• Hi! We haven't met before, and I'm sorta stalking the wiki in search of new people to talk to, so hello :D Also, any good k-pop recommendations? I've started to listen to BTS and kinda love it hehe

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    • hi! 

      that's fine lol

      To be honest, I think it'd be good if you started and stuck with BTS for a while before dipping into other groups. I'll still give you some recommendations though.

      What are your current favorite BTS songs?

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    • Oh no, I was away for a while because of holidays and whatnot and forgot about this :( 

      Anyway, right now I love their album Wings and probably The Most Beautiful Moment In Life: Young Forever. As for individual songs, my favorites are Save Me and Butterfly and basically anything in those two albums (I love their 2016 songs).

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    • first off, sorry for responding days late lol as you said lot of holidays going on Second off, would you like me to recommend one group and some songs by them? Or give you some recommandations by a couple artists? (or all the artists I stan/listen to, which is like 50+ I think) also, i don't mind if you don't like the songs i recommend. Most of my favorite songs are edm, and i know quite a few people that don't like that type of music. do you have a bias in BTS so far? Mine's 2seok (Jin and j-hope; they are my literal sunshines and  brighten my every day 😔💕) another also, what are your pronouns? mine are they/them

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    • Probably recommendations from a couple of artists (wait, woah. that's a lot XD) since I'm kind of at a stalemate w/ BTS. I want to listen to more k-pop, but for some reason, I just can't find other groups that I like. It's weird. Ok ok, so my number one bias is Suga (I just love him so much! :( ), but Jungkook is #2. Actually, I love them all way too much. Mine are she/her (thanks for asking btw. no one really does that to me)

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    • wait so suggestions from a couple artists or suggestions from all artists?

      sorry if this sounds repetitive lol just making sure before I send you a really long comment

      OT7 is probably my second bias too, that's for sure 

      also (i use this word a lot XD), it's fine if you solo stan BTS. You really don't have to get into as many artists as I'm in to lol. I've been a kpop fan for a year now, and I really would recommend just focusing on BTS for a few months, then maybe checking out other groups. (At least that's what happened with me.) And if you don't end up stanning them, you can still listen to and/or respect them.

      (np💕, it's kinda a normal trend on this wiki, also just making sure I don't accidentally misgender you)

      Happy Taehyung Day!

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    • I think suggestions from your favorite artists (however many that is XD)

      Yeah, BTS is a pretty good starting point, but I'm just interesting in branching out a little. And yeah (jeez, I use that word a lot), of course.

      (that's so considerate :). I know a bunch of trolls on the internet who misgender on purpose. They then have to deal with my utmost rage.)

      :O Same to you! I now feel bad I didn't know earlier xd V is such a legend.

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    • favorites definitely make the list shorter (phew)

      like, i love all the artists i stan, it's just some are my ults (bts being my ult ult lol) and that's fine

      i'll put a ✨ by the songs that have deep meanings, and a 💕 around songs with pretty or cool music videos.


      my current other ult that's not BTS is the girlgroup LOONA, so I'd like to recommend them first

      By LOONA 💕 (their mvs are really pretty): Vivid, Around You, Let Me In, Everyday I Love You, Eclipse, Singing In The Rain, Love Cherry Motion, new, Heart Attack, One&Only, Egoist

      more info on them if you would like (click expand): 

      Each song is a solo song for each member. There are 12 members, one for each month. (this is because of their Korean name 이달의 소녀 which translates to Girl Of The Month)

      I'd like to add that all of these songs are in very different genres from each other. (also, new was the first soultronica kpop song)

      One of the most interesting things about LOONA is their universe (which has been called the loonaverse lol). In this fictional universe, each girl represents a different color, and animal. They are divided into subunits as well, which represent different stages in a romantic relationship. All members have their own place in a mobius strip; which is really hard to explain in this message

      even more info on them here (not made by me btw):

      By TWICE: Feel Special 💕✨, Fancy, Girls Like Us✨, Likey, TT, Yes or Yes, Dance The Night Away, Fake & True, Breakthrough


      By ATEEZ: HALA HALA💕, Say My Name, Mist, Aurora 💕, Illusion, Wave, Treasure, Wonderland, Pirate King, Utopia, Dazzling Light

