• This is what I think will happen in book nine. Have fun reading, I hope you enjoy it!

    Chapter One

    “So, how are we supposed to do this?” Sophie asked.

    Councillor Oralie wrapped her fingers around the cache. “The password should be generated by the cache for me, so if I think about it I should be able to find it.”

    Sophie nodded and Oralie closed her eyes, deep in thought. Sophie began counting the seconds. She got to 209 before she noticed someone leap into Havenfield’s pastures.

    “Sophie! Sophie!” Fitz yelled, and Sophie got up, hoping his news was about Keefe. “We need you in the healing center! Keefe woke up and he wants to see you!”

    Oralie had her eyes open at that point, but it didn’t matter to Sophie what Oralie said. Sophie ran towards Fitz and screamed, “Levitate us!”

    He did so, and Sophie transmitted to him, How long has he been awake?

    The second he was up I ran to the Leapmaster, Fitz promised. That was good enough for Sophie.

    Drop us! she exclaimed, ready to teleport.

    Fitz did, and as they plummeted towards the ground, Sophie realized they should have used her newer type of teleporting. The one that didn’t require levitation. They would’ve been there to see Keefe faster, and–


    They were about to hit the ground. Sophie opened a crack in the void and heard the familiar crash of thunder. She imagined the healing center, and within seconds they were there.

    Sophie began running towards the healing center’s doors, transmitting to Fitz, Is he still in there?

    As far as I know, Fitz replied, following her.

    When she got there, she saw Keefe alone.

    “Keefe!” Sophie screamed, and rushed forward to hug him.

    Keefe tried to scoot away from her. “Foster! You can’t be around me anymore!”

    Sophie pulled her arms away and backed away. “What? Why can’t I? Seriously, I carried you all the way here, and now you tell me I can’t be around you anymore? And this is after you lied to me about not going! Why–”

    “You carried me all the way here?” Keefe asked, his voice definitely cracking a little.

    Sophie crossed her arms. “Yeah, I did. Is this how you repay me?”

    Keefe covered his face with his hands. “I didn’t mean it like that.”

    “Then what did you mean?”

    “I’ll always want you around, Foster,” Keefe said. “But I manifested an ability–”

    “You manifested?” Sophie asked. “What are you?”

    “I… can take away special abilities. But it kind of happens subconsciously… I did it to Elwin by accident, and now I feel really bad because he couldn’t check on me with his Flasher-y lights. He went off to get candles or something.” Keefe fidgeted around, clearly uncomfortable.

    Sophie looked at him, stunned. “So you’re saying that if I tried to use my telepathy right now, I couldn’t?”

    When Keefe didn’t say anything, Sophie tried.

    It didn’t hurt, but…

    It felt just like the ability restrictor Dex had made once.

    “I know,” Keefe said. “I’m not even an Empath anymore.” His voice broke, and Sophie rushed over to hug him.

    He wasn’t an Empath anymore?

    That should’ve made Sophie relieved. Him reading her emotions always got them into trouble. But instead she felt sad, and she wasn’t sure why.

    “I’m okay, Foster,” Keefe promised.

    But she knew he wasn’t. Not really, at least. “It’s not okay. But I know we’ll get through this.”

    “Do you realize what this means?” Keefe asked, and his words tickled her ear. “You can’t be around me anymore. You need your abilities all the time, and if I’m here you can’t use them, and–”

    “You’re worth losing my abilities for,” Sophie said.

    “What if you can’t get them back?” Keefe asked.

    Sophie pretended to consider it. But really, she knew that her answer, from the bottom of her heart, was: “It still doesn’t change anything. But if I can’t get them back, then it’s already too late, so it looks like I can hang out with you all I want.”

    “Thank you so much, Sophie,” Keefe said. He sounded like he was crying, and he was shaking against her. Sophie was so surprised that he was crying, she almost didn’t realize–

    “You called me Sophie,” she said. It had felt so weird to hear Keefe say her name.

    Was she turning red?

    Keefe nodded against her.


    “It felt right.”

    They stood there for a moment, just hugging, before Keefe pulled away. Sophie studied his face, and as he wiped his eyes, she noticed the tiniest bit of pink on his cheeks.

    He shouldn’t have to be embarrassed about this.

    Sophie pulled him in for one last hug, saying, “Keefe, you don’t have to be embarrassed about this.”

    “Oh, that’s not what I was embarrassed about. Hunkyhair is on good terms with his new ability.”

    Sophie frowned, pulling away. “Okay, well I guess I should test if I can still use my abilities.”

    “Yeah, you should.”

    Sophie got up, surprised Fitz wasn’t behind her anymore. He must have left.

    Funny, she’d forgotten Fitz had been there at all.

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    • Chapter Two

      Sophie rushed out of the healing center, trying to transmit to Fitz. It didn’t work until she was quite far from the healing center.


      A heavily accented voice replied, What?

      Did you hear what Keefe said? she asked.

      Yeah, I heard enough. What was with his tone?

      Uh, Sophie said awkwardly, what are you talking about?

      How well you two seem to get along now. I thought you weren’t ready for a boyfriend yet.

      First off, Keefe’s not my boyfriend, Sophie began, although… she was blushing. What did that mean? But she continued what she had been saying. Second, I wasn’t talking about that. Did you hear what he manifested as?

      Fitz replied, No, I walked out when you started your intense hugging session.

      Sophie decided to ignore that last bit. He can take away abilities. Just by being near someone.

      Wait, then how are you talking to me?

      I walked away from him to try this, she said, hoping his reaction wouldn’t be enthusiastic.

      It was. Oh good, you walked away. Okay, I don’t know why you’re being so rude, but I have to go check on him and tell him I can still use my abilities, she snapped. If you want to come, you can. I think I’ll pass.

      Oh, and by the way, Sophie said, not entirely sure why she was so angry all of a sudden, this isn’t exactly great for him either. He’s not even an Empath anymore, thanks to Lady Gisela.

      Then she stepped into the zone where Keefe would be blocking her telepathy so she couldn’t hear his transmissions.

      She ran back to the healing center.

      “I can still use my abilities,” Sophie said immediately.

      Keefe let out a breath he must have been holding. “What took you so long?”

      “I was talking to Fitz,” she said, hoping he couldn’t pick up on all of her anger.

      Keefe nodded. “What’d he say?”

      Wow, he really wasn’t an Empath anymore, was he?

      “Just that he was glad you’re awake now,” she lied.

      Again, he couldn’t tell.

      And for some reason, that made Sophie start to cry a little bit. She’d never noticed how nice it was to not have to come out and actually say things to him. But now that she couldn’t…

      “Foster, it’s okay,” Keefe said. “I’m awake now. And clearly, since you all missed me so much, we need to figure out how I’m gonna get to see everyone! ‘Cause, uh, guess what? Elwin came back, and he said it hurt him.”

      “What?” Sophie asked. “But it didn’t hurt me…”

      Oh. Her impenetrable mind. It had made what Keefe did painless. But for other people…

      Keefe fidgeted. “Yeah.”

      “Okay, I’m going to try something,” Sophie said. “Do you remember when I learned to control my enhancing?”

      “You can’t enhance me right now, Foster.”

      “I know. It doesn’t matter if I can. I’m going to walk you through an exercise I did to learn how to control my enhancing. It might help you learn to control what you can do now. And actually, this training stems from Empaths, so you’ve probably already done it. It’s a countdown exercise,” Sophie said.

      Keefe nodded. “Yeah, I’ve done that.”

      “Okay, so I’m not sure how this is going to work, but we may as well try it,” Sophie said. “Maybe you should think of five adjectives for Empathy and just one for your new ability?”

      “Sounds like a solid plan to me,” Keefe agreed, and winked.

      Sophie’s heart fluttered.

      “Okay, so first, what are five adjectives that describe Empathy?” Sophie asked, ignoring her stupid heart.

      “Uh, that’s kind of hard. Empathy just makes you feel what others feel,” Keefe said.

      “How does feeling what I’m feeling feel?” Sophie prompted.

      Keefe thought about that for a second. “Enlightening,” he said with a smirk.

      “Are you choosing that as your adjective? Because if this doesn’t work…” she reminded him.


      Sophie nodded, and held up four fingers. “Four more.”

      “Ugh, this is so hard,” he complained. “But I guess, uh… Maybe, like, unifying?”

      “Okay, three left. You have ‘enlightening’ and ‘unifying.’ What else?”

      “Difficult,” Keefe said after a pause.

      “Is it hard to read emotions?” Sophie asked. “I thought you had to train yourselves not to constantly read them.”

      “We do. I meant it in a different way.”

      Sophie wasn’t sure whether to push for more or leave his answer be. She chose the less awkward option. “Okay, well you still have two left.”

      Keefe groaned. “Ugh, this is impossible!”

      “It’s going to be worth it,” Sophie promised. “Next word.”

      “Fine. How about stressful?”

      “Okay, so now you just have one left. ‘Enlightening,’ ‘unifying,’ ‘difficult,’ and ‘stressful.’ What else describes Empathy?” Sophie asked.

      “Helpful.” Sophie nodded. “Okay, so Empathy is enlightening, unifying, difficult, stressful, and helpful. What describes your new ability?”

      “Scary,” Keefe said. “Or maybe… powerful.”

      Sophie saw his expression change, felt her head grow lighter. She hadn’t even realized there had been fog clouding her mind, but now that it was gone, she could think so clearly.

      “Keefe, I think you can control your ability now,” Sophie said, hoping she was right.

      He smirked at her. “Don’t get those hopes to high, Foster.”

      “So you can’t… wait, how did you know I felt hopeful?”

      “I have my ways, Foster. Couldn’t let you live too long without someone reading your emotions constantly,” he replied. “And you know what else? I can block your emotions now.”

      Sophie wasn’t sure why she felt sad. “Wait, you can?”

      “Yep! I have to concentrate to translate them now, just like I have to with everybody else.”


      Keefe frowned. “I thought you’d be way more excited about that.”

      “I did too,” Sophie mumbled, and seeing Keefe’s frown, she added, “I guess it’s just, like… it was kind of nice having you guess things instead of me having to come out and actually say them.”

      “I can keep reading your emotions if you want,” Keefe offered.

      Sophie shook her head. “It’s fine.”

      “Okay, well thank you,” Keefe said. “I’m so glad I don’t have to hurt people anymore.”

      Sophie smiled. “I needed to help you either way. It’s not like I could go long without you around,” she said, and blushed. “Keefe, I can’t believe you had to go through that. I’m so happy we fixed it early on.”

      “But now I can use this against my mom, Foster,” Keefe said. “And I will. She’s only made me stronger.”

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    • Chapter Three

      “Keefe can take away other people’s abilities,” Sophie told the gathering of Fitz, Dex, Tam, Linh, Stina, Biana, Wylie, Marella, Maruca, Glimmer, Grady, Edaline, Alden, Della, the Council, the Collective, and all their bodyguards. They were in Havenfield’s plush living room, and all the people hardly fit. It was hot and stuffy, and Sophie hated that Keefe wasn’t there to tell them all himself, but Elwin had insisted on checking up on him a bit more before he would be released. Ro had also gone to join her charge in the healing center, so the boisterous ogre wasn’t even there.

      Practically everyone she knew was there, but it felt like half the world wasn’t with Sophie anymore.

      “Wow, just like that thing Dex made you once,” Marella said.

      Dex and Sophie flinched.

