• We will make up the roleplay as we get enough players (7).

    Here is the character sheet:




    Age: (13-17 please)

    Talent: (Max 3)

    Appearance: (Hair) (Eyes) (Hight)



    Extra: (Just some Extra if you want) 

    Side: (Black Swan, Council, Or Neverseen.) 

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    • Here is my character:

      Name: Brynn Banes

      Gender: Female

      Family: Rye Banes, Mari Banes, Lizi Banes. (All Neverseen)

      Age: (13-17 please) 16

      Talent: (Max 3) Vanisher, Mesmer, Enhancer

      Appearance: (Hair) Long brunnette curls, (Eyes) green with a slight blue hue, (Hight) 5'2"

      Personality: Acts harmless and bubbly, but when she has to, she will do something awful.

      Backstory: Was born of a member of the Neverseen, Brynn was raised under their teachings and became a powerful Mesmer, along with two other abilities (vanisher, enhancer). She will be an important role in the Neverseen's plots.

      Extra: (Just some Extra if you want) Goes to Foxfire to try and befriend the members of the council and black swan and hides identity. Falls for cute boys all the time... Only weakness.

      Side: (Black Swan, Council, Or Neverseen.) Neverseen

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    • Name: Liam, James, Lycan

      Gender: Male

      Family: All dead no point in mentioning them.

      Age: 16

      Talent: Mesmer, Vanisher, Conjurer

      Appearance: He had dark brown hair, Ice-blue eyes, and he is 5’11. Prefers more darker colors compliment his eyes, and he has pearly white teeth.

      Personality: Flirtatious, Extroverted, Sometimes kind, Can hide his emotions extremely well, and he loves food.

      Backstory: Find out.


      Side: Neverseen

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    • I made my character right after you published yours and now I feel like I copied it...

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