• I'm not sure if you remember me, but it's been a long time! So let's start anew!

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    • yes, of course i remember you princess tiana, haha we laughted at many times on this site...

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    • oh i have to tell you a secret... do you remember the fandom user (on gnomes page...)      it was me.

      @Ccow the hydrokinetic was right    ;)

      TT i'm sad to forgot this site, it was cool... i'm surprised my accoumpt exist in 10/2019 !!

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    • So, i'm just here to remember the good time and... HI BIANA !!!

      your friend, Keefe Jr

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      and ofc i remember youuu hahaha

      have you read legacyyyy??

      well actually it cam out a long time ago....anywayyy;;;how r youuuu ???

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    • Yes, i read it... very good !! i was surprised at many times !!

      Kotlc wiki miss me...

      Keefe Jr

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    • haahah yassss the wiki misses you XDXD

      same! so many surprising details came out of that book

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    • A FANDOM user
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