• Breakfast

    "Hey, Foster."

    Sophie looked up from her breakfast and saw Keefe standing in the doorway, his hair stylishly tousled and his ever-present smirk brightening the room.

    "What is That Boy doing here?" Grady muttered.

    "Good morning to you too, Grady." Keefe grinned.

    "We'll leave you two alone." Edaline smiled knowingly and pushed Grady into another room.

    "What do you want?" Sophie asked, going back to her breakfast and letting a curtain of blonde hair fall, covering her shadowed eyes.

    Keefe made his way over to her and tucked a piece of hair behind her ear. "What? No 'hello, my amazing boyfriend, how are you'?"

    He noticed the shadows under her eyes and traced them with his finger. "Nightmares?"

    Sophie shook her head.

    "If you don't tell me, I'm gonna put my Empath skills to work," Keefe warned. "And we both know that will likely pick up on some other feelings."

    Sophie groaned. "Fine. I didn't tell Fitz."

    "Why not?"

    "Because I know how he's gonna take it. I told him that I wasn't ready for a boyfriend and here I am, not three weeks later, dating you." Sophie massaged her temples.

    "You want me to tell him?" Keefe offered. "Or we could tell everyone else and let them tell him. Or we could keep it a secret."

    "Fitz and I are Cognates. I'd have to tell him someday." Sophie noted.

    "Hmm. Good point," Keefe scratched his head. "Just let me tell him." He said after a moment. "I'm his best friend. He won't get that mad."

    Sophie looked at him. They had both been there when Alden was broken and both of them had to endure Fitz's rage.

    "Seriously, though. I'll tell him." Keefe pushed.

    Sophie shook her head. "I will. I'll go now."

    Keefe's eyebrows shot up. "You sure?" 

    Sophie nodded. "It'll be better coming from me. And then we can tell the others. Just not all at once. I don't want to have to endure all the questions. And teasing."

    "Nah. All the teasing normally comes from me," Keefe noted.

    Sophie rolled her eyes and stood, moving towards the Leapmaster.

    Keefe stood by her as she called for Everglen.

    He squeezed her hand and kissed her quickly.

    "Good luck."

    Sophie stepped into the warm light and let it carry her away.

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    • Lunch

      "I'm assuming you told him?"

      Sophie didn't move.


      Sophie spun around and looked at Keefe, sighing. "We probably should've had Biana tell him."

      "That bad, huh."

      Sophie nodded and turned back to the food she'd been picking at on her desk. Keefe pulled a chair over and took her hand.

      "It is what it is. He'll-" Keefe started.

      "Don't you dare say 'get over it'," Sophie interrupted. "Because we both know that's not true."

      Keefe snorted. "Yeah, okay. Fitzy can be..." He searched for the right word. "Difficult," He finally said.

      Sophie snorted. "Ya think?"

      "But," Keefe added. "He cares about you. It'll just take some time."

      Sophie stared at him like he had two heads. "Did Keefe Sencen just say something without snark?"

      Keefe laughed. "It happens sometimes. But my wisdom comes with a price."

      He waited a minute before saying, "E.L Fudges."

      Sophie playfully smacked him on the shoulder. 

      "Or those Oreo things you were talking about," Keefe added. "Anything works."

      "You realize that after we snuck off and fought Lady Gisela, Sandor has been even more protective of me," Sophie noted.

      "I'm sure we can get away from him," Keefe's grin widened. "I've learned how to breed those amoebas she's been threatening my dad with."

      "Okay, what's going on?" Sophie asked.

      "What do you mean?"

      "Sandor would've said something by now and Ro hasn't killed you yet."

      "Oh, yeah," Keefe smirked. "Ro and Bo are not particulary happy with my newest verse of the Ballad of Bo and Ro. Last I saw they threatening eachother in the living room."

      "Oh, great," Sophie sighed.

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    • Midnight

      "How'd you get away from Ro?" Sophie asked as they crept toward the cliff by Havenfield.

      "Told her I was going to talk to you," Keefe said.

      "And she let you go?" Sophie asked.

      Keefe smirked, at least, that's what Sophie thought. It was hard to see anything in the dark. "Well, I said some other stuff too. But you don't have to worry your pretty little head about it."

      "And now I'm worried," Sophie said.

      "You'll be fine. It was nothing bad. Most likely I'll be the only one that gets in trouble if we're caught." Keefe said, nearly falling off the edge of the cliff. Sophie grabbed his hand and yanked him back.

      "Whoops," Keefe peered down into the darkness.

      "Well, try not to fall off the giant cliff next time. You know, it might be smart." Sophie said.

      "Don't worry," Keefe grinned. "I'll take you down with me." He pulled her off the cliff and Sophie could barely open the void before they crashed.

      "Keefe!" Sophie yelled. 

      "Yeah?" Keefe rubbed his head where he had hit it after the particulary bumpy landing out of the void.

      "That was dangerous! You could've killed us!"

      "Nah. I knew you'd open the Void in time. Now, where are we?"

      Sophie looked around, choosing to yell at him when they were back home.

      "We're at a grocery store. It's where humans get there food," She explained.

      "Ooh. Okay, we're getting a lot more than just some Oreos! I'm tasting all the human food!" Keefe exclaimed, moving towards the door.

      Sophie grabbed his arm and pulled him back. "We can't just go in. It's closed. We have to break in."

      Keefe looked at her in surprise. "Sophie Foster wants to break the law?! I'm in!" He slipped a thin metal stick from out of his pocket and set to work on the lock.

      "Since when do you know how to pick locks?" Sophie asked, rubbing her shivering arms.

      Keefe smirked. "How do you think I do anything?"

      Sophie nodded. "Yeah, that makes sense."

      "Wow, human locks are easy." He pulled open the door and stepped inside, holding it open for Sophie.

      "Yeah, well, pretty sure they never expected an elf to be breaking in too a grocery store." Sophie said, searching the walls for secuirity cameras.

      "Don't worry." Keefe said. "I brought an obscuer just in case." He patted a pocket on his jerkin.

      "Since when do you think ahead?" Sophie asked, scouring the shelves for human candy Keefe might like.

      "Since tonight. Ooh! What are those?" Keefe pointed to blue box with cookies on the front.

      "Chips Ahoy." Sophie said. "It's a kind of cookie."

      "Yes and yes!" He took two boxes, also adding a box of Chips Deluxe.

      As they went through the ailes, his pile grew with a carton of Turkey Hill ice cream and a pint of Ben and Jerry's.

      "Alden's Organic," Keefe read. "Alden is organic?"

      Sophie laughed. "It's just a brand." But Keefe had already moved on to another aisle and she rushed to catch up with him.

      He got a box of pre-made s'mores and a bag of Skittle's and mini Reese's.

      "Alright, I think we're good." Keefe said.

      "Here," Sophie took half of his stack. "We should probably get a bag. So they don't fall when we teleport. Speaking of which we need to find a cliff."

      "Meh." Keefe said as they piled to goods into three bags. "We'll just find some big building. I heard human cities have lots of those."

      Sophie placed a stack of bills on the couter and said, "Or we can levitate."

      They left the store and Keefe replaced the lock. "Alright, let's go."

      He took her hand and they started rising. The higher they got, the thinner the air was and it got hard to control.

      "Are we going to the Shores of Solace or Havenfield?" Sophie asked.

      "Let's go to Candleshade. No one's there and I'm sure Sandor can wait before piling on the lectures."

      "Okay. Let's go."

      She took a deep breath before saying.


