• You know that your life is in danger, but you always pretend it's nothing. All up until you realize, there's way more danger then you thought there was. Friendship are breached, and War has came upon you. You are trying to uncover as many secrets as you can if you are the Neverseen, you are trying to make the secrets seem fake if you are with the council, and if you are with the Black swan well, let's just say that your learning more and more every day. Who's side are you on?

    To fill out the Character form you MUST have at least these things:

    Name: *preferably first and last, middle name is optional*



    Appearance: *has to have at least clothing, eye color, and hair color*


    Backstory: *What happened in the early years of your life, optional*

    Side: *Neverseen, council, or Black swan*

    Once there is at least three people online, we will start. The opening scene will be at Atlantis. *there will be serious destruction there, I will tell you when it happens*


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    • Can we be like, a normal elf living their best life and having no idea what’s happening?


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    • A FANDOM user
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