      Marella looked sheepish. “Sorry, I didn’t mean it like that.”

      “It’s fine,” Sophie said, and Dex nodded. “I actually noticed that it felt like that when he first did it to me.”

      “Wait, That Boy took away your abilities?” Grady asked. “Because if he did, I swear that I will–”

      “It was on accident!” Sophie interrupted. “He couldn’t control it. It just happened all the time.”

      “Wait, so we can’t be around Keefe anymore?” Tam asked, looking queasy. He must still feel bad about what had happened in Loamnore, which Sophie thought was ridiculous. It wasn’t his fault that Lady Gisela had forced him to partake in her weird ability-triggering ritual.

      Sophie shook her head. “No, I taught him how to stop it with an, um, exercise that Councillor Oralie did for me.” Sophie hadn’t wanted to mention Oralie, her biological mother. But she’d started that sentence, and if she’d trailed off, it would’ve seemed much more suspicious.

      Most of the room turned to look at the golden-haired Empath, who, to her credit, barely flinched. “It was the countdown exercise we Empaths do to learn how to leave feelings alone. I’m surprised that he was able to stop that ability. Actually, no, I’m not. It’s the opposite of your enhancing, so that actually makes a lot of sense.”

      “Well, it’s not completely the opposite. My enhancing only enhances existing abilities,” Sophie corrected. But the comparison was interesting. Maybe they could learn to balance each other out like Linh and Marella were trying to do with their water and fire.

      “Actually,” Linh said, “I have an interesting idea about your enhancing.”

      “What?” Sophie asked.

      Linh made her way across the room, stopping next to Sophie. “Can you enhance me?”

      “Sure,” Sophie said, trying to take off her gloves but then remembering they weren’t there anymore. She’d gained enough confidence in her control to ditch them and Dex’s fingernail gadgets at this point. It was nice not wearing gloves. She mentally willed her enhancing to turn on, and took Linh’s hand.

      Linh smiled after the initial shock of her new enhancing. “I’d forgotten what control I have when you enhance me.”

      Sophie smiled back but wasn’t sure what to say. It seemed like the whole room was holding its breath.

      Then Sophie noticed the feel of the water in the sink. It demanded her attention, and Sophie let go of Linh’s hand, ready to go see why she could feel it. And then she realized…

      … she’d felt the pull of the water.

      Was she a hydrokinetic?

      “Mr. Forkle!” she yelled. “Why didn’t you tell me I’m a Hydrokinetic?”

      He frowned at her. “Because you’re not. Miss Linh, would you like to explain the theory you mentioned earlier? Because I think we’re all a bit lost.”

      “I think that Sophie can kind of… borrow abilities. And send hers to other people, too,” she added.

      “What? But… I’ve never given someone an ability…” Sophie trailed off as memories came back.

      But the biggest one was–

      “When she enhances me I can control her emotions. That’s not Empathy, that’s Inflicting.”

      Sophie turned to the familiar voice, surprised to see Keefe there, with Elwin and Ro behind him. “How long were you there for?”

      Keefe smirked. “Pretty much the whole demonstration. And I think Linh’s right. What I do… it’s definitely not Empathy.”

      “And now you two will understand each other better than ever!” Ro clapped her hands and smiled a huge grin. “This must be the best day of my life.”

      Keefe glared at her. Grady side-eyed the ogre princess, but then turned to look at Keefe.

      “You know what else, Foster?” Keefe asked. “I think you made me even a tiny bit of a Telepath once. Sometimes when I help you with your emotions, I see your emotional center. That’s a Telepath thing, isn’t it?”

      “It is,” Tiergan agreed.

      “This is quite the development,” Mr. Forkle said. “Would anyone care to test it out one more time?”

      Keefe immediately raised his hand, exclaiming, “Me! I wanna read Fitzy’s mind! Pick meeeeee!”

      Sophie laughed, and Keefe pushed his way through the crowd of people to take her hand. They both flinched at the energy at first.

      “Alright Fitzy, get over here,” Keefe said, smirking.

      Fitz groaned and walked over. Keefe placed one hand on his temple, since the other was still in Sophie’s hand, which reminded Sophie that she was holding Keefe’s hand. She felt her face get hot and hoped he didn’t notice.

      Biana definitely did though, and she raised her eyebrows.

      Later, Sophie mouthed, and Biana grinned. Sophie cursed herself for promising to tell Biana anything.

      Meanwhile, Keefe’s eyebrows were furrowed and Sophie tried not to laugh at how adorable it looked. He kept his fingers on Fitz’s forehead, smiling triumphantly a second later.

      “Ha!” Keefe yelled, releasing Sophie’s hand. She kind of wished he hadn’t. “I could!”

      “Well then what was I thinking?” Fitz challenged.

      Keefe’s smile dropped. “That even if Sophie was powerful enough to make me a Telepath, I wouldn’t be strong enough to do it.”

      Fitz turned a bit red, and so did Keefe a second later.

      Sophie almost felt like doing the same. But her emotions consisted of a bit more anger.

      Who was Fitz to judge Keefe’s strength? It made her more mad than what he’d thought about her.

      Fitz was with his parents now and he grabbed Biana’s hand. “Let’s go,” he said.

      Biana ripped her hand away from her brother. “I think I’ll stay here a little bit longer, thanks.”

      Alden and Della frowned at their daughter, but didn’t argue. The three of them went out of the room to leap since it was so crowded, and Sophie felt a little better now that Fitz wasn’t there.

      But Sophie was also worried about the fact that Biana was still there. Sophie had promised Biana she’d tell her something, and what it was wasn’t even something Sophie had let herself admit to herself yet. Telling someone else? That sounded horrible.

      A cool, blue breeze rushed through her mind. Sophie instantly felt better. She looked down at her hand, knowing Keefe must be holding it if he was Inflicting on her. He was, and Sophie’s heart fluttered.

      “Calm down, Foster. I don’t even have to feel your emotions to tell you’re totally freaking on us,” Keefe said.

      Stina frowned. “What do you mean? Don’t you always feel her emotions?”

      Keefe let go of Sophie’s hand, and Sophie once again wished he hadn’t. “I used to. But when I did the countdown thing, I learned to control my new ability and how to block the Foster Feelings she’s always flinging my way.”

      “That’s so strange that it only worked the second time,” Oralie said. “You’ve already done that exercise as an Empath, right?”

      “Yeah,” Keefe agreed. “But Foster’s so crazy-powerful that I guess it makes sense she’d mess up my empathy.” He smirked, but Sophie noticed a tiny bit of pink on his cheeks. It was probably just the heat of the room, though.

      “Well,” Edaline said, interrupting the silence that came afterwards. “We should probably all get to bed. It’s pretty late, you know.”

      Sophie glanced outside, surprised to see the sun setting. “Yeah,” she agreed, and everyone else began to disperse.

      “See you ‘round, Foster,” Keefe said.

      “See you ‘round,” she agreed.

      Keefe held his crystal up the light and stepped into the beam, leaving Sophie alone in the living room with Sandor, Grady, Edaline, and Biana.

      “Biana?” Sophie asked. “Aren’t you going home?”

      “I will soon,” she promised. “But I wanted to talk to you first.”

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    • Chapter Four

      “So, what do you want to talk about?” Sophie asked nonchalantly.

      They’d gone up to her room, and Biana had immediately taken Iggy out of his cage to play. She was currently petting the imp and sitting on Sophie’s soft carpet, while Sophie sat at the edge of her humongous bed, dangling her feet off the side.

      “Oh, not much. But I was wondering what you meant when you told me ‘later.’ I also wanted to apologize about my brother. He’s been kind of a jerk lately,” she said.

      Sophie decided to try and sidetrack her. “It’s okay. Since we broke up it’s been a bit weird, but I think it’ll be okay. He seems to be mad at Keefe, though.”

      “I noticed that,” Biana said, with a knowing smile. “I was wondering if you knew why?”

      “Why?” Sophie asked.

      “Oh, I don’t know, maybe the fact that he kind of likes you?” Biana asked, with a huge grin on her face.

      Sophie didn’t believe that. But her heart was pounding, and she was sure she was red as a beet at this point. “Keefe?”

      Biana smirked. “Uh, yeah.”


      “And you like him too, right?”

      “Uh… no?” Sophie hated she’d phrased it as a question.

      Biana grinned. “So that’s a yes!”

      “No, it’s not.”

      “It is,” Biana said. “And I totally support it!”

      “You do?”

      “Yes! I mean, I used to like him, but…” she trailed off, blushing a little. “I’ve moved on.”

      Sophie knew a chance to go on the offensive when she saw one. “To who?” she asked, and this time it was her turn to smirk.

      “Uh, the thing is, I’m not sure,” Biana said. The pink on her cheeks had gone away, replaced with the expression of a girl who didn’t know what to do.

      Sophie frowned. “What do you mean?”

      “Well, uh… I kind of like two people.”


      “Um, Tam and Dex.”

      Sophie grinned. “I knew it! But I’m probably not the best person to go to for advice.”

      Biana smiled. “You’re not. But it feels good to tell someone. Now will you tell me what’s going on with you and Keefe?”

      “Nothing,” Sophie said, and it was true. “We’re just friends.”

      “Uh huh. Still in denial, check!”

      Sandor snickered from outside, but Sophie ignored him.

      “Okay, can we stop talking about this now?” Sophie asked.

      Biana pretended to pout. “Okay, fine. I guess I’ll go home, then.”

      “Tell Fitz that he needs to stop acting out.”

      Biana grinned. “Oh, I will.”

      Sophie tried to go to bed after that. She took a shower and changed into soft pajamas and got into bed.

      But she lay awake for hours.

      She finally gave up in the middle of the night, giving in to what her brain had been telling her for all those hours: to talk to Keefe.

      She sent out a transmission. Keefe, are you there?

      After two more transmissions, a tired voice replied, Foster? What do you need?

      Sophie let out a breath, relieved. But she quickly sucked in another breath. Now what was she supposed to say? I guess I just wanted to talk to you, she finally went with.

      So… what you’re saying is that what you need is me? he teased.

      Sophie blushed. No, I just… I missed you. You were out for three days, you know. And we hardly got to talk at all after you woke up.

      I missed you too, Foster.

      A silence followed that. But it wasn’t really awkward. Okay, maybe it was a little bit awkward. But mostly, they just… didn’t feel the need to say anything.

      It was calming. Keefe was there. And Sophie soon found herself drifting off to sleep.

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      Also I’d like to point out the fact that I meant to type “Keep” up there and I accidentally wrote “Keefe” at first.

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    • Chapter Five

      Sophie woke up ready for the day. Foxfire was in session again, so Sophie started getting ready for school.

      Then she realized she needed to check in with Keefe, so she stretched out her mind to find his thoughts. Keefe? Are you there?

      Yeah, he replied after a second. Did you fall asleep too?

      Sophie’s mind filled with the last word. She finally gained enough focus to say Yeah. See you at school.


      Then she went downstairs for breakfast. Grady and Edaline were already at the table, eating what looked like orange berries. She filled her plate and sat down with them.

      “How’s you sleep?” Grady asked.

      “Pretty well, actually,” she replied.

      Edaline smiled. “Oh good! We were worried about you when you were still in the healing center with Keefe. Did you sleep okay there?”

      “Well, not really. But I slept enough.”

      “Speaking of Keefe,” Grady said, “What’s up with you and That Boy?”

