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    This is a Sophitz/Keana story so if you don't like that then don't read it, and if you do read it don't hate on it. Thanks.



    "Who thought you could look so good with your bedhead still on?"

     Sophie groaned. "Keefe, stop it! You know I'm trying to think of a way to tell - I mean, of a way to get Tam back from the Neverseen."

     "Tell what?"

     "Keefe, it's none of your business. This is between me and Fitz." It forced itself out of Sophie's mouth before she could stop them. She knew Keefe was dissapointed that she and Fitz had become a couple - and her words didn't exactly satisfy him.

     So Keefe pressed on. "What do you need to tell Fitz that you can't tell me? If it's 'I love you,' you can tell me anyday. You know that."

     "Keefe, why are you do bad at staying out of other people's business?" Sophie let out a deep breath and lowered her voice. "I know it was stupid of me since Tam had just gotten taken to the Neverseen but... I went to get my Match packets, but they can't match me." She returned her voice to normal. "Now. We're discussing our plans with Mr. Forkle later. Any ideas on how to -"

     "Foster! We should probably talk about this. I know of lot's of things you could tell Fitz."

     Sophie realy didn't want to talk about it. She felt too many things - sadness about Fitz, annoyance towards Keefe, guilt for being such a bad friend to Tam and Linh, and more guilt for not feeling anything about Dex at all. Still, even though she wanted to be discussing important things, Keefe had her interested. "As in?"

     "Well - and I don't want to pressure you. I know you like him way more than you'll ever like me. But - you could tell him you don't want him to be a bad match so you'll just date me instead -"


     "Thanks. But you wouldn't actually date me - unless you wanted to, of course." He smirked. Sophie rolled her eyes, so Keefe continued. "It would just get him going so he'll decide he doesn't want to lose you. You know? Then he wouldn't care about being a bad match."

     Sophie brought out her sarcasm. "Great idea Keefe. I'm totally going to do that. Best idea ever. Now, any idea for the important issue right now?"

     "Oh, about Tam! Now I feel like a really bad frenemesis. I think you should just check with him every night like you did with me, and -"

     "I don't know the feel of his thoughts very well," Sophie interrupted. "And even if I did-"

     "Eh, just look for an annoying depressed boy who's obsessed with his hair."

     "I'd run into you."

     "Hah! Good one, Foster! I'm very proud of you." Keefe looked pleased. "Or! Maybe you could find his thoughts using the almighty power of Fitzphie cognate power. Wait! Let's say Sophitz, since I'm pretty sure you'll do most of the work yourself."

     Sophie rolled her eyes, but what he said made sense. Besides, it would mean she would get to spend quality time with Fitz without having the awkward conversation that she knew awaited them.

     "That's a good idea. I'll bring it up with Mr. Forkle."

     "You should probably bring it up with Fitz first, so you can have conversations with him that are unrelated to... you know."

     Sophie nodded. That was a good idea.

     That night, Sophie stretched her conciousness to Fitz. Fitz replied extremely quickly.



       What's this about?

       We have an idea for how to help with the Tam situation. I could check on him every night, you know, like I did with Keefe. But I would need your - why are your thoughts turning sour?

       They aren't.

       I'm in your mind, Fitz.

       Sorry. I just... why does every cute boy in the universe like you? Never mind. You need my what?

       -Help. I need you to help me find Tam's thoughts so I can learn the feel of them. It will make it waaay easier to check in with him every night. And...

       And what?

       I just want to talk to you.

       What do you want to tell me?

       It might be best to say in person.

       I can't wait.

       Me neither.

       Love you. Goodnight.


     Sophie's heart began to race. Did he just use the phrase "Love you"? On her?

     "Ugh! This is impossible!" Sophie clutched her head. Tam didn't seem to be anywhere, and all this mind-stretching was beginning to hurt.

     "So... wait. Is Fitzphie failing? I told you, we should do Sophitz instead!" Keefe flashed his trademark smirk, and Sophie smacked her head.

     "We're not failing. We just need to keep trying," Fitz assured him, taking Sophie's hand. A little creature crawled up her spine, and her heart went into fluttery-flutter mode. Her stomach even began to flip over as well.

