.”

      “The Mark?”

      “Witches manifest when they are about eight or nine, and how they know they got their ability is because they get a mark. The witches symbol appears somewhere on their body. Where, I’m not sure.”

      Silence stretched between her and Fitz as she tried to comprehend all this information. “But then what about the magsidian?”

      “That’s the easiest way to kill a witch. The magsidian is cut to a certain facade, one that makes the tunnels change in a way that will make you go crazy. It is similar to the Kings Path in Loamnore.”

      “Are there any more tunnels like these?” Sophie hoped the answer was a no. 

      “Most of them are hidden, but Oblivimyre was one of them. It was built publicly to discourage Humans and Elves from having kids.” After this Fitz and Sophie fell into deadly silence. Sophie still remembered how Kenric had died when Fintan had burned down Oblivimyre. “Please, don’t tell anyone I told you this.” Fitz begged.

      “Why?” Sophie had to know why everyone was going to great lengths to keep this knowledge a secret.

      “Because I’m not supposed to know. I err… overheard my Dad talking about it. I had to know more so I snuck into his office an read a few scrolls…”

      “So not a lot of people know about witches?” Sophie asked.

      “They know some, but not all the details. The council didn’t release all the research of them to the public because they didn’t want to scare them.” Fitz glanced over his shoulder as footsteps sounded outside Sophie’s door.

      “Come in!” Sophie called as she heard a knock.

      Edline stepped in with a kind smile. “Sophie,” she glanced at Fitz “Could I have a word?”

      “I should get going anyway.” Fitz smiled as he bid them farewell. 

      “Sophie,” Edline put her arm around her. “Don’t tell anyone about the tunnel, okay honey?”

      “Um, okay. Why?”

      Edline sighed. “Some things are not supposed to be unearthed.”

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    • Hey! Sorry if this part is a little boring, I need it to set up the rest of the story!

      “Hey Bo,” Sophie called, “Can I see the book we found yesterday?”

      “Sorry Sophie, I have already turned it into the council.” Bo informed her.

      “oh, okay.” Sophie sighed. What did that book say?

      “Also, Flori dropped your uniform off in your room.” Bo said as he strode away.

      “Wait, uniform?” Sophie called after him.

      “tomorrow you will start Exillium.”


      Sophie fiddled with her hood. 

      “Sophie, are you ready?” Magnet Leto stood in her living room along with Linh. 

      “Yes,” Sophie smiled. She glanced at Linh, who looked rightfully nervous.

      “Remember, me, Bo, and Flori will be in the woods, watching, if you need any help, just call.” Sandor reminded her for the hundredth time.

      “Here are the crystals.” Magnet Leto handed her and Linh yellow crystals.

      “I thought they used beads.” Sophie said as she took the crystal. 

      “They did, but they have a permanent location now, so they switched to crystals.” Magnet Leto said.

      Linh held up her crystal to the light. “See you on the other side.” 

      Sophie smiled as she stepped through the beam of light. 

      “Hello Sophie, we have been waiting your arrival.” Coach Rohana stood with Coach Wilda and Bora, some other Exillum students spread out on a green meadow. “The student you seek has not arrived yet but should be coming shortly.”

      “Is there anything you can tell us about her?” Asked Linh.

      Coach Rohana nodded, “She hates water, and she still wears her hood and mask, and when we take them to train in the Lost Cities, she never comes.”

      “She also never eats any of the food we provide,” added Coach Wilda

      “And…” Coach Bora started but then he shook his head.

      “What?” Asked Sophie.

      “I’m not sure if this means anything, but she always arrived and left with this other girl, but then about five years ago, Vitori arrived alone, and has arrived alone every day since. Ever since then, she has never eaten any of our food, never talked, and never taken off her mask.”

      “Do you know who the girl was?” asked Sophie.

      “No,” Coach Rohana glanced over Sophie’s shoulder. “There she is! See the girl next to that alder tree? That’s Vitori.” The girl looked about Sophie’s height, and she had beads wrapped around her neck, but other than that, it was impossible to see any other details. She still kept her hood and mask on, preventing Sophie from seeing any facial features. 

      “Excuse us,” Coach Wilda said. “We must set out breakfast.”  She snapped her fingers and conjured a silver horn encrusted in gems. After giving it a good blow, she hollered, “Start the breakfast line!” Kids rushed to a set of long tables and began to line up. Sophie and Linh joined at the back. Linh nudged Sophie and pointed to the edge of the clearing where Vitori made no move to join this line. Coach Rohana gave them a weird looking fruit, and Coach bora filled their plates with weird looking brown goop, and to top it off, Coah Wilda gave them a small portion of mallowmelt. Instead of following everyone to the picnic tables, Sophie and Linh headed to the edge of the clearing. 

      “Is anyone sitting here?” asked Sophie.

      “I don’t see anyone.” Retorted Vitori.

      “I’m Sophie, and this is Linh. What’s your name?”

      Linh and Sophie sat down. After a few moments Sophie broke the awkward silence. “I see you’re a phaser, that’s so cool!”

      “I wanted to be a phaser,” Linh twirled water around her fingers, “But I got hydrokinetic.”

      Sophie noted that Vitori turned her had slightly to look at the water. 

      “Separate into your hemispheres!” Yelled Coach Rohana. Sophie and Linh Followed Vitori to the center of the clearing. “Today we will be working on water breathing.” Coach Rohana lifted a crystal into the light. Kids stepped through the light one at a time and glittered away. Sophie and Linh were the last. “Sophie, I chose this activity for a reason. Vitori hates water. I thought maybe it would be good.” 

      “Thank you.” Sophie smiled, glad that Coach Rohana wanted to help. 

      “No thank you, after all you did for us, this was the least I could do.” Coach Rohana smiled as Sophie and Linh stepped through the light.  They appeared next to a river with woods surrounding them. 

      “Do you see her?” Whispered Linh.

      “No,” Sophie scanned the bank, not seeing a masked figure.

      “Everyone, line up next to the bank…” As Coach Rohana started to yell out instructions, Linh and Sophie kept looking for Vitori. It was not until everyone had their heads underwater did Sophie see her. Surprisingly she was right next to her. She was flailing, sometimes becoming blured as if she was trying to phase through the water. This reminded Sophie of when they had done this exercise before, and Linh was the one flailing. Sophie had inflicted and transmitted to her, calming her down. Maybe that would work this time too.

      Hey, it’s me Sophie, the girl beside you. Sophie said as she started inflicting. She noticed the girl stop flailing.  I’m inflicting calm emotions, it should help. I –

                  Get out of my head. Vitori’s words were sharp as a knife. Somehow, she pulsed energy to Sophie, mentally shoving her out and sending her above water, gulping for air. How do you help someone who doesn’t want to be helped?

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    • This one is really short, sorry! 

      “Sophie!” Fitz yelled. He was shaking with nervousness. 

      “What?” asked Sophie. It had been a week since the river incident, and they hadn’t gotten any farther with Vitori. and Keefe was still out. Mr. Forkle seemed a little frustrated that they hadn’t been able to make any progress, but these things take time, 

      “But we seem to be running short on time,” Mr. Forkle had said.

      “We know how to heal Biana,” Fitz quivering voice brought her back to the present.

      “Okay, How?” Asked Sophie. 

      “We need to break her mind.” 

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    • Here's the next part! Hope you enjoy!         

      “What do you mean break her mind?” Sophie was in shock.

      “Her mind is telling her that she is cold, and its only getting worse. Yesterday she was so cold she stuck her fingers in a pot of boiling water. Now her fingers are burned. If we break her mind, and then heal it, it should fix the nerve center or something. I don’t know all the technical terms, but you get the idea.” Fitz sighed.

      “And you want me to break her mind?” Sophie horrified voice was barely more than a whisper.

      Fitz eyes got wide. “No no no, we couldn’t ask that of you. Bronte and Mr. Forkle volunteered; we just need you to heal her.” Sophie let out a sigh of relief.

      “When?” asked Sophie.

      “Now, if you can. We need to do it as soon as possible.” Fitz said with a fake smile.

      “Off to Everglen!” she hoped her enthusiasm didn’t seem fake.

      “Not without us.” Sandor’s voice made her jump. He and her other body guards linked hands as she stepped through the light. Her and Fitz silently walked to Biana’s room. There, they found Stina, Mr.Forkle, Bronte, Elwin, Dex, Della, and Alden next to Biana. 

      “If we are ready, Bronte and I will begin.” Mr. Forkle waited for Alden and Della to nod before he set his fingers on her temples. After a few minutes, Biana let out a small shriek, and then was gone. Her eyes were unfocused, and her mouth hung open. Mr. Forkle stepped away. “Sophie,” he nodded toward her. Sophie’s heart seemed to stop as she stepped forward.

      “I’ll squeeze your hand if her emotions get out of control.” Stina said, taking Sophie’s hand.

      “And if you need any energy, just let me know,” Fitz put a hand on her shoulder. After taking a deep breath, she plunged herself into Biana’s consciousness. Lights, Colors, and memories flashed around her.

      Biana! She called, Biana! Sophie pushed through to the inner core of Biana’s memories, and found her, rewatching one memory over and over again. 


      “Hey Sophie,” She turned to face her. You found my quiet place.” She chuckled.

      I’m here to take you home.

      “But I am already home.” Confusion filled Biana’s eyes

      I’m taking you back to the people who love you. Sophie transmitted pictures of Dex, Maruca, Alden, Della, and Fitz. She saw Biana darken at the last face. What’s wrong with Fitz?

      “Nothing’s wrong with him.” She said bitterly. “He’s perfect. I’m always in his shadow. And then, when I think I’m finally breaking free, I’m torn down , and remind that I can never be anything more than a pathway to get to someone else.”

      Who tore you down? What did they say?

      Biana sighed. “I thought Pelis was my friend, and she’s been really nice to me recently, but then the other day, she asked if I could find out if Fitz likes a girl named Ryanona. And after I told her what I found out, she started to put a lot of distance between us.”

      That’s what you were doing in the woods. Biana nodded. You cant base your life off of one bad experience. What about Maruca, or –

      “Maruca used me too.” Biana looked at her feet. “She became my friend and begged me to take her to you. At least she has the decency to slowly kill our friendship.”

      I understand your anger, but we have to bring you back. She got all the emotions she could and thrust them into Biana. So many people care. What about Dex? The last word did the trick. Her mind started to pieces itself back together.

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    • Sorry this one is kinda boring!

      “We can’t wait any longer. We must move in.”

      “What do you mean?” asked Biana. It had been a few days since her mind break, and she was already better.

      “A goblin transport was attacked. Two soldiers died. We must recruit Vitori now before it is too late.”

      “Why are you so obsessed with Vitori?” asked Stina.

      “Because she has an advantage we need.”

      “And what is that advantage?” Dex raised an eyebrow.

      “There is something different about her. I don’t know what, but I do know that if she joins the Neverseen, we will certainly lose.”

      “Okay, but the problem is that she always leaps immediately after Exlumiun. Sophie and I have tried to get her to talk afterwards, and but she doesn’t stay.” Linh crossed her arms.

      “I have a crystal to get to her home.” Mr. Forkle said. “we will leave immediately after we figure out who’s going.”

      “Wait, how do you have a crystal that takes us to her home?” Tam asked.

      “That is none of your concern.” He changed the subject. “Linh and Sophie should defiantly go, I think Biana should go as well…”

      “Sophie’s not going anywhere without me.” Sandor growled.

      “Fine.” Mr. Forkle sighed.

      “Can I come?” asked Wylie.

      “I should come too.” Said Dex

      “Linh better not be thinking of going without me.” Growled Tam, earning him a angry glare from Linh.

      “I want to come to.” Said Fitz

      “We can’t all go.” Mr. Forkle rubbed his temples. “Sophie, Linh, Sandor, Dex, and Wylie will go. End of discussion.” After some grumbling and arguments, Mr. Forkle held up a yellow crystal, creating a beam of light. When Sophie appeared on the other side, she found herself in front of a beautiful tree. It had a thick trunk, and all around its branches there was strung beads. Hundreds of Exlumium beads. On a branch sat Vitori. She had a hood on, and her back turned to them, so Sophie yet again could not tell any details.

      “Come to try and recruit me again?” Vitori didn’t even turn her head.

      “Again?” Sophie gave Mr. Forkle a questioning glance.

      “Please. Just give us a moment of your time.” Mr. Forkle said diplomatically.

      Vitori sighed. “Fine.” She gracefully hoped out of the tree and took off her hood. Sophie heard Dex suck in his breath. Vitori had deep amber hair, flawless pale skin, and her eyes. Her eyes were so intricate. They were sapphire blue, with flecks of gold every possible shade of blue and purple. She was, stunning to say the least.

      “Well,” Dex started. “Viori-“

      “Don’t, call me by that name.” she snapped.

      “Then what should we call you?” Asked Sophie.

      “My name is Ivory.” 

      Suddenly, Sophie was whisked into a memory. 

      “Ivory.” Said an eight-year-old looking Ivory.

      “Why Ivory?” asked an older red-haired boy.

      “It’s rare, and illegal.” She gave him a small smile. 

      Then just as it appeared, it was gone. It was a memory, but not hers. Had Ivory just… transmit a memory to her?

      “I already told you I’m NOT joining the Black Swan.” Ivory crossed her arms. 

      “this isn’t about joining the Black Swan.” Linh gave her a soft smiled. “The council has voted to let you back into the Lost Cities.”

      Sophie saw shock on Ivory’s face. “Why?”

      “Well, they believe that your talents could be useful.” Mr. Forkle said carefully.

      “You mean the council is afraid that I might be a threat, so they want to try and pamper me so when the time comes, I will be on their side. Or is it you who thinks that?” Ivory turned away from Mr. Forkle and looked at me. “Sophie, isn’t it? Can I talk to you for a second? Alone.” She motioned to a shady spot.

      “Sure,” Cautiously, Sophie followed her.

      “What do they really want?” she inquired.

