• We’ve done some rollplays together and I feel like we should be friends at this point so here!

    💿 Holo Friend!💿

    If you have received this bad then MissVoltron Considers you one of her friends! Whether your are old or new you valuable to her no matter what! XD Even though she’s know as MissVoltron to all, you often called her {{{nickname}}}! MissVoltron really enjoys talking to you, reading your post or just being your friend! Thank you for putting up with her sarcasm, kookiness, rants and all of the above! You deserve this badge!

    {{MissVoltron’sFriend|nickname=*insert your nickname you call me here*}}or{{MissVoltron’sFriend}}

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    • Aww thanks so much MissVoltron! Here's mine :)

      🟄 Gildie's Friend 🟄

      If you have received this, it means Gildie considers you a true friend and would like to thank you for all the amazing things you've done with this badge. Thank you for what, you may ask? Well, thank you for being overall kind, silly, fun, and amazing, thank you for putting up with her occasional (hehe uh maybe more than just occasional) losses of sanity, and most of all, thank you for bestowing upon her the beautiful nickname of {{{insert nickname here}}}.
      Please only use this on your profile if I’ve given it to you :) Add this to your profile by using {{GildieFriend}}!

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    • Thank you! We need nicknames!

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    • Ooh yeah definitely! (Sorry I didn’t see this until now, the message didn’t come through for some reason :/) It’s kinda late rn so I probably can’t come up with any good ones XD — I’ll definitely try to think of one for you tomorrow though! :)

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    • Oh that’s alright! Sounds like a plan!

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    • A FANDOM user
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