• (っ◔◡◔)っ ♥ HI! ♥

    I'm hello.kitty, and I'm pretty new on the wiki. You have so many more edits then I do, but you joined later! I bet you'll become a big contributor.

    I'd love to get to know you. What do you ship? I'm a hard, hard, hardcore Tiana shipper (Tam x Biana), an ishy Sophitz shipper (Sophie x Fitz), an ishy Sokeefe shipper (Sophie x Lord Hunkyhair), an ishy Lylie shipper (Linh x Wylie), as well as a Marellex (Marella x Dex) and Keefella (Marella x Keefe). There are some overlaps, but the only ship that I need to happen is Tiana otherwise I'll quit this Fandom. XD

    Who's your favorite character? Which one do you aspire to? Which one are you most like? Biana, Biana, Biana are my answers. How about yours?

    ~ Sanriokotlc

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    • Hello! Tiana is amezing! My top ship right now :). My favorite character is probably Sophie currently but I love how strong Biana is in every book. 

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