      “Honestly? I don’t know, but Mr. Forkle is obsessed to have you on our side. He says that he doesn’t want you against us.” Suddenly, Sophie was thrown into another memory. 

      “Knock knock,” The boy in the last memory was there at a door and looking slightly younger. 

      “What is it?” asked an even younger Ivory. 

      “Well, Vitori, I know you don’t like jewelry, but I thought this would do.” From behind his back he pulled out a dark vintage wooden cuff. It was textured, buy unlike most Elvin things, it had no jewels, gold, or anything shiny. “Nothing elaborate, plain, boring,” he smirked, “Just like you.”

      Vitori – or Ivory – gave him a playful punch. She took the cuff and gave it a good look. Then she jumped up and gave him a big hug. “You’re the best brother ever.”

      He laughed. “I know.”

      “Earth to Sophie.” Ivory waved a hand in front of her face.

      “Sorry,” Sophie apologized, shaking her head. “I must have zoned out.” She noticed on Ivory’s right wrist was the cuff. 

      “Look, I will go to the Lost Cities on one condition. You must spend one day out here.” She crossed her arms. “You can bring someone if you want, just it has to be an elf, and not that ruckleberry guy.”

      “O-okay,” Stammered Sophie. “Why?”

      Ivory looked her in the eyes. “You’re the moonlark. The Black Swan made you to have a human perspective. If I’m gonna go back, well, I might just need someone from mine.” With that she started to head back to the group, but she stopped and looked over her shoulder. “No matter what you decide, can I ask a favor.”

      “Sure,” Sophie said uncertainly, “What is it?”

      “Can you get me a Wanderling seed?” she asked hesitantly. 

      “Okay,” Sophie knew her voice betrayed confusion. “Why?”

      Instead of answering, Ivory just sighed and headed back to the others.

      “What’s your decision?” asked Mr. Forkle.

      “Depends on Sophie.” She turned to look at me. “Two days’ time.” With that, she gracefully climbed back to the tree.

      “Back to Havenfield?” asked Wylie.

      “Yes, we can talk there.” Mr. Forkle agreed.

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    • “There’s no way you’re going.” Sandor and Grady said at the same time. Sophie had just told them about Ivory proposition, but she left out the part of about the memories. Best keep that to herself till she figures out what it meant. 

      “She said she just wanted someone from her perspective. I think she just wants someone to understand where she is coming from.” Sophie argued

      “But why does she want you?” asked Fitz.

      Sophie opened her mouth to reply, but was cut off by Mr. Forkle. “Maybe I was wrong with Ms. Lennol, maybe we were too late. Maybe the Neverseen already recruited her.

      “I have to ask you again.” Stina sighed. “Why are you so intent on recruiting her?”

      “Because,” Mr. Forkle repeated, “She will give us an advantage.”

      “What advantage?” asked Tam. 

      Mr. Forkle sighed. “You really want to know? I will tell you. I have reason to believe she can Phase through light.” Everyone gasped.

      “What’s so special about Phasing through light?” Asked Sophie. 

      “Phasers can phase through solid things,” explained Biana. “They can’t Phase through unsolid thing, like water.”

      “That’s why she hated the water breathing challenge.” Explained Linh. “Light is not solid, so if someone could find out how to Phase though that-”

      “They could phase through Ruy’s shield!” Exclaimed Fitz. 

      “How?” asked Sophie, feeling dumb for asking so many questions.

      “Ruy fields are made of twisted light and energy. He bends the two together to make then into shields. That’s why shadows destroy them, and too much light with not enough energy can temporarily disable them” Mr. Forkle sighed. “Now that his force fields are now combined with shadowflux – which I still don’t understand how – the only way to get through them is through Ivory.”

      “See? We need her.” Linh said, “Sophie has to go. Honestly, if she was really working for the Neverseen, wouldn’t she have jumped at the chance to infiltrate our defensive? wouldn’t it be better for the Neverseen to have a spy rather than kill Sophie? And if it is the Neverseen, wouldn’t they want Mr. Forkle to go?”

      Mr. Forkle opened his mouth to argue, but instead he reluctantly said, “That does make sense.”

      “I should go with Sophie,” Said Fitz, “I can give her mental power!”

      And then the shouting started. Biana argued that she could turn herself and Sophie invisible, and Maruca said that she could use a forcefield, and Tam said that he could command shadowflux, and Dex said he had some new gadgets, and Marella said that she could fight them with fire, and with that Sophie zoned out. It was only 3648 seconds later that they finally decided that Tam would go, while Biana would be there to monitor the undetected. 

      Why Tam? Sophie transmitted to Mr. Forkle. He’s still kinda recovering.

      Exactly why he needs to go. He won’t get any better just sitting around here. I’m no empath, but its impossible not to see how bad he feels about Keefe. He helped the Neverseen almost kill his friends, he needs to feel like he is redeeming himself, which leads to the other reason he should go. He will fight harder than any of you, not because he wants to, but because he has something to prove. He had a good point. With that everyone grandually departed.

      When everyone had left, Grady said, “I have one more thing Sophie, Keefe woke up.”

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    • Oh I know Sophie’s reaction would or could be- ‘“he was telling her that now!” And sophie scolds Grady and leaps to the healing center’ that would be fun, I keep imaneging her reaction 😂. Also... This.Is.Very.Good!!! Good job.

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      i feel like grady would totally do something like that lol

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    • Hey! Sorry if Keefe's personality is a little bit off... Enjoy!

      “WHAT! When?” Sophie yelled.

      “While you were with Vitori/Ivory.” Grady said calmly.

      “AND YOU LET ME SIT HERE AND ARGUE FOR AN HOUR WHO WOULD GO ON A STUPID MISSION!!! THAT’S SOMETHING WE COULD HAVE DONE ANYTIME!!! KEEFE IS WAITING FOR PEOPLE TO COME AND VISIT HIM!!! I KNOW YOU DON’T LIKE HIM BUT HE HAS BEEN UNCOCIOUS FOR TWO WEEKS!!! AND NOW YOU TELL ME??? WHY?” Sophie was spitting mad. “AND NOW YOU JUST LET YELL AT YOU FOR FIVE MINUTES!!! UGH!!!”  Grady started to say something about ‘That Boy,’ but Sophie didn’t stay around to listen. She ran upstairs and grabbed the leapmaster. “Foxfire.” It only took it a second to bring up the crystal, but it felt like an eternity. She stepped into the light and glittered away. She ran as fast as she could through the empty halls. In hindsight, she should have teleported; it would have been faster.

      “Hey Foster.” Keefe gave her a smirk as she charged into the healing center. She ran and hugged him. “Woah!” He fanned his face, “These are some pretty interesting emotions.”

      Tears streamed down Sophie’s face. “I’m so glad you’re okay.” 

      “You sound like I almost died!” Keefe teased. 

      “You were unconscious two and a half weeks!” Sophie crossed her arms.

      “Only two weeks? Oh man, I didn’t even scratch your record.” He smirked. Sophie couldn’t help but throw back her head and laugh. “Now Mysterious Miss F, why did it take you over an hour to come and visit me? And where is Fitz and Bangs Boy?”

      “‘Bangs Boy’ is right here.” Tam stood beside Linh. 

      “Sorry, we just heard that you woke up. We were trying to recruit someone.” Linh offered an apologetic smile.

      “You replacing me already?” Keefe joked, but Sophie heard a twinge of hurt in his voice. 

      “We confronted the Neverseen again.” She told him quietly. “Ruy… he’s changed. Now there is shadowflux in his forcefield, making it impossible to break through.”

      “They came after you?” Keefe voice betrayed worry.

      “Not, exactly,” Sophie said hesitantly, “Fitz and Biana were in the woods talking about something, and they bumped into Ruy, Gisela, and a new Neverseen member called Lunar. Fitz called for help, and me, Tam, and Sandor came. Ruy kept asking Gisela if he could ‘look around.’ Gisela kept saying no, and then she had Lunar freeze us in a block of ice. And Ruy asked her again if he could look around, and she snapped at him and said ‘It’s been five years.’ “

      “Do you know what he was looking for?” asked Keefe. Sophie shook her head. “Did you look around?” 

      “We never got the chance.” Sophie was about to explain about the whole Ivory thing, when Fitz burst into the room along with Biana and Wylie. 

      “Keefe!” Fitz joyously yelled. “How are you.”

      “You finally decided to come and see me!” Keefe laughed. This is the rest of the day went. Everyone getting Keefe up to speed, asking him if he was okay, - which he never really answered – and saying that they were sorry. No one said sorry more than Tam. It wasn’t until the next day that Sophie finally had alone time with Keefe.

      “Keefe,” She asked, “Are you okay?”
      “Awww,” he smirked, “It’s good to know Foster cares.”

      “Answer the question,” Sophie said firmly.

      Keefe laughed, “Still bossy as ever!”


      “You know, I wondered if you would ever loose your bossiness, but now I know I can always count on you to boss me around!” He punched his fist in the air.

      “Keefe,” Sophie edged he words with warning.

      “There are so many things you can’t count on in this world…”


      “For example, there’s,”

      “KEEFE.” Sophie yelled sternly, “Please just answer the question!”

      He sighed. “Fine. Yes, I’m okay,”

      “Answer it truthfully.” Sophie couldn’t tell if Keefe was lying, but it would be better safe than sorry.

      “Alright.” He looked at his feet. “I found a memory.” 

      “What kind of memory?” inquired Sophie

      “That’s the problem.” He looked at Sophie with sad eyes. “I don’t know.”

      “Can I see it?” When Keefe nodded, Sophie pushed into Keefe’s consciousness. Okay, where is the memory?

                  Prepare yourself.  Keefe lead her to a dark corner of his mind and plunged her into his memory. 

      “Stay still Keefe.” Lady Gisela held her son’s hand tight.

      “Why?” Keefe looked about five. “Ow! Your hurting my arm!” his wrist was white. 

      “Stop complaining!” snapped Lady Gisela. They were somewhere in Candleshade, Sophie could tell because of the life size statues of Lord Cassuis. Lady Gisela tapped the wall, and a secret door opened up, with a spiral staircase. At the bottom of the staircase was a dark room with a chair and a table, and cabinets that lined the wall. 

      “Lady Gisela,” A cloaked figure gave a polite nod.

      “Sit,” Lady Gisela command Keefe. Then the memory got shattered. It was like the memory of the green door, except worse. Colors and sounds blurred, but it was impossible to make anything out. The only thing Sophie could salvage from the memory was a green syringe. It looked like the one the Gorgodon showed her, but darker green.

      “Woah,” Keefe fanned his face, “It seems like you know what that vial is?”  

      Sophie explained what the Gorgodon had showed her. Silence stretched between them. 

      “Did Elwin say when you could go home?” asked Sophie. Keefe shook his head. “By the way, where is Elwin, and Ro?” Sophie hadn’t seen either of them while she had been there.

      “When I woke up, Elwin left to go and hail everyone, but never came back. I didn’t see Ro, but I just assumed she was outside. Umm… Sophie, where are your bodyguards?” Keefe’s ice blue eyes locked with hers. They both knew the same thing. 

      Someone was there.

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    • I think it is going to be either the person who Ruy was trying to find of lady giseal or the other members themselves. They are probably in the healing Center already....I can’t wait.

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      Why!? Another cliffhanger

      Why just why a cliffhanger!!!!

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      Why!? Another cliffhanger

      Why just why a cliffhanger!!!!


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    • Here is the next chapter! Enjoy!

      Something cold pressed against Sophie head. “Turn around slowly, and don’t try anything funny.” Sophie slowly turned around, seeing a Neverseen cloak holding a melder to her head. “Hands above your head!” Sophie obeyed. “Lady Gisela! I got her!” 

      “Well, well, Sophie Foster. Pleasure seeing you again.” Lady Gisela said as she entered the room with two more cloaked figures. “Ferris,” She called to the girl with the melder. “Secure the perimeter.” The girl vanished as she headed out. “Ruy, anytime.” The cloaked figure on the right raised his hands, causing a glowing force field to encompass them. 

      “Don’t even think about transmitting.” Sophie recognized Gethen’s voice coming from the figure on the left. She tried her hardest not to glance at her panic switch. There was no way she could press that without them seeing.

      “Why, Mommy Dearest! Come to see how I’m doing?” Keefe pretended to look touched. “Why, I’m doing great! Thank you for asking! You know, you should really say sorry to Sophie, she was so worried about me.”

      Lady Gisela sighed. “Sophie, thank you for taking such good care of my son, but I will be taking him back now.” Ruy made a hole in the shield, just big enough for Lady Gisela to pull Keefe out. 

      “Hey!” Keefe shouted as Lady Gisela dragged Keefe to the other side of the room. “Woah! Why all the anger… and is that guilt?” 
      Sophie had to do something. She couldn’t let them take Keefe. She had to take out Ruy, and then Gisela, but how with the shield? Fitz! FITZ! ANYONE!!! She called. 

      “She’s trying to transmit.” Gethen informed Lady Gisela. He held up a meddler. “Ruy, lower the force field.”  Yes! Yes! Yes! Sophie chanted.

      “Don’t lower the force field,” Lady Gisela commanded firmly, “She knows you would intercept her call for help. She wants a chance to inflict.”

      NO!  Sophie’s brain screamed.

      On three run. Fitz crisp voice filled her head. One, two, three! Right as he said three, two small balls rolled into the healing, center, blowing up the place. Sophie was protected with Ruy’s force field, but the shield went away as soon as he dived for cover. 

      “Keefe!” Sophie ran and pulled him out of the healing center into the hallway, were Fitz, Biana, and Dex were waiting. 

      “Have you seen any of our bodyguards? Or Elwin?” Asked Sophie. All of them shook their head. 

      “Lest get out of here.” Fitz took out a crystal and held it up to the light. 

      “Wait, are we just going to run like wimps? We should fight!” asked Keefe, crossing his arms. 

