• I have to leave the wiki....My mom doesn't approve of me talking to strangers, so I'm leaving one last note...about the real me.

    For a month, I struggled with depression. I know it seems like everyone has at some point, got bad. So bad to a point where I physically harmed myself every night, cursing myself.                                                                    I was haunted by I'm not good enough...disapointment....worthless...waste...unloved...the usual. I managed to stop. 

    For only a little bit.

    The voice came back, thi time haunting my self image. I soon found myself battling a small eating disorder. Not as big as others', but still there. I relished the sense of control, the aching in my stomach, telling myself it was for the greater good, and that I deserved it.  

    I've stopped that as well, but the voice never truly goes away. It's always there, in the back of my mind. I act crazy and bubbly on this wiki, but that's just a digital mask I wear.

    I don't want anyone else to struggle with what I struggle with. Just know you make me proud. You have worth.      And, even though I haven't met you...I love you, just the way you are.

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