• Chapter one 

    "Sophie!" Sophie groaned, Edaline was in her door way. That's right! Today was foxfire! She dashed up to get ready, ran down stairs and- "Make sure you eat breakfast." It did look real good, "Sorry have to go!"

                                                               .        .          .

    "Foster, you don't look to good," Sophie after doing her DNA sensors, she glanced up. "Keefe, that's only because I have to hours of sleep." He had a worry look as well, his red jerkin and his hair wasn't fixed as nice as usual."You've spend sooo much time with fitzster that I-"  "Let's not go there," Keefe now had his signature smirk on. "What happened to the almighty fitzphie?" "Um class is starting," He grabbed her wrist "No, you're telling me." She shook her head. "Relax, I'm just giving you a hard time. It's my greatest joy in life." She rolled her eyes, "Your never going to let this go, are you?" "Nope, not intending to." She let out a sigh, "Let me fill you in," "Sokeefe is back again!" He through his fist in the air, "After foxfire," Sophie corrected, "Fine." They walked down the hall until foxfire was officially over.

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