• Hi Ethan!

    You may already know me (we've talked a bit before), but I'm TheCyanWolf *gasp, whaaaat* and I also love orange chicken (There's something about it...), but I DO NOT ship Sokeefe or Foster-Keefe or whatever you prefer to call the ship name (Personally, I say Sokeefe).

    I am a loyal Sophitz shipper, however, I believe that Fitz's charachter needs to be developed a bit more. So this brings me to the point of my contacting you (besides the fact that you seem like a cool person): I've heard of your page with SuldreenSong and I'd like to join, because I definitely over-analyze things.

    Sorry for this super long message, but my point is to say hi and request to join your Sophitz vs. Sokeefe arguement.


    P.S. Wye ar yu knot gud at speling? Beecus itz eesi dued luk how gud Eye amm at itt

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    • Thanks!  I don't know anyone who ships Sophitz for a reasonable cause, so it's refreshing to have another perspective besides "Sophitz will PREVAIL!" and giving no evidence, as one person does.

      The funny thing is...there isn't actually a thread for that.  It's a theoretical club, but I'll add your name and hopefully start the thread.

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    • Okay! That sounds great!

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    • A FANDOM user
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