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    • Icy's Friend!

      By having this badge on your profile, you've won IceBlueEyes's friendship! This means that she considers you an amazing friend! You've known her for some time, and you've connected tons over the years internet. If you have received this badge, Icy thinks that you are an amazing person and has a great time with you, whether it is talking in all caps, shipping Sokeefe, or opening up about our personal opinions on serious things. You are there for her,and very kind. You are also probably very weird, (But aren't we all?) All in all, she is very thankful for your amazing friendship!!!!!

      You're only allowed to add this to your profile with permission from Icy, but to do it, type {{ICYFRIEND|nickname=*insert your nickname for me here*}} if you have a nickname for her, or {{ICYFRIEND}} if you do not, into the source code! Ask her for more details, if you need.



      Also, since it shows up in the uncategorized pages, copy and paste this into the template after all the friend badge code:

      [[Category:Friend Badge]]
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