     She closed her eyes again, stretching out her consiousness, and Fitz gave her an incredible boost. And... maybe this was Tam? She listened in on the conversation he was having.

     Why not?

     Because then your friends might find it okay to just march in here and "save" you. They really need to sort out their priorities, though. The Moonlark went to get her match packets first thing after you joined us.

     Shame bubbled up inside Sophie. "This is him," Sophie confirmed. But Fitz had something different on his mind.

     "You got your match packets?"

     Her mouth turned to sandpaper as she slowly nodded. "We should probably talk about this somewhere else."

     "I... can't believe that." Fitz reached up and pluched a few leaves off of Calla's tree.

     "So... sorry if you don't like me anymore."

     "Sophie, nothing can change the fact that I like you. We'll just get the names of your genetic parents at the upcoming meeting with the Collective. I will strangle Mr. Forkle until he gives me the answer."

     Sophie smiled a little. "So nothing's changed?"

     "Unless you want it to."

     Sophie shook her head. "I don't." She paused. "Wait, actually I do."

     Fitz looked down. "Change how?"

     "I want to start dating officially. You know... for real."

     Fitz beamed. Sophie didn't think he'd ever given her such a perfect smile. Hollywoodwould have this in a heartbeat. Then he started nervously looking around.

     "What is it?"

     He turned back and smiled. "Just doing a Keefe check." And then he kissed her.


    So guys that's chapter one!!! Hope you liked it!!! Feel free to comment on what you think was good and what you think could get better. Please don't hate but constructive criticism is encouraged. :)

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    • Okay so even though I don't think anybody's read this yet, I'm just going to add my next installment of the story. Also, the beginning DOES NOT MEAN that there will be Sokeefe. Sorry. :P

      Also just so you know, even though my main ships are Keana and Sophitz and that's the focus, I also ship Tarella, Wylinh/Denh, and sometimes DeStina cause I think it'd be funny. I think this story will leave Wylie and Stina single and include Denh. :) Just wanted to clear that up. (I don't think there will be any Tarella scenes but maybe?)


      CHAPTER 2


       "Keefe, what have you been teaching her?" Sophie groaned.

       "Just some new words," Keefe replied innocently. "You know, for better communication?"

       "Leave that to me." She stroked Silveny's mane, and looked over at Luna. "Let me guess. You've taught the new Alicorns too."

       Keefe smiled triumphantly. "Yep! I taught them all. It took a while, but now they can say Keephie, Keefoster, Foster-Keefe, Sokeefe, and Keefster! Their favorite is Keephie."

       "Keefe! Why?" Sophie smacked her head and knelt down beside Wynn, transmitting, What else did Keefe teach you?


       Yes, Keefe. What did he TEACH you?


       Keefe teach WHAT?


       Sophie gave Keefe a look.

       Keefe shrugged. "I told you I'd call them that. Luna is Sparkle Tushie number 1 and Wynn is Sparkle Tushie number 2. Also known as Keeferina and the -"

       "Keefe. That's enough. What else?"



       It was Luna.

       "Ugh! You should be glad Alicorns are good natured," Sophie reminded Keefe. "Otherwise you'd be trampled."

       "Eh. They all love me."

       Sophie sighed. "Let's go back inside."

       "You made Mallowmelt!" Biana exclaimed. When Sophie and Keefe had come inside, they'd invited the rest of the crew. Save Tam, since he was... elsewhere.

       Sophie's stomach turned over. But it didn't mean she couldn't eat the Mallowmelt that Edaline had made.

       "Thanks, mom," Sophie said, taking a slice and biting into it. Edaline had a slight look of happy suprise, as she always did when Sophie called her that.

       "This is the best Mallowmelt I've ever eaten," Dex said. Of course he did. All Mallowmelt was the same, but Dex was super polite.

       And so was Linh. "I agree," she said, 

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    • Here is the rest:

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    • she said, taking another tiny bite of her Mallowmelt. "Did we invite Marella?"

       Sophie blushed. "Oops. I'm just not used to it. I know she didn't want to be left out though, so I'll invite her now."

       "I'll do it," Fitz offered, pulling out his Imparter and quickly sending Marella a mesage. Marella arrived in a heartbeat.