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    • I like this page. Its like a window into the future! So excited for Sophie and Keefe! :)

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    • 1:37 am

      "So, question." Keefe said, leaning back against the crystal wall. "Do you think I've gained two or three pounds since we started eating?" He patted his stomach and licked chocolate ice cream off of his fingers.

      Sophie snorted. "Wow. You're way behind. I'm already on five."

      Keefe laughed and scooted closer. Sophie leaned back and stared at the twinkling crystal chandelier that hung in the main room, chewing on a Skittle.

      "How much trouble do you think I'll be in when Sandor finds out?" Sophie asked, eyeing the door like she expected the overprotective bodyguard to coming bursting in.

      "I think he'll understand that you needed some adventure." Keefe said, shrugging when Sophie looked at him like he had two heads. "Seriously. You've been on so busy, staying up all night to work, you needed a break."

      "And breaking in too a human grocery store and eating candy with my boyfriend is a break?" Sophie noted.

      "Well, you're enjoying yourself aren't you?" Keefe asked.

      "Well, these Skittles are really good," She piled a few in her mouth.

      Keefe smirked. "Nah, the Skittles have nothing on this ice cream." He stuck a finger in the carton and drew lines through it. "Sooooo creamy." Sophie laughed and scooted closer, leaning her head on Keefe's shoulder.

      It wasn't awkward like it was with Fitz, it was gentle, nice. Her relationship with Fitz had her trying to look and be her best, because, well, he's a Vacker. She had to be perfect. But with Keefe, she could be herself. She could do anything she wanted and Keefe wouldn't mind.

      "When did you realize you liked me?" Sophie asked.

      "I dunno. Probably when you knocked yourself and Fitz out in the Sploching Match. Only Sophie Foster can do that."

      Sophie rolled her eyes.

      "But," Keefe added. "I always knew you were special. I mean, who else could take out a Vacker?"

      Sophie laughed and relaxed against him, putting her head in his lap. He stroked her hair and they talked. Not about anything important, unless you count a huge debate about whether s'mores or Mallowmelt is better as important.

      "Mallowmelt is so creamy!" Sophie argued.

      "But s'mores have creaminess in the marshmellows and deliciousness in the chocolate. And crunchiness in the graham crackers. They've got it all." Keefe said.

      "Okay, okay. Fine. S'mores are better." Sophie reluctantly agreed.

      "Ha ha! I win!" Keefe yelled.

      "Yeah, yeah." Sophie said and they fell into a silence.

      It wasn't awkward like it was with Fitz. It was, sweet.

      And before they knew it, it was morning.

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    • I love this so much!

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    • 6:23 am

      "Sophie. Sophie!"

      "What?" Sophie asked groggily as she sat up from Keefe's lap.

      "It's, sorta, kinda, um," Keefe bit his lip and rubbed the sleep out of his eyes. Sophie did the same, the bright light of the sun was so much worse with all the crystals in Candleshade.

      Wait! The sun?

      Sophie jumped to her feet. "It's morning! We slept here!"

      Keefe's smile was sheepish. "Oops."

      "'Oops'! Just 'oops'! We're gonna be in so much trouble!" Sophie paced the room, trying to tame her rat nest hair.

      "Calm down, Foster," Keefe rose and took her hand, sending a soothing mental breeze through her mind.

      Sophie took a deep breath and slowed her thoughts. "Okay. It's morning. What do we do?"

      "Well, we can say that an orge ate us and we had to wait for it too poop us out." Keefe suggested. "No, because then Ro's gonna be so mad."

      Sophie rolled her eyes and continued pacing.

      "Sandor's gonna freak when we tell him what we did." Sophie stopped pacing to catch her breath.

      "Who said we would tell him?" Keefe asked. He waited until Sophie looked at him before continuing. "We tell him we went to Rimeshire to help Dex with a gadget because he asked us to come. He said he needs three people for the gadget to work so he called us."

      "Okay..." Sophie nodded. "But we'd need a reason for why we didn't come back."

      "And I have one." Keefe assured her. "Lovise thought she sensed members of the Neverseen and told us that it wasn't safe to go home."

      "But we would've hailed our parents if that had happened." Sophie noted.

      "Relax, Foster. Trust the Empath. I'm good at this stuff." Keefe started pacing as he continued. "We tell him that the gadget Dex had made had accidentally messed up our Imparters so we couldn't hail anyone."

      Sophie considered this for a moment. "Okay," She said slowly. "But Sandor's going to ask Lovise and Juline and Kesler."

      "I'm sure if we go there now, we can convinve them to lie for us." Keefe assured her.

      "Alright." Sophie relented. "Fine. We'll do that. But we have to go now. Every second is another lecture Sandor's gonna give me."

      Keefe's grin was enormous. "Woo! Plan Lying to the Bodyguard is a go!"

      "Seriously? Why not ask Fitz and Biana?" Dex asked, folding his arms and staring at them.

      They had leaped to Rimeshire and had explained to Dex what had happened.

      "Because," Sophie glanced at Keefe. "Everglen isn't the best place I should be right now."

      Dex's eyes narrowed and then shot up. "Did you guys...?"

      Sophie nodded.

      "So," Dex looked at Sophie, and then at Keefe. And back to Sophie. "Are you guys...?"

      "Don't tell anyone!" Sophie pleaded. "I want to tell them myself."

      Dex smirked. "Yeah, I won't tell anyone. Just so you know, always knew this was gonna happen."

      Sophie cheeks burned and she let her hair fall over her face.

      Keefe cleared his throat and continued. "So, can you tell your parents? We gotta get back soon."

      Dex nodded. "Sure. But you both owe me."

      Keefe grinned. "Dexy's gotta a devilish streak, Foster. You sure you wanna do this?"

      Sophie sighed. "A thousand lectures by Sandor is worse. I hope."

      Dex shrugged. "Maybe, maybe not."

      "Oh, geez. Okay. Thank you SO much Dex!" Sophie hugged him. 

      "Yeah, okay. Now go! Your in for lectures lie or not lie."

      "Oh, joy."

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    • 6:41 am

      When they got to Havenfield, there was yelling, lots of yelling.

      It seemed that everyone had gathered in the pastures.

      The Collective, the Councillors, all of Team Valiant, and a mix of adults, bodyguards, and kids. Even Maruca and Marella where there, though Sophie had no idea why.

      Nobody noticed them, and Sophie was glad for the few precious seconds of no Sandor lecutures.

      Linh was the first to see them. She was standing by Tam, keeping an eye on Glimmer and Tam's conversation. Glimmer made sure to stand away from the angry hydrokenetic in case she decided to carry out her rain cloud threat.

      Linh strode over to them and whispered, "They think you were kidnapped by the Neverseen." Sophie had to strain her ears to hear over the shouting, a mix of adults and Sandor.

      Linh went back to keep an eye on Glimmer and Sophie and Keefe waited uncomfortably, neither one wanting to speak up.

      Councillor Sophie Is Still Not Saying Her Name saw them next. Thankfully, she didn't yell, she just nudged Councillor Alina who did all the yelling for her. "Where have you been?!"

      The next few moments were a mix of yelling, strangle hugs and overall chaos.

      When they finally quieted down, Sandor strode over to Sophie and grabbed her arm, squeezing so tight that Sophie could feel her heart pounding.

      "Where were you?" Sandor demanded, his squeaky voice making it easier to lie.

      "We were at Rimeshire, working on a project with Dex." Sophie was proud of her legs not shaking under the stare of many angry people.

      "That doesn't explain why you didn't come home." Grady accused.