      Sophie sighed. “Can you please call him by his real name?” she asked, avoiding his question.

      Grady sighed back. “Fine. Keefe. But don’t avoid my question. What’s up with you two?”

      “Nothing. I was just worried about him because he’d been out for so long. He almost died!” she said.

      Edaline smiled. “He almost Fostered it, you mean.”

      Sophie sighed again and covered her face. “Yes, he almost Fostered it. But can you blame me for being worried about him?”

      “You wouldn’t have to have been if he’d stayed back like he’d promised he would,” Grady pointed out.

      “He only came because there was a flaw in our plan,” Sophie told him. “If he hadn’t come, we all would have died. We had no way to get out of Loamnore.”

      That seemed to hit Grady hard. “I… didn’t know that,” he said.

      Edaline put her arm around him.

      They continued their meal in silence, and then Sophie headed up to the third floor to take the Leapmaster to school.

      “Bye, honey,” Edaline said. “Have a good day!”

      Sophie hugged her adoptive parents. “I will.”

      Grady ruffled her hair, and then she was at Foxfire before she knew it. It was weird being back, but she walked into the Level Four wing to find Fitz waiting for her at her locker.

      Her heart screeched to a halt.

      “Fitz what are you doing here?” she asked, trying to sound normal. She pushed her anger down to the knot under her ribs, saving it for when she needed it.

      Fitz ran a hand through his hair. “I wanted to apologize.”

      Sophie almost snorted but she managed to hold it in.

      “I’ve been a jerk lately. I don’t mean to have been… I guess it was just a lot. First breaking up with you and then almost immediately you and Keefe are a thing.”

      “What?” Sophie asked, trying not to panic. “We’re not a thing!”

      They weren’t, after all.

      “Please. It was pretty obvious.”

      Sophie sighed, hoping she wasn’t turning red. “But… we’re actually not a thing.”

      Fitz ran his hand through his hair again. “Okay. Well, I just wanted to say sorry and to tell you that I support you.”

      “Well… thanks, I guess,” Sophie said.

      Then Dex walked up, saving them from having to continue their conversation. “Are you guys excited for school to be back in session?” he asked. “I’m not. If we have as much homework as we did the last time we had accelerated curriculum, plus Team Valiant, plus whatever else the Black Swan has us do…” he trailed off, noticing Sophie turning pale.

      She’d forgotten about Team Valliant.


      She needed to get her love life under control. She couldn’t keep doing this.

      And then she remembered: she’d never checked in with Oralie about stellarlune.

      “Ugh,” Sophie groaned.

      Dex sighed. “What else?”

      “I never checked in with Oralie about her cache.”

      “Wait, what about Oralie’s cache?” Fitz asked. “I feel like I missed something.”

      Now it was Sophie’s turn to sigh. “Oralie was going to open her cache so we could see what stellarlune was.”

      “Why didn’t she?” Dex asked.

      “Because Fitz came to tell me that Keefe was awake before she could,” Sophie replied. “I kind of forgot about it.”

      Dex looked her in the eye. “Sophie, it’s been one day. No one expects you to have been able to do that. Just check in with her after school. I’m sure it’s fine.”

      Fitz nodded, but Sophie wasn’t convinced. But then Keefe walked over with Biana, Linh, Tam, Marella, Maruca, Stina, and Glimmer.

      Glimmer. She still hadn’t lowered her hood, and everyone but Tam was suspicious. Tam trusted Glimmer with his life, but he wouldn’t tell the others why. Apparently, they’d been close to friends when Tam was with the Neverseen, and Sophie wondered if they were currently more than that.

      “So, guys, how’s it going?” Keefe asked somewhat awkwardly.

      When no one said anything, he asked, “That bad, huh?”

      “No, I’m kind of excited to be back at Foxfire,” Biana said at last. “Maybe things will go back to normal.”

      “Things can’t be normal until the Neverseen are done for,” Tam argued.

      Glimmer nodded. “They’re horrible. I used to think maybe they weren’t, because after all, all I’d ever heard about them came from the Black Swan, but–”

      She stopped talking suddenly.

      “Wait, you heard about the Neverseen from the Black Swan?” Linh asked. She looked strangely triumphant.

      “Um,” Glimmer said awkwardly, “kind of.”

      Linh looked at Glimmer’s Level Eight cloak. She’d agreed to come to Foxfire to finish her sessions, which she’d apparently quit when she joined the Neverseen, but had still refused to show anyone her face. “Did you betray the Black Swan to the Neverseen?” she finally asked.

      “Um, I don’t have to answer that,” she said.

      Tam glared at her. “So that’s a yes.”

      “Fine. It’s a yes. But I betrayed the Neverseen for the Black Swan four days ago, so I think that cancels it out,” Glimmer tried. “Plus, I had reasons for joining the Neverseen.”

      “Like what?” Sophie asked, and the words came out sharper than she meant them to.

      Then Magnate Leto’s face appeared for orientation.

      They listened to the usual announcements of detentions and rules and things. But Sophie was surprised to hear one thing:

      “Oh, and Sophie and Keefe?” he said over the projection. “Come to my office.”

      This day just got better and better.

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    • This is awesome! Please keep writing.

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    • Ahh thanks everyone! I’ll try to keep updating!

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    • Awesome! Soooo good. Please update. ~Lady Fos-Boss

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    • I’m probably not going to be able to update until Monday or later because of homework and a trip to the snow—sorry, y’all. I’ll give you a hint as to what happens in the next chapter to make up for it, though:

      A new set of different Cognates

      Yeah so have fun guessing lol. Sorry bout not being able to post :(

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    • It's ok. A new set Cognates?????? Well, Sophie and Keefe can't. I was thinking that because Sophie and Keefe got called to Leto's office. Actually, never mind. Keefe can kinda be a Telepath, so they could be Cognates..... AND THEN KEEFE WILL HAVE TO ADMIT HIS CRUSH TO SOPHIE!!!!!!!!! Sorry. Got sidetracked. Don't even know if Sophie and Keefe will become Cognates. Could Alden and Tiergan become Cognates?? Hmmmm............ OR Quinlin Sonden and Alden?? Okay, I have have to know, and put some serious thought into this.....

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    • Quinlin and Alden used to be Cognates but there connection was broken because of Prentice's mind break

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    • Ugh I don’t have time to finish the chapter and I REALLY want to tell you if you’re right or not!!!!!!! Ugh. I guess all I’ll say is, well, technically they’re not ACTUALLY cognates. But they’ll function the same as cognates... but they won’t have a TELEPATHIC connection. wait... maybe I can type it tomorrow morning!!! Okay, I might update tomorrow morning, not entirely sure.

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    • Also just wanted to add that I’m so happy you guys like it!! It’s so cool to share my creative writing with people!!!

      Also: id like to amend my title of this to how I HOPE book 9 happens. A lot of this is just my personal theories/hopes for book 9. I’m glad y’all enjoy it!

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    • This is amazing!!

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    • Definitely keefe and sophie

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    • Yup, hopefully

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    • Okay, y'all are right. It's Keefe and Sophie. And I also added in a ton of stuff about who I think Glimmer is, so... enjoy!

      Chapter Six

      Sophie wheeled around to face Keefe. “What did you do?”

      Keefe raised his hands up in the air. “I didn’t do anything, I swear!”

      “I can vouch for Hunkyhair this time,” Ro said. “We’ve been at his dad’s place the whole time. He demanded to know if Hunkyhair’d manifested, and if so, what he manifested as. It was not a pretty conversation.”

      Sophie felt bad for not realizing they’d need to tell Lord Cassius about Keefe’s new ability. “Are you okay?”

      “I’m fine,” Keefe said, and followed it up with a nod. Sophie wanted to believe him, but… she wasn’t sure she could.

      “It’s okay to not be fine, you know.”

      “I know. But we should probably start heading to Forkle’s office, so…”

      He was right, so they got going. When they got there, Keefe knocked loudly and yelled. “Hey! I didn’t do anything this time!”

      From behind the door, they heard a muffled “Come in!”

      Keefe opened the door, and Sophie, Ro, and Sandor followed him inside.

      Magnate Leto was sitting at his desk, and he motioned for Sophie and Keefe to sit down in the chairs. “I trust you’ll take up guard outside?” he asked the bodyguards.

      Sandor grumbled something about secrets hindering his ability to protect his charge but followed Keefe’s bodyguard outside.

      “Since Mr. Sencen–” Magnate Leto began, but was interrupted.

      “I didn’t do it!” Keefe said immediately.

      The principal sighed. “I didn’t say you did.”

      “Then what were you going to say?”

      “That since you manifested something completely opposite one of Miss Foster’s abilities, her enhancing, we thought it might be good for you to have a session together, focusing on those abilities. No one else has the same power as you two, and we think you might be able to learn from each other. It will be sort of like being Cognates, only you’ll have opposite powers to balance each other out. Miss Linh and Miss Redek have already tried this idea out, and it works quite well,” Magnate Leto said.

      Keefe smirked. “Now I’ll have my own ability session with Foster, just like the Fitzter!”

      Sophie laughed. “It’s not a competition.”

      “Oh, yes it is!” Keefe said. “And Team Foster-Keefe is going to win.”

      Sophie blushed, then realized that Magnate Leto was still there. He gave them an amused smile, but then told them to head to their sessions. He handed them their new schedules, and Sophie saw that she’d have the class with Keefe that day, and the Mentor supervising would be…

      “Councillor Oralie?” Sophie practically screamed. She couldn’t have a class mentored by her own mother, the same mother she’d been trying so hard to avoid.

      “Yes, Miss Foster,” Magnate Leto agreed. He raised an eyebrow. “We simply thought that she’d be best for you two since she walked you through your countdown, which you were able to repeat with Keefe to teach him to control his abilities. We’re also willing to add Miss Redek and Miss Linh,"

      Keefe side-eyed Sophie. “What’s going on here? What do you have against Oralie? She always seemed pretty nice to me.”

      Sophie swallowed. “Nothing. I was just surprised.”

      “Okay, clearly there’s more to it than that… but I’ll let it slide.” He winked, and Sophie felt her cheeks heat again.

      They left after that, and Sophie wondered how she’d be able to survive her new session with Oralie and Keefe.

      Sophie rushed through her first few classes, and at break she sat with her friends but didn’t pay much attention. That is, until she noticed the Glimmer interrogation back on track.

      “Why would you join the Neverseen if you already knew the Black Swan?” Tam asked, his tone making it clear that he wasn’t joking around.

      Glimmer sighed. “Back then, the Black Swan were as much the bad guys as the Neverseen. At first, I even thought they were the same group. And then I found out that the Neverseen had my, uh, I guess I should say hopeful.” Her expression soured, but then mixed with grief. “I found out that my fiance was with them, and that he wanted me to join. So I did.”

      Linh’s mouth dropped. “You had a fiance?”

      “I’m not sure why that surprises you. I’m a lot older than a Level Eight. I’ve picked up all my match packets. But, um, he’s not around anymore.”

      “Wait,” Keefe said. “Did he… die? Like, when we were fighting you?”


      Sophie knew that she shouldn’t have been, but she immediately tried to replay all the male Neverseen who had died. Glimmer had said “he,” and the only one she could think of was…


      And then all the pieces clicked together.

      Sophie’s jaw dropped. “But you’re… you’re supposed to be dead!” she said to Glimmer.

