• What's your opinion on Tom Holland as Peter Parker/Spider-Man? I know a lot of people who dodon'think he's right for the role, and I was just curios what your opinion was.

    I LOVE Tom Holland, and I am sooohere for it! Sad he probably won't play Spider-Man again though. :(

    -Captain Hollander

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    • Hey !!! Sorry, I wasn't able to reply, gotta alot going on !! But also, right timing because it's official that he rejoined the MCU and the fact that Tom Holland is the reason why we still have Spiderman shows that he really loves his character. Him and RDJ are my inspiration so according to me Tom Holland is the best Spidey yet. His age, his flips and, physical ability and his acting are all great. Also, I wasn't really there when Toby Maguire and Andrew Garfield were playing Spiderman, so I've only really grown up watching Tom Holland !!

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