      "Lovise sensed the Neverseen and said it wasn't safe to come home." Keefe delivered the lie smoothly.

      "Then you could've hailed your parents." Councillor Clarette noted. Sophie remembered her as the one who controlled the Arthropleura that injured Fitz

      "The gadget we were working on messed with their imparter so they couldn't hail anyone," Dex answered, striding forward with Lovise, Kesler, and Juline right behind him.

      "Is this true?" Sandor asked.

      "Yes," Lovise said and Juline and Kesler nodded.

      "It messed with our imparters too," Juline added.

      This seemed to be enough for everyone, and after a few more questions for Mr. Forkle, everyone left.

      Except for Fitz.

      "Where did you really go?" Fitz asked.

      Sophie narrowed her eyes. Fitz didn't trust her.

      "Rimeshire," Sophie snapped, her anger obvious.

      "We went to Rimeshire."

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    • I <3 it! Keep going!

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    • Amazing! Can't wait for more! 

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    • It's very good!

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    • Moare!

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    • 7:58 am

      "So. Not doing that again,"

      Sophie sighed and picked at the grass. She and Keefe were sitting outside by Calla's panakes tree.

      Sandor had left Bo to watch them and he and Flori met with the Collective about Sophie's safety. Which probably wasn't a good idea considering the fact that Bo and Ro were staring each other down with their fists clenched.

      "Look, I'm sorry." Sophie looked at him in surprise.

      "Did you seriously just apologize? Never thought that would happen."

      Keefe smirked. "Yeah, it doesn't happen a lot. But when it does, you know I really mean it."

      Sophie scooted closer and laid her head on his shoulder. "It wasn't all you're fault. It was mine too."

      "But I pushed you to." He argued.

      "Shut up," Sophie groaned and Keefe laughed.

      They sat in a comfortable silence for a bit before Sandor rushed outside holding Sophie's imparter.

      "Sorry to interrupt, but the Councillor Bronte has called." He said breathlessly.

      "What does he want?" Sophie asked, standing and taking her imparter.

      "I don't know. He just hailed a second ago." Sandor explained, moving over to Bo and Ro to stop the brewing fight.

      Sophie faced the imparter towards her and saw that Bronte was in his office.

      "Uh, hi." Sophie said.

      "Hello, Sophie," Bronte sat down in an armchair.

      "Um, what do you need?" Sophie raised an eyebrow.

      "We have something important to tell Team Valiant. Would you please hail your teammates and tell them to go to the front of Foxfire at 8:15."

      "Why can't the other Councillors hail them?" Sophie asked, but backed down when Bronte gave her the evil eye. "Okay, I'll hail them now."

      "Good. See you then. And Sophie," He added.


      "Wear your crown."

      "Well," Keefe said uncomfortably after Bronte clicked off. No matter how hard Sophie tried, he was still jealous about Team Valiant, but for some reason he got happier when Sophie reminded him that Fitz wasn't on the team eaither.

      "I'll hail you after," Sophie kissed him on the cheek and promised again to hail him after.

      Keefe kissed her once more before glittering away.

      "I still don't like That Boy," Grady informed them from the doorway and Sophie groaned and rushed up to her room to change.

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    • Omg yes write more!!!

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    • Hello peeps! So, I need ideas. Like, a lot of ideas. I had one but then I forgot it so please help me! Thanks! Love you guys!

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    • Got it! How throw Fitz into the mix, plus a little jealousy and Bam! This time it's not Tiana, but chaos and drama and readers banging their heads on a wall because of Fitz!

      Or, not. Something less dramatic, like Keefe being interrogated by Grady and Sophie cringing while watching it. 

      Or something cutesy like, a date or something.

      Or nothing at all.

      -Lady Sassyfur

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    • i want more 

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    • me too

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    • MORE!!!!!

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    • wrote:
      Got it! How throw Fitz into the mix, plus a little jealousy and Bam! This time it's not Tiana, but chaos and drama and readers banging their heads on a wall because of Fitz!

      Or, not. Something less dramatic, like Keefe being interrogated by Grady and Sophie cringing while watching it. 

      Or something cutesy like, a date or something.

      Or nothing at all.

      -Lady Sassyfur

      ya. me 2

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    • (btw love the ideas Lady Sassyfur, going to use them in the next one, too much drama in this one LOL) 

      8:14 am 

      "Thank you so much Dex!" Sophie had leapt to Foxfire and Dex was already there.

      "It's all good, Sophie," Dex laughed at her tackle hug.

      "Do you know why we're here?" Sophie asked, pulling away.

      "No, they didn't tell me anything."

      "They're learning from the Black Swan," Dex tutted and Sophie laughed.

      "Well, we're working with their Moonlark." The Councillor's walked up to them, Councillor Emery leading them.

      "Or you're just super annoying," Dex countered.

      Councillor Alina rolled her eyes and said, "Are the rest of your friends here?"

      "Yep," Biana answered, going to stand next to Dex with the rest of Team Valiant following her.

      "So, what's going on with you and Keefe?" Stina asked, being her usual nosy self.

      Sophie cheeks burned as she mumbled, "Nothing."

      Stina smirked. "Okay, then. What's going on with you Fitz? You guys weren't staring into each others eyes or anything. He seemed to be avoiding you." She frowned at Dex. "You know something!" 

      Dex flinched. "No I don't!" But Stina had grabbed his wrist and was looking at Sophie.

      "He's lying. Something happened."

      "Okay!" Councillor Emery interrupted, saving Sophie from having to answer. "Let's move on to the real reason we're meeting here today."

      "Which is?" Dex asked.

      "We will be adding a new member to Team Valiant." Councillor Terik said. He was walking a lot better and barely limped.

      This announcement was followed by gasps and guesses of who it would be.

      "But first," Councillor Alina waited until we were all looking at her. "You must promise to help him become a part of the team and teach him are routines."

      "So it's a boy." Dex said.

      "Yes. It is." Emery said.

      "Tell us who it is already!" Biana said, jumping with excitement.

      "He should be here in a moment." Alina said.

      "I'm here."

      A painstakinly familiar voice with a deep accent echoed through Sophie's ears, growing louder as a handsome boy with startling teal eyes stepped forward, managing to avoid eye contact with Sophie as he surveyed the team.

      "Hello, Mr. Vacker," Emery said stepping forward and placing his hand on Fitz's shoulder. 

      "Team Valiant...

      "Say hello to you're new teammate."

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    • 8:17 am  

      Sophie was in shock.  

      Why?! Why of all people did it have to be him?  

      "I thought you said you weren't going to have Fitz or Keefe join," Dex said, glancing at Sophie who had stepped back and was looking everywhere but at Fitz.  

      "Yeah, I thought that was the point of Team Valiant," Biana said looking slightly disappointed that her brother had joined. 

      "No. The point of Team Valiant is to help the Lost Cities be safe and keep the citizens away from harm." Alina said.  

      "Yeah, but," Dex glanced at Sophie before saying, "I thought that you weren't going to have him join so Sophie could use her other strengths."

      "Yes," Emery relented. "We did. But we think their telepathic connection will help, and we're willing to have him join if it will help our citizens."

      "How?" Sophie had to ask.

      "We're hoping you can help us find that." Emery said. "You've done well with the Black Swan-"

      "Well, we're not the Black Swan!" Sophie said. "My other abilities aren't as strong because the Black Swan's missions rely on my telepathy and inflicting. Isn't this Team supposed to help that?" 

      Stina glanced from Sophie to Fitz and back to Sophie. "Um, Sophie. I would've thought you'd be more excited for your boyfriend to join." 