      “I am,” Glimmer agreed.

      “Wait, what’s going on?” Keefe asked. “Do you know who she is?”

      “Yes,” Sophie said. “Can I tell them?”

      “Well, I should probably get it over with,” Glimmer agreed. “Just… everyone, promise not to hate me? And don’t tell anyone without my permission.”

      They all nodded their agreement, and then Glimmer finally flipped back her hood.

      Fitz was the first to speak. “You look just like Sophie,” he murmured.

      “But… you had black hair before!” Tam said.

      “You’ve seen her?” Biana asked.

      Tam shook his head. “No, but I saw some of her hair stick out of her hood once.”

      “I had hair dye.”

      And then more pieces clicked together in Sophie’s brain. She already knew who Glimmer was, but then she remembered what she’d seen. In Jolie’s room, black hair dye. And Jolie would totally pick a name like “Glimmer,” and join the Neverseen for Brant.

      “But… you’re a Conjurer,” Sophie said.

      Jolie looked surprised. “Who told you that?”

      “Well, no one, I guess. But I saw a Conjurer textbook with doodles of Brant in it, so I assumed it was yours,” Sophie replied.

      Jolie laughed. “I drew on whatever I could find. But that was actually my mom’s. It was before I manifested as a Flasher. And I also used to be afraid of the dark,” Jolie added, and Sophie remembered the lights in Grady and Edaline’s room. “My parents would tell me that all I had to do was take control… and now I can.”

      “Okay, hold that thought,” Dex interrupted. “I can tell Sophie knows who you are, but none of you have actually come out and said it. Can someone please inform the rest of us?”

      Sophie raised her eyebrows at Glimmer, who took a deep breath.

      “I’m… Jolie.”

      That sure caused a lot of ruckus. And they didn’t calm down, even when the break ended. But then Sophie remembered what her next session was.

      Her next session was the one with Keefe and Oralie.

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    • Enjoy! and I won't be posting for at least the next 3-4 days, so.... have fun with that chapter!

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    • Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa!!!! JOLIE IS ALIVE?!?!?!?! Ummmmmm Grady and Edaline would be crushed.

      ~Lady Fos-Boss

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    • OKAAYYYYYYYY............wait a sec. JOLIE IS ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Okay, plot twist!

      I NEED MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    • Ahhhhhh this us so good!!!! I actually am wondering if glimmer is actually Jolie. After all there was raven back hair dye in her room!!!

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    • Did NOT see that coming. JOLIE????? ALIVE???? Bro if that ACTUALY happens in the book... I mean, talk aboutt akward. How are Edaline and Grady gonna take it? WHAT IF JOLIE WANTS TO MOVE BACK IN????? That'd be super wierd. I'm, like, 99.999999....% sure either Grady or Edaline will have a complete melt down. This is a supe good plot twist. You're a great writer!

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    • aAaAAaAaAAhHHHhhH Jolie’s AlIvE!


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    • the only thing is... in Neverseen, When Sophie looks in Brants memories, he sees her die, and his mind breaks because of it. She knew and saw what it did to her parents. So how...? but she DID have black hair dye in her room... AND I dont remember it ever being comfirmed that she was a conjurer... But... How? UGH I NEED MORE INFO POST MORE PLZZZZZZ!

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    • MORE! MORE! MORE! * goes all Silveny*

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    • ^^dont worry. I’m gonna cover it more. Remember... memories can be faked.

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    • Also thanks for all the support everyone!! I love having an audience for my crazy ideas.

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    • What do you mean memories can be fake? IS THAT A CLUE??!!

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    • Maybe.

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    • Also I’m going to try to post later today. But no promises ok?

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    • Chapter Seven

      “Okay, we wanted to start small,” Oralie said. They were in the Silver Tower, and Keefe had been excited to go in it. But all his excitement had drained away when they’d entered the small, bleak room where they’d be experimenting with his ability. “Magnate Leto said that he’s sure you want to start training your ability, Keefe, but that it’s a bit dangerous. We were thinking about testing Sophie’s Enhancing first.”

      Keefe didn’t look the least bit surprised, but Sophie just felt angry.

      “Why aren’t we practicing Keefe’s ability?” she asked. “He needs to learn how to use it or his mom will use it against him!”

      “Relax, Foster,” Keefe assured her. “One day’s not going to matter.”

      “But it might! What if the Neverseen attack tonight? And you know what we should be doing?” She turned to Oralie. “Opening your cache!”

      “That is certainly an interesting point,” Oralie relented.

      Keefe ran his hands through his hair. “I know I’m going to regret asking this, but… what did you say about Oralie’s cache?”

      Oh, great. She forgot to tell Keefe about stellarlune.

      Oralie told him for her, and Sophie grudgingly admitted to herself that it was a nice thing for the Empath to do. Sophie might not like her biological mother, but at least she wasn’t a jerk.

      “Wait, so stellarlune might have something to do with my ability?” Keefe asked.

      “It’s possible,” Oralie agreed.

      “But there’s no way to know without opening the cache, is there?” Sophie asked, and sarcasm dripped from her words.

      Oralie pretended not to notice. “No,” she confirmed quietly.

      “Well then,” Keefe said, “sounds like we’re all in agreement!”

      “Not quite,” Sophie said, and turned to her friend. “Are you sure you can handle this?”

      “Yep. I’ll be fine,” Keefe said. And when Sophie didn’t say anything, trying to gauge if he was lying, he added, “I mean it, Foster.”

      “Okay, then what are we waiting for?” Sophie asked. “Oralie, do you have your cache?”

      Oralie shook her head. “No, but I can get it.”

      And then she glittered away, leaving Sophie and Keefe alone.

      “How long did you know Glimmer was Jolie?” Keefe immediately asked.

      Sophie shrugged. “I didn’t. At least, not until right then. I was putting the pieces together as she was talking. But one thing doesn’t make sense: I saw Jolie die in Brant’s memory.”

      “Memories can be faked,” Keefe immediately said. “You know what? That also explains why Brant’s mind wasn’t completely shattered. He didn’t actually kill his girlfriend. But he faked it, and it affected her parents. Speaking of her parents… what are you going to tell Grady and Edaline?”

      Sophie sighed. “I don’t know. I know Glimmer-slash-Jolie asked me not to say anything, but I’m not sure I can keep this from them. Also… that means she’s technically my sister. Ugh, this is really weird.”

      “It is. And for the record, I bet that if you ask Glimmer, she’d let you tell your parents. Also, maybe she can clear up what we’re supposed to call her now,” Keefe joked. “She might have to be the Mysterious Miss G! Or would it be J? I don’t know. Or are you going to keep that kind of title for yourself?”

      Sophie laughed. “No, she can have it.”

      “Nah, it’s more fun saving it for you.”

      Sophie started to blush, but then Oralie came back. In her hand was a tiny pebble with one jewel set into the side.

      “Here we are,” Oralie said. “My one and only Forgotten Secret.”

      “Wait,” Keefe interrupted, “you only have one? Kenric had, like, seven.”

      Oralie flinched at the mention of Kenric.

      “Sorry,” Keefe apologized.

      “No, it’s fine,” Oralie said, and held out the cache. “I’m going to try to figure out the password again.”

      Sophie started to count the seconds, just like she had last time. Keefe reached for her hand, and Sophie let him take it. She lost count of the seconds, and instead began counting Keefe’s heartbeats.

      She got to 134 before Oralie said, “Holly.”

      Sophie didn’t know what that had to do with the rosy-cheeked councillor, but she soon stopped trying to guess when she saw what the cache was doing.

      Wisps of light were flowing from where the jewel had been imbedded seconds before. Blue light swirled around the three of them, and slowly more colors were added until a scene unfolded.

      “How did this happen?” a wispy version of Oralie was asking.

      A Bronte without his pointy ears replied, “I do not know. But no one can ever know about stellarlune and the heartache it has caused.”

      “What heartache has it caused?”

      “Much. When Ladies Luzia and Vespera tried to use it to help hide Atlantis, they killed four humans. Stellarlune is too dangerous a force to be used anymore, and that’s why we’ll be giving you your first Forgotten Secret."

      “But… what does stellarlune even do?”

      “It’s a mixture of moonlight and starlight, hence the name. Do you remember what the different Sources do?”

      Oralie nodded.

      “So this material is a mix of moonlight and starlight. Moonlight is hard to find, but when you can harness a lot of it, it’s extremely powerful. It works a lot like a battery, perfect for adding energy to things. And starlight can do pretty much anything, depending on the star. And the stars used in stellarlune are the unmapped stars.”

      “For quintessence?”

      “Yes,” Bronte agreed. “Meaning the different kinds do different things. But what Luzia and Vespera were using was the Elementine variety. It’s highly explosive, and, frankly, I’m not sure why they wanted to use it anyway.”

      "I know. That’s why we’re locking this secret away in your new cache."

      And then the light dropped to the ground and disappeared.

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    • This is soooo good!!!!

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    • I love this fanfic! It's awesome!

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    • Can I steal some of these ideas for my own fan fic?

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    • ^Of course! They're just theories, anyone can use them:)

      Thanks for all the support

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    • This is AWESOME!

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    • Oh my gosh I think twenty different people read this and commented on it... this is SO cool!!!!! Thank you all for the amazing support!!!

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    • so good, I am in love to with this.

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    • ooooooooohhhhhhhh mmmmmmmmmmyyyyyyyyyy ggggggggggooooooooooossssssshhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      wow that was so good. what do you think the name of the new book will be? I wish this is what will happen but I kinda dont want Fitz to lose Sophie so fast. But i am soooooo worried that Keefe will be evil or something when he wakes up in book 9 cause if Mommy Dearest gives him a new power that will help Sophies side win, then Mommy Dearest would not win.

      DUN DUN DDDDUUUUNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!

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    • when will you do another chapter?


      that was so good.

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    • I don’t really have a schedule, but I’m trying to post either today or tomorrow (probably today?).

      As for what I think the book will be called, I’m really not sure. But I saw a theory that it’d be called Moonlark which I think would be really cool!

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      and now i dont know how im going to write more because i wrote this wrong...... oh my god what do i do. 

      okay lets have you guys decide. do you guys want me to rewrite some of this (but keep other parts the same, because most of the plot is fine) and start a new disscussion with the new version, OR just keep going with this? OR maybe i can do both? but then there'd be more time between posts. 

      its in your hands now. also sorry for the mental breakdowns yall are gonna have if you love keefe as much as i do.

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    • ...sorry for that bombshell.

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    • Okay, so, I really don't hope that Keefe's mind is broken but if you can restart but post like up till the part you posted right now quicker like less time inbetween each... then I think you should restart

      (just my opinioin...  )

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    • i think you can start a new discussion with a new version or keep doing this

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    • I think I’m gonna try to keep this one going, but I definitely think keefes mind is broken. I hope I’m wrong, but... there were SO MANY HINTS.... like how Shannon literally describes the “scared, broken boy” when he lets down his mask... BROKEN, you guys. BROKEN. and oh my god this is so bad. Elwin also didn’t sedate him, and if he had they would’ve known cuz he woulddnt have reacted, and oh my god keefe noooooooooo

      This is so bad you guys

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    • What if the book is called Healing or something like that?

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    • So cool! But I'm a little confused about Stellarlune can someone please explain it to me?