      “In case you didn’t notice, Ruy has impenetrable force fields.” Dex countered. 

      “I don’t think we will have to do either.” Biana pointed to the pile of rumble in the damaged healing center. “Their gone.” Biana was right. There were no Neverseen cloaks. 

      “They ran.” It wasn’t really a victory, since they had also blown up the healing center, but the Neverseen had fled. From them. Sophie smiled. After being behind so long, maybe Sophie and her friends were finally catching up.

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    • Next part! Enjoy!

      Elwin, Sandor, Ro, Bo, and Flori were later found tied up and sedated in a janitors’ closet. None of them remembered anything. The Black Swan moved Keefe to a secure and secret hideout. The only way there and back was through Mr. Forkle. Today Councilor Bronte was bringing her a Wanderling seed to give to Ivory tommorrow.

      “Sophie,” He said after he had given her the seed. “It’s not any of my business to know what happened, but it is my business to try and help my friend.”

      “What do you mean?” asked Sophie, confused. 

      “The night before the Neverseen attack in the woods, Oralie went to Havenfield, and when she come back, she was different. She barely talks, almost never leaves her castle, I haven’t seen her eat for some time now, and when I talked to her bodyguards, they said that she spends most of her time in her room sobbing. What happened that night?”

      Sophie froze. She couldn’t tell him that they had opened Oralie’s cache, and she DEFINATLY couldn’t tell him that Oralie was her mother.

      “Why don’t you just ask Oralie yourself?” Sophie hated the thought of having Oralie tell Bronte and relive the terrible memory, but Councilor Lying Curls probably deserved it. Still, Sophie couldn’t help but feel bad.

      “You don’t think I tried? When I asked her she just ran away sobbing.” Bronte’s piercing gaze met hers.

      “We…” Sophie looked away. “We opened her Cache.”

      “YOU WHAT!!!” Councilor Bronte shouted.  “Why?”

      “It had information about Stellarlune. And I saw that the Council knew about the Neverseen and didn’t do anything about it. You guys seemed like you were helping them!”

      “Don’t forget, the memory was erased from me too. I can tell you that yes, we did know about the Neverseen, but we thought they were a group a peaceful protesters.” A crease formed in Bronte’s brow. “That was not the only reason she came that night, was it?”

      “I don’t know what you mean. She wanted to open the Cache, and we did.” Sophie did her best to give him a confused look.

      Bronte just shook his head and sighed. “I’m old enough to tell when people are lying. Don’t think I haven’t noticed how you haven’t talked to her since. You’re not the type to hold something she did in the past against her. What else happened?”

      “I’m not lying!” Sophie said, while at the same time thinking.  I’m totally lying.

      “I will ask one more time. Why was she here!”

      “I can’t tell you,” Sophie said as her eyes dropped to the ground.

      “Why not?” snapped Bronte.

      Sophie met his eyes. “Because it’s not my secret to tell.” She said bravely.

      Bronte still didn’t drop it. “Then whose secret is it?”

      “The Black Swan’s.” 

      “Then how does Oralie know about it?” Bronte inquired. A shocked expression appeared on his face. “Is Oralie? She’s not, is she?”

      He knows. He knows she’s my mother!

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      That Was A W E S O M E are you S U R E you’re not Shannon in disguise?


      I totally agree

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    • Here is the next part!!!            

      “She’s not what?” Sophie asked, trying to give him an innocent look.

      “She’s not working for the Black Swan, is she? She’s not a spy for them, right?” Fear laced his words.

      Phew! Her secret was safe. “No, she’s not. She accidently found out. Something in the memory.” Sophie lied smoothly. 

      Bronte didn’t look convinced. “You are a terrible liar Sophie. I would push to find out more, but Oralie is loved by the people, if she was working with the Black swan, we would lose their trust, and the Neverseen would surely win. You’re lucky this time. I’ll have to get her Cache and erase that memory again. Don’t you dare tell her about that memory, okay?” he waited for Sophie to nod before glittering away. Sophie let out a sigh of relief. Bronte was right, she was lucky, but, if she and Councilor so-not-her-mom kept avoiding each other, people might start asking questions. Sophie gritted her teeth. Her and Councilor lying curls might have to start getting along, or at least pretend to get along.

      “Sophie.” Said a familiar voice. She turned around to see Magnate Leto. “That didn’t go so smoothly, but you did manage to stop him from pushing.” He looked her in the eyes. “However, I will push. Tell me, what secret did you tell her?”

      “That is secrets between me and her. Its none of your business.” Sophie looked at the night sky.

      “Your right, its not. It’s the Black Swans secret, and seeing I am on the collective, I have the clearance to know.”

      Sophie cringed. “I don’t want to talk about it.” Before he could say anything more, she went inside, accidently slamming the door to her room. She pulled out her imparter. Her lips formed the word ‘Fitz’ but instead she said ‘Keefe’.

      “Ay, Foster! Miss me?” The screen filled with his famous smirk. 

      Sophie chuckled. “It’s good to have you back.”

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    • Okay, the next few chapters might be a little bit boring, but I need to lay down some set up. Sorry!

      “Are you ready?” Tams asked as Sophie walked downstairs. 

      “Yes.” Sophie. 

      “Then let’s get going!” said Biana, making herself visible, and scaring the wits out of Sophie.

      “I still don’t like it.” Grunted Sandor.

      “Let’s leave before he ties me up in my room.” Sophie whisper-hissed

      “I heard that!” Sandor growled. Tam rolled his eyes and held up a crystal. 

      “I’ll watch from the shadows.” Biana said with a wink as she stepped into the light.

      “After you.” Tam said. Sophie stepped through to find herself in front of a great tree. Ivory leaning against the tree, waiting. She was wearing blue jeans and a light gray hoody.

      “Come on. We are losing daylight.” She gestured for Tam and Sophie to follow her. She lead them to a small bush. “Do you have the seed?” Sophie pulled out the seed and gave it to her. Ivory looked at it longingly. Sophie was thrown into a memory… or pieces of memories.  A girl, with pale skin, blonde, almost white hair, that was darker at the roots, and pale blue eyes was climbing up a tree, then at a campfire laughing, tossing her hair, then lying on green grass, staring up at the stars, and then… the next image was hard to bare. She was lying, lifeless, with red walls all around. Then the memory was gone. Quickly Ivory shoved the seed into a small locket around her neck. “Come on. We need to fuel up.” She pulled a few berries out of the bush and tossed them to Tam and Sophie. “Tell you Vanisher friend to stock up.”

      “What friend?” asked Tam innocently.

      Ivory pointed to a broken twig and footstep on the ground.  “I’ve had many Vanishers try and sneak up on me. Not one has succeeded.” She pooped a berry in her mouth. Biana unvanished, looking disappointed.

      “Ewww!” Sophie spit out the berry she had just eaten. “There bitter!” 

      “You’re going to regret going on an empty stomach.” Ivory muttered, mostly to herself.

      “Going where?” Tam asked suspiously.

      “Its Saturday. I need to go into town to get supplies.”

      “Town?” Biana glanced at her fancy tunic. “We can’t go like this!”

      “Well, you can vanish, And I have a sweatshirt and jacket Sophie and the Emo guy can wear.” She downed a few more berries.

      “My name is Tam.” He grunted.

      “Come on, its already late.” She headed back to the tree, and out of a hole, she pulled out a green jacket and an oversized Eagles sweatshirt. Tam put on the sweatshirt while Sophie got the jacket.

      “Okay, where is the crystal?” Biana asked.

      “I don’t have a crystal.” She smirked.

      “Wait, then how do we get there?” Sophie asked, although she already knew the answer.

      “We walk,” Ivory pulled out a compass. “ ‘bout twelve miles north there is a road, few miles west, there is a bus stop. Take the bus for an hour or two, then we come to a city humans call Salt Lake City.”

      “Twelve miles?” Biana couldn’t hide her shock, nor could Tam hide his disgust. He mumbled something that Sophie didn’t catch.

      “Yay, you have working ears.” Ivory retorted. “Now let’s see if your legs work, shall we?” She turned not waiting for Biana to answer.

      “She sure has an attitude.” Tam mumbled.

      “If you could walk as fast as you can give lip, we just might make it on time.”  Ivory called over her shoulder. They traveled for about an hour in silence. After the second hour, Sophie’s legs were getting tired. Soon they came a white-water rapid river. Ivory went into a bush and pulled out a flimsy raft.

      “We aren’t going in those rapids, right?” Biana glanced nervously at the water.

      “If you want to take the day and walk seven miles along the river, be my guest.” Ivory pulled out a small paddle. 

      “I thought you didn’t like water.” Sophie couldn’t take her eyes off the raging river.

      “I don’t.” Ivory grimaced at the rapids. She put the raft on the edge of the shore. “Get in.”

      Sophie watched as Tam hesitantly sat on the raft. Sophie followed. “Lay down on it. It will make it easier to steer.” Ivory said.  She glanced at Biana, who still looked terrified. “Come on, we don’t got all day.” Biana went and lay next to Sophie.  Ivory pushed the raft into the river and jumped on. She sat low on her knees, sticking the paddle on the back of the raft, using it to steer clear of rocks. 
      “NONONONONO!” Screamed Biana as they were thrown air born for a few seconds. 

      “Wooho!” Yelled Ivory clearly enjoy the bumping ride.

      “If I die-” Tam started, but his words were cut short by water going up his nose, earning him a laugh from Ivory. 

      “On three,” Ivory instructed, “Lean back and pull the front end of the raft toward you! One, Two, Three!” Sophie Pulled up with all her might. She saw Ivory twist the paddle, and suddenly, they were up, twirling in the air. “JUMP!” Sophie launched off of the raft screaming. 

      “AHHHHHH!” Shrieked Biana as the fell back onto the raft. 

      “You didn’t have to do that!” Yelled Tam, hanging on for dear life. 

      “No, I didn’t.” Smiled Ivory smugly. Sophie couldn’t think of anything besides hanging on the raft. Soon, she got used to the bumps, or thought she did. Just when she would get the hang of it, Ivory would hit a bump - purposefully. 

      “Why can’t you just make it a smooth ride?” Sophie asked after almost puking over the last jump. 

      “What was that? You want more jumps?” Ivory smiled smugly. “Good! I was getting bored of these tiny little things anyway!” She made them do a 180, going over a huge jump backwards. 

      “Thanks, Sophie.” Tam’s face was green. 

      “You’ll get used to it!” Ivory shouted. Sophie’s brain just kept repeating, Tam, please don’t throw up on me. Please don’t throw up on me. Please please don’t throw up on me.

                  “EEEEEEEE!” Biana looked like she was going to faint. 

      “Bad news! This joyride will end in about five minutes!” Ivory sounded bummed. 

      “How many miles do we have left after this?” Asked Biana.

      “I reckon about three more miles.” She glanced at the sun, “We will have to jog a ways if we want to be on time.”

      “On time for what?” Asked Tam.

      Instead of answering, Ivory picked the paddle out of the water and said, “Hang on!” she grabbed a rope that was tied the raft. She made it into a small lasso and set her eyes on a tree with neon orange tape on it. She swung the rope and hooked it on a branch which hung over the river. The raft jolted as the rope tightened. Ivory stood up and looked back at them. “This is our stop.” She jumped off the raft and levitated to shore. Sophie followed hesitantly. Ivory climb the tree and retrieved the raft. “There’s a stream this way. It takes the raft a few miles from the tree.”  They traveled for about ten minutes before the reached a shallow stream. 

      “How does it not go too far past your tree?” Questioned Biana.

      “The stream gets really shallow. The raft gets stuck.” She pulled out her compass. “This way.”

      “How do we know you’re not leading us into a trap?” Tam glanced around, as if expecting Neverseen to jump out at him.

      “Emo dude don’t trust me?” 

      “Why should I?” 

      Ivory turned and looked him down. “I never said you should.”
      “If I could read your shadowvapor, I might be able to stop doubting you. Might.”

      “You can read my shadowvapor the day I die, not before.” Ivory flicked her red hair in his face. Tam growled. It seemed Ivory and Tam were at war.

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      What do you think she I’d going there to buy, Ivory I mean.

      No idea. Maybe a sandwich?

      Supplies could be survival supplies...

      Or supplies for whoever is gonna die (at the start it said it🤷‍♀️)


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    • i don't know but she's going to buy something

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    • LinhAndTamSong wrote:
      hey i will be posting my fanfic for book 9 on here! pls tell me if there are any mistakes so i can fix them!

      many spelling errors

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    • Here is the next part!

      “Ow!” Ivory grabbed her foot.

      “Are you okay?” Sophie asked, placing a on Ivory’s shoulder.

      “I’m fine.” Ivory snapped, shaking off her hand. “We need to keep moving.” She took a few steps, leaving a red trail.

      “Your bleeding!” Concern filled Biana’s eyes.

      Ivory muttered some very colorful words. “I guess we will have to take a break.” She sat on a log and started to unwrap her foot. 

      Sophie eyes widened. “You don’t have shoes!” Instead, Ivory had thick cloth wrapped around her feet. Ivory stayed silent as she pulled a huge thorn out of her foot. 

      “The cut looks deep,” Biana observed. “Do you have any elixirs to stop it from getting infected?”

      “Do I look like I’m a physician?” Retorted Ivory. She finished wrapping her foot. “We must hurry. We are in worg territory.”

      “Worg?” Biana gulped. “There are only a few wild packs left.”

      “Like in Lord of the Rings?” Sophie asked, before realizing that no one had seen the American classic. To her surprise, Ivory answered.

      “Kind of. Imagine bigger teeth, and razor-sharp claws.” Ivory glanced at the woods. “We must be very quiet. They have excellent hearing.” They traveled in silence for a good half hour. “Stop.” Ivory whispered, setting her eyes on a small puddle. She reached down and stuck the tips of her fingers in it. “The water is still warm. An animal has drunken here recently.” Ivory scanned the shadows. “We must go. Quickly!” She set a quick pace. “Hold up,” She scanned the trees.