      (ATEEZ are really good dancers too. My favorite dance performance by them is called ATEEZ(KQ Fellaz) Performance Video Ⅰ on youtube. the song their dancing to has bad words in the lyrics, if you're uncomfortable about stuff like that)

      By Stray Kids: Double Knot, Levanter ✨💕, Hellevator ✨, Get Cool 💕✨, Awkward Silence ✨💕, Astronaut

      A quick note about Stray Kids: if you notice 9 members in most of their music videos, but only 8 in their latest ones, one of the members Woojin left the group for personal reasons. this october actually. he was my bias :(

      By TOMORROW X TOGETHER: Crown💕✨, Blue Orangeade, Nap of a star 💕, Our summer, 20cm, Popping Star, Angel or Devil 💕, Run Away 💕, Magic Island 💕 (first group to debut BigHit has debuted after BTS)


      By Day6✨(all their songs are pretty meaningful): Time Of Our Life, Shoot Me (don't worry, this song is from a guy to his former girlfriend who hurt him), Sweet Chaos, Not Mine, How to Love, My Day

      By The Rose: She's in the rain ✨, Insomnia ✨, Red, ILYBD (i love the main singer of this group, Woosung. He has a very distinct unique voice)


      By Baekhyun: I'd say his only EP City Lights really slaps (UN Village 💕)

      By Dean: Instagram ✨💕, Bonnie and Clyde, Sometimes I hear howlin' in my head, dayfly ✨

      (I love Dean's voice so much)

      By Heize: We don't talk together ✨(this song was produced by Suga), Shut Up & Groove, She's Fine💕, Falling leaves are beautiful, (honestly I love her whole discography)

      tried to make it as short and simplified as possible xd

      (yeah, that's what makes this wiki kind of like a safe space)

      to be honest i only remembered his birthday cuz I put it as an event in the calender app on my computer. and twitter. but i wouldn't recommend checking social media for news, sometimes it's really heart breaking. 

      happy listening uwu

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    • also have this:

      Heck's Friend Badge

      If you have this badge on your profile, it means that user Some1New (aka heck/Melissa [or perhaps you know their real name]) considers you their friend! You have talked with them about ships, books, kpop groups, Webtoons, PewDiePie, pets, anything really! It doesn't matter how long you've known them or how many conversations you've had. They know they genuinely enjoy talking with you. And they know they like you, as a being in general. Here's to more friendship! *insert awkward hug from heck themselves uwu*

      Add this badge to your profile using {{HeckFriend}}.

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    • aaaaaa i feel like that was too long 

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    • ok, firstly, THANK YOU for introducing me to dean, heize (she's so pretty :( ), and loona. I still haven't listened to all of the artists, but I think they caught my eye first, so thank you thank you thank you.

      and here's this less aesthetically pleasing thing:


      If you have received this, it means that Evelina considers you an amazing friend. And when she says amazing, she means that you have been with her through so much. She really does value your friendship (probably more than her irl friendships), and she just wants to thank you. You're funny and a great person to talk to. You've sat through some crazy live chats, ranted about characters, obsessed over some kind of food, made some inside jokes that no one else would ever understand, or even talked about something a bit more serious. Evelina really wants you to know that she appreciates you.

      To put this onto your profile, type {{EvelinaFriend}} into the source code.
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      what do you mean less aesthetically pleasing that's beautiful :') thank you

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    • :))

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    • also, are you aware of the Bangtan Universe?

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    • Aak, this message got put on read by accident. But yeah, I've heard of it before.

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    • have you read the Webtoon SAVE ME then? BigHit collaborated with the comic company LICO to publish it on webtoon. I'd suggest reading it if you're interested in the BU. also, check out xCeleste's (on youtube) summary of the BU (again if you're interested)

      It's really confusing for me personally, still trying to learn it though.

      also have you seen the WINGS short films they're kinda scary in a creepy way

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    • I just noticed your profile. Are you ok?

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    • atm, yeah. i changed that at a pretty bad state, but i'm feeling a lot better now. I'm gonna put a gif and stuff in it pretty soon so h

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    • Ok, I'm really glad. I'm sorry. <3

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    • don't apologize, it was an perfectly understandable question <3

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    • A FANDOM user
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