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    • I think oralie will loose her self and so will sophie, but fitz will bring sophie back and learn how to heal people, but oralie will loose to much of herself and is broken for the rest of the series, and fitz and sophie get back together at the end of the book, but sophie is broken for the whole book execpt the end, and its told by fitz prospective.

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    • wrote:
      So cool! But I'm a little confused about Stellarlune can someone please explain it to me?

      All that we officially know about Stellarlune is that is a substance that is somewhat a combination of shadowflux and quintessence (idk how to spell that). Lady Gisela also mentioned that it brings someone to their full potential, but didn't explain much about it. We will only know more about stellarlune in book nine, when Oralie and Sophie open Oralie's single Forgotten Secret in the cache. 

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    • Also, it's fine if you want make a new discussion, but you can still add on to this one too! 

      What I think is going to happen is that Keefe is in somwhat of a coma, but when Sophie enters his mind, she finds a trail of warmth and brings him back. Keefe wakes up a little while after that. And then SOKEEFE HAPPENS!!!!!!! And then Lady Gisela trys to take Keefe away, but Ro goes into bodygaurd mode and beats her up, and they finally capture her. Sophie then probes her mind and gets a lot of information about her plot and the Neverseen.

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    • Yeah I was writing a scene where they’re testing Sophie’s new enhancing and Sophie became an empath and she felt guilt radiating off of Keefe and then I realized that his mind has been breaking for the entire series. SHANNON HAS STRAIGHTOUT CALLED HIM BROKEN YOU GUYS. MULTIPLE TIMES... and empaths shatter more easily, and Elwin didn’t sedate him, and then I realized that Sophie is going to heal him and to do that she has to inflict love. When she did it to Alden, she did his family. But Keefe doesn’t love his family... he loves Sophie. And then Sophie will realize Keefe likes her and SOKEEFE!!!


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    • have sophie and fitz kiss!

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    • FitzphieFosRuewen wrote:
      have sophie and fitz kiss!

      Swearing Parrot, you're a Sokeefer, surely you agree with me that this does not need to happen.

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    • Oh man!!!!!

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    • have sophie and keefe kiss then. i dont care. lol

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    • SoKeefe Rules! wrote:

      FitzphieFosRuewen wrote:
      have sophie and fitz kiss!

      Swearing Parrot, you're a Sokeefer, surely you agree with me that this does not need to happen.

      It really doesn’t need to happen.

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    • im probably not gonna do any kissing, ig we'll see though. i decided to just incorporate keefe's mind breaking here.

      have fun reading!

      Chapter Eight

      “So…” Keefe said, breaking the silence and releasing Sophie’s hand. “Basically, my mom used even more quintessence than we thought, and this doesn’t help at all.”

      “Yup,” Sophie sighed. “Why can’t anything ever help?”

      Oralie smiled. “I think you’re both missing the point. Did you hear what Bronte said? Starlight and moonlight were used to make this. Do you know what each type of quintessence does differently?”

      “I feel like Mr. Forkle said something about it once,” Sophie said, “but I don’t remember it.”

      “Well, Elementine is explosive, like Bronte said in the memory. Candesia makes small changes in things. Phosforien is almost friendly. It’s comfortable and calm. Lucilliant is equal in all ways and is good at containing and saving objects. But I suspect that the form Gisela used was Marquiseire. Marquiseire destroys things and breaks them down to an atom if you let it. That means that it’s possible it could be used to break down an ability. But how are they able to reform?” Oralie mused. “Maybe Lucilliant preserves it…? Or Phosforien brings it back?”

      “What about the moonlight? Bronte said it worked like a battery,” Keefe suggested. “Maybe it recharges the ability?”

      “That’s a great point,” Oralie said.

      Keefe ran a hand through his hair. “But it doesn’t actually help.”

      Sophie told herself to be brave and took his hand. “But practicing will.”

      She mentally willed her enhancing on, and a shock of energy bounced between them.

      “Now what?” she asked Oralie.

      “Don’t ask me. You’re the ones with the fancy abilities.”

      “It is annoying when Mentors say that, isn’t it?” Keefe asked, stealing the thought right out of her mind.

      “Wait, I didn’t even feel you slip into my head!” Sophie complained.

      Keefe smirked. “All thanks to your own brilliant, undetectable telepathy.”

      Sophie fought down a blush and decided to change the subject. “Okay, let’s see if I can be an Empath, then.”

      She focused on her own emotions for a second, hoping they’d teach her how to find others. She felt powerful, and angry, and happy, and frustrated, and hopeful, and loving, and hating, and how was it even possible to feel so many conflicting emotions?

      But then she started to feel other, more foreign emotions. Smug, and insecure, and proud, and worried, and loving, and frustrated, and hated, and grateful, and embarrassed, and scared, and…


      “Keefe!” she exclaimed, terrified. “WHY DO YOU FEEL GUILTY?”

      “I don’t.”

      Sophie looked him in the eye. “You can’t lie to an Empath.”

      Keefe sighed, and Sophie, still looking into his eyes, saw… were those tears?

      She reached out to hug him, and he let her, saying, “It’s just… I wouldn’t have this ability and have been knocked out for three days if I’d listened to you. I worried you for three days while I slept, and it was all because I didn’t even want to wake up, and…” he trailed off, seeming to realize what he’d said.

      Sophie pulled back, looking him in the eyes again. “Why didn’t you want to wake up?”

      Keefe looked at the floor. “Well, I mean, you already know my family life is less than perfect. And then it felt like I was losing my friends… I mean, take Fitz. We used to be really close, but then… we kind of grew apart.”

      Sophie cringed. “Because of me.”

      It wasn’t a question.

      And Keefe didn’t deny it.

      But… he didn’t confirm it either.

      “As the adult,” Oralie said, making them both jump back, “I want to tell you, Keefe, that none of this was your fault. You have nothing to feel guilty of.”

      “But I do,” Keefe argued. He sounded… defeated, though. He was letting down his mask, showing his scared… broken side. Keefe wasn’t broken, was he? “I didn’t wake up because I was too scared to face reality, and that scared everyone. Even if nothing else was my fault, that was. Plus, my mom is the one doing all of this, and… I don’t know. It just… it’s all my fault.”

      “No, it’s not!” Sophie said. “None of this was your fault!”

      She was terrified. If Keefe’s mind broke… well, she’d heal him, obviously. But… who did he even have to love?

      When she’d done healings in the past, she’d always inflicted love and showed them the people they loved. Their family.

      But Keefe’s family was horrible.

      All he had was his friends.

      And he was just talking about growing apart from them!

      Who did he love? She knew she’d felt love when she read his emotions.

      And the only people in the room right then were her and Oralie.

      So… he loved her friendship.

      Yeah, that must have been it.

      “Everything is my fault,” Keefe said, and he burst into tears.

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      ~Lady Fos-Boss

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      Most likely she'll find out when she heals him. 

      Also, I LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!!! Plz write more!!!!!

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      I have thought about being an author, I’m actually writing an original book right now! I also wrote one with my brothers. This is my... 1.5th fanfic, I guess? I wrote half of one about keefe’s horrible childhood but I got REALLY depressed writing it so I stopped. Would you guys be interested in reading what I’ve written in my original book?

      Also, once again, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THAT COMPLIMENT!!! It means so much to me, considering I’ve actually thought about publishing my writing!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!

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      You are very welcome! I would love to read anything you have writen, I'm sure others here would too. Please post it I think you would make an awesome author and if you publish anything I will definetly read it ! :)

      Same, and I just read your fan-fic and it made my day, im sick right now, and just THIS IS AMAZING! And I like to pronounce Keefe like Keef-e.

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      Silverstar4678 wrote:
      You are very welcome! I would love to read anything you have writen, I'm sure others here would too. Please post it I think you would make an awesome author and if you publish anything I will definetly read it ! :)

      Same, and I just read your fan-fic and it made my day, im sick right now, and just THIS IS AMAZING! And I like to pronounce Keefe like Keef-e.

      Get well soon!

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    • Chapter Nine

      Sophie panicked and immediately reached for his temples. His mind couldn’t be broken, could it? But Keefe had started screaming and yelling.

      Oralie looked panicked as well and grabbed Sophie’s hand. “Let me read your emotions when you go into his mind.”

      Sophie nodded and pushed her concentration into Keefe’s mind, bracing for the worst.

      She wasn’t disappointed.

      Keefe was definitely broken.

      Shards of Lord Cassius snarling and yelling floated past Sophie as she followed the warmth to the little nook in his mind.

      Lady Gisela telling him about his “legacy.”

      But one memory in particular stood out to Sophie:

      “Sometimes we have to break so we can rebuild ourselves into something stronger.”

      Lady Gisela had said that.

      Had she intentionally broken Keefe’s mind with guilt?

      But why?

      Sophie began to speculate but then realized that that wasn’t what was important right now.

      What was important was getting Keefe out alive.

      Sophie watched as Alden floated by, saying, “If you care about them, you’ll let them be happy.”

      She saw Fitz yelling, screaming at Keefe when he’d explained that they’d let Alvar go.

      Sophie’s red fury grew.

      But that wasn’t what she needed.

      She needed love.

      But who did Keefe love?

      His family was horrible to him and his friends all seemed to hate him.

      Sophie tried Alden, hoping Keefe would at least come back for a father figure, but Keefe didn’t.

      She tried each of her friends, remembering all the good times they’d had together.

      She even tried herself, showing him memories of when she’d first trusted him when they were riding Silveny, when he’d given her the paintings of her family and her friends, and all the tiny, tiny, jokes that had always made her feel a little better. Even when she’d pretended they hadn’t.

      But Keefe didn’t come back.

      What else was there to try?

      Sophie tried everything again, hoping against her will that he’d come back and smirk at her, make a joke about his hair, make a joke about being the president of the Sophie Foster Fan Club.

      It didn’t work.

      But she kept trying.

      Over and over and over and over and over.

      She wasn’t about to give up on Keefe.

      But eventually, her consciousness was ripped out of his head.

      She’d been pulled away.

      There were more people in the room than she remembered.

      When had Magnate Leto and Elwin and Grady and Edaline and Lord Cassius and Alden and Della and Juline and Kesler and Tiergan and Fitz and Biana and Tam and Linh and Dex and Marella and Stina and Maruca and Wylie gotten here?

      All the bodyguards were there, too. Sandor and Ro already had been, but Ro looked different than she had before. So did Sandor, actually.

      They both almost looked like they’d been crying.

      But Sophie knew better than that.

      “What do we do?” Sophie asked. “His mind is broken.”

      “I… don’t know, Miss Foster.” Magnate Leto said.

      Sophie ran over to her parents, not able to hold it together any longer. They hugged her back when she wrapped her arms around them, and Sophie burst into tears.

      Keefe’s mind was broken and she couldn’t fix it.

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    • Don't worry, I'm gonna save Keefe, I promise! I could NEVER kill him. He's my favorite. I'm gonna try to get the next chapter out now

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    • Chapter Ten

      “Wait…” Fitz said, his voice breaking its way into Sophie’s jumbled thoughts. “If his mind is broken, why don’t you just heal him?”

      Sophie pulled away from Grady and Edaline to face him. She was aware that she had snot running down her face, that her eyes were puffy, and that she was a mess. But she didn’t care.

      “I can’t.”

      Everyone started to talk at once, all shouting the same question Sophie was asking herself:


      “I don’t know!” Sophie screamed. “It just doesn’t work! You’ve all screwed him over in the head and he doesn’t love anyone anymore!”