      “There’s something out there isn’t there?” Asked Tam, drawing shadows to his fingers. 

      “We are near the edge of their territory. They won’t stray beyond their borders. We must hurry.” Ivory broke into a run. “Run! Don’t look back! Faster!”

      Sophie heard the rhythm of their feet pound against the ground. Leaves crackled and twigs snapped underfoot.

      “It’s no use vanishing.” Ivory hissed to Biana, who was invisible. “They see heat, not colors. Save your strength.”

      “How much father is it?” Asked Tam.

      “See that clearing up ahead?” Ivory took a quick peak back at the forest. “Full speed ahead.” Sophie was already puffing, but she channeled every last bit of energy she had left into her legs. 

      Ivory reached the clearing first, swiftly followed by Tam, then Sophie, then finally Biana. They all dropped to the ground, huffing and puffing. It was only when Sophie looked back at the dark forest did she see red eyes staring at her.

      They had escaped.


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    • OMG! thanks SO much I forgot this wasn't the next book u r SO talented can't wait for the next bit!

      -empaths give me all the feels

      LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

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    • wrote:
      OMG! thanks SO much I forgot this wasn't the next book u r SO talented can't wait for the next bit!

      -empaths give me all the feels

      LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 











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    • “Have you ever been caught by worgs?” Asked Biana as they sat at the bus stop. It had taken them an hour to get to the there, and now they were waiting for the bus to arrive. 

      “Once,” was Ivory’s response. They kept waiting for her to tell the story, but she never did.

      “Well, I mean, it’s easy for you. Even if you were caught you could just phase through them.” Biana said thoughtfully.

      Ivory turned toward her and snapped. “I don’t phase through my problems. I don’t run. If I did, I would have died a long time ago.” Poor Biana. She was just trying to start a conversation.

      “There’s the bus!” Tam pointed to it coming down the windy road. He glanced at Biana. “You better vanish.” Biana nodded and disappeared. Ivory pulled on her hood. 

      “Get in. Fifty cents a person.” The bus driver called. 

      “I brought some human money. I could help pay.” Sophie offered. Ivory shook her head and pulled out some change and dropped it in a box.

      Tam sat in the front seat, and Sophie assumed Biana sat next to him. Her and Ivory sat two rows behind them. Two girls kept pointing at Tam and giggling. Tam seemed to notice, and pulled his bangs over his face, which just made them giggle more.

      “Can I ask you a question?” Sophie said as she turned toward Ivory.   


      “Why don’t you accept help?”

      “What do you mean?” Ivory asked, though Sophie could tell she knew exactly what she meant.

      “At Exillium, you wouldn’t accept their food, and when I tried to help you at the river, you pushed me out. Then earlier today I tried to help you with your foot, and before we got on the bus I offered you money, but you didn’t take it.”

      “First of all, I did take it.” Ivory held up Sophie’s human money. “What?” Ivory asked when Sophie looked at her in shock. “It wasn’t like you were going to used it.”

      “But you still pick pocketed me! That’s-”

      “Second,” Ivory cut her off, “’I’d rather do things myself.” 

      “But if you let people help it might go faster.” Sophie argued. 

      “Yes, but you can’t trust any hobo off the street. You should rest.” Ivory advised, turning away. “The day’s not over yet.”

      Sophie took Ivory’s advised and tried to sleep, but it was near impossible on the sweaty bus.

      “Hey!” the girl sitting across from Sophie tapped her on the shoulder. “I saw you come on the bus with that hot- I mean with that guy with black hair. Are you friends with him?”

      Sophie bit her tongue to stop from chuckling. “Yes, I know him.” Tam, this girl next to me is crushing on you.

      “What?” Tam’s shadow asked. “Are you sure?”

      She wants to know if you have a girlfriend.

                  “Great.” Sophie saw him pull on his bangs. 

      “Sophie.” Ivory’s voice sounded serious. “Don’t look behind you. Don’t say a word.”

      Why? Sophie transmitted. 

                  Because we are being followed.

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    • You are kidding me, not another cliff-hanger

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    • Post more! WHY A CLIFFHANGER!!

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    • WOW! JUST WOW! I feel like i'm reading a real keeper book! and you don't kill us (very much) with clifhangers. i mean you post almost every day! thanks!

      -empaths give me all the feels

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    • So LihnAndTamSong (love the name) I'm writing a book(not KotLC fanfic) any way how do you keep the plot moving? I have written chapter 1(like 11 page) An I have some idea for the 2nd chapter but do you have any tips on how I can keep the plot moving? LOVE YOUR FANFIC... AS AWESOME AS SHIMMER BOOTY!

      -Empaths give me all the feels

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    • wrote:
      So LihnAndTamSong (love the name) I'm writing a book(not KotLC fanfic) any way how do you keep the plot moving? I have written chapter 1(like 11 page) An I have some idea for the 2nd chapter but do you have any tips on how I can keep the plot moving? LOVE YOUR FANFIC... AS AWESOME AS SHIMMER BOOTY!

      -Empaths give me all the feels

      Thanks for asking! Mainly, I have WAY too much time on my hands. I just sat down with a piece of paper and wrote down all of my ideas, then assembled them into messy a timeline. After I had down all my ideas, I just started writting. I added a some side adventures as I wrote, and I would also cut ideas while also adding new ones. I also would change small parts of the plot as I, but I try to stick to my main ideas to try and keep the story consistant. 

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    • Please post more!!

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    • By who? Sophie’s heart seemed to stop.

      I don’t know, but he’s defiantly Elvin. Blonde hair.

                  Could it be Gethen? He was blonde.

      I’m not sure if he’s tracking us or not, but something’s bringing him to the city. Transmit a warning to the others.

      Sophie nodded. Tam, Biana. Ivory says we are being followed.

                  By who? Biana asked.

      I don’t know. She said it’s a blonde elf. He’s behind me. She saw Tam turn his head. Don’t look! He can’t know we know he’s there. We can’t risk a battle here on the bus. 

      “Our stop is soon.” Ivory whispered. “We can lead him to an alley and fight him there.” 
      “Sophie!” Tam’s shadow called. “Can Ivory show you his face?”

      Let me ask. She nudged Ivory.  Can you see his face?

      No, I think he is wearing an addler. All I can tell is that he is blonde. Then the bus stopped.

      “Bus stop twenty-two!” The driver called. Ivory got up and motioned for Sophie to follow. Tam fell in behind her, and Biana was still invisible. 

      “This way,” Hissed Ivory. She took them through twists and turns, until the came to an alley.  “Duck behind this can.” Sophie did as Ivory said, ducking behind a large dumpster. Ivory held up her fingers. Three. Sophie grabbed a goblin throwing star. Two. Ivory pulled a knife out of her boot as Tam drew shadows to his fingertips. One. They charged out. Sophie threw her star, but he dodged it. Ivory threw her knife, missing, but hitting his neckless, which then made a powering down sound. Biana appeared from behind, kicking his back surprising him. Ivory ran and punched him hard in the stomach, causing him to fall down.

      “Wow, you really know how to punch.” Groaned the guy, clenching his stomach. That’s when Sophie got a good look at him.


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    • Nice! That's what you get for sneaking up on people!

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    • poor keefe...

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    • Well that was surprising 

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    • LinhAndTamSong wrote: wrote:
      So LihnAndTamSong (love the name) I'm writing a book(not KotLC fanfic) any way how do you keep the plot moving? I have written chapter 1(like 11 page) An I have some idea for the 2nd chapter but do you have any tips on how I can keep the plot moving? LOVE YOUR FANFIC... AS AWESOME AS SHIMMER BOOTY!

      -Empaths give me all the feels

      Thanks for asking! Mainly, I have WAY too much time on my hands. I just sat down with a piece of paper and wrote down all of my ideas, then assembled them into messy a timeline. After I had down all my ideas, I just started writting. I added a some side adventures as I wrote, and I would also cut ideas while also adding new ones. I also would change small parts of the plot as I, but I try to stick to my main ideas to try and keep the story consistant. 

      Thank you so much!

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    • This really good

      I wish there was less cliff-hangers

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    • AHHHH this is awesome post more

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    • Self advertising! Please read mah fanfic!

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    • Here ir the next part!

      “Foster! Will you tell this crazy redhead that I am a friend not foe?” Keefe slowly got up.

      “You know this guy?” Asked Ivory, not taking her eyes off of Keefe.

      Before Sophie could answer, Keefe said, “Yep! She does! I am Keefe, widely known for my awesome hair.” Ivory rolled her eyes.

      “What are you doing here?” Tam asked.

      “Well, Bangs Boy, when I heard that Sophie had a special mission, I knew I just had to tag along. I pulled a few favors, and here I am!” He held out his arms, as if he was their savor.

      “Well, Keefe, if you are quit done, we can get going.” Ivory glanced at the sun. “We are already late.” 

      Sophie followed Ivory, falling in line next to Keefe. “How did you find us?”

      “Easy, Sandor has trackers in all of your clothes, and he wasn’t opposed to the idea of me following you, so, as humans say, I killed two birds with one stone.”

      Sophie couldn’t help but laugh. “That’s not the proper context.”

      Ivory stopped in front of a store and sneezed loudly three times, then she led them to the back of the bakery.

      “That was a signal, wasn’t it?” Tam eyed her suspiciously.

      “Emo kid’s observant.” Ivory retorted.

      “Emo Kid? Okay, you’re my new best friend!” Keefe put his arm around Ivory, who then elbowed him hard in the gut. “Almost best friend. Almost.” He stumbled back dramatically. Ivory rolled her eyes.

      “Ivory?” A teen with dark skin and long dreads poked his head out a backdoor frowning. “Your late. I got a letter for you to deliver, and here’s the payment.” He handed her an envelope and a brown bag. He looked at Sophie, Keefe, and Tam. “Who are they?”

      “Friends.” Ivory pulled an envelope out of her hoody and gave it to him.

      The boy smiled. “Thank you.” He went back inside.

      “What’s in the bag?” Asked Biana, appearing next to them. 

      “Stale bread that the bakery wasn’t able to sell. Instead of throwing it away, he saves it for me, and in return, I deliver letters to and from his crush.”

      “Why doesn’t he just deliver them himself?” Inquired Tam. 

      “Her father runs a rival bakery. They aren’t allowed to hang out, much less date.” Ivory started heading away. 

      “Great,” Tam grumbled. “More walking.”

      “Well, guess I better vanish.” Biana waved and disappeared, and with Tam ahead of them, it left Sophie and Keefe to talk. 

      “Seems my replacement passing the test.” He smirked, but Sophie could hear sadness in his words.

      “Keefe, we aren’t recruiting Ivory to replace you. We need her because-”

      “Because she can phase through light, and now that Tam can’t destroy the forcefield, blah blah blah. Everyone keeps saying.” He kicked a rock on the ground.

      Sophie put her hand on his shoulder. “Keefe. look at me. We couldn’t replace you even if we tried. Your too special.” Keefe looked into Sophie’s eyes. Keefe is an Empath, he would know she wasn’t lying. Just then he smiled. Not his usual, mischievous smirk, but a real, genuine smile. 

      “Bleh, my brain just vomited.” Ivory was standing right in front of them. Sophie hadn’t realized they’d stopped. Ivory turned back to the road, flicking her deep amber hair. “We’ll wait for a bus here. It should be coming soon.” They all stood there in awkward silence until a bus that read ‘Salt Lake City Transportation’ pulled up. Tam and Keefe boarded the bus, but when it came Ivory’s turn, she hesitated, and Sophie was thrown in another memory.

      Her, the red-haired boy she had called brother, and the other girl Sophie had seen when she had given Ivory the Wanderling seed were sitting on a bench in front of a coffee shop, laughing. Then the memory shifted. Ivory was sitting infront of a different coffee shop, alone in the pouring rain. Sophie shook her head as the memory cleared. She looked at Ivory, following her gaze to a small coffee shop. It looked different from the one she was laughing at, but it was the same on that she was sitting alone at. Ivory shivered and boarded the bus, closely followed by Sophie. What did these memories mean?

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    • Awesome, I wonder what the memories mean. I have a few theories but I'm not going to tell them

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    • I love your writing. That was really good!!

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    • Nice job 

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    • I have like 1 therory... my brain is dead.

      GREAT JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      -Empaths give me all the feels

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    • wrote:
      I have like 1 therory... my brain is dead.

      GREAT JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      -Empaths give me all the feels

      What they said

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    • Lol

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    • “Stay here. “Ivory said as they stopped in front of a two story house. 

      “Is this the place where you need to drop off the letter?” Asked Sophie. Ivory nodded. She went and placed the letter under the doormat before knocking on the door twice. She quickly walked away and joined Sophie as a girl opened the door. Reaching under the door mat, she pulled out the letter. 

      “Thank you!” she waved at Ivory. 

      “Back to your tree then?” Tam asked hopefully.

      “Not a chance. We still need to get some more supplies.” She led them around to a small path. “Come on. Its almost dark.” She took off running. 

      “She sure knows how to run.” Grunted Tam, who was struggling to keep Ivory’s fast pace. 

      “Tell me about it.” Biana appeared beside them. “I thought I was a pretty fast runner.”

      “I will take that as a complement.”  Called Ivory. They stopped infront of carefully placed rows of trees.

      “Is this an apple orchard?” Sophie asked, surprised.

      “Ding ding, looks like Hardy boys finally solved a mystery.” Ivory took a plastic trash bag from her hoody pocket. 

      “Wait, how do you know about the Hardy Boys?” Sophie inquired. “That’s a human thing!”

      “Yeah, and if you haven’t noticed, I have spent almost every weekend with humans ever since I was eight.” She retorted. “Now be useful and start picking apples.”

      “Hmmm.” Keefe narrowed his eyes curiously. “Sassy.” Sophie nudged him playfully.

      “Can I ask you a question?” Biana asked as she reached up to pick an apple.

      “Shoot.” Ivory picked an unripe apple and put it in a bag. 

