• Hello. As a member of this wiki, I would like to propose a few ideas.

    Ambassadors. An ambassador is someone who tries to make peace with other countries. In this case, an ambassador could be someone who tries to resolve problems with members of this wiki. Example: My club celebrates Sofitz. We do not allow Sokeefsters. "I'm From the Sokeefester club. I don't like sofitz because they don't have a real relationship!" "That's not fair! Keefe just wants Sophie as his prize!" (And so, a big fight breaks out, and it's out of control. Who do you send? An ambassador. A nice friendly person who has been on all sides, such as in this situation, has been a Sokeefe shipper, and respects sofitz) "Hi! My name is _______" I hear you have a problem? (And then from there. If the problem isn't solved, punishments could be serve)

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    • Hey, Eva, if you go through with this idea, I'll be an ambassador. someone called me a 'sour loser' because i ship Sokeefe

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    • Hello! Thank you for your idea, however i feel that an Administrator would be better for the situation, as they have certain abilities and are meant to uphold the Official Policies and¬†Guidelines. Thank¬†you for though.

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    • A FANDOM user
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