• So, of all of the different candidates, Cassius Sencen stands out as the strongest. Too bad this disrupts the glorious ship of SoKeefe... Or does it?

    Starting out with how this all happened, we know that both Keefe and Sophie were genetically modified before their births, so they could be connected. Lord Cassius is the kind of person to have always wanted a powerful child, so when it was proving to be difficult for him and Gisela to have a child, he jumped on the opportunity to have one another way, namely Project Moonlark, resulting in Sophie. The Black Swan then worked on Sophie's genetics for many years before planting her in the human world, during which time Keefe was born to Cassius and Lady Gisela, which is why Keefe is older than Sophie. 

    But, then, how can the SoKeefe shippers of the world be satisfied? Because of the drastic changes to both Keefe and Sophie's genetics, maybe they aren't technically related, but if they ended up together, their origins could still prove to be a problem ethically. Another way this could work out is that Cassius and Keefe are simply not related - the whole serum thing was (not just super wierd) but also just a ploy to get Cassius to believe it was his child, which then led to the disconnection between father and son.

    That's all from us, but let us know what you think!

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    • EMERY

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    • YESS!!

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    • I think her dad is Fintan. (*everyone gasps*) I think her dad is Fintan because Mr.Forkle said that it could cause even more disturbance to the Elvin world. Just think about it; the order LEADER of the Neverseen being Sophie’s dad. I know what you must be thinking, why would Fintan help the black swan? Well, we all know that Fintan was once a Councillor. What if he Donated his DNA before Pyrokinetics were banned? Also, Fintan has blonde hair like Sophie. Finally, when you think think about it; the Neverseen spared her life during the beginning books, when Fintan was their leader. I hope you like this crazy theory, even if it is probably not true. -ilovemallowmelt

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    • I highly doubt it’s Cassius, because like Lady Gisela said, he has to much respect for the council and his reputation. He also had to literally make Keefe love with them, and risk valuable information to get I got eh black swan, which wouldn’t make sense if he were already part of them, because that would just make no sense if he was trying to also help Sophie’s parents. I think it’s Tiegran, because he’s a blonde telepath that’s always looked out for her, and is part of the black swan. He also barley has any interactions with Oralie, so he’s a suspicious candidate! I think we’ll never know honestly, because Sophie is adamant on not searching who her parents are anymore.

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    • Fintan doesn’t make sense, because he was already sort of the neverseen before Sophie could have been made, and that he was already locked up for his crimes. So, he wouldn’t work, also I highly doubt it, because he seems way too violent for the black swan to ever reach out to.

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    • I think her dad is Elwin!

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    • If I had not read Legacy and dicovered that Oralie is Sophies mom, I would of though differently. Here is a theory.

      What if Forkle didn't know who Sophies parents were off the top of his head but, he patially erased it from his memory (and his brothers memory) and Sophies parents memories and needed to hear the right trigger words to remeber who her parents really were.

      (Because if not Sophie could just steal that info right from his brain, she has done it before. Just saying.)

      Ok, back to the theory, ok, so what if Forkle agrees to tell Sophie who her parents are (for whatever impossible reason) and when he gets the trigger words and find out himself he is shocked. So when he tells her he tells her haltingly and says, that he was shocked, her parents were shocked also, and that her parents were explaining it to he sibling.

      (see where im going here?)

      So when she asks if she can see them and he says yes, Forkle leaps them to.........

      Candelshade. (Lets just assume Gisela is not evil.)

      So, Lady Gisela and Lord Cassius are Sophies parents and Keefe is her brother.

      (or twin I don't know yet but prob her brother, just her brother)

      It would make sense because of her abilities. She is a polyglot like Lady Gisela, and she is a Telepath because of her tweaked genes but because Lord Cassious is an Empath she can feel thoughts like an Empath can feel feelings.

      Her being a Inflictor and Enhancer is just becasue of of her tweaked genes again, and being a Teleporter is just a side effect of being modeled after alicorn DNA.

      I'm glad for some of you who read all of this and I know there are some plot holes and this is totally NOT TRUE because Oralie is Sophies mom, but it felt nice to be able to type this so there.

      -Jane Doe

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    • I guess so... I think her bio dad is either Sir. Tiergan ( a.k.a. granite)or Elwin!!! I'm hoping it's Elwin though.

      - Emma Rose

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    • I think it is Grady as Grady protects her, and has blond hair and that should be the reason he always believes in the black swan and the reason he wanted to adopt her. However, Grady suspected the Black Swan killed Jolie and he would not have approved for the parentage if he suspected the black swan killed jolie

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    • Or Maybe Fintan, as he has blond hair, as does Sophie. He has always seemed interested in her. Fintan has shown no concerns in hurting people he's close to, so he would have no problem hurting Sophie too. This is a contradictory theory because Mr. Forkle said that he made sure she was not a Pyrokinetic. This wouldn't make much of a difference, since they have tweaked her genes, though. However, this is unlikely because Mr. Forkle told Sophie that her parents did not know each other.

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    • Quinlin as he was very surprised to find out Livvy was with the Black Swan, and that might be because he contributed DNA to the creation of Sophie. He was also shocked when Sophie turned up at his office for a probe. This is unlikely because he was involved in Prentice's memory break. He also searched for Sophie with Alden, which he would not have done if he knew more about Project Moonlark. There is a very slight chance of being him only, though. He never appreciated the black swan.

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