      “You don’t have to answer it if you don’t want to, I just was curious – “

      “Just spit it out.” Ivory snapped.

      “Well, why were you Exiled?” Biana asked carefully. Ivory paused and Sophie was thrown into a memory again.

      Sophie recognized the scenery.  They were at a tribunal. Councilor Emery opened his mouth and said one word.


      “Nooooo!” Sophie saw the red haired boy. He looked young. “Please!” he yelled as goblin guards dragged him away. “I didn’t do it! I didn’t kill her! Please! I’m innocent!”

      “Mom! Dad!” A young Ivory turned to her parents, tears streaming down her face. “Please! You know he’s innocent! Why did you turn him in? Why did you frame him? He is your son! Don’t you care? Please, I’m begging you, don’t do this! Help me fix this.” She turned back to the council, Raising her voice. “He didn’t do this! He would never kill anyone! On purpose or on accident. Mom, Dad, tell them!”

      The one she called Dad stepped forward. “He is guilty as charged, and he shall be locked up in Exile because of this! Council, I request a memory break to find out his true intentions for killing her.”

      Sophie stumbled back. She blinked. She was back at the orchard.

      “I wasn’t Exiled.” Ivory reached up and picked another apple

      “You were following someone?” tam raised an eyebrow.

      “Not exactly. I don’t want to talk about it.” Ivory turned away.

      “Sophie?” Keefe put a hand on her shoulder. “You look like you have just seen a ghost!”

      “I’m fine.” Sophie said, but it came out harsher than intended. “Sorry!” she quickly apologized. “I’m just tired.” She tried to sound convincing, but Keefe was an Empath, he would know she was lying. Luckily, he dropped it.

      “Hide!” Ivory hissed, ducking behind a tree. Sophie peaked out from behind a tree and saw a man walking through the orchard.

      “Who’s that?” Biana asked when he had disappeared through trees. 

      “The owner of this orchard.” Ivory peaked around the trees. 

      “Wait, are we stealing these apples?” Tam looked shocked. 

      “Duh,” Ivory looked at their shocked faces. “Wait, you guys didn’t put that together?” Ivory chuckled. “Wow, and I thought I had met some dimwits.”

      “Wait, what did you just call us?” Tam had a warning in his voice. 

      “I called you geniuses.” Ivory retorted. “This should be enough apples.”

      “Are you really going to steal them?” Sophie looked at the apples.

      “He has a hundred acres of apples. He’s not gonna notice if a few are gone.”

      “But shouldn’t you at least pay for them?” Sophie asked. “It would be the honest thing to do.”

      “Yeah, and where would I get the money?” Ivory crossed her arms.

      “Well, the same place you get the money bus.” Sophie said.

      Ivory took a coin out of her pocket and tossed it to her.  Sophie couldn’t hide her surprise. “Your money… is made out of tin foil?”

      “Mhm. When I’m just dropping it in a box, no one notices, but when you hold it, it’s impossible to miss.” Ivory glanced at the setting sun. “Come on, we need to go.”

      “Do we have to use the raft to get back?” Biana asked.

      “I wish.” Ivory pulled out a yellow crystal. “Luckily for you I have a home crystal.” She held it up to the light. 

      “Why didn’t we just light leap here?”  Tam asked.

      “They don’t go around selling crystals to any kid in Exile.” Ivory retorted. “You might have time to lose, but I don’t, so just step into the light.” 

      Biana went first, followed by Tam. “After you, Foster.” Keefe smirked. Sophie smiled and glittered through the light. Mr. Forkle, Sandor, Bo, Ro, and Flori were waiting at the other end. 

      “Great.” Ivory huffed. “What do I owe this pleasure.” 

      “I’ve come to collect Sophie and her friends, along with- “

      “Collect?” Ivory raised her eyebrow. “So, you don’t trust them to come home themselves, you must always babysit. I thought you were a talented Telepath, isn’t this chore a waste of your talents?”

      “Taking care of Ms. Foster is hardly what I call a chore-” 

      “Whatever.” Ivory took an apple out of the garbage bag and took a bite into it. She offered one to Sophie, who gladly took it. Biana and Tam also jumped at the chance to fill their empty bellies, but Keefe decline the offer.

      Ivory stooped beside the big tree, moving a big rock, uncovering a hole about as big as a mailbox. It was separated with a piece of carboard into two comparts. One compartment was about three fourths of the box white the other took up the remaining one fourth.  Ivory took the bread out of the brown bag and set it in the bigger compartment which already held a considerable amount of bread. She loaded the apples into the smaller empty compartment. 

      “What is that for?” Asked Biana. 

      “I store my food in here. The apples last me until the end of the week, while I save the bread for winter or any other time I can’t get apples or berries.”

      “What if you run out of bread?” Sophie could help but wonder.

      “Then I starve.” Ivory shrugged. 

      “What about the food at Exilium? Couldn’t you eat that?” Sophie asked.

      “Exilium used to be where I went to improve my skills, learn how to survive. Now it’s turned into a daycare.” Ivory spat as she took another bite out of her apple. She turned back to Mr. Forkle. “Sophie has done her part of the deal, so now I guess it’s to the Lost Cities. Where will I be staying?”

      “Well, I thought you might want to go back to your parents.” Mr. Forkle opened his mouth to say more, but Ivory cut him off. 

      “No. If I ever see my parents again it will be too soon.” Ivory clenched her fists, and Sophie was thrown into another memory.

      “Mom?”  Five year old Ivory peeked around a marble corner. “Mom?”

      “What?” an elegant pale skinned lady snapped. “I’m trying to enjoy my tea.”

      “I-I just wanted to say goodnight, and, I love you.” She glanced at her mom hopefully. “Do you love me?” 

      “Stop bothering me child!” Ivory coward and ran to her room, crying. 

      “Vitori?” The red haired boy Sophie had seen before poked his head into her room. He looked about ten. “Are you okay?” he sat on her bed next to her, putting his arm around her. “Don’t worry, I’m here for you.”

      Then it was gone.

      “I thought you might have feeling like that, so I have arranged for you to stay at an old Black Swan hideout.” Mr. Forkle was clearly unaware of the memories.

      “No. I told you I am not joining the Black Swan.”

      “You don’t have to join them.” Tam crossed his arms. “Me and Linh lived at a Black Swan hideout, and we didn’t have to join them.”

      “And yet you stand here part of the Black Swan.” Ivory countered. “If you want me to return to the Lost Cities, you will have to find somewhere else for me to stay.” Mr. Forkle sighed and rubbed his temples.

      “You could stay with us.” It took a second for Sophie to realize she had said that.

      “What!” Everyone said. 

      “She can stay in Jolie’s old room. It would only take the gnomes a few minutes to get it ready. Edaline was working on turning it into an observatory, but I don’t think she would have a problem with this.”

      “But she could vandalize your safety! No offense.” Sandor cast a glance to Ivory.

      “I will be fine, that is if you’re okay with this arrangement.” Sophie waited for Ivory to answer. She thought for a second or two.

      “That sounds good.” She said cautiously. 

      “Great” Mr. Forkle looked relieved. “You can leave for Havenfield immediately!”

      Sophie could hide her surprise, and neither could Ivory. “Okay, one second.” She ran to the tree and pulled a bunch of leave out of a hole in the side of the tree. Sophie could see different crystals. Ivory quickly grabbed them and stuffed then in her a brown satchel. Next, she jumped into the tree, going to one of the many Exilium beads. She quickly grabbed two and put them in her satchel. “Okay,” she nervously jumped out of the tree. “I’m ready.”

      “Okay,” Sophie smiled, hoping it didn’t look fake. She held up her home crystal and watched as Ivory stepped into the light. She couldn’t help but wonder what she had gotten herself into.

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    • That was awesome

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    • WOW! Gosh would Ivorys parents get along with the songs and keefs dad. If i hook them up with Keefs mom how many do you think would come out alive?

      Awful, mean and horible parents(who let the council hunt their kids and lit them be part of creepy genetic expirements) club sign up

      1. Gesela

      2.lord fansy pants

      3. the songs

      4. Ivorys parents

      5. Oralie

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    • oops -_-


      -Empaths give me all the feels

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    • That was AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    • I gotta say... your writing is WOW!! i feel abit sorry for Ivory, her parents are so uncaring.

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    • Okay, I'm not going to be able to post any chapter until Saturday, so to make up for it, I'm going to post three chapters now. Enjoy!

      “Sophie!” Grady was waiting outside Havenfield. “It’s good to have you back!” he glanced at Ivory. “Who is this?”

      “This is Ivory. I, err, offered her a place to stay. I thought she could stay Jolie’s old room.” Sophie glanced at Ivory, who was gapping at the glistening mansion. 

      “Sorry,” She apologized when she noticed Sophie and Grady looking at her. “I just haven’t seen anything like this in a long, long time.” 

      “I thought Mr. Forkle was getting her a place.” Edaline said, placing a questioning finger on her chin. Sophie hadn’t seen her approach. 

      “He did, but I am not joining the Black Swan, so I didn’t like his plan to put me in a Black Swan hideout.” Ivory crossed her arms.

      “Well, welcome to Havenfield!” Edaline stretched out her arms. “The Gnomes can clear out and place a bed in Jolie’s room, but they will have to place any other furnishes tomorrow.” She glanced at the twilight sky. “I made mallowmelt. Its inside if you want any.”

      “Sophie, why don’t you show Ivory around. Edaline and I can help the gnomes.” Grady smiled, but Sophie could tell neither him nor Edaline were excited for Ivory to move in, and Sophie felt kind of guilty for volunteering Jolie’s room. Yet, just how she had helped them move on from the loss of their daughter, maybe this was the next step. Sophie started showing Ivory around the pastures, introducing her to the animals.

      “This is Silveny, and her babies Lunna and Wynn.”


                  No Keefe, just me. Sophie transmitted, rubbing her temples. “You can pet her.” She gave Ivory an encouraging smile. 

      “I don’t know…”

      “Its okay. Watch.” Sophie gently stroked Silveny’s mane. Ivory approached cautiously. As she reached out her hand, Silveny reared, causing Ivory to jump back.


                  No, She’s a friend. Her name is Ivory. She is good friend.

                  BAD !BAD! NO TRUST!

                  “It’s fine.” Ivory cast her gaze to the ground. “I’ve never really had any luck with animals. Let’s just move on.”

      “Okay,” Sophie stammered. “Well this is the Panakes tree.”

      “Its beautiful.” Ivory stepped forward, tracing the Panakes tree’s bark before glancing at the twilight sky. 

      Ivory turned away from the tree, taking a deep breath. “Where to next?”

      “Inside the house.” Sophie guided Ivory through the glittering estate. Finally, they got to her room. “This is my room.”

      “Obviously.” Ivory retorted.

      “Well, that’s the whole house!” Sophie smiled.

      “Huh,” Ivory crossed her arms. 

      “Ivory?” Edaline poked her head in. “Your room is ready.” Ivory gave a nod.

      “Why don’t I take you there and then you can get settled in?” Sophie started to lead the way, but Ivory shook her head. 

      “I remember where it is. I’m a big girl, I can get there on my own.” She left, leaving an awkward tone in the air. 

      “I best be off.” Edaline was about to leave, but Sophie stopped her. 

      “I’m sorry.”

      “Sorry for what?” Edaline put a hand on Sophie’s shoulder. 

      “Sorry for volunteering Jolie’s room. I had no right to. It was something that just… happened. It sounded like a good idea at the time, but…”

      “Sophie, Grady and I both agreed this was for the best.” Edaline gave her a genuine smile. “Jolie wouldn’t want her room to go to waste. She would want someone else to make new memories in there.”


      Edaline hugged her. “Really.”


      Sophie poked her head into Ivory’s room. She was sitting on her bead, looking at something. It was the next day, and Sophie had come to make sure she was alright. She stood next to Ivory. She saw that Ivory was looking into a locket with a small picture.  The boy she had called brother was standing on the right, while the white haired girl was to the left, with a huge smile. They both looked a few years older than Sophie, while Ivory, who was in the middle, looked about twelve. They all looked very happy.

      “Who are they?” Asked Sophie, making Ivory jump. She must not have heard her come in. 

      “My family.” She finally answered. A tear slipped off of Ivory’s cheek as she looked longingly at the picture. “It’s funny. Sometimes the closet family you have aren’t connected by blood.” Her finger traced the girl with white hair.

      “What happened to them?” As soon as the words left Sophie’s mouth, she was thrust into another memory.

      “Take her on a walk already!”

      “I don’t know, Iv,” The red-haired boy looked worried. “What if she doesn’t feel the same?”

      “Trust me.” Ivory gaze him a hard stare. “She won’t say no.”

      “I know how I feel about her, but what if she doesn’t have the same feelings? I don’t want to ruin our friendship, and-”

      “Bro, your smitten for her, and she is smitten for you. Just take Ryehan on a walk through the forest and tell her how you feel!” Ivory smiled mischievously. “It will give me something new to tease you about.”

      “Fine, I’ll do it.” He started to walk away, but Ivory stopped him.

      “I will take this.” She grabbed a crystal from his belt.

      “What but then I we won’t have a crystal to get home!” Confusion swarmed his gaze.

      “Exactly. Why wouldn’t you want some extra time alone?”

      “That’s… That’s actually a pretty good idea.” He smiled. “Thanks, sis.”

      “Oh, also, I went to the creek yesterday. All the flowers are in bloom.” She had an edge to her voice. 

      The boy gave her a grateful smile and headed over to where the girl with the white hair was sitting. Sophie couldn’t hear the words they were saying, but Sophie saw them walk away to the woods. Ivory started to secretly head after them, but then she thought better and laid down on the warm grass, letting the sun tingle through her bones. Then the memory skipped ahead. It had been hours since they had left, and Ivory was getting a little worried. Must be some talk. Ivory climb a tree and looked to the direction of the flower patch she had told him to go to. What she saw made her almost fall out of the tree


      Raging roaring fire. They must have gone another way; they would’ve leaped home as soon as they saw the fire. Ivory’s gaze shifted to a branch where a crystal hung. She had taken their only way to escape back home. Now they were trapped, and it was all her fault. She ran around, shouting names, but her voice wasn’t heard. Somehow, she too was soon trapped by flames. 

