• Hello! I have seen your request on the mentoring page and would be happy to mentor you, if you're alright with that :)

    A bit about myself is that Keefe is my favourite character, my favourite sport is hockey, and I play the trumpet in my school band. I'd love to get to know you better! What book is your favourite in the series?

    Finally, what are you most interested in learning about on the wiki? Is there anywhere you'd like me to explain further about- or just a general walk-through?

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    • Yes! I'd love a mentor! Especially you! My favorite book is probably Exile, because of Silveny. I loved the pink Iggy. Was Iggy pink? I think so. Hard to keep track. I'm interested about who Umber, Trix and Glimmer are (I haven't read Legacy, but I noticed Glimmer on Tam's page). Also, I'm looking forward to see who Tam (he and Keefe are my favorite characters) ends up with. If I had to pick an ability it would be a Shade. Vanishing is awesome, though.

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    • Awesome! I like Exile, Neverseen, and Legacy!

      Hmm, not sure about Iggy... maybe? lol

      Me too! I hope we get to know soon. And eep! Beware of spoilers, there are a lot here

      Oooh nice! I think Conjurer and Vanisher would be cool

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    • I know Maruca's ability, since I'm now halfway through Legacy.

      The Neverseen's butts will be so kicked in the 9th book without Ruy...

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    • Do you like Legacy so far?

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    • Sorry I haven't gotten back to you get hehe there's been alot of stuff going on.

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    • No worries!

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    • A FANDOM user
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