• you know how i made that mathy word problem a bit ago about fast goldfish and crackers? wElL,,, i had to do another one today about graphy things and i was slightly bored... so...

    "If a goldfish eats 15 pounds of crackers in one sitting, it will turn blue. See, it turns blue on a scale of 0-255, as per RGB. If it eats only 1 pound of crackers and its prior color was black (0,0,0), it would turn very, very dark blue (0,0,17). Anyway, there was onece a shiny black goldfish named FakeFakeMintie, who had an affinity for crackers. Crackers, crackers, and nothing but crackers. She had recently consumed 7.5 pounds of crackers and was a medium blue (0,0,126.5). She liked the color, but after a time, craved crackers again. She ate 3 pounds of crackers and became (0,0,177.5). A short time later, her octopus doctor advised her to eat more healthily, even though binge-eating crackers is relatively normal in goldfish culture. So, she ate 8 pounds of Alicorn meat and lowered her blueness to 58.5. She really craved crackers after that, so quite soon after, she stole from FakeMintie and Mintie's cracker stash and ate 5 pounds of crackers. Her color has been (0,0,143.5) since then, and will probably change soon."

    We were given graphs with time as the x axis and had to come up with stories. My y was blueness 0-255. If it's 15 pounds of crackers, that means that 1 pound would be 17 increased blueness. Can you fact check for me?

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