      “Ivory!” The white-haired girl they had called Ryehan ran into Ivory’s arms. She was burned, her hair turned black from the soot.

      No. Ivory’s mind was stern. She would not let herself relive that day. 

      “Sophie? are you alright?” Ivory looked down at her. “You fainted.”

      “Sorry.” She looked at Ivory. “Is there any chance you’re a telepath?”


      “What?” Ivory had a look disgust on her face. “No! Why would you say that?’

      “Well,” Sophie started awkwardly “You keep transmitting like, these memories to me.”

      “Memories?” Worry filled Ivory voice. “Like what?” Sophie explained the memories she had seen. 

      “Do you know what’s going on?” Sophie saw Ivory take a deep breath.

      “Yes. Sometimes, when elf spends too much time with humans, our minds weaken, and sometimes, we project thoughts like humans. If you could put up your blocking, like you do around humans, it should stop it.” 

      That made sense except… “I spent my whole life with humans, and that never happened to me.”

      “Well, you are a telepath, so you were aware of all the thoughts around you. Also, you’re a genetically engineered experimental elf who was created by a secret organization who is undermining the council.” Ivory retorted.

      Sophie couldn’t help but smile. But… I couldn’t be that simple, could it? After a while of silence, she looked back at the locket, which hung around Ivory’s neck. “You wanted the Wanderling seed her.”

      Ivory nodded. “I will bury her when I find the right spot.” She smiled to herself. “She always loved to be up high, in the tree, on top of rock, whatever she could climb, she did. She even taught me how to climb.”

      “Maybe we could find a mountain for you to bury her on.” Sophie offered.

      Ivory shook her head. “No, I already know where I want to bury her, I’m just waiting for the right time. Even after years, I’m not ready to bury her, or him.” She traced the cuff on her wrist. 

      “Him?” Sophie knew she was talking about the redhaired boy. “Will you need another seed?” 

      Ivory shook her head. “It would be no good. I don’t have as little as a hair from his head.”

      “Sophie?” Sandor stuck his head in the room. “Tam’s downstairs, he wants to see you.

      “I should probably go.” Sophie said, inching toward the door. “Will you be okay up here?”

      “I’m not scared of being alone. Besides,” she walked over to a green wall. “I hate this wall color. Maybe purple or…” Her words faded as she murmured to herself. Sophie headed downstairs.

      “Tam!” She greeted him with a warm smile. “What brings you here?”
      “I need a favor.”

      “What kind of favor?”

      “I would like to reveal my identity, I have wanted to for some time,” Glimmer said as she stepped forward. “I’m just wary of what the council might say. I’m afraid they might try to Exile me.”

      “Okay, where do I come in?”

      “You have great influence with the council, if you and your friends defended me, then the council wouldn’t Exile me.” Glimmer twisted a strand of hair between her fingers. “Will you do that?”

      “Of course!” Sophie smiled, “But, I will have to know who you are if I am to help you.”

      Glimmer glanced at Tam, who gave her a slight nod. She let down her hood, revealing her raven black hair and alabaster skin. 

      “You.” Sophie whipped around, seeing Ivory, fists clenched, knuckles white. “You killed my brother, and you killed my best friend.” 

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      great, What a good way to end a chapter!!!!*SUPER DUPER ANGRY*


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    • Is Glimmer a murder? Here's the next part!

      Ivory ran toward Glimmer. Tam tried to step in front, but Ivory just phased through him. She punched her in the face, but before she could do anything else, Glimmer let out a flash of bright light, causing Ivory to stumble back.

      “I don’t even know you!” Glimmer exclaimed as she stood up.

      “I don’t expect you to. Though, I’m sure you will recognize the name Lennol.” Ivory spat. Glimmer’s eyes widened.

      “What is going on?” Sophie barged in between to two girls.

      “This murder has the guts to show up in the Lost Cities.” Ivory was enraged. “Do you know, what it was like those eight years? Do you know what it was like, after they died?”

      “I don’t, because I didn’t kill anyone! I have no clue about what your talking about!” Glimmer tried to look convincing, but it was obvious she knew more than she was letting on to.

      “Will someone please explain what is going on?” Tam looked from Ivory to Glimmer.

      “With pleasure.” Ivory spat. “Patrine, or as you guys call her Glimmer, came to my parents one day. My parents were illusionist, they created illusions for a living, but they wanted to work in more noble places than the Mysterium. Well, Patrine had an issue. She wanted to disappear from the Lost Cities. Apparently, she wanted to live in the Forbidden Cities, and make a living there, become a star and what not. So, she asked my parents for help, and what did they decide to do? They decided to frame my brother for her murder!”

      “I didn’t help them come up with that plan!” Glimmer – or Patrine - protested. 
      “But you didn’t stop them either! You went along with the plan and helped them fake your death! You didn’t care, cause in the end, you got out of the Lost Cities, and my parents gained the respect of the Council because, ‘They were so committed to the justice, they even made the tough decision to turn in their own son!’” Ivory scoffed. “They almost sent him to Exile and lock him away in prison for the rest of his days. They were going to break his mind! Luckily, they didn’t. Instead they banished him, and because of that, he’s dead!” Her voice broke as tears streamed down Ivory’s face. “The only person who ever loved me, cared about me, and protected me is dead! And he’s dead because of you!”  hatred and disgust laced that last word. She grabbed on her locket. “I won’t even get to say goodbye. You ruined my life.”

      “I didn’t know that would happen.” Glimmer/Patrine tried to set her had on Ivory’s shoulder, but Ivory swatted it away.

      “Don’t, touch me.” She eyed her furiously. “I wouldn’t want to end up like my brother, now would I?” 

      “Look, Glimmer might have made some bad choices, but she saved my life, and for that, I am grateful. People can change.” Tam stepped toward Glimmer.

      “Bad decisions? Bad decisions?” Ivory shook her head before snapping, “She killed my brother! You of all people should know what its like! You spent a pitiful two years with your sister in exile, imagine what you would do if she died, and you were left, alone. Imagine trying to cope, knowing that you could’ve stop it from happening, but you were just too blind to see it. “

      Tam looked at the ground, clearly trying to imagine a life without Linh. “Glimmer didn’t mean for him to die. I’m sure of it.”

      “Oh, you are, are you?” Ivory turned her gaze back to Glimmer. “Even if he didn’t die, I would still want to kill her, because she knew my parents were aiming for locking him up in Exile and break his mind. They pushed and pushed for a memory break, but the Council ruled he was to young, and instead banished him, marking his actions ‘irredeemable.’ He had no chance of even returning to the Lost Cities!”

      “I…” Glimmer started, but never finished. She looked at her feet.

      “The only reason I don’t cut you down were you stand is because my brother, for all that you did him wrong, would not want me to kill you. Instead, he would rather me tell you to get out of here, and don’t come again. So, go on, get out of here while you still can, and don’t plan on coming back.” Ivory’s tone scared Sophie, for she could tell that Ivory meant every word of her threat. Glimmer also seemed to notice too, because she quickly leaped away. That left Tam, Sophie and Ivory in the living room. Ivory whipped around and headed upstairs to her room. 

      “Well,” Tam glanced at were Ivory had just disappeared to. “I’m sorry Sophie, I didn’t know any of that. She told me that she was banished, and she didn’t want the Council to banish her again.”

      “Well, I agree with you. People can change, I think Glimmer, or Patrine might have changed, but Ivory is too blind with anger too see it – and I’m not blaming her for that. I don’t know what I would do if Amy died.” Sophie thought of her human sister. 

      “I agree.” Tam’s eyes locked with hers. “I think there’s more to the story than either of them is telling.”

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    • “I have called this meeting to share my suspicions about the Neverseen.” Mr. Forkle began. It was the next day, and the Council, Team Valiant, Fitz, Keefe, Maruca, Linh, and Tam were there. Glimmer had headed to Ivory’s demand and hadn’t shown up for the meeting even though she was invited. Ivory had not been given the ‘Clearance’ to attend this meeting and was in her room. “As we already know, they have weakened every species, first the gnomes, then the ogres, after that the trolls, and finally, the dwarves. Only goblins and Elves are left. I suspect that since goblins and Elves work together so closely, they will strike us both at the same time.”

      “Well that’s a dumb idea.” Ivory said, phasing through the wall. 

      “I’m sorry, but this is a private meeting.” Bronte’s narrowed his eyes, waiting for Ivory’s response, but she either didn’t hear him, or didn’t care enough to respond.

      “They know they can’t take on two species at once, that’s why they took them out one at a time. Elves and goblins are arguably the most powerful species.” This earned her a shout from Bo and Ro. “They will take out the elves first, and ten cut down the goblins.”

      “And how do you know this?”’ Councilor Emery inquired.

      “I don’t. this is just my theory.” Ivory replied smoothly. Sophie felt herself being pulled into a memory. No, she thought to herself as she put up her mental blocking.

      Wylie rubbed his chin. “Interesting theory on the Neverseen attacking the Elves first instead of the goblins. What makes you say that?”

      “If a bunch of elves die, the Lost Cities will be in chaos. Queen Hylda would send more troops to try and help, leaving her capital city empty. This would be the perfect time for the Neverseen to swoop in and assassinate her along with other important figures.” Ivory crossed her arms.

      “If they do attack the Lost Cities, how will they do it?” Biana pulled her fingers.

      “They tried to take you out, Biana, it must have to do something with a Vaishers. What weapons can Vanishers effect?” Dex said.

      “No.” Sophie shook her head. “That’s to obvious. I think that’s what Lady Gisela wanted us to think.”

      “What do you mean?” Tam raised an eyebrow.

      “When we met them into the woods, they weren’t looking for us. What they did to Biana, that wasn’t planned. I think it was to distract us, we study what Vanishers can effect, and then we are not ready for their attack.” Sophie looked around at everyone in the room. 

      “That raises a more disturbing question, Foster.” Keefe had a grim look on his face. “What were they looking for.”

      “We should go and check it out.” Tam stepped forward. “We need to find out what they lost.”

      “It wasn’t the Neverseen lost something.” Linh reminded them. “Maybe, what we find will help stop him.”

      “Whose him?” Ivory hissed to Sophie.

      “The Neverseen’s psionpath. His force fields are mixed with shadowflux, making them impenetrable.” Ivory raised her eyebrows in surprise.

      “Who wants to go?” Dex asked, which was a grave mistake. Everyone started shouting.

      “Can I say something?” Sophie tried to be heard over the noise. “CAN I SAY SOMETHING!!!” But it was no use.

      “Cover your ears.” Councilor Noland instructed. Sophie did as she was told. He opened his mouth a let out a mind breaking screech. “Children.” He muttered before raising his voice. “Please, act sophisticated.”

      Councilor Emery stepped forward. “We must go now, and hopefully you can work out who will go without killing each other.” Sophie stole a glance at Oralie. She looked better. It seemed Councilor Bronte had erased the memory. Oralie’s eyes met hers for a second, but Sophie quickly looked away.

      Once they were gone, Mr. Forkle stepped forward. “Now, the Councilor’s are right, let us act sophisticated. Now remember, we are looking for things that are hidden. I think Linh and Tam should go, they both have experience in exile and Tam can help take down any illusions. I also think Sophie should go; in case anyone needs enchanting. Her body guards will of course tag along. Dex should also go to see if there are any gadgets.”

      “I should go too.” Wylie volunteered. “I can help Tam with the illusions.” Mr. Forkle nodded.

      “I want to go too.” Fitz jumped in. “I can give Sophie mental energy.”

      “I think Ivory should go.” Sophie quickly added. “You saw how she hid things under rocks and in trees, I think she will know exactly where to look.”

      “I thought she didn’t want to be part of the Black Swan.” Mr Forkle narrowed her eyes.

      “I don’t, but I will help you look. Honestly, I don’t care about this war, I have my own agenda. And when my agenda may be helped by helping you, then yes, I will help you.”

      “What’s your agenda?” Tam raised an eyebrow. 

      “Fulfilling a promise.” Ivory said. “And I can give my word that I am not with the Neverseen, their agenda is not, and will never become my agenda.”

      “Fine. you can go.” Mr. Forkle said, but he leaned over and whispered something to Sandor. No doubt he was telling him to keep an eye on her.

      “Biana, do you have a crystal to get us there?” Dex asked.

      She shook her head. “I choose a random crystal from the leapmaster. I don’t know which one it is.”

      “Great, that means Sophie can teleport us.” Sandor muttered. 

      “Try to come back in one piece, Foster!” Keefe called. 

      “I hate teleporting.” Grunted Bo.

      “Why?” Asked Ivory, putting her green hood over her head. “Isn’t it just like light leaping?”

      “Only if.” Wylie sighed as they joined hands.

      “Ready?” Sophie asked, but before anyone could answer, she dove off the cliff. 

      “THIS IS AWSOME!” Yelled Ivory as they slipped into the void. Sophie saw her smile. Unfortunately, the smile disappeared as the appeared into the clearing. Ivory bent down and traced a log with her finger. “I know this place.” Her voice was barely more than a whisper.

      “What? How?” Fitz looked at the log. 

      “Sophie! I can’t believe you are here again!” Lady Gisela exclaimed as she glittered into the clearing behind them. The figure that Sophie assumed was Ruy lifted his hands, entrapping them in a glowing force field. Sophie glanced back at Ivory, who seemed to be more interested in the log than the Neverseen attack.

      “Does this mean I won’t get to look around this time either.” Whined Ruy.

      “Silence Ruy!” Lady Gisela snapped.

      Ivory gasped. “Ruy?” her words quivered as she stood up and turned to the cloaked figure. She slowly threw off her hood. “Did I recognize your voice?”