      That shut them up.

      Ro spoke up, for once not sounding snarky. “I think I need to show you something.”

      “What is it?” Sophie asked. It came out more sarcastic than she meant it to, but Sophie didn’t apologize.

      “You’ll see.” She grabbed Sophie’s arm, the home crystal off Lord Cassius’s neck, and handed it to Sophie.

      Lord Cassius started to say something, but Sophie held the crystal up to the light, wondering why Ro wanted her to go to the Shores of Solace. Sandor grabbed Sophie’s other arm, saying “I go where you go” in a voice somehow even squeakier than normal.

      When they arrived, Ro lead Sophie to Keefe’s room. She’d been in it once before, and it was as messy as it was the last time she was there. Ro went to the drawer that Keefe kept his notebook in, undoing all the rigged booby traps.

      “You were wrong when you said he doesn’t love anyone,” Ro said, pulling out the notebooks and reaching for the gold one. “There’s one person he loves.”

      She opened the notebook and flipped through it.

      Every single page was filled with a drawing of her.

      As in… Sophie.

      Sophie took the notebook slowly, her jaw dropping.

      The first page had a stunning drawing of her laughing.

      The next one was of her worrying. She started to see what Keefe meant when he said she was cute when she worried. Her eyebrows went together and her eyes got all big.

      Sophie flipped through a few more.

      But then she just started crying.

      Because this didn’t help.

      She’d already tried getting Keefe to come back for herself.

      And it hadn’t worked.

      “What’s wrong?” Ro asked. “He’s in love with you, and I know for a fact he’ll come back for you.”

      “But he didn’t.”

      “What do you mean, he didn’t?” Ro asked indignantly.

      Sophie looked at her feet. “I already tried myself. And he didn’t come back.”

      Ogre curse words filled the air. But Ro had something else to say, too.

      “Did you tell him you loved him?”

      Sophie wished her cheeks would flame. But she didn’t have any energy left for silly embarrassment. “No.”

      “Well, then, what are we waiting for? Teleport us back to Foxfire!” Ro was obviously trying to sound excited. Probably for Sophie’s benefit.

      Sophie grabbed the ogre’s and goblin’s hands and ran forward, charging straight into the void.

      “Woah, since when could you do that?” Ro asked.

      Sophie shrugged. “Since Loamnore.”

      Then she pictured the Foxfire room Keefe and the others had been in.

      No one else was there, but Sophie didn’t ask questions. She started running straight to Keefe. She put her fingers to his temple and entered his mind.

      Keefe! Sophie exclaimed. I need you to come back. I need you.

      She imagined every little tiny thing Keefe had ever done for her. The jokes, the teasing, the help, the sacrifices, the trust. What had it all done? It had made her love him.

      She harnessed that love, feeling it bubble and burst, and then she shoved it all into Keefe’s mind. I love you, Keefe.

      She felt herself start crying.

      Keefe must’ve been healed, because he transmitted back, Don’t cry, Foster. I love you too.

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      Keefe must’ve been healed, because he transmitted back, Don’t cry, Foster. I love you too.

      Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! (:


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    • Okay, this is AMAZING! You are an awesome author! You have a great writing style, you nail the characters' personalities, you don't rush through stuff or drag it on, and those are just some of the things. (Also, I'd definitely read anything you publish) Great job!  And pleeeease write more soon because I'm living off fanfic until fall...

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    • Also, that feeling when you have a really depressing theory and then everything you see, even outside of things that have to do with the book seem to confirm it....

      XD me with my keefe’d Mind is breaking theory

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      Also, when will you post more? CAUSE I NEED MORE!!!!!!!!!! THIS IS SOOOOO GOOD!!!!!!!!!

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      • Cough Cough


      Don't mind me, I'm just the insane bookworm freaking out in the corner. Move along, move along.

      What should I call you?

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    • yea Good thing I sit in the back, only my friends heard

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      ~Lady Fos-Boss

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    • This is amazing!!! ANd Ps, Im living off fanfics to! 

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    • I’m glad you all like it!!! All of your amazing comments mean so much to me, and I know I say that a lot but they do!! I read all of them!!

      As for when the next chapter comes out, I’m hoping I’ll get it down tonight, but we’ll see. It depends on how much homework I get.

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      Lol I’m hoping it’ll be posted in an hour to and hour and a half!

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    • Chapter Eleven

      Sophie pulled her concentration out of Keefe’s mind as she felt the tears of relief spill over.

      “It’s okay, Foster,” Keefe said, reaching out to hug her. “I’m okay.”

      Sophie cried harder at that. But these tears weren’t from relief.

      They were tears of pride.

      What a far cry from what Keefe had used to say.

      “It’s not worth it.”

      She’d always known he’d meant “I’m not worth it.”

      And now he really was okay.

      “Was your mind breaking this whole time?” she asked, dreading the answer.

      Keefe sighed. “I’m not sure. I’d feel myself slipping away. It probably started when Fitz first got mad at you when his dad’s mind broke… I felt like I should have been more helpful, and then it turned out my mom was evil, and I joined the Neverseen, and Fitz and your dad hated me, and you didn’t trust me, and I screwed up in Ravagog again, and then-”

      Sophie cut him off. “Don’t ever feel guilty again.”

      “I won’t.”

      They stood there for a bit, just hugging, before Keefe pulled back, his face red. “So, when you said you loved me…?”

      “I do,” Sophie said, proud that her face didn’t even feel the tiniest bit warm. Why should she be embarrassed that she loved Keefe? He was a sweet, amazing, handsome, funny guy.

      “Like, like like me?” Keefe said, smirking. Sophie wondered if Fitz had shown him the memory of her confessing to Fitz and he was mocking her or if it was just a coincidence.

      Sophie sighed all the same. “Yes, Keefe.”

      “Grady’s going to kill you.”

      “I know.”

      “And guess what else?” Keefe said, yet again smirking. “I won’t break up with you because you’re unmatchable!”

      Sophie playfully slapped him arm. “Come on, Keefe.”

      “Okay, fine. But in all seriousness, I promise I will never do anything to hurt you. I know I’ve messed up in the past, and at Loamnore too-”

      “No guilt!” Sophie reminded him.

      “I know, Foster,” Keefe said, but his smirk was gone. “But we all know I’ve screwed up. And I promise not to do it again.”

      Sophie smiled at him. “I know.”

      “Awww!” Ro said. “I knew you’d figure it out!”

      Sophie had forgotten Ro was there. So was Sandor…

      “Don’t worry, I won’t tell your parents if you don’t want me too,” Sandor said.

      Sophie shook her head. “Actually, I think it’s best if I tell them myself.”

      “Tell us what?” Grady asked from the doorway. Next to him was Edaline and everyone else who’d been there before, plus Glimmer, who must have been pulled from her session.

      Sophie hesitated, hoping her cheeks weren’t too red. “Uh, I’ll tell you later, okay?”

      Grady looked like he wanted to say something, but Edaline shot him a glare and said, “Okay, honey.”

      “Looks like someone woke up!” Elwin finally said, breaking the silence that followed. “Let me give you a check-up! Oh, and Sophie? You’d better come too, just in case.”

      Sophie sighed, but Keefe took her hand and pulled her along after Elwin. The rest of their group followed. Sophie noticed Fitz staring at her and Keefe’s hands, but he didn’t say anything, and Sophie left it alone.

      When they reached the Healing Center, Elwin began checking them, asking them if things hurt. He gave Sophie a mind-clearing elixir and Keefe about ten bottles to take that night, just to make sure he was really okay. While he worked on them, their friends had a lot of questions.

      “How did you get him to wake up?” Fitz asked. Sophie could tell he was trying to hide the sarcasm in his voice, so she let it slide as he added, “I thought you said he didn’t love anyone.”

      Sophie decided not to say anything too specific. “He didn’t, really. But that wasn’t his fault!” she quickly added when she saw Grady’s face. “Everyone was so horrible to him…”

      “But how did you heal him?” Biana asked. Her tone was curious, if a bit worried. But not envious, much to Sophie’s relief.

      “The trick with him was to remind him how much other people cared for him,” Sophie said, knowing she shouldn’t be too specific without Keefe’s permission. “I guess instead of reminding him why he should come back, I reminded him why we needed him to come back.”

      Keefe smirked, talking for the first time since everyone else had shown up. “Always gotta be selfless, Foster. I’ve been taking pointers from you.”

      “Keefe, you need to care about yourself more,” Sophie told him. “You’re a sweet, funny, handsome-”

      Keefe smirked again. “Did you just admit that I’m handsome? I always knew you loved the Hair.”

      “No- ugh, fine.” Sophie felt herself turn as red as a tomato.

      Grady glared at Keefe.

      Biana and Ro shared a look that clearly said, Aren’t they just adorable?

      Fitz smiled at them, but it looked forced. But Sophie knew he was trying, and that was enough.

      Biana finally broke the silence. “So, is Team Foster-Keefe going to win?” she asked, and Sophie knew she didn’t mean it as just friends.

      Keefe looked Sophie in the eye and she nodded.

      “Yes,” they said together.

      Ro clapped her hands. “Aren’t they just too cute?”

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    • 2605:A000:EE02:A700:E07C:8A82:AACC:546B wrote: Awww this is great! Go Team Foster-Keefe! (Also, I'm the same person from directly above this post, and I actually slept in my desk chair bc I fell asleep waitng for it XD It was worth it)

      Oh my gosh I thought that was a joke... do you really love my fanfic THAT much???? Well, thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (By the way that just made my day and I’m gonna brag about you to my friends, thank you thank you thank you!)

      And to everyone else: yeah I know isn’t this LITERALLY THE SWEETEST THING EVER?!?!? I ship sokeefe so hard. Also I wanted to make fitz accept them and be friends with them still, so that’s why I’m including the fitz stuff. He’s gonna move on, and it’s gonna be a hard process, but so is everything. Fitz has great potential, even if he’s not my favorite character right now.

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    • Nope, not a joke! And yes I do!!!! I like that you're making Fitz not a complete jerk. Even though I'm a hardcore Sokeefer, I don't hate Fitz. Sure, he has his bad moments definitely. And Sophitz doesn't work. But Fitz is still human (kinda) and I can see his point a little. I think a lot of ppl (no ofense meant to anyone AT ALL) love their ship so much that they can't even like the other character at all. I think it's really great that you wrote it this way. Now that I'm done with my little rant, I'm gonna shut up and go write some more fanfic. XD Keep writing!

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      • offense not ofense
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    • Sorry, just looked on this again.

      To Silverstar4678 about the whole insane bookworm...

      Call me Eleda. It's the fake name I use online, just in case.

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    • Chapter Twelve

      Sophie sat down on her bed and turned to face her parents.

      Eventually, Grady broke the silence. “So, are you and That Boy dating now?”

      “Keefe,” Sophie immediately corrected. “And no, we’re not. At least, not really?”

      She felt herself turn red. What had happened to not being embarrassed?

      “It’s okay if you are,” Edaline assured her.

      Sophie looked at her feet. “But we’re not. At least, we haven’t planned anything, and… I don’t know. There’s nothing official…”

      Grady huffed. “Looked pretty official to me.”

      “Well it’s not,” Sophie argued. “It was just that when I was healing him, I had to tell him how much I loved him because, like I said in the healing center, he needed proof that someone cared about him. But… I told him I loved him and how much I needed him, and he came back for me, and then he told me that he loved me too.” Then she blushed, realizing how sappy that sounded.

