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    I was on the Harry Potter wiki and I noticed they had like these little "Order of Merlin: First Class" things for people who have passed a certain amount of edits. Do you think we should do that if you like pass 2k - 2.5k? I'm not really sure how to do these kinds of "certificate/template" stuff but this is just a suggestion.

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    • I have seen badges on other wikis as well and I know I can enable basic ones on here if you're interested. I'll play around with them later today and see if I can't make them more personalized (maybe prattles inspired??? possibly the levels of Foxfire; let me know if you have any ideas!)

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    • I think the levels at Foxfire one would be really cool.

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    • I think that sounds really fun! Perhaps we could do the badges based on amount of edits? I would be happy to be in charge of granting the badges if you'll teach me how. Here's some information that might be helpful in making them (and my suggestions for amounts.)

      500 edits: Level One (Onyx/Gremlin/Curious and Capable)

      750 edits: Level Two (Sapphire/Halcyon/Calm and Steadfast)

      1000 edits: Level Three (Amber/Mastadon/Clever and Cooperative)

      1250 edits: Level Four (Emerald/Dragon/Adaptable and Cunning)

      1500 edits: Level Five (Ruby/Saber-tooth tiger/Bold and Calculating)

      1750 edits: Level Six (Diamond/Yeti/Earnest and Fearless)

      2000 edits: Level Seven (Gold/Flareodon/Resolute and Enduring)

      2500 edits: Level Eight (Silver/Unicorn/Noble and Gentle)

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    • So upon doing some research into the badges I found out that someone must request badges be added to the wikia as they are not automatically available anymore. I can do this if there are enough people interested but I'm not sure it will better this wiki in anyway. I've read about badges HERE and their purpose is to encourage certain types of edits, many of which don't apply to this wiki. 

      Badges like 'added 25 pictures to pages' are not very applicable because there is not a lot of pictures related these books. Additionally, I could see some (well-meaning) editors adding a ton of pictures to get the badge but the pictures not being useful for the wiki pages and making things too cluttered. There are 36 badges in total and only a few (like number of edits) really make sense for us.  

      What I think could work well in place of these automated badges is our own badges for edits. I could make these badges available as pictures (on the policy page) based around the Foxfire levels, like mentioned in the above comment. Then each user can add the badges to their own wall independently, trusting that they'll be more or less honest. 

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    • Update: IceCream111 and I have been discussing this, and we've decided we're almost certainly going to do it. Thank you for the suggestion!

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    • No problem! This is probably the first time anything I’ve suggested has been put into place. Though, have you discussed how the edits mean, as in comments and actual editing?

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    • We haven't specifically discussed that, but I believe we are counting all contributions because it's too complicated otherwise.

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