• You guys are so amazing and kind and sweet and I really don’t want to leave but I might have to. Thank you guys. I can’t thank you enough really.

    But especially those who have become really really close to me (and you aren’t aren’t this list I apologize I’m sorry I forgot you)

    Indi and Erica, The three elite will always be remembered trust me.

    Char thanks for being so nice to me from the start

    Cress you’re one of the best internet sisters there is. (The others are Crystal and Anna)

    Crystal Thanks for letting me rant to you. It really helps.

    Lilac You are an amazing adminnnnnnnnn

    Ominero the grand stalker, thank you so much.

    Mai if you ever see this (I doubt it, you haven’t been here for a while) thanks for being there for me.

    Anna, Onion GETHANA FOREVER!

    Bat and Berlynn I would give you both a huge message but I don't have the years it would take.

    Gildie, You ARE an amazing singer no matter what you say. And thanks for being such a great friend

    And Anna, whipped tree. Thank you for everything. For the Lc’s. For the role plays. For being my twin.


    All of you deserve this.

    Wiki best Friend!
    If I send this to you, you are no doubt an amazing friend. This isn’t a friend badge, this is a thanks. I love reading your messages, live chating with you, spamming on random threads once they are broken. You’re always there when I need to talk and I’m thankful for that! You are considered to be one of my Wiki Best friends! You are more then my friend, you are the person I can talk to on a bad day. I hope your day is going great And the sun is shining bright!

    Never let your mind put limits on what you can do. You can do anything if you put your mind to it


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