      “Aw, that’s adorable,” Edaline said. “I always knew you’d come around.”

      I’d come around?”

      Edaline smiled in the annoying-mom way that always made Sophie want to hide under her fluffy blankets for a year. “It was obvious how much he loved you. Even more obvious than it was with Dex.”

      Sophie blinked. Grady scoffed.

      “Oh, don’t be like that,” Edaline said, still smiling. “He told you all the time. I wasn’t even with you guys that much, but he’d always compliment you, protect you, and he also constantly brought up the fact that he was ‘president of the Sophie Foster fan club.’ He also doesn’t care about matchmaking.”

      “But,” Grady intervened, “that doesn’t mean I trust him. That Boy-”


      “Keefe has lied to you, betrayed you, and hurt you. Multiple times.”

      “He apologized for that and promised he’d never do it again,” Sophie said defensively.

      Grady raised his eyebrows.

      Sophie covered her face again, feeling the heat on her palms. “It was the first thing he said after I healed him,” she added, hoping she win over her overprotective father.

      “Well, that does count for something,” Grady said, which Sophie was willing to take. She was sure Keefe could win Grady over.

      Sophie lowered her hands from her face, saw Edaline’s goofy smile, and immediately covered her boiling face back up.

      “It certainly does,” Sophie heard Edaline say.

      A silence followed the statement.

      “Well, kiddo, you’ve had a long day,” Grady finally said.

      A subject change. 

      Sophie slowly lowered her hands from her face, relieved she didn’t feel like her face was on fire anymore.

      “Why don’t you get ready for bed?” Edaline offered.

      Sophie was quick to agree. She hopped in the shower, glad to be able to wash away the emotions of the day.

      She imagined all the worry and stress and pressure and loneliness of the day slowly wash down the drain, replaying her entire day as she did so. She held onto her happiness and pride and love. She especially replayed her conversation with Keefe after she’d healed him.

      But then she realized there was one thing she’d forgotten to figure out.

      What was she going to tell Grady and Edaline about Glimmer?

      She stressed for the rest of her shower, ruining the fresh start she’d been hoping for. She changed into her pajamas slowly, dreading the conversation ahead.

      Then she forced herself to open her bedroom door.

      “Mom? Dad?” she called. “There’s something else I need to tell you.”

      “What?” they called in unison from below her.

      Sophie hesitated before eventually saying, “Uh, can you come up here?”

      They did as she asked, and Grady raised his eyebrows at her again.

      “It’s not about Keefe,” she said first to make sure they didn’t get any ideas and start asking questions. “I just wanted to let you know that we found out Glimmer’s real identity today. She asked me not to tell you, but… I think you deserve to know.”

      Grady took Edaline’s hand.

      “She knew you before she joined the Neverseen,” Sophie said, wondering how she was supposed to word this.

      They’d been crushed when they’d found out Jolie was with the Black Swan.

      How would they react to her having been with the Neverseen?

      “Sophie, you’re killing us,” Grady said, sounding almost calm. “Who is she?”

      “Uh… I don’t know how to put this,” Sophie finally said. “She’s… Jolie.”

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    • OMG WHY the cliffhanger! And why do I feel that wasn't an accident and you're not sorry and that you're thoroughly enjoying torturing us?! ;) But yes your writing is REALLY REALLY great! Now that you've posted, I can go to sleep in a bed and not an uncomfortable desk chair XD

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    • JewelStorm14 wrote: Plz don’t skip to morning or something so we can see gradys reaction

      I won’t, don’t worry. I just, you know, gotta figure out what Grady’s reaction will be.... I’m planning on posting tonight, but I guess we’ll see how the homework goes.

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    • I both love and hate the cliffhangers.

      Is that possible?

      It tells me more is coming, but it also means IT'S NOT HERE.....

      Also, above... What's the link to?


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    • A sad vedeo that stars Keefe :(

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    • Awwwww that was so sad :( poor Keefe

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    • Take was to depressing for my ultra optimistic heart.

      I couldn't even take the whole thing. I gave up in the middle. 

      POOR KEEFE!!!!!!!!


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    • Oh yeah I’ve seen that before and it always makes me cry.

      As for homework, XD thanks guys. I don’t have too much today, so there SHOULD be a chapter in our future. No promises though.

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    • YAY!!!!!!!!!!!

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    • Chapter Thirteen

      Sophie scanned her parents’ faces.

      Edaline had silent tears slipping down her face. Sophie had expected as much.

      But Grady was turning red.

      And redder.

      And still redder.


      “Why didn’t she tell us?” he interrupted.

      Sophie shook her head. “I don’t know. We only found out today and I told you as soon as I could.”

      “We know, sweetie,” Edaline said, wiping her tears and coming over, sitting on the bed next to Sophie and wrapping an arm around her adoptive daughter. “And do you know what this means?”

      Sophie shook her head again.

      Edaline smiled. “You’re going to have an older sister.”

      Well, that was a weird concept.

      Sophie had never had an older sister before. She always was the older sister.

      She knew her parents wouldn’t love her any less, and she knew they didn’t compare her to Jolie anymore.

      But what if Jolie decided to live with them? That would be so weird, having a sister again.

      But… it’d be nice.

      “Do you want me to ask her if she wants to stay with us at school tomorrow?” Sophie offered.

      Edaline nodded. Grady reluctantly followed suit, adding, “But I am going to have a long conversation with her about faking her own death and lying to her own parents for years.”

      “Don’t be too hard on her,” Edaline said, starting to cry again. “We only just got her back.” Her voice cracked on the last word, and she started sobbing.

      Sophie wrapped her arms around her mom, and Grady joined them, turning it into a group hug.

      “We love you, Sophie,” Grady said, and Sophie felt so much better. Edaline was quick to agree with him, and Sophie felt her own eyes get watery.

      She smiled. “I love you guys too.”

      - - - - - - -

      The next day Sophie went to school, nervously plucking out eyelashes. What was she supposed to say to Glimmer?

      She stumbled through the halls to the Silver Tower.

      “Sophie? Why are you here?” Lady - or, Master - Cadence asked.

      Sophie looked at the woman urgently. “I need to talk to Glimmer. Is she in her dorm?”

      “She should be,” Lady Cadence agreed, “but you and your friends have a tendency to not be where you’re supposed to be.”

      “Can you show me where it is?” Sophie asked, ignoring the possibly-an-insult.

      The Beacon nodded, and she led Sophie up the stairs to an area with what had to be hundreds of doors. Each one had a name printed on it in silver, cursive font, and Lady Cadence showed Sophie to one marked “Glimmer.” It was missing a last and middle name that every other room had.

      “Here you are,” Lady Cadence said. “I’ll leave you be.”

      Sophie thanked her and summoned the courage to knock.

      A beat.

      “Who is it?”

      Sophie sucked in a breath. “Um, Sophie.”

      The door opened a second later.

      Jolie wasn’t wearing her hood.

      Sophie saw why everyone said they looked alike now. The girl staring back at her looked exactly like an older version of herself with Edaline’s turquoise eyes and makeup.

      “Come in before someone sees me,” Jolie said.

      Sophie nodded mutely and entered the room.

      Even though Jolie had only been in there for a few days, it had tons of personality.

      Pink walls, glitter. A fluffy, velvet couch. A bed with silver-laced pillows and blankets. Books, stacked everywhere and anywhere. Art supplies. A desk with makeup piled on it and a mirror.

      That reminded Sophie…

      “Do you want Vertina back?”

      Jolie whipped around. “You have Vertina?”

      Sophie nodded.

      “I’d love to talk to her again,” Jolie agreed.

      Sophie smiled awkwardly. It was weird admitting that she was going to miss the makeup-obsessed girl in her mirror. “I can bring her if you want.”

      But Jolie shook her head. “Grady and Edaline can’t know.”

      And… it got ten times more awkward. Sophie didn’t say anything, but Jolie seemed to guess.

      “You already told them, didn’t you?”

      After a second, Sophie nodded.

      Jolie ran a hand down her face, smearing some of her perfect mascara. “What did Dad say?”

      Sophie hesitated but eventually told her. “He said that he was going to have to talk to you.”

      “What about Mom?”

      “She was just happy you were alive.”

      Jolie nodded. “Sounds like them.”

      Sophie didn’t know what to say to that, but there was one other thing she wanted to ask.

      “Okay, but… that means we’re sisters,” she finally said.

      Jolie gave an awkward laugh.

      Sophie didn’t know how to reply to that.

      But in the end, Jolie did for her.

      “I’m not your sister,” she said. “I’m your mother.”

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    • AHHHHHHHH!!! Umm technically no since we know her mom is Oralie..... SO confused!!!!!!!!!)

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    • ok guys, dont worry i promise ill explain! i know oralie is confirmed her mom... but i dont buy it, so i wrote this...

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    • Whaaaaaat? Plot twist! I love this fanfic... Keep writing!

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    • Lol I promise I’ll explain it all and for up all the loose ends next chapter. Also I probably won’t post tonight, but I’ll do my best to get one out tomorrow morning! So about 24 hours or so until you get answers... I’m cruel I know XD

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    • wait as sec... WHAT THE HECK JUST HAPPENED!!!!??????????!!!!!!! PLZ POST MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!

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      She's her biological mom, AND her adoptive sister?


      And, uh, WHAT ABOUT ORALIE?!?!?!?!?!

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    • ~Eleda

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    • But, nontheless, it's still AWESOME!!!

      What time zone are you? I'm Eastern Standard Time. I kinda get confused sometimes with the comments, so...

      Just want clarafication- I swear I'm not a creepy stalker!!!



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    • I’m pacific standard time. You can only do emojis if you’re on a mobile device like a phone or ipad that has them.

      As for the fact that Oralie is her mom, I PROMISE ILL EXPLAIN, I HAVE ANSWERS THAT MAKE SENSE

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    • When r u going to post I needs moooooooooooooooreeee

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    • if u press WINDOWS and . you will get emojis

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      You can?!?!? I’m going to be using THAT XD

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    • As for when I’m posting, it will hopefully be by 9:00 am tomorrow PST? Sorry I’ve been busy binge-ing Hamilton stuff on youtube, I just saw the show last weekend and I’m OBSESSED!

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    • Chapter Fourteen

      “You’re my… what?”

      Sophie must’ve repeated the question ten times already.

      Because this didn’t make sense.

      Oralie was her mom.

      Not Jolie.

      “I’m your mother,” Jolie repeated. “Why else do you think we look so much alike?”

      “But Oralie’s my mom,” Sophie said, still not understanding. “She said she wasn’t, but then her Empath tell told me that she was.”

      “As far as she knows, she might be,” Jolie said. “But why would Mr. Forkle pick an Empath? He specifically didn’t want you to be one. Plus, she’s a councillor. Mr. Forkle would never do that.”

      But there were more pieces that didn’t make sense.

      “But Mr. Forkle told me you weren’t my mom!”

      “Yeah, and he told Oralie she was. Do you honestly think he wouldn’t lie to protect you?”

      Sophie didn’t want to admit it, but it made sense. “But you were supposed to be dead when they, um,” Sophie faltered, and she turned a little pink, “made me!”

