• Hello!

    I'm sorta new here, and I never saw you around the wiki!

    I just wanna say hi to you!

    How are you doing?

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    • Hey!

      Welcome then--I hope your having a great time on here. I'm not around much anymore because of overscheduling nonsense, and all honors classes--But I'm still doing pretty okay.

      What about you? How'd you like Legacy?

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    • Great to hear that! I'm doing great, but I'm leaving due to homework and studying for tests.

      I liked Legacy! It was great! 

      Did you read it? How much did you like it?

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    • That reminds me...I should probably be studying for midterms and a science competiton rn. Yay. 

      I loved Legacy as welll---But I wished it had a little more plot...It felt as if SWM just subbed in dwarves for trolls, and Sokeefe for Sophitz. I'm hoping book 9 is better (even if Legacy was still good)

      I hope your tests went well :)

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    • Aw, I hope you do well!

      I have high expectations for book 9, since it could be the last book to the series. ALSO.. I really want to talk to shannon messenger about how she is so evil with cliffhangers.

      I got a C- on it; but I did a redo and got a B+, which is better than a C-.

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