• We've never talked, but I wanted to say hello! And also tell you that your poem was so beautiful! You're really great at poem-writing ZD! And also, my friend has recently started roping me into her major colossal obsession of K-Pop, but the only group I listen to is BTS. AHHHH V IS THE BEST!!!!!!! I still don't know a ton about it, but I'm definitely a fan. I'd love to chat, about BTS or anything you want to!

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    • hello! omg thanks! that means a lot to me!

      as she should lol

      ah, BTS is a good start (they were my first too) 

      I'm more of a 2seok (j-hope and jin) stan but I love V, as well as the others! 

      favorite song/album so far?

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    • I love the songs "Save Me", "Don't Leave Me," "Butterfly," and Jungkook's "Euphoria." There's so many songs of theirs I haven't heard yet, though! I love Jin so much too though, but V is definitely my favorite. 

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    • Oh, and another thing I wanted to tell you is that you're not alone, that I live in a place I wish I didn't, too.

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    • omg yes butterfly is such a beautiful song (like every song called butterfly is a literal masterpiece why is that) 

      I'd have to say atm my fave songs are probably all the WINGS solos so Begin, Lie, Stigma, First Love, Reflection, MAMA, and Awake(which I'd totally recommend listening to; WINGS is my favorite era of all time) + Epiphany.


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