      The forcefield blinked. “Iv?” he stepped forward, taking off his hood and revealing his face. Sophie gasped at the revelation took place.

      Ivory knew this place.

      Ruy had lost something here.

      Ivory had followed her brother into exile.

      Ruy was looking for something. Maybe even someone.

       Ivory’s brother’s actions were marked irredeemable.

      Ruy file said his actions were irredeemable.

      Five years ago, Ruy had lost something.

      Years ago, Ivory’s brother had died.

      Ruy was Ivory’s dead brother.

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      what if ruy is the brother. idk just the irredemable thingy set me off. 


      maybe i can see the future

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    • Outcast.


      You won't last

      You're irretreavable!

      I tried to find you,

      tried to warn you,

      But you won't listen,

      you never do.

      Make a shield,

      protect my heart!

      If we wield

      the hidden marks!

      A dawn is coming

      of hope and life!

      But if it's red, 

      It'll fall to strife.

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    • Yxrzq wrote:
      what if ruy is the brother. idk just the irredemable thingy set me off. 

      When you posted that I honestly freaked Lolll

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    • Awesome poetry I mean it!

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    • I made Fitz a bit harsh in this scene, but I needed him to be mean to keep the plot going! Sorry!

      “Its… It’s not possible.” Ruy stammered. His and Ivory’s resemblance was breathtaking. He had her same intricate sapphire eyes, stunning features, and deep amber hair. His hair was messily stylish, and he had an ugly burn on his temple, but that didn’t stop him from being any less handsome. He looked like he was in his early twenties, not close to thirty like Sophie and her friends had thought. “Your dead.” He stammered.

      “So are you.” Ivory and Ruy’s eyes locked for a few moments before Ruy chuckled.

      “I never lost faith in you, Iv.”

      Ivory phased through his forcefield. “Ruy… Ryehan…”       

      “She didn’t make it, did she.” Ruy finished for her, looking at his feet. Sophie saw a tear drop from his cheek.

      “I’m so sorry! If I had… I tried, but she made me...” Ivory cast her glance aside. Sophie saw tears forming in her sapphire eyes. Ruy stepped toward her. He put his hand on her cheek and lifted her head up, making her eyes meet his. 

      “I know.” He swallowed hard. “I’m just glad you safe.” Ivory smiled- a real smile, not her smug, yeah, whatever smile, but a true, genuine smile. She hugged Ruy, who hugged her back.

      “Touching.” Lady Gisela rolled her eyes. “Congrats Ruy, after five years, you finally found what you were looking for. Now let’s go. You said once you found her, we could take her back and she would join the Neverseen.”

      “You said what?” Ivory crossed her arms.

      “I had to say something to get her to take me back here every day. Besides, who wouldn’t want to follow this face?” He gestured toward his handsome features. 

      Ivory gave him a playful shove. “Still as cocky and arrogant as ever.”

      Ruy held out his hand. “Are you coming?”

      Ivory looked longingly at his hand, and then back to Sophie and her friends. Sophie held her breath. If Ivory took his hand… Then she would know their plan, not to mention all the information they had discussed in that meeting, or any other information she had somehow managed to find out. 

      “I can’t Ruy.” Ivory said. “Please don’t look hurt. I want to, believe me, I really do… but I can’t join the Neverseen. I’m not going to lie, if I did, it would just be to be closer to you. My heart wouldn’t be in it, and also, I gave Sophie and her friends my word that my agenda, wouldn’t become the Neverseen’s agenda. Please, please Ruy, understand.”

      Ruy face betrayed hurt, but he blinked it away. “I understand, just know, no matter who’s on what side in this battle, I will never leave you, and I will never betray you.” He grabbed her hand and looked deep into her eyes.

      “I give my word, I will never harm you, or hold anything against you. I just want you to know, even if I don’t understand fully, I know you are doing what you think is right. As long as you are happy, so am I.” She place her hand on top of his. He leaned and whispered something in her ear. 

      “Ruy! It’s time to go.” Lady Gisela barked. “Lunar!” 

      “Oh no.” Sophie grunted. She didn’t fancy the idea of being trapped in ice again. Ice started to form around her ankles. 

      “Hmmm.” Ivory glanced at the ice. Forming around her own ankle. “Ice claustration. Now that a rare skill. Sorry!” she pulled a pocket knife out of her boot and threw it right at Lunar, sticking it in her hand. The girl yelped, and stumbled back, falling to the ground, her concentration lost. She pulled the knife out of her hand, breathing hard.

      “Not bad.” Ruy commented as he slowly started to walk back to Lady Gisela. 

      “ ‘Not bad?’ That was great.” Ivory looked at her nails. “But ‘admirable,’ maybe ‘excellent,’ or ‘fantastically captivating’ would also do.” She looked at Ruy. who rolled his eyes, proceeding to accidently trip and step on Lunar’s stabbed hand. 

      “Sorry!” He quickly jumped off of her hand. “Need a hand?” He winked at Ivory. 

      “You and your stupid puns.” Ivory scoffed. 

      “Yet you still-”

      “RUY!” Lady Gisela snapped. “Help Lunar, and let’s be off. You have already cost us enough time.” Ruy grumbled something but helped Lunar up. Lady Gisela held up a crystal, and with one last glance at Ivory, Ruy stepped into the light, making the forcefield around Sophie and her friends disappear. 

      Fitz step toward Ivory. “Ruy is your brother?”

      “After all these years, and never gave up.” Ivory smiled to herself.

      “I don’t understand.” Fitz shook his head. “How could you say you would never harm him! He is evil! Maybe you just don’t see it, but Sophie and I have. He kidnapped her, tortured her, and who knows how many other people he has hurt!”

      “What do you know about it?” Ivory snapped, whipping around and shoving her face inches away from Fitz. “Huh? You don’t understand! I know my brother has probably done some terrible things, but how dare you judge him! How dare you label him when you don’t even know his side of the story!”

      “I understand way more than you know.”  Fitz spat. “My brother joined the Neverseen, and do you think I was happy for him? No! he deserved to die for what he has done! I for one would like to be the one to kill him!” Rage entangled Fitz’s words, scaring Sophie.

      “Exactly why you don’t understand! You are the Golden Boy, everyone loves you, all the girls have a crush on you, and you are one of the most powerful telepaths. Your Fitz Vacker. You think your life has drama, you think your life is hard, but you want to know something? Your life is paradise compared to what me and Ruy endured. Me and him were starving to death, we had no clean water, we didn’t even have a blanket! We nearly froze to death! And here you take simple things like blankets, food, and shelter for granted. But it wasn’t just banishment that was hard, no no no. Our parents hated us! Keefe, you think your parents are bad? Ours framed Ruy for murder! They tried to have the council send him to Exile and break his mind! We didn’t even have a way to get back to the Lost Cities if we needed help. And then, you want to know what happened? My best friend, Ruy’s love, died! I thought he died to. I wanted it to break me, I wanted to die after they were gone, but to honor their memory, I didn’t. Instead, I did everything I could just to survive! This is why I don’t want to join the Black Swan, or the Neverseen! They are looking at everything through a keyhole, failing to see the one detail that actually matters!”

      “And I suppose you are the only one who can see that detail?” Fitz spat in disgust.

      “No, I’m not. I just know that for everything the Black Swan or Neverseen do, it’s because they believe they are on the right! I just have one question for you. Have you even tried to understand why your brother joined?”

      “It doesn’t matter why! He’s wrong!”

      “’Why’ is all that matters.” Ivory turned away, “I bet, if you asked him if he thought he was right, he would say yes. There is no such thing as right or wrong, it’s just perspective. Yes, one side might be better than the other, but in the end, everyone is fighting for what they believe in, and no matter who is right or wrong, there is going to be bloodshed.”

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    • Here's the next part! Enjoy!

      “Your back so soon!” Grady couldn’t hide his surprise. “Did you find something?”

      “No, we had already found it.” Spat Fitz.

      “What do you mean?” Mr. Forkle asked. 

      “We had what he wanted all along.” Fitz cast a hostile glance at Ivory.

      “What were they looking for?” Biana asked.

      “Not what, but who.” Fitz raised his arm and pointed to Ivory. “They were looking for her.”

      “This is what I feared.” Mr. Forkle rubbed his temples. “They must know she has figured out a way to phase through force fields. They might try to capture you or worse. I strongly suggest-”

      “That’s not why Ruy was looking for her.” Fitz interrupted. “She’s Ruy’s sister.” A gasp came from everyone, followed by a bombardment of questions.

      “I fail to see how that changes everything.” Ivory grunted.

      “You told him you wouldn’t harm him! You hugged him! You said you were happy for him! How does that not change anything? That changes everything!”

      “Wait, you what did you say to him?” Grady took a protective step toward Sophie.

      “Don’t you have empathy?” Ivory returned Fitz hostile glare. “You don’t even consider that I thought he was dead for years! He was there for me when no one else was! When I was all alone, he was there. When I was scared, he was there. No matter what I did, he was there, and he never held anything against me!”

      “Yeah, I get it, you and him were very close, then he died. Boo hoo!” Fitz said mockingly. “Grow up! Yourbrother is a killer!”

      “I thought Emo kid was bad, your worse. You’re a spoiled little-”

      “That’s enough!” Sophie stepped between them. “Cool down!”

      Biana grabbed her brother’s shoulder. “Why don’t you go home. You clearly had a rough time. Maybe you could calm down a little.”

      Ivory opened her mouth to say something, but Sophie stopped her. “I think Fitz gets it.”

      “I’ll be in my room.”  She turned sharply, flicking the ends of her hair in Fitz face.  

      Sophie rubbed her temples. First, Ivory and Tam were at odds, then it was her and Glimmer, and now Fitz. How many more enemies could Ivory make?

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    • A lot more probably.

      great job!

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    • Man fitz is a real jerk in these chapters. Anyways, you deserve this. 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

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      You have such a fanfic!

      I have admired your fanfic for quite some time. You are great at writing and plot twists. I always check my notifs every 2 secounds to see if you have posted the next chapter. I made this bagde to say you are such an amazing writer and I love your fanfic! Thank you for all the time and effort you put into them. Put {{You have such a fanfic!}}into the source code. Coding Credits


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      It's Ivory

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      it has just what I needed to fill the hile Legacy made thank you

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      Firefly'sFlight wrote:
      Nice! Poor poor Lunar...
      It's Ivory


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    • That was awesome I loved it

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    • Next part!

      “Ivory! Where are you going?” Sophie saw Ivory running through the fields. 

      “Biana invited me over.” She said with a shrug. “She said she wanted to try and smooth things over with me and Fitz.”

      “Can I come?” 

      “What Sophie means to say is can we come.”  Sandor put his hand protectively on Sophie’s shoulder.

      “I think it would be best if I just went alone.” Ivory said as she pulled out a crystal. A yellow crystal. It was then that Sophie realized that Ivory had never gotten an imparter. Just as Ivory stepped into the light, Sophie dove in after her, ignoring the shouts from Sandor and Bo. They appeared in a small clearing, entrapped in a yellow and black force field.

      “Ivory, I didn’t know you were bringing friends.” Ruy stepped out from the shadows.

      “Neither did I.” Ivory looked at Sophie. “What are you doing here?”

      “Why are you meeting with him! If the others9 found out, do you know what they would say? I spent all last night defending you! And now your joining the Neverseen?”

      “I wish.” Retorted Ruy, earning him a glare from Ivory.

      “I promised I wasn’t going to join the Neverseen, and I’m not.” Ivory looked squarely at Sophie.

      “So, then what are you doing here?” Sophie inquired.

      “Am I not allowed to meet with my brother who I haven’t seen in five years?” Ivory looked at Sophie innocently. “It’s not like I’m telling him all your secrets, I just want to know my brother is okay. Oh, and by the way Ruy, I brought you a gift.” She pulled a small bowl out of her brown satchel. It was filled with green liquid.

      “Segon soup!” he cried cheerfully. Sophie recognized the soup, though many elves didn’t eat it because of its sour taste.

      “Your favorite.” She smiled and pulled out a spoon.

      “Ummm… err, Ivory…” Ruy started.

      “I’m just kidding.” She smiled and pulled out a fork. “I know your weird.” 

      Ruy smiled and happily started eating the soup. “There’s just one thing,” He turned back to Sophie. “What do we do with her? We could send her back to Havenfield.”

      “No, then she could just teleport back. We can’t risk it.” Ivory placed her finger on her chin. “If they catch you because of me…” she shuddered. “I wouldn’t forgive myself if they did anything to you.”

      “If you are talking about torture, we won’t. Neverseen might use that tactic, but we don’t.” Sophie argued.

      “Yet you still lock people up in Exile and break their mind, plunging them into a lifetime of chaos.” Sophie opened her mouth to argue, but couldn’t think of anything to say.

      “Sis, we better get started, it’s only a matter of time till they locate where we are.” Ruy put his hand on her shoulder. Ivory swallowed hard.

      “To the bravest person I ever knew.” Ivory opened her locket, taking out a Wanderling seed and a thin stand of hair. “Ruy, you should do it.” Ruy nodded solemnly and took the seed and strand of hair.

      “Wait, you guys are burying her Wanderling seed?” Sophie couldn’t believe that was all they were doing. 

      “What did you think we were doing?” Ruy asked as he wrapped the seed in the strand of hair.

      Ivory made a small hole, and together, they pushed the seed into the ground. Sophie saw tears drip from Ruy’s eyes as he put his arm around Ivory. he whispered something in her ear, and she whispered back. The tree started to grow. It had beautiful pale bark, with white leaves. The leaves had a dark undertone, and as the pale blue flowers bloomed, Sophie could see that they had vibrant edges that seemed to make the whole tree glow. Ruy took a small, silver locket out of his pocket, one almost identical to Ivory’s. he hung it on a branch

      “You have it.” Ivory’s voice betrayed surprise.

      “I’m so sorry Ryehan.” Ruy words were deep with sorrow.