      She smirked at how Fitz and Sophie both flinched at the B word.

      "Sophie," Emery interrupted before Stina could say anything else. "What you said is all true, but we think the citizens will be safer if we have Cognates working with us."

      "Yeah, but-"

      "Sophie," Alina warned and Sophie sighed and backed down.

      Stina narrowed her eyes at Sophie. "Is it just me, or does anyone else think something happened between those two?" Stina pointed a finger to and Sophie and then Fitz.

      "Yes." Biana and Wylie answered together.

      Before Stina could say anything else, Sophie pulled out her leap crystal. "Is there anything else? I have to go."  

      "No, that's all." Emery said, raising an eyebrow in Sophie's direction, as if he was suspicous.  

      "That's great! Okay! See you guys later." She held her crystal up into the light creating a beam of light. She glanced quickly at Fitz and said, "Welcome to the team."

      "Wait! Sophie!" Fitz called but Sophie had already stepped into the light and was swept away.

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    • OMG! I LOVE THIS SM!!! (I mean so much, not Shannon Messenger, although you are such an amzing writer I'm stilll not sure that it isn't her writing this, or some other professional author! Keep writing please!


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    • this fanfic is soooo good! plz write more!!!!!

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    • to GleekShipperGal11

      First of all, thank you

      Second of all, I would never think myself as a good as shannon messenger but I like to write stories so I appreciate the support!

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    • Aww... Hubby, honestly you are better in some ways, because you ship Sokeefe! (and you reply to me... I sent Shannon a very important piece of fanmail expressing my love for Sokeefe and Keefe in general, and I doubt she even read it... XD)

      I am so amazed at your writing talent! I wish I had half the mad skills that you got... (Sad face) but I'm glad that there are amazing writers out there like you and Shannon to write exactly what I need! You use more unique figures of speech than Shannon by the way. She is an amazing storyteller but her writing is general is slightly lacking something (it might just be the fact that everyone is always inadvertently swearing (Ro unleashed a string of colorful orge curses, Keefe unleashed some creative words, etc.) or how when she says "And it wasn't even awkward." instantly and successfully making it as awkward as Sophie in a red carpet gown and Stilettos) 

      Wow. That was longer than it was supposed to be... I get really carried away when I have Fandom induced sleep deprivation (a common event for me).

      Continue your story please if you have time!


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    • ^I meant HUNNY XD hubby sounds creepy! Lol


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    • GleekShipperGirl

      That's literally the nicest thing anyones ever said about me! So thanks so much! That makes me feel so good about myself!

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    • 11:49 pm

      A quiet knock sounded on the door followed by Keefe's soft voice.


      Sophie slunk to the door and pulled it open, revealing an obviously very tired and worried, Keefe.

      "What do you want?" Sophie asked, going back to her desk and sitting on her spinny chair.

      Keefe frowned as he pulled up a chair next to her and took her hands, rubbing his thumb across her knuckles.

      "What's wrong? Grady and Edaline said that you went to your room the second you got home and stayed here ever since."

      Sophie pulled away and brought her knees to her chest, hugging them tightly.

      "They said you didn't eat anything and you won't talk to them. They hailed me to see if I could make a difference." Keefe continued while studying her face, his frown growing deeper.

      "Well, sorry, but you can't change anything." Sophie snapped, surprised at how her tone came out.

      Keefe didn't say anything, he just sat there in silence.

      Finally, annoyed, angry, and upset, Sophie got up and went to her closet, pulling out a thick cape.

      Keefe watched her as she went to one of the windows and pulled it open.

      "When's Sandor gonna be back?" Sophie asked, tightening her cape around her.

      "Early this morning," Keefe answered. Sandor had gone to a meeting with his queen. "Around three am."

      Sophie climbed up on the ledge of her windowsill and looked out at the dark night. "Don't tell them where I am. Don't tell anyone." Sophie's voice was dark, hollow, with no emotion.

      "Foster," Sophie looked at him, expecting him to tell her to come back. But all he said was, "Don't do anything stupid, okay?"

      Sophie studied him and nodded.

      Then, she lept out of her window and teleported to the front of Cliffside Gate.

      Sophie wanted to be somewhere were no one could find her, and everyone knew this was the last place she would ever go.

      Sophie pulled her cape tighter around and crept up the lock.

      After breaking into the grocery store, Sophie had been practicing picking locks, in case of emergencys.

      This little adventure didn't really count as an emerygency, but Sophie didn't care. She needed to get away.

      Once through the gates, she crept towards the cave, jumping at every shadows.

      At the mouth of the cave, she took a deep breath and went in, unaware of the person watching her as she moved farther into the cave.

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    • Sorry it's short! I thought that the end was a good Shannon Messenger cliffhanger!

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    • 12:01 am


      Sophie held back a scream. 

      She had stepped on a branch. 

      In the dark night, Sophie could barely see her hand in front of her face. The darkness surrounded her. Sucking in her breaths and and rushing goosebumps across her arms. 

      Pulling her cape tighter around her, she made her way to the back of the cave. 

      Back there, the darkness was worse. Sophie couldn't see anything. She couldn't see her hand in front of her face and she couldn't hear a sound. 

      Everything was still. 

      Sophie sank to the ground and leaned against the rocky wall. 

      It wasn't necessarily comfortable, but Sophie didn't care. She drank in the silence, letting it take the weight off her shoulders. 

      Just a little peace and quiet, even if it was just for a little bit of time, was amazing. 

      A luxury. 

      A luxury that Sophie had forgotten existed.

      Sophie shivered.

      She thought of the conversation she'd had with Keefe when they first started dating.

      They'd been trying to figure out how to tell their friends. 

      Keefe had said, "Look, Foster. I don't care what our friends think. I don't care what Grady or Sandor. I care about you. So don't go off and do anything stupid. Don't die on me, Foster."

      Sophie shivered again, remembering the intesity in his eyes when he'd said those words.

      "Don't die on me, Foster."

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    • Thank you so much for writing this!

      I really appreciate it. It's like a window into the future!

      I really hope Shannon looks at this and gets some ideas! 

      I love it!!!!!!!!


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    • This is so good! Keep going! And CrazyChild, I think authors can't legally read fanfic until their series is over or something, which is why they often refuse fanfics sent to them to read and why they don't come on the Fandom pages. But I wish she could! 

      -Lady Sassyfur 

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      plz add more the suspense is killing me!

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    • so sorry that I haven't posted in a while! between christmas and winter break and going back to school I haven't had a lot of time to write...sorry!

      12:16 am

      "Sophie..." A voice hissed.

      Sophie jumped up and whirled around, looking for the source of the voice.


      "Who's there?" She asked.

      "You know who I am, Sophie."

      "What? What do you mean?" Sophie spun around, trying to locate the voice.

      "Who do you think really leads the Neverseen?" The voice hissed, echoing around the cave.

      "I thought the Neverseen had many leaders..." Sophie said, scanning the walls.

      The voice laughed, dark and full.

      "But who built it? From the small group of rebels into the Neverseen, the name that people whisper in fear? Into the beautiful empire that lives in the shadows? Who?"

      "Fintan?" Sophie guessed.




      "Lady Gisela?"

      At this the voice laughed. "She is just a pawn, nothing important."

      Sophie frowned. "But what about Nightfall?"

      The voice rolled their eyes, well, Sophie thought they did anyway, she couldn't see anything.

      "Nightfall was a dumb experiment for Lady Gisela's precious son." they snarled.

      "I'm done guessing. Who are you?" She asked.

