• I know ur inactive but have u read the book Scythe.

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    • Yes :) It was great....I think its 3rd book comes out tomorrow as well. Nice profile pic :) How's life?

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      's friendship! This means that she considers you an amazing friend! You've known her for some time, and you've connected tons over the years internet. I am glad to call you my Fandom Friend, because IRL i don't have many actual factual friends. THAT MEANSSSSSSSS- you are one of those few who get me. You are probably quite insane and like obsessing over older books, or new book release dates. (ORRRRR maybe even some weird foods nobody seems to like) Overall, you are amazing in so many ways, no matter how weird or perfect they may be.

      You're only allowed to add this to your profile with permission from QueenSeleneChannaryJanaliBlackburnofLuna (Schwane), but to do it, type {{SchwaneFriend|nickname=*insert your nickname for me here*}} if you have a nickname for her, or {{SchwaneFriend}} if you do not, into the source code! Ask her for more details, if you need.


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    • Are you excited for Rise of Skywalker? And how did you like the toll?!?! 

      Someone said the number 117 the other day, and I nearly broke thinking about the Toll's ending.

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    • Yeah. I get it. THE TOLL WAS SOOOOO GOOD. Someone in my class was talking about sharks and eating people (idk why) and i just started ranting about THUNDERHEAD ending.

      i also have rise of Skywalker tickets for next friday :)

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    • Yep. Yep. I can understand that---I got (shoved) a copy of Scythe onto one of my friends for their birthday...

      I went that friday night as well :) I couldn't go to the early showings (because of an annoying orchestra teacher and annoying concert things), but I still got pretty good seat for ep. 9. My friend's dad works as a at home tech-person, and he got us tickets the second they came out (Why have reserved seats become so popular? I wish I could just show up early)....I still want to go see it again :)

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    • A FANDOM user
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