      “I was,” Jolie agreed. “But I wasn’t. The Neverseen faked my death, but I also told the Black Swan that I was still alive. When Brant pretended to kill me, I was still halfway between the lines. I was for quite a while, actually. I finally cemented my decision between the two groups when Brant died. I thought that if it was a cause that he was willing to die for, it must have been worth it. I still love him. But I never fully cut ties with the Black Swan. I switched from being a double agent for the Black Swan to being a double agent for the Neverseen. And I only came back to your side because I saw my own daughter performing incredible feats for what she wanted the world to be like.”

      After that information load, Sophie wasn’t sure what to say.

      She didn’t hate Jolie like she’d hated Oralie when she found out about her.

      She’d never even known Jolie.

      And… it made sense. Except for one thing.

      “But Mr. Forkle refused to tell me who you were,” Sophie finally asked. “If you were supposed to be dead, I should have been allowed to know who you were.”

      “But that might not work for two reasons,” Jolie said, sitting down on the couch. “One: it could have been because your father was the problem.”

      Sophie interrupted her. “Wait, you know who my dad is?”

      Jolie sighed. “No. All I’m saying is that it’s possible that they can’t tell you because he’s famous or something. But the other thing is, even though everyone thought I was dead, I wasn’t. If I ever decided to come back to the world, that would have made it a million times harder for me.”

      “But how do I know that Mr. Forkle didn’t lie to you too?” Sophie asked. If he’d lied to Oralie, who knew how many people he’d lied to?

      Jolie gestured to her mirror. “Does that lie?”

      She had a point. They were practically twins.

      Sophie sat down on the couch and put her head in her hands. “This is so weird.”

      “Tell me about it,” Jolie agreed. “You were never supposed to be adopted by my parents. The Vackers were supposed to adopt you.”

      Sophie nodded. Someone had told her this before, although she wasn’t sure who. Probably Mr. Forkle.

      Then the bell rang, interrupting their conversation.

      “We’d better get to class,” Jolie said.

      Sophie nodded mutely and stumbled towards her telepathy session with Tiergan and Fitz. When she arrived, Fitz was already there, tapping his toe impatiently, but he didn’t look angry. Just worried.

      “Where were you?” he asked. “We couldn’t find you at your locker or at orientation!”

      “Sorry,” Sophie said, stumbling over her words. She was still shaken up over the new Jolie revelations. “I was talking to Glimmer because I told Grady and Edaline who she was and thought she should know that I’d told them.”

      She didn’t say any more than that. She hoped he wouldn’t put any pieces together like he had last time with Oralie…

      “Oh,” Fitz said, his face softening. “That sounds like it must’ve been a weird conversation.”

      “It was.”

      Fitz’s expression turned a bit darker as he changed the subject and asked, “So, um, what’s the deal with you and Keefe?”

      Sophie didn’t say anything.

      “Sorry, that came out wrong,” Fitz apologized. And it sounded sincere. “I just want to know because you guys are my best friends and I’m just wondering if there’s anything between you I should know about. I promise I won’t stop you or do anything bad if there is. I just… want to know.”

      And he sounded a little envious. But he was trying so hard, so Sophie told him, madly blushing, “Um, kind of…? There’s nothing official yet, but when I healed him I had to tell him how much I loved him and needed him for him to come back, and I realized it was true, and he told me he felt the same way. But there’s no official dates planned, and we haven’t decided anything yet…”

      Fitz smiled, and it didn’t even look forced. “That’s so great! I’m happy for you guys.” The last part sounded a little faked, but Sophie was okay with it.

      She reached over and hugged him. “Thank you.”

      They were interrupted when Tiergan walked into the room, late, as he often seemed to be.

      “Hi?” he said in an almost patronizing tone.

      They pulled apart, and neither of them were red. They were friends now, just friends, and nothing more.

      And it felt so good to get everything off her chest and move on from Fitz.

      She now understood why she’d liked him when she was younger. He was handsome and he was the one who’d showed her the elvin world. Where she belonged. He’d been kind to her.

      But Keefe? Even though he never brought her to the elvin world, Keefe was always there for her. In her one of her first hours of need at Foxfire, he showed her the way to the healing center. He kept detention light and funny. When Alden’s mind had broken, he’d helped her. He’d supported her when she’d thought Jolie was her mom, awkward. But he’d gone to her when he needed help when they were living in Alluveterre, and Sophie had been happy to return the favor for all of his help. He’d make mistakes and joined the Neverseen, but Sophie had forgiven him for that. He had messed up, but he’d realized his mistake and promised never to do it again. And even the times when he had, like when they were at Ravagog and when they were in Loamnore, it was to protect Sophie. Keefe had helped her when Lumenaria fell. He’d seen Mr. Forkle die at her side, and he’d supported her through it. He’d made her feel better when she’d felt hopeless for her parents. Actually, he’d done that more than just then. His jokes had been her savior too many times to count. But then he’d helped her through her parents’ washings ad Alvar’s trial. He’d told Fitz to stop yelling at her after it. He’d shown up and kept her sane when her and Fitz were on bed rest after Umber had attacked them. He’d accepted and supported her relationship with Fitz even though he’d liked her because it made the two of them happy. And then when it hadn’t, Keefe had been right there for her, ready to help her in any way he could. He helped her work through her unmatchable status, her ability healing (again), and now, he’d come back from a broken mind just because she loved him and he loved her back.

      She understood why she liked Keefe. Who wouldn’t?


      Wait, if Fitz was transmitting into her mind…

      Sophie sighed. You just heard every single thing I thought, didn’t you?

      Yep, Fitz agreed, grinning.

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    • THIS IS SO GREAT!!!!!!!!!!

      I'm not entirely sure about the whole 'Oralie is a lie, it's Jolie' idea, but you wrote it really well!

      Also, I liked Fitz's reaction here. You didn't portray as COMPLETLY fine with it, but you didn't make him a jerk either. You made him somewhere in the Goldilocks Zone.

      You're fanfic was the first one I found, and I can definently(Spelling????) say it's one of the best!


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    • Haha thank you everyone! As for the Oralie vs Jolie thing, its mostly just a theory that i wanted to make more known of mine.

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    • Idk I don’t think Jolie would make her parents suffer, or at least find a way to earn them about Brants pyrokinesis (the journal doesn’t count BC they couldn’t read it)

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    • This is really good! It makes me wonder if Sophie's biological parents could both be female...maybe that's why Mr. Forkle insists on keeping it secret. The Jolie theory is really interesting.

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    • Ohhhhhhh that would make sense

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    • True but don't you need a female and a male to you know have a child?

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    • This. Is. AMAZING!!!!!!! You are truly a great writer and I love reading your fanfics. Please write more soon!

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    • Thanks everyone! As for the jolie stuff, I know it’s weird and probably not gonna happen, but I feel like it’s a theory that should be more well-known so I put it in my fanfic.

      I haven’t posted cuz of Super Bowl Sunday (my family loves the 49ers, sad that they lost) and I’m kinda sick and had nightmares all night so I’m tired. If I don’t post tonight because of it, sorry guys. But I’ll try to.

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    • Ok! Hope you get better soon!! And I get it too. I had a fever two weeks ago, and now I hurt my knee, sooo...... I'm with you with the I don't fell good!!!

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    • I love it but kind of dislike the idea of Jolie being her mom because then Grady and Edaline would be her grandparents.... 

      ~Lady Fos-Boss

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    • Yeah, that definitely would.

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    • And weird

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    • It would be SUPER weird. But it also kind of makes sense.

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    • 2605:A000:EE02:A700:A470:79A5:2999:6DE6 wrote:
      Okay, this is AMAZING! You are an awesome author! You have a great writing style, you nail the characters' personalities, you don't rush through stuff or drag it on, and those are just some of the things. (Also, I'd definitely read anything you publish) Great job!  And pleeeease write more soon because I'm living off fanfic until fall...

      SAME! It drives me crazy!

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    • Nice!

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    • What if the Black Swan used like 10 DNA samples and thats why Orilie and Jolie are her parents?

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    • Whaaaat! This is a whole new level of possibility... Also what if Mr. Forkle's twin (the dead one) is her dad, and the alive one says its not him cause it isn't. Also Mr. Forkle said that he had been the one to give Sophie the power reset in Exile and that was when she asked him if he was her father he said no. So the other one might have been her father, making the alive Mr. Forkle her uncle!? Idk

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    • Hah-Hah!!!!!!LOL!!!!!!

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    • Dudes my brain hurts from all of these possibilites.

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    • Here's one of my fanfics:

      "You're probably wondering why I called this meeting," Mr. Forkle announced. He had called Sophie, Keefe, Fitz, Dex, Bianna, Marella, Tam, Linh, and all the rest of the group to Havenfield's pastures.

      "And why the Collective is here too," he continued "We have discided that you have all gained our trust almost fully. We have decided to reveal Blur's true iddentity."

      A murmur rushed through the room. "Who could it be?" wondered Bianna, who was standing next to Sophie.

      Mr. Forkle sighed. "If you could just listen," said Mr. Forkle "You kids would find out. Go ahead Blur."

      Blur took out a bright pink vial and started to drink.

      Sophie shook her head. It couldn't be, she thought. "Are you," she began "Jensi's brother?"

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    • Yas! That's what I'm *spoiler alert* going to do for my fanfic!

      Is that a part of your own fanfic? I'd love to read it!!!

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    • That's all I have so far! I'll work on it...

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    • That’s so great!! I love it! It also reminds me of a dream I had before Legacy came out where pretty much all of Legacy was just Mr Forkle explaining everything to Sophie. XD that didn’t happen. But maybe in book nine?

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    • Yeah, I think that's going too happen!

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    • I hope! Maybe she'll have Book 9 and then another book after that that is entirely Sophie asking everybody all the questions she wants the answers to. Maybe we'll figure out the Great Gulon Incident... I can't wait for your update!

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    • Or a book that's just a log to the Lost Cities, and it has seperate stories, like some of Sophie's alchemy sessions. This is still KeeperGirl, but I'm useing a different computer.

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    • Shannon said that she would never tell us the great guldon accident in one of the books because it would only be a short paragraph of Keefe telling Sophie. So she said that if she ever told us it that it would most likly be in Keefe's point of view in a short story. 

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    • ^yeah I feel like I heard that the short story of the great Fulton incident was confirmed to happen once the series’s is over but I might be misinformed. I hope she does!!!

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    • Swearingparrot wrote:
      ^yeah I feel like I heard that the short story of the great Fulton incident was confirmed to happen once the series’s is over but I might be misinformed. I hope she does!!!


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    • Also, when are you going to post more? 

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    • Lol yes I meant Gulon XD! As for when I’m going to post, it might not be until Saturday. I have a hectic week, sorry guys:(

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    • I have been silently reading this all day! This is truly AMAZING! KOTLC is the best series ever and you have a very creative mind! It is also nice to have this extension written by a Foster-Keefe fan! I was literally shrieking when Keefe said, I love you too, Foster. I emailed this to another KOTLC fan and she loved it too! You have so much talent, you could make a carreer out of this!

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    • I'm eating a cinnamon roll and crying a bit right now. THIS FANFIC IS SO GOOD!


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    • Oh my god thank you so much guys!!!!!! I love y’all! <3

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    • Ok, I'm dying to find out what happens next.

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    • Me too!

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    • omg this is sooooooooo good!!!!! one of the best fanfictions out there!!!! you're a great writer!!!!!!! i need to know what happens next . . .

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    • ^IK!!

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