      A figure stepped out of the shadows and stood a few feet away. They wore the same cloak the rest of the Neverseen wore, but without the patch on the side.

      The fabric was plain black and the hood was pulled low over the person's face, masking all facial features.

      The person was slightly taller than her and Sophie guessed that he was a male by the broad shoulders and large frame.

      "Who are you?" Sophie repeated, stepping back.

      The man cocked his head at her, the movement pushing back his a little, just enough so that Sophie could see his lips and chin.

      "Honestly, Sophie. Use that big brain of yours. Make the connections."

      There was something familiar about the voice, some strange accent that she couldn't place-

      Sophie sucked in a breath. She shook her head, not believing it, not believing that someone would betray her like that.

      The man smiled, a wicked horrible smile.

      "Yes." He said.

      "No." Sophie whispered, leaning back against the rocky wall. "No. No, no, no."

      The man - boy, pulled the hood off, revealing a familiar face, one that had looked at her so lovingly, one that she had gazed into, one that belonged to a friend, one that belonged to someone whom she told her secrets to, and liked, and almost kissed once.

      It couldn't be, Sophie thought.

      Yet standing there, smiling, was......

      Fitz Vacker..

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    • OMG!!! I am just reading this now and it is SO GOOD!!!!! You write like SM! The characters act almost exactly how they do in KotLC!!! PLEASE WRITE MORE!!! (no pressure or anything but also pressure ) the only thing that I find unrealistc at all is that I feel like Fitz is kinda a bit too young to be the builder of the Neverseen and have built it BUT now that I'm thinking this through he could be older and nobody would really know, he could have used telepath skills to make his parents think he was younger or something and it did say that he just made it bigger instead of just being the one who like made it and stuff so he could still be the same age and... yeah, just ignore all of the above it is a good idea but a TERRIBLE CLIFFHANGER!!!!


      That was longer than I intended... 

      But yeah, I love it so write more!

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    • Woooaaaaaaah guys the Fitz betrayal thing also happened in another fanfic I read... Is it just me or does the popularity of the theory determine how likely it is to actually happen? (and what I mean by that is if so many (well, two) people think it is going to happen, is it just me or does that bring to attention the fact that it actually might!?)

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    • Hey guys,  so the previous athuor stopped writing. Sooo i thought i'd try to continue it! Hope you enjoy! Also if they are transimiting i will be using the * sign.

      12:30 pm

      "Sophie, how have you not made the connection yet?" Fitz asks. How could he do this, how could Fitz betray her like this? Anger bubled, boiled in her stomach. She kept adding hate and anger until she was about to burst, she thrust the power out. Silence, no groans, no sound of Fitz falling. When Sophie looked up she saw why, Fitz, perfectly fine was looking at her, almost disapointed. "Sophie, Sophie, Sophie. Why do you only rely on your abilities when you should trust your skills?" "I'm hoping that maybe my anger and tune out my disgust," Sophie snapped back. "Now i feel no guilt for dating Keefe, he is obviously a way better boyfriend than you ever were." Fitz's teal eyes were fixated at the ground, when he finally looked up she saw guilt and sadness there. "How long have you been part of the neverseen?" " I'm not just going to tell you, now wheres the fun in that?" There was no fun in this moment. Sophie felt bile coating her tounge, she felt like she was about to puke. What would make Fitz wan't to join the neverseen? He'd always been so kind, so understanding. Then it hit her, he must have been so angry to find him in the new nightfall that he must have joined. "There you go Sophie, finally got it didn't you?" He must have read her mind. "I never gave you per-" Fitz cut her off, "yes, well i don't really need permission now do I?" What did he wan't? I mean this had to be a calculated move otherwise this could completly mess up the neverseen's plans-what ever they were. " Now, you're probably wondering why i'm here," Fitz guesses " I know that you are working to open Oralie's chache because, honestly I know everything!" That really put things into perspective for Sophie, he knew E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G. Sophie, starting to panic sent out a trasmition to keefe. * HELP KEEFE! NEVERSEEN! BRING WEAPONS!* out loud she added "Why Fitz, Why? You and i and the group could have worked things out with you made it better!" "NO YOU COUDN"T HAVE! I TRUST NO ONE ANYMORE!" Fitz yelled. That cut deep, just a few weeks ago he had told her she was the only one he trusted, but that didn't matter anymore. *KEEFE I REALLY NEED YOUR HELP PLEASE!* Sophie transmitted again * Sophie? whats going on?* keefe's amazing voice chaneld through *KEEFE HELP IM AT THE CAVES, ONE MEMBER OF THE NEVERSEEN IS HERE* *Ok, im coming. Don't worry Sophie i'll be there soon!* Keefe responded. "you know i might as well kill you now, since i could here your little telepathic convo with your boyfriend a few seconds ago, so i'll just do it now" Fitz said as he revealed a knife. "Game Over for you Sophie!"

      Sorry for the cliff hanger! I will do an update soon!

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    • When i said to find him i meant Alvar, Fitz's brother. SORRY GUYS!

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    • 12:35

      Sophie backed up, until she felt a wall behind her. "Fitz, please, im sorry!" Sophie says " dont do this". "Good thing he won't have a chance to" a new voice says, sounding odly familiar. The savior had beautiful ice blue eyes. "Keefe, thank goodness!" But it might have been to late because Fitz raised the dagger. Pain was all Sophie felt, pain in her arm. Good thing sophie had doged or a much worse fate would have come. "NO!" Keefe yelled. "Oh Keefe you know your not strong enought to fight me." Fitz claims. Sophie trying to figure out a plan sinks to the floor. Her vision was getting blurry and she couldn't think right, probably from blood loss. * Keefe i wan't you to tell fitz you don't have to be, grab my arm and pull us off the edge of the cliff* Sophie transmitted. * Ok, Whatever you say Foster!* *alright in 3, 2, 1   GO!* " I don't need to be Fitzer, I've got enough power up here" Keefe says while pointing to his forhead. He grabs Sophie's arm then, and they jump off the cliff. Just before they were about to be spaltered across the rocks, Sophie formed a ball of energy and thrust it out, knocking them into the void.

      After they jumed Sophie had sent them back to havenfield(sorry if i spelt that wrong!), and immidiatly told Edaline and Grady what had happened. Grady had then called Elwin to get her wounds fixed than the council and then the black swan. When everyone had arrived Elwin rushed over to Sophie and treated her wound. Sophie and Keefe then told them the story, leaving out no details. Everyone after that had rushed over to everglen to ask questions, but when they arrived fitz was there. Sitting in a hallway chair reading. The entire family was very confused about this suddon intarigation, and honestly so was Sophie. Why was Fitz so boldly sitting there as if nothign had happen. Everyone agreed that Sophie should ask the round of questions first. Keefe was monotoring Fitz's emotions while sophie questioned. "What did you do tonight?" Sophie asks. "I was hanging out with dex, he wanted to ask me about a weapon he was making for fighting the neverseen." Fitz answered. Telepathical he asked her, *why are we doing this, just search my memories. Sophie you know i would never do anything like this. Your the only one i trust* *You know what maybe i will do a mind search* out loud Sophie added. " i think i should do a mind search on him." Everybody agreed. While Sophie searched she found nothing. Only mermories of the day hanging out with biana, dex, and his parents.

      "There's nothing" Sophie admitted

      This would have to mean the leader of the neverseen had Fitz's DNA. They probably had Sophie's to, and Keefe's.

      But most inportantly this would mean the neverseen were trying to convert her life and the people around her's.

