• Soooooo... this is my first try at a fanfic. It's also based on an underrated ship! It takes place right before Legacy. Please read it and give me suggestions for what should happen next. 

    Chapter One- Linh

    Linh sits on the edge of Calla's Panakes tree, looking up to the night sky. She had left Sophie's house hours ago, but she was too tired to go home. She was too worried about Tam, who had left them to join the Neverseen. Or had he left to save them? She really hoped he went to help Linh and her friends. Tam wasn't like that, was he? Would he really betray them like that?

    As Linh was lost in her thoughts, one person was caught in her mind. Sophie. They had grown closer since Tam had left, mostly because Sophie was having boy problems. Linh didn't know what the big deal about boys was. All of them seemed more or less the same. Sophie, on the other hand, was special. Her eyes, and her abilites...

    Linh wished she could be that special. Instead, she had been frowned upon during her childhood, and her teenage years. She was glad that she was no longer being seen as the Girl of Many Floods, and now one of Sophie Foster's friends, who saved the elvin world time and time again.

    But Linh had a new desire- one to stand with Sophie at the front, not being behind her like always. She wanted to stand with Sophie, and hold her hand. She wanted to show that she was powerful, too. 

    But Linh couldn't do it. She was so quiet and calm, so all she could do was keep those thoughts in her person.

    "Linh?" A familiar, soft voice said from behind her. It was almost pitch black now, but Linh could still see.

    Linh turned around quickly, getting up off her feet. 

    "Sophie?" Linh asked. It was definitely her. Her blonde hair was back in a ponytail and she was wearing imp pajamas. (A gift from Dex, maybe?)

    "What are you doing here?" Sophie asked. Linh pulled her hair behind her ears. 

    "I can't go home." Linh said. "Not until Tam is back with me." 

    "You could stay with me, if you want. Havenfield has room for you." Sophie suggested.

    Linh lit up. "Of course i'll stay." She said nicely. She had totally emphasised that too much.

    Sophie reached her hand out. "Come on."

    And Linh took her hand. 

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