• Could somebody please explain to me what the Neverseen is about? Is it trying to overthrow the Council and insert itself as a dictatorship/totalitarian regime? Is it about getting rid of humans? Or is it just about destroying stuff? Does it have a message or mission statement? What is its allure? I don’t understand what makes the Neverseen so appealing that Alvar (when he was still a Foxfire student), some ogres, and some dwarves joined. Why haven’t any goblins or trolls? What attracts its followers?

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    • I think that the neverseen is that elves are so much stronger than all the other races, so why don't they just kill them? Also, I think that they think the councils ruling is unfair, wich I agree with them on, but they are going about it wrong. I have NO IDEA what lady gisela is doing. Besides ruining Keefe's life. Well done *claps sarcastilly*

      I don't like lady gisela, as you can tell. Kind of as a character. why?

      1. she doesn't really have a motive. Like, what is her motive. For Alvar, I can understand having to live in a stuffy noble family, in a world you think is unfair, but lady gisela? What's up?

      2. She doesn't really have a personality. I mean she's just the smart, smug bad guy. like every other member of the neverseen. There's nothing else there. She shows hints of loving her son, but you don't really get anything from her. What's going on? I'd love to see a short story from her POV in one of the books.

      3. She ruined Keefe's life. This isn't a character flaw, this is just what I personaly hate abouther. I don't ship SoKeef, but I love Keefe. He is the best developed character, and you can get attached to him, and relate to him. He doesn't deserve for his life to be ruined. 

      Phew, sorry! I got off topic, and it just turned into a loooooooong rant about lady gisela!


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    • I'm still kind of confused about this too.  I get this overarching principle, but they don't seem to be doing anything to get there.  All they do is swoop in randomly, be evil, ruin people's lives (especially Keefe's) and then disappear into the shadows again.  It's possible that in the final book some huge, really elaborate thing is going to be revealed, and then I'm going to be like oh.... but so far it just seems like she doesn't know where to take the story and is just throwing in random things along the way...

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    • The Neverseen's main problem is that everyone wants something different. For example: - Lady Gisela wants to have Keefe manifest a weird new ability so he can complete his legacy of helping her do weird stuff in Nightfall. That's why she covered him with melted-down ethertine and magsidian. (sorry for the Legacy spoiler) - Fintan wants to reverse the ban on pyrokinesis - Vespera is obsessed with ruthlessness and wants to test Sophie and her friends. Also her plans are very convoluted, as stated by Lady Gisela

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    • there only goal is to have a better world #GoGisela

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    • I think that it's all mainly about the humans, or to be more precise - about how to stop the humans from fill every empty place in the planet and also ruining it with their pollution and weapons. At least, Mr. Forkle said that this is the problem that motivate either the Black Swan, the Neverseen, and the other species.

      After that said, Fintan and Vespera plan is to enslave the humans and use them, including for experiments. Actually, Vespera already did this 5000 years ago. It has also something to do with discovering a way to solve the guilt-shatter-mind problem that weaken the elves. They want the elves to be as much powerful as they can, for example by using Pyrokinetics even that it's dangerous.

      Gisela plan, however, is different, and very mysterius. But she definitely HAS a plan, and a big one. Vespera know what her plan is and she said the their visions are oppesite. But I can't get what it is. Everything about it is intentfully unclear in the books - all the legacy and stuff.

      The council have nothing reall with all of this. The Neverseen have to wipe them just because their presence and charge are disturbing the Neverseen from doing what they want to.

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