      This meant the Neverseen could control everyone in the right circumstances.


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      Can we have an update soon?

      I'm a different author but i just wrote a couple new versions! 

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      SoKeefe Rules! wrote:'s really good and all but you can't continue a fanfic without the author's permission. it's rude 
      Thank you. I only wrote another version because the last itme the author wrote was about 5 months ago, i guessed they woudn't continue it. Plus if their story was going a different way they could always continue it before i started wrighting. I'm sorry this bothered you!                                                                         -Ruby(second author)
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    • wrote: wrote:
      SoKeefe Rules! wrote:'s really good and all but you can't continue a fanfic without the author's permission. it's rude 
      Thank you. I only wrote another version because the last itme the author wrote was about 5 months ago, i guessed they woudn't continue it. Plus if their story was going a different way they could always continue it before i started wrighting. I'm sorry this bothered you!                                                                         -Ruby(second author)

      Guys let Ruby continue the other author ditched wiki. I looked at there timeline 

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    • Sophie stumbled backwards as this thought hit her, she couldn’t help but feel hatred for Fitz even though she knew it wasn’t him. “Wow there Foster, you good?” Keefe asked as he caught her his perfect blue eyes stared at her with concern She didn’t answer; she just looked at Fitz as he rolled his eyes and started to blush looking at the floor. “I...I..I can’t do this, not right now” she gasped as she pulled her home crystal and jumped away from Keefe into the warm light. In Havenfield she took off running from all her problems as she got near the cliff she stumbled and fell. Sophie screamed as she fell, flailing her arms and then suddenly feeling two arms grab her waist “I’m here Sophie concentrate!” she focused all her mental energy and felt a hum in the back of her mind as a void cracked and she fell right through. She stumbled and the boy who was falling behind her was now under her. “Keefe?” “Hey Foster maybe next time warn me before we teleport to my father's house” “Were at Candleshade?” “Yep, hey not trying to interrupt our moment here but, just saying I don't think that you gained any weight from all those dry Oreos yesterday, but could you let me breath?” “Oh, sorry” Sophie said as he got off of him and stalked to the corner when he got up “Foster, you really know how to knock a guy off his feet, if ya know what I mean” he smiled and winked up at her as he brushed dust of his clothe. Her eyes burned as she leaned against his bedroom wall. "You shouldn't have followed me" she mumbled "What can I say, I'm attracted to you like a magnet" he flashed another smile at her but, she just stood there crossing her arm as her eyes over flowed with tears "Sophie I know what happend today was huge" Keefe sighed as walked over to her and sophie tried to hide her tears. Keefe pulled her into a hug as she sobbed against his chest. She couldn’t bear thinking about Fitz as she remembered Keefes face as the knife ripped through her arm, and how it felt when she realized that Fitz had betrayed them. “There there Foster everything's okay” She pulled away as her anger swelled “Okay?! You call this OKAY?! We almost got murdered by a fake fitz, and the real fitz is still mad at us as, and you almost died jumping in after me! I’m sure you're mad at me too while we-” Keefe grabbed her by the shoulders and gently shook her. “Sophie look at me” he had to repeat his command twice before she obeyed He placed his hand on her cheek. “I’m not mad at you Sophie, how could I? You are the best thing that's ever happened to me, and you know it's true" She offered him a sad smile as she hugged him and whispered "I… I.. I love you”

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    • Keefe held on to Sophie tighter as if scared to let go of her.

      “You love me?” Keefe asked

      “Yes” she answered as she looked up at him

      “No ones ever told me that”

      Sophie looked into his sad blue eyes as she leaned up and planted a kiss on his lips. 

      “I love you too Foster, also we should go, before daddy dearest gets home and starts asking questions” he said as he held up her home crystal.

      “How did you get that?” Sophie said as she tried to grab it but missed as Keefe held it higher. Suddanly Keefe pulled Sophie closer then whispered 

      “Hold on tight” as the warmth whisked them away. They found themselves in Havenfield still staring into each other's eyes, then they heard someone clearing their throat and spun around to find a Glaring Grady and a smiling Edaline.
      “Where have you been” Grady practically spat at Keefe 

      “Candleshade” Sophie answered as Keefe started to open his mouth

      “Well I hope you had fun” Edaline said as she grabbed Grady’s arm
      “Not too much fun” Grady mumbled as Edaline pulled him away. 

      “Wow looks like your daddy is warming up to me” he said with a grin, as they heard Grady grumble something about That Boy. 

      “Wellllllll” Sophie said

      Keefe looked at her as she finished her sentence

      “I think we should talk to Fitz”

      “But I thought that...” he said as he cleared his throat and said

      “I… I can’t do this not right now” Keefe said mimicking her and laughing when she rolled her eyes. Before Sophie could shove him he yelped and was lifted off the ground.

      “YOU CAN’T LEAVE ME LIKE THAT I HAVE TO  STAY WITH YOU” Ro screeched showering him in oger spit and shaking Keefe a few feet off the ground.

      “Awww Ro?? Did you miss me?”

      “Hardly, but what kind of reputation would I have if I kept losing my charge?” she sneered as he dropped him and he hit the ground with a loud thud. Ro’s short pigtails were dyed pink to match her nails. She picked up Keefe and slung him over her shoulder as Sophie giggled.

      “I must take your boyfriend home now” Ro said as she took the home crystal from a squirming Keefe 

      “Foster help, don’t let her take me” he cried as they glittered away. 

      Okay heyy I'm a new auther, the thired I think and I'll try to post the rest of the story one a week 

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    • Sophie made her way inside, she braced herself for a lecture from Grady and Edaline, but it never came. So she sat across the table from Edaline and Grady still mumbling about That Boy.

      “So, what happened between you and Keefe?” Edaline asked, smiling as Sophie blushed.

      “We just talked” she answered as Edaline snapped her fingers and a plate of green and purple glop appeared in front of her, with a bottle of lushberry juice.

      “Thanks” Sophie said as she picked up a spoon

      “That Boy is a bad influence, even Fitz was better, not running off all the time” he grumbled

      Sophie tried the green and purple glop trying to ignore Grady. Her eyes lit up as she swallowed the slimy goo. They tasted like nacho fries with extra cheese, she didn’t realize she was that hungry until she took the first bite, she then inhaled the bowl, and drank the lushberry juice in one gulp.

      “That boy is-” Grady started

      “That Boy, saved me from Fitz today if you can’t remember” she suddenly snapped

      Glaring at Grady.

      “I think I’m going to bed, it’s been a long day,” she said, faking a yawn to get away. Sophie ran up the stairs and into her room. She found Sandor and Bo waiting inside for her.

      “Ms.Foster” Bo said as he sharpened his dagger and got up to guard the door.

      Sander looked at her and shook his head.

      “You make my job very hard” He sighed as Sophie braced herself for the lecture, but he just left her in her room. Sophie grabbed a pair of pjs and headed to the bathroom. She let herself wrinkle under the cool shower and dried herself off as she put on her favorite pjs. A set gulion pajamas that Keefe had got for her. She walked to her bed and a frizzy yellow and green striped ball started to move towards her. She screeched and Bo and Sandor jumped in. When they saw the puffy creature they started to laugh. Bo rolled over on the ground as Sandor wiped a tear.

      “What's so funny!? And what is that thing!?” Sophie hissed as the creature started to fly.

      “Dex… was… he.. AHHAHAHA” Bo laughed

      “Iggy got a new makeover from Dex,” someone said behind them.

