• 💿 Holo Friend!💿

    If you have received this bad then MissVoltron Considers you one of her friends! Whether your are old or new you valuable to her no matter what! XD Even though she’s know as MissVoltron to all, you often called her {{{nickname}}}! MissVoltron really enjoys talking to you, reading your post or just being your friend! Thank you for putting up with her sarcasm, kookiness, rants and all of the above! You deserve this badge!

    {{MissVoltron’sFriend|nickname=*insert your nickname you call me here*}}or{{MissVoltron’sFriend}}

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    • Koala's Friend Badge!

      HI HI!! This is me giving this badge of friendship to you... cause I honestly think you are AMAZINGLY AMAZING!! I don't care if you are a human, alien, elf, dwarf, hobbit, gnome, oompa loompa or dragon, phoenix or alicorn OR T-rex. I just hope you know that you are amazing, beautiful, and completely funny and utterly creative!! You are all of these things and more and I hope you are willing to put up with a LITTLE insanity!!

      Once given to you by Look what Dex did!, add this to your profile using {{Koala'sFriendBadge}}.

      . .

      THANKS!!!! AAAAAND!!!!!!!!!!!! TA DA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HERE YA GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😉🐨

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    • Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    • YUP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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    • A FANDOM user
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