• Hello!

    I'm sorta new here, and I never saw you around the wiki!

    I just wanna say hi to you!

    How are you doing?

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    • Hey!

      Welcome then--I hope your having a great time on here. I'm not around much anymore because of overscheduling nonsense, and all honors classes--But I'm still doing pretty okay.

      What about you? How'd you like Legacy?

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    • Great to hear that! I'm doing great, but I'm leaving due to homework and studying for tests.

      I liked Legacy! It was great! 

      Did you read it? How much did you like it?

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    • That reminds me...I should probably be studying for midterms and a science competiton rn. Yay. 

      I loved Legacy as welll---But I wished it had a little more plot...It felt as if SWM just subbed in dwarves for trolls, and Sokeefe for Sophitz. I'm hoping book 9 is better (even if Legacy was still good)

      I hope your tests went well :)

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    • Aw, I hope you do well!

      I have high expectations for book 9, since it could be the last book to the series. ALSO.. I really want to talk to shannon messenger about how she is so evil with cliffhangers.

      I got a C- on it; but I did a redo and got a B+, which is better than a C-.

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    • Thanks-- I did pretty good on my midterms and placed high in the science competition. Which is kind of surprising, considering that I guessed on a lot of the physics questions (I honestly have no idea why anyone would place a freshman, who has no prior physics knowledge on a physic test. *shrugs* We got to bring notes though, sooo....)

      Apparently the last cliffhanger wasn't even her idea.... What do you think of bk. 8.5?

      Nice, I'm glad you did good :)

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    • Good job! :D dont worry i guessed on everything on my ela test and got a b

      So you know how at the side, it always says the book number, like book seven, or book 8? I'm wondering what Shannon will do for unlocked... I'm super excited! At least it comes out this year, not like how book 9 is supposed to come out at 2021.

      Thank you! Same with you >:D

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    • Impressive :) 

      I bet it will just say 8.5... but now I'm hoping it surprises me---I'm pretty excited too, though it honestly feels really weird knowing that bk 9 comes out when I'm a junior in highschool.......It's really strange knowing how long I've been following this series and knowing some people have been for way longer...

      Thanks :) Btw, do you have any book recs? I'm gathering a list of things to read in Quarantine.

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