      Sophie spun around to find a green toothed smile from her favorite gnome. Flori walked towards the little imp and picked him up, then handed him to Sophie. Sandor and Bo had left the room to guard the door again. Sophie looked at Iggy and sighed as she placed him on her pillow and went to bed. Flori turned to leave.

      “Flori? Could you sing to me?” Sophie asked

      Flori turned around and flashed another green toothed smile

      “Of course” and a soft melody started to play in Sophie's mind as she drifted fitful sleep

      Hey sorry it took so long, but I hope you like it :)

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    • Faces of fitz floated around in her head, yelling at her, telling her to stop, but she didn't. Then Biana, and Dex and everyone she loved and cared about, she can’t stop, she won’t stop. Keefe jumps up from behind her and grabs her by the waist and drags her back before she could jump off the cliff, and plummet to her doom. She screamed and thrashed in Keefes strong grip, but he wouldn’t let go of her. She heard her name, and it became louder and louder.





      She jolted up screaming and flailing her arms, as multiple hands held her down and she shrieked.

      “Sophie stop your going to hurt yourself” she heard a man yell, but she only stopped when a hand grabbed hers and a soft summer breeze tickled her mind. Her eyes scanned the room looking from person to person. Everyone was there EVERYONE, Keefe, Dex, Tam, Linh her parents, the Vackers, Elwin, Livvy, the collective, the counselors, and some other people she couldn’t recognize. Before she could speak, Keefe and her parents strangled her with a hug. 

      “Never do that again” Keefe whispered sobbed into the nook of her neck. She hugs him confused and looks around, from what she can tell everyones crying. She pulls away from her parents and Keefe.

      “What happened, why is everyone crying, and what did I do?” she questioned

      Everyone stared at her and Keefe and her parents wouldn’t let her go. The room exploded with everyone talking.

      “She doesn't know?”

      “She can’t remember!?”

      “Do you think we should tell her?”

      “HEY!” Sophie suddenly yelled

      Everyone turned to look at sophie

      “What happened? What did I do?!?”

      Keefe turned her head to look at him.

      “Sophie, you tried to kill yourself”

      Hey Guys!! Sorry I haven't posted in a while! and its a short chapter!! AND I LEFT YOU WITH A CLIFFHANGER TOO!! I am evil, I'll try to make it up to y'all and try to post more but I really hoped you enjoyed this chapter!!

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    • “I did what?” Sophie whispered as she averted her eyes “Wow, you really don’t remember,” Keefe mumbles silently, still clinging to Sophie's hand like a child clinging to its mother. “Sophie, would you mind if Mr.Forkle checked your memories” Tiergan asked gently She didn’t answer all she could do was look at Keefe, his wonderful icey blue eyes, his tousled blonde hair, how could she try and leave him? He nodded at her and she nodded at Tiergan. Mr.Forkle walked over with a wry smile and whispered in her ear. “I’m glad your okay” And with that he put his fingers on her temples and dove in. Minutes later he emerged from her staring at her in confusion. “Are the memories not there?” Tiergan asked “No,they're definitely there” He answered

      and before anyone asked anything more Mr.Forkle asked Sophie about her dream. So she explained what happened in every detail. At the end everyone was staring at her with their mouths open.

      “So she does remember” Biana suddenly said “No I don’t-” Sophie began to argue, but then stopped as realization took over her and Keefe wafted the air with his hand. “YOU MEAN THAT DREAM WAS REAL?!?!”Sophie exclaimed “Wow Foster calm” Keefe said sending another light breeze through her head “But, if that dream was real, don’t you think I was trying to teleport?” Sophie asked “No, you tried to infect yourself with soporidine” “WHAT!? I don’t rememb-” She thought for a moment as she rubbed her head “Nope nevermind I remember, but it’s like another dream” “What did it feel like you were trying to do in the dream” Mr.Forkle questioned Sophie “Trying to die” she mumbled looking at her hand that was laced with Keefes as he gave her a reassuring smile “What do you think that means?” Edaline asked rubbing Sophie's back “I think Grady knows” Mr. Forkle sighed as everyone looked at a ghostly pale Grady. “She was mesmerized” he whispered Before Sophie could comprehend what Grady just said, Grady looked at Fitz “Check him” He said through gritted teeth. Mr.Forkle put his hands on Fitz's temples and then backed away. He remembers, but it’s also like a dream to him. “That was real?” Fitz whispered softly “Sophie I’m so sorry” “It’s fine, I know what it feels like, you couldn’t control it” She answered back blankly. “Could I get a moment alone, with Fitz?” Sophie asked as everyone shuffled away. “Keefe can stay” She said as she gripped his hand when he tried to let go. He smiled at her and kissed her forehead. “We’ll figure this out” he said “I know” Sophie answered “We always do” Then she turned to stare at Fitz where he was awkwardly standing “You weren’t at Rimeshire that day, were you Fitz” she asked finally looking at his eye’s “No” He said

      Hellooo my lovleys! just finished this chapter I tried to make it longer to make up for my absence I hope you like it!

                                Yours truly
                                     your kinda nice auther
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      Ohhhhhhhhhhh, THAT WAS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!! No offense or anything, if this sounded rude, but I think there must be some Akwardness Between the Love triangle, so Sophie will try to sort that out! I THINK I AM NOT SURE 🤔   

      Yeah there definetly is Fitzipoo must be jellyyyy 

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      Criiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii like no one's drowning in your tears

      sob like you are sobbing for everyone unemotional

      wail like you are the most powerful vocificator


      never stop this until you are tearless

      {{Cry}} to spread the sadness and let's get happy again together!

      Proudly made by Cuddo/Saskia :B

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      {{Spoiler Alert!}}

      there's one like that but it doesn't happen right away...I can put the link here if you want...

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      Also someone should write a sokeefe fanfiction about corona spreading to the Elvin world and not even the elves can find a cure- so like Sophie and everybody are in quarantine haha 
      {{Spoiler Alert!}}

      there's one like that but it doesn't happen right away...I can put the link here if you want...

      yeah the fanfic is awesome I love that one

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    • HydrokineticGirl101 wrote:
      Bam! Please FeDex some SoKeefe wrote: wrote:
      Also someone should write a sokeefe fanfiction about corona spreading to the Elvin world and not even the elves can find a cure- so like Sophie and everybody are in quarantine haha 
      {{Spoiler Alert!}}

      there's one like that but it doesn't happen right away...I can put the link here if you want...

      yeah the fanfic is awesome I love that one

      This one: because that's the only one that I've read that has quarantine and covid mentioned...

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    • “What” Keefe shouted as Fitz shuffled his feet silently. 

      “Why did you say you where?” Sophie asked ignoring Keefes outburst

      “I don’t know” Fitz mumbled

      “I’m gonna need a better answer than that” sophie spat

      “Well, one second I was at Everglen taking a nap, then I woke up at the cave confused so i took out my light leaping crystal, and somehow, I grabbed the one to rimshire and teleported there, after I told dex what happened he thought it would be best if I didn’t tell anyone, because, well, ya know, me you and keefe weren’t really talking to each other, anyway I agreed and he vouched for me”

      “So you thought that was still a good plan when you were told that you tried to kill Sophie” Keefe hissed at him.

      “I was gonna tell her! I was just waiting for the right moment”

      But Sophie wasn’t listening, all she could think about was Dex, her best friend, he betrayed her.

      “Sophie you okay?” Keefe asked as he stared at her. 

      “Yeh, I’m fine, just kinda rattled that Dex would do something like- wait, how did you make it seem like you were hanging out with dex thought?”

