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    Heya there, BroShipper3!

    Welcome to the wiki! To get started, please take a look at the Administration list and read the rules! They're not too complicated or hard to follow; most are a specific part of "use common sense." If you're super new to FANDOM, I suggest doing this little interactive intro. It includes how to use FANDOM and some introductory wikicode lessons! You can call me Char and use she/her pronouns for me. I hope that you have a FANTABULOUS time here! You can ask me any questions that you want, and although I am a mentor, I may not know the answers to all of them. Sorry!

    I'd love to get to know you! I'll try my best to respond ASAP, but I often go on inactive streaks. What do you want me to call you and what pronouns do you use? Next are a few completely-optional-to-answer KotLC related questions, that I hope can be used for us to get to know each other better: Who’s your favorite Keeper character? Who all do you ship? What's your favorite ability? Favorite KotLC book? Favorite event in that book or another?

    Anyway, have a great time!


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    • First of all, I try my best not to get annoyed at Linh, she's not bad but I just really don't like her I'm-so-special-because-I'm-the-only-hydrokinetic-and-my-life-sucks. Butttttttttttt I use she/her, I ADORE Keefe SENCEN baby!, I ship Keefe/Sophie-Fitz/Nobody-Biana/Tam-Dex/Marella-Linh/Wylie-Bo/Ro (hence my name!) and eceteria, my favorite ability is either a Technopath or Hydrokinetic (linh just uses it to show off), my favorite book is probably Exile (because it has a lot of KEEFE), my favorite event is the sleepover in Lodestar (just because of the triplets), and of course I had to read Legacy in a day...but I've read spoilers before and that wasn't any fun so I'll shut my mouth. 

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    • It's okay if you don't like a character! What's your favorite Bo/Ro ship name? Mine's RoBot. Their names have such potential XD

      Technopathy and Hydrokinesis are also two of my favorites! My other favorite is pyrokinesis.

      Okay I love the triplets I NEED THEM IN BOOK 9!!!!

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    • Honetly? YES. I like Bro...I don't even know if that's an offical name or what...but whatever

      Triplets do need to be in the ninth book...I have a few ideas how they could be incooperated. 

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    • I agree!

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    • A FANDOM user
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