• Hi there! Welcome to the wiki! I'm excited you're here!

    I'm Catherine! I'm a co-owner, an administrator, and a mentor! I'd love to get to know you better, and I would love to help you with anything and everything! I'm happy to answer questions, listen to suggestions or reports, and chat with you! (If you want a mentor, you're also free to request me!)

    I'm a teen girl from Texas that loves to read, write (especially poetry!), and sing!

    There should be a handy-dandy bot message under the name of me or another administrator (likely CustardBursts, a.k.a. Eva) to help you get started on the wiki, and you'll probably receive some other welcome messages because we're very enthusiastic on here! XD

    Anyway, again, feel free to message me anytime for whatever reason! I'm happy to:

    • Teach you coding
    • Teach you about the wiki
    • Teach you how to edit
    • Help you get involved in the community
    • Introduce you to people
    • Tell you clubs to join
    • Give you Advanced Wiki Tips™
    • Listen to you
    • Chat with you
    • Help you fix things
    • and pretty much whatever you feel like!

    I'd love to get to know you and to chat with you!

    You might notice that a lot of this I've posted on other new users' walls, but I promise I mean it all! I also add custom messages often.

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