      “What?” fitz asked 

      “The day we checked your memories”

      “Oh, sophie I used past memories and made it seem like it was on that day, I’m a telepath too, remember” Fitz answered

      “Okay, what about when keefe was monitoring your emotions?” Sophie asked

      “Yeah wonderboy, you may be good but, no one can lie to a an empath, espasially a seriously good one” Keefe said with a wink

      “Those emotions were real, I was scared and confused, and so that's what you were feeling” fitz challenged

      “Oookay, doesn’t prove why I didn’t feel any guilt coming off of you” Keefe countered

      “Okay dex may have given me a gadget to block my guilt and make it seem like I wasn’t guilty” Fitz answered with a sigh.

      Keefe clutched his heart

      “I didn’t think Dexy would do something like that”

      “Yeah, he wouldn’t” said Sophie

      Keefe and Fitz eyed her

      “Guys I think that Dex was also mesmered”

      Hello my amazing prodagies!! or are y'all waywards? doesn't matter, we love all!! sorry for the short chapter! I had some stuff to do but I hope you like it :-)

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    • The Aftermath of A RUNAWAY #1

      If anyone would like to ckeck out my fanfic try clicking here. Thanks!


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      here is the link:

      message me on my page if you want to

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    • “Oh jeez, what do we do?” Keefe asked lowering his voice “Well, we can have everyone come in, and I’ll check Dex without anyone knowing, and if he’s good we’ll tell him if he's not we keep it a secret” Sophie answered “Why” Fitz replied “Why don’t we just tell him we know?” “Cuz I wanna see what he’s going to do” Sophie answered blankly “Well we already know what he’s going to try to do, he’s going to try to kill you! Like fitz! And… well you” Keefe said “That makes sense Sencen, so we know that neverseen probably wants me dead” sophie mumbled “Of course it makes sense I’m a genius” Keefe answered back “Just shush for a second Keefe” Sophie muttered “I’ll check everyone to see who is mesmerized, and then i’ll transmit to everyone else what we have learned, got it?” “Yep” Keefe said running his hands through his hair “Kay” Fitz said as he walked to open the door “Hey guys you can come back in” Fitz says with a fake smile on his face. Everyone gathered around the room, and Keefe and it distracted everyone while she tried to take her readings. She was right, Dex wasn’t dex, he was under some sort of spell, he was mesmerized, she took readings of everyone and found one other person under the spell, Tam Song. (Italics is when she’s transmitting) Attention everyone, do not tell Dex or Tam that I am transmitting to you, keep talking. She paused and everyone started talking. Dex and Tam are mezmered right now and we think that they are planning to kill me, so we can’t let them know that we know. At the end of her transmission she heard Biana gasp, but then she covered it up with a cough “Sorry I think I’m coming down with something” she said “Oh you should have Eliwn take a look at you” Tam said Biana only looked at him “No, it’s okay, I just need to use the bathroom, excuse me” She muttered as she fled to the bathroom. “Wow she must really need to go” Dex said as he gave out a small laugh Everyone agreed and started to talk, Sophie had noticed that Biana wasn’t coming back. “Hey, I need to use the bathroom, be right back guys” she said as she walked to the door.

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    • sorry it's kinda short, you guys will understand why when I post the next chapter

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    • wrote:
      8:17 am  

      Sophie was in shock.  

      Why?! Why of all people did it have to be him?  

      "I thought you said you weren't going to have Fitz or Keefe join," Dex said, glancing at Sophie who had stepped back and was looking everywhere but at Fitz.  

      "Yeah, I thought that was the point of Team Valiant," Biana said looking slightly disappointed that her brother had joined. 

      "No. The point of Team Valiant is to help the Lost Cities be safe and keep the citizens away from harm." Alina said.  

      "Yeah, but," Dex glanced at Sophie before saying, "I thought that you weren't going to have him join so Sophie could use her other strengths."

      "Yes," Emery relented. "We did. But we think their telepathic connection will help, and we're willing to have him join if it will help our citizens."

      "How?" Sophie had to ask.

      "We're hoping you can help us find that." Emery said. "You've done well with the Black Swan-"

      "Well, we're not the Black Swan!" Sophie said. "My other abilities aren't as strong because the Black Swan's missions rely on my telepathy and inflicting. Isn't this Team supposed to help that?" 

      Stina glanced from Sophie to Fitz and back to Sophie. "Um, Sophie. I would've thought you'd be more excited for your boyfriend to join." 

      She smirked at how Fitz and Sophie both flinched at the B word.

      "Sophie," Emery interrupted before Stina could say anything else. "What you said is all true, but we think the citizens will be safer if we have Cognates working with us."

      "Yeah, but-"

      "Sophie," Alina warned and Sophie sighed and backed down.

      Stina narrowed her eyes at Sophie. "Is it just me, or does anyone else think something happened between those two?" Stina pointed a finger to and Sophie and then Fitz.

      "Yes." Biana and Wylie answered together.

      Before Stina could say anything else, Sophie pulled out her leap crystal. "Is there anything else? I have to go."  

      "No, that's all." Emery said, raising an eyebrow in Sophie's direction, as if he was suspicous.  

      "That's great! Okay! See you guys later." She held her crystal up into the light creating a beam of light. She glanced quickly at Fitz and said, "Welcome to the team."

      "Wait! Sophie!" Fitz called but Sophie had already stepped into the light and was swept away.


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    • Sophie ran into the bathroom to hear sobbing noises coming from one of the stalls.

      “Biana?” Sophie whispered as she pushed the door open. There sat a gorgeous girl with wavy brown hair and usually bright teal eyes, but at the moment, they were clouded with emotions as tears ran down her rosy cheeks.

      “Oh Sophie sorry! I didn’t hear you” Biana said sniffling 

      “What's wrong Bi?” Sophie asked in a concerned voice

      Biana stared at her 

      “Why did you freak out like that and leave the room?”

      “I didn’t freak out, I told you… I think I’m coming down with something, maybe allergies” Biana said as she wiped her tears

      “Biana” Sophie said “Elves don’t have allergies”

      “Oh yeah, maybe your rubbing of on me” Biana concluded with a forced smile

      Sophie walked over to where Biana was sitting and plopped down next to her.

      “Are you going to tell me what's really bothering you?” Sophie asked 

      “And don’t tell me it’s allergie cuz we both know that's not true” she said when Biana opened her mouth. Biana sat there for a minute pondering her thoughts. Right when Sophie was about to get up she heard Biana speak.

      “Do you think we can get Tam back?” she whispered suddenly

      Oh yeah Sophie thought she knew that Biana had a crush on Tam, and Linh knew that Tam had a crush on Biana, but the two were too scared to tell each other, and Biana was scared of fitz rage wrath. Hot tears started to pool in her eyes again as Biana tried to wipe them away with the back of her hand, but Sophie grabbed it. Biana Looked at her surprised.

      “We will never stop looking for Tam, or lift him from being mesmerized, I know you care about him Bi, but we need to focus on bringing them back, we don’t need to mourn yet, cuz he’s not gone he’s just… lost” Sophie said in a stern, but gentle voice

      “Thank you sophie” Biana said hugging her friend “I really needed that”

      “No problem, now lets go before anyone gets suspicious”

      Sophie helped Biana clean up and the two friends headed back to the healing center.

      Hello my Prodgies and waywards, I know I haven't been posting alot recintly, but that doesn't mean I'm not going to I'm not going to be able to post for a good week or so but I made this for y'all! TIANA4EVA!! Who else ships Tiana/Bam??

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      But please more Sokeefe action!

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