• Thanks for the friend badge. Also, I love your font for your message wall. What is it?

    ~ Sanriokotlc

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    • Avenir new

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    • Thanks!!!

      Also, let me give you my friend badge too becuase I consider you one :)

      Sanriokotlc’s Friend!

      You're a great friend of Sanriokotlc, and you may know her as hello.kitty. You've always been so helpful, kind, supportive, and everything an internet friend should be. Even though Sanriokotlc is new to Fandom in general as well as the wiki, you've reached out to her early and talked with her even though she has crazy demands. You're honestly a real friend, and no matter how you've earned her friendship, that's all that matters.



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    • Aww thanks! It's so pretty :)

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    • A FANDOM user
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