      “It wasn’t your fault Ruy. it was mine.” Ivory looked away. “I shouldn’t have left her.”

      “No, it wasn’t. If you hadn’t, you both would’ve died.” Ruy squeezed her hand. “It’s beautiful.” he murmured.

      “Just like her.” Ivory met Ruy’s tear filled eyes. 

      “Ivory, why did you never come home?” Ruy asked.

      Ivory swallowed hard. “My home crystal was chipped in the fire. I didn’t notice till I leaped to an unfamiliar place.” She looked at Ruy. “I tried to find my way home but…” A twig cracked in the distance.

      “I was never here.” He disabled the shield around Sophie and quickly pulled out a crystal, but before he could glitter away, Ivory grabbed his arm.

      “Ruy, did you ever…” Ivory looked deep into his sapphire eyes.

      “No, of course not.” He tucked a strand of Ivory’s red hair behind her ear. 

      “Why did you join the Neverseen?” Ivory asked.

      “They… they said that they could help expose the truth.” Ivory opened her mouth, but Ruy already seemed to know what she would say. “No, I just told them about the book.” Leaves crackled in the distance.

      “Go Ruy,” Ivory motioned toward the light. Ruy nodded and glittered away. Right then, Fitz, Keefe, Sandor, Grady, Flori, and Bo charged into the clearing. Fitz threw a goblin throwing star at her, but she just phased threw them. 

      “Where is he?” Fitz growled.

      “Where is who?” Ivory tilted her head.

      “Ruy! I know you are here! I know you were meeting with him! Probably to spill out all our secrets, right? Come out Ruy, and I might go easy on you!”” Fitz called to the trees.

      “Ruy’s not here.” Ivory looked at Sophie. “Can you believe this guy? I mean, come on.” 

      “Sophie!” Fitz turned to her. “Was Ruy here?”

      Sophie looked from Fitz stern gaze to Ivory’s pleading eyes. “No, he wasn’t.” She lied smoothly.

      “Hmm…” Keefe’s voice made her jump. He raised his eyebrows, making Sophie feel guilty for lying.

      “Sophie, I know you are lying!” Fitz turned to Ivory. “What was he doing here?”

      “Look around! Figure it out.” Ivory snpped,  turning away, clinging to her locket. Sophie saw her blink away tears. 

      “I think she’s talking about the tree.” Keefe pointed to the Wanderling. “Who is this?”

      Ivory blinked hard. “A close friend. Yes, Ruy was here, but I wasn’t conspiring against you or something. We were just trying to finally honor someone. Not everything is so black and white, there are many shades of gray.”

      Fitz bit his lip and looked to the ground, clearly embarassed. Ivory looked upon the beautiful tree. Tears streamed down her cheek as traced the pale trunk.

      “We should give her a moment.” Sophie grabbed Keefe’s and Fitz’s hand, leading them away from the tree. 

      “Should we? Ruy might come back!” Fitz argued.

      “Give her a break.”  Sophie said softly.

      “Her brothers a murderer! don’t you remember when he kidnapped and tortured Wylie? Or when he helped release the plague on the gnomes? Or when-”

      “Ruy’s not a murderer!” Ivory whipped around and looked Fitz straight in the eye. “When you look at him, you might see a murderer, but all I see is someone who is broken.”

      “Why is he broken?” Keefe tilted his head questionably. 

      “Because he wasn’t strong enough to safe her.” Ivory’s voice broke as she turned back to the tree. “He wasn’t strong enough, and neither was I.” She fell to her knees, her head in her hands.

      “I’ll take Mr. Upset-Because-I-Didn’t -Get-To-Beat-Someone-Up home, while you do a therapy session.” Keefe winked at her. Before Sophie could argue, he dragged Fitz away. 

      Sophie headed toward Ivory, placing her hand on her shoulder. Ivory shook it off and stood up. “I’m fine.” She snapped

      “Are you sure? You said you weren’t strong enough to save her. Guilt is dangerous for an elf.” Sophie warned.

      “It didn’t break me before, and it isn’t going to break me now.” Ivory turned back to the tree, as if she was talking to it, she said quietly. “Thought I couldn’t last without you but I’m lasting, thought I would die without you but I’m living. Thought I failed you, thought I would self-destruct but I’m still here, even in the years to come, I’m still gonna be here, and it’s all because of you. You’re the reason I’m here. Your memory keeps me going.”

      “How do you know you’re going to be here? How can you be so sure it won’t break you?” Sophie hated doubting Ivory, but she needed to know where all this confidence was suddenly coming from.

      Ivory cast a sideways glance at Sophie. “I will survive..” Sophie could tell that there was more meaning to her words than just not letting her friend’s death break her. She had a secret, and Sophie knew Ivory wasn’t going to tell her.

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      i like how you put in Survivor by: Destiny's Child.

      great chapter!

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    • I literally cried.during this chapter! 😢😢 fitz has been a real jerk in these chapters. 😠

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    • Bam! Please FeDex some SoKeefe wrote:

      i like how you put in Survivor by: Destiny's Child.

      great chapter!

      Yes! That is my favorite song!

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      look at me over here, focusing on the important thing XD

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    • That was awesome I loved it

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    • More!

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    • amazing

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    • That was great.

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    • Next part!

      “Make sure you are always aware of your surroundings.” Sandor started. He, Grizel, Wolzer, Flori, Bo, and Ro, had put together a joint training lesson with Tam, Linh, Keefe, Fitz, Biana, Dex, Maruca, Marella, Wylie, Stina, Sophie, and Ivory. They had invited Glimmer, but she was still wary of coming back to Havenfield. 

      “Today we will teach you how to defend against multiple attackers.” Grizel paced in front of the group. “You will take turns sparing against us, and I hope today you will learn how to successfully defend yourself among multiple enemies. You will not be allowed to use any of your special abilities.”  Wyle, Linh, Maruca, and Dex were assigned to Flori and Wolzer, Biana, Marella, Stina and Tam were assigned to Flori and Bo, while Sophie, Ivory, Keefe, and Fitz were assigned to Sandor and Ro, leaving Grizel to supervise.

      Fitz went first, putting up a valiant effort, but was quickly defeated by Sandor and Bo. “Ivory!” Sandor called. “Let’s see what you got.”

      Ivory stepped forward. “Your move.” She kept her eyes on Ro and Sandor. Ro went first, drawing a blunt dagger and slashing it towards Ivory stomach, but Ivory grabbed Ro’s hand before it reached her, slipping the dagger out of her hand. Before she could make another move, Sandor lashed out with his sword, but Ivory ducked, kicking his knees causing him to be unbalanced for a second. Ivory used that second to punch him in the stomach. Dodging Ro’s kick, she proceeded to give both Ro and Sandor powerful punches and kicks while not suffering a scratch. It was all going so fast, Sophie had trouble keeping up. After a few minutes of hard fighting, Ivory jumped into the air, not only dodging Sandor’s blade, but hooking her legs around Ro’s neck, flipping her to the ground. While she was down, Sandor put his blade on her throat.

      “I win.” He smiled triumphantly. 

      “If I am correct, goblins have a huge bloodstream in their left foot, and if it taken out, they will die in a matter of minutes.” Sophie’s eyes darted to Sandor’s feet, where Ivory held a small knife above his left foot. 

      Sandor growled. “It’s a tie.” He helped Ro up from the ground. 

      “How did you learn that maneuver?” Demanded Ro.

      “And how did how did you learn that hook grab? That is a Goblin move.” Sandor growled

      Ivory smiled mockingly.” I learned from the best.”

      “The best warriors would never teach an outsider our battle moves.” Bo said coming over to where they were standing. Grizel and Sandor nodded.

      “Who said anyone taught me?” Ivory said.

      “Ooh! Mysterious! I like it.” Keefe punched his hand in the air. “Who knows, you might turn out to be more than mysterious than Mysterious Miss F. over here!” Keefe put his arms around Sophie’s shoulders. Sophie rolled her eyes. “Maybe we could call you Mysterious Miss I…. Or you and Sophie could be the Mysterious Miss IFs. I like the sound of that!”

      “Do me a favor, shut up.” Ivory turned back to Ro and Sandor. 

      “Sassy!” Keefe crossed his arms.

      “If no one taught you, then how did you just do one of our most advanced moves.” Ro narrowed her eyes.

      “Twice a month, orges bring new brigades of soldiers to the neutral territories so that they can get used to fighting in a different environment. Once a week, goblins go to the neutral territories to practice the same thing.”  Ivory crossed her arms.

      “They bring them to a secret spot to train.” Ro eyed Ivory.

      “Well, guess it’s not so secret.” Ivory returned her hard gaze.

      “They would detect you before you could get within view.” Sandor said disapprovingly

      “There are ways to fool your senses.” Ivory said smugly.

      “How?” Grizel and Bo said at the same time.

      “If I told you, it wouldn’t be a secret.” Ivory placed her hands on her hips.

      “There has to be a way to extract it from you.” Sandor growled.

      “I know of an old orge technique.” Bo pulled out a knife. To Sophie’s surprise, Ivory laughed.

      “Good luck with that, princess.” Ivory retorted.

      “What if I told you it had acid fused into the tip. You can’t phase through liquid.” Bo warned.

      “I wasn’t planning on phasing.” Ivory met his hard gaze. “I will trade this information for a promise.”

      “What promise?” Grizel raised her eyebrow.

      “I understand that Ruy is an enemy. However, I want you to promise that you will not hurt Ruy. I understand these are difficult times, so you can capture him, but you can’t lock him up in Exile, and you can’t break his mind.”

      “If you don’t want us to lock him up in Exile, where would you like us to lock him up?” As soon as the words came out of Tam’s mouth, Sophie felt a memory coming on. She tried to block the memeory, but it was too late. Ivory and Ruy were in chains. A glowing forcefield surrounded them. Ivory was covered in blood, while Ruy was shaking and sweating.

      “He won’t be able to hold the shield for long.” A voice said. “Soon, we will be able to do away with him.”

      “He is loyal.” Another voice said. “I’ll give him that.” Then the scene cut out, and Ivory was half dragging, half carrying Ruy, which was no easy feat considering that she looked about ten and he looked about fifteen.

      “We almost there Ruy, we can make it.” She whispered to him. Then the memory was gone. Sophie shook her head.

      “You can put him somewhere nice. More like a room than a cold dark prison.” Ivory looked from Tam to Sandor.

      “What if he has secret information about the Neverseen, information we will only get if we do a mind break.” Fitz countered.

      “You won’t have to.” Ivory looked him in the eyes. “He will tell you.”

      “How do you know?” Grizel questioned.

      “If there’s one thing I know how to do, it’s how to get secrets out of my brother.” Ivory looked from Sandor to Grizel. “Do we have a deal?”

      Sandor sighed. “Fine. We have a deal. Now, how do you get past our defensives.”

      Ivory smiled wickedly. “Easy. With blood.”

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      That was Awesome I loved it!

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      But seriousy, can I adopt her? SHE'D GET ALONG GREAT WITH MY OTHER ADOPTED CHILDREN: MAPLESHADE, SUNDEW, B'LANNA TORRES, SEVEN OF NINE.... And all the other Wings Of Fire/Warrior cat characters....

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    • That was... intense! Please post more! I’m dying for more! (No pressure)

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    • Firefly'sFlight wrote:

      But seriousy, can I adopt her? SHE'D GET ALONG GREAT WITH MY OTHER ADOPTED CHILDREN: MAPLESHADE, SUNDEW, B'LANNA TORRES, SEVEN OF NINE.... And all the other Wings Of Fire/Warrior cat characters....

      YES MAPLESHADE!!!! She is my favorite Warrior's character! ^^^^^

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    • you mentioned them early on and havent mentioned them since

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    • BLOOD!!!!  Wow.  Ivory is dark...

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      Totally agree. I have a bad feeling about this...

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    • Mysterious Miss IFs

      LOVE IT! :)

      exploding on the inside

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    • Um.... BLOOD? creepy

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    • “Blood?” Linh echoed.

      “And here I thought Bangs Boy was dark.” Keefe crossed his arms. 

      “Tell us what you mean by blood.” Grizel narrowed her eyes.

      “Why don’t I show you.” Ivory took a knife from her boot and pricked her finger.

      “Don’t hurt yourself!” Sophie warned. Ivory smeared the small bit of blood on her exposed skin. It was a tiny bit, so she wasn’t red or anything, but that didn’t make it the any less creepy.

      “You spread it on any exposed skin, and then just roll your clothes in wild garlic, or flowers, or really any plant that smells. You can’t put too much though.” Ivory explained. “Then, all you have to do is get some camouflage. Sandor, Ro, close your eyes. You should be able to get a tiny whiff of my scent because I haven’t rolled my clothes in anything, but besides that, can you smell me?” 

      “I… I can’t!” Sandor exclaimed. Ro’s nostrils were flaring, but she finally nodded in agreement.

      Ivory smiled defiantly. “If I get any water on my skin, it’ll wash off.”

      “How did you find out about this technic?” Grizel asked.

      “Long story.” Ivory said. Sophie felt a pull of another memory, but she got her blocking up in time.

      “Any species blood, or just Elvin blood?” Asked Sandor.

      “Does it look like I have any other kind of blood on my hands?” Ivory retorted. The next hour they spent pricking their fingers and trying to smell each other. They figured out that gnome blood had the same effect, but no other type blood did. 

      “This might have been the trick the Neverseen have used to get past us.” Sandor said thoughtfully. “We will have to learn now to prevent it.”

      “Maybe I could try and invent a gadget that could help.” Offered Dex with a shy smile toward Biana. “I might need some help though, would you...”

      “I’d love to help!” BIana said a little too quickly. “I mean, err, that might be cool.”

      “Smooth, dude, smooth.” Keefe teased.

      Stina nudged Biana. “Woah, someone’s excited.”

      “Ummm…” Ivory’s gaze shifted past Biana. “Ruy… What are you doing here?”

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