       She surveyed the room, acting like something was missing. "Is this everybody?"

       "Yeah," Sophie said slowly.

       "No," Linh corrected, making Sophie feel like the worst friend in the world. "Tam is missing, if he's who you're looking for."

       "I thought he never left your side."

       "Not usually," Linh admitted. "But... Anyone care to explain?"

       Dex volunteered. "Yeah. Long story short, Lady Gisela recruited him. Well, thinks she recruited him. I don't think Tam actually joined their cause. He just did it to protect Linh and the dying Alicorns that she'd given Soporodine. She's... manipulative like that."

       Linh turned to Dex. "You didn't tell me it was to protect me." She looked around. "None of you did."

       "We didn't want you to think it was your fault," Biana explained. "Or do something dumb like run after him."

       "That's not dumb!" Linh snapped - which was so not like her. "In fact, last I heard we all were about to run after him together! Oh, was I not invited?"

       "You were! We didn't want you to attempt it alone," Fitz explained, flashing a smile that cooled Linh off. Sophie felt jealousy bubbling inside her, but she reminded herself that Fitz was going to strangle her parents' names out of Mr. Forkle later that evening so they could be together, and began smiling.

       "Why are you smiling?" Keefe said, interrupting her thoughts.

       It caught Sophie off guard. "Just - I don't know - can't I jst smile when I'm happy?"

       Keefe smirked. "Yeah, right. I bet it had to do with the Fitzser over there."

       "Uh, the smile was at Linh, not me, so not sure where you got that from." Then she blushed. She'd admitted she noticed the smile.

       "Uh, guys? Am I invited to the Tam-saving party?" Marella interrupted. "Because I didn't know that we were doing that."

       Sophie blushed. "I guess Mr. Forkle didn't invite you to the meeting with the Collective. Well! You are now, and if they don't like it?" Sophie shrugged.

       Marella smiled. "Look, I know I'm not really a part of the group, but... just don't do this stuff without me. I really want to be a part of it. I'm with the Black Swan now, remember?"

       "I don't see any reason she can't be a part of all this," Dex put in. "I'll even make her a panic switch ring."

       "When am I going to get one of those?" Keefe whined.

       "Probably never, since you like to solve your problems by making dumb decisions without consulting the group," Dex said coldly.

       "Dex," Linh chided.

       "Fine. No more running off to Momma, got it?"

       "That was, like, a year ago! Get over it!" Keefe complained.

       "Um, guys, it's time to leave for the meeting," Biana reminded them.

       "We called the meeting, we explain first," Mr. Forkle told Fitz.

       "Well, we have new issues," Fitz argued. "Such as: How is Sophie supposed to register for Matchmaking without her parents' names?"

       Mr. Forkle looked suprised. "That's what you're worried about? What, did she try?"

       "Yeah. And due to your selfish secrecy, she's Unmatchable. That's just not fair."

       "Shouldn't we focus on getting Tam back from the Neverseen?"

       "Yes!" Linh and Marella said at the same time. Linh looked at Marella interestingly.

       "Teenagers," Mr. Forkle grumbled. Goodbye "You kids" phrase. "Always so dramatic. Now, Keefe and Sophie mentioned a plan that I think Fitz is aware of as well -"

       "We'll get to that. Just give us the name of one of her parents, at least."

       Mr. Forkle sighed. "I can't -"

       "It's alright," Squall interrupted from the other side of the table. "It's probably about time they know, anyway."

       "Are you sure?" Mr. Forkle asked skeptically.

       "Yes," she answered finally.

       Mr. Forkle sighed. "Okay then. Your mother's name is Juline Dizznee."

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    • So guys yeah that's Chapter 2!!!!!!!! That's my theory on who her mom is anyway I'm probably wrong though, but it would explain why Shannon nixed Sodex so quickly!

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    • Huh! Somebody's discovered this besides me - sweet! Working on my next installment.

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    • )Glad you like it. Also in case you didn't notice I do ship a litle bit of Sokeefe even though Sophitz is my favorite. You can tell I'm 65-35 because of all the times I have Sophie and Keefe alone together in this lol
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    • When you revealed who Sophie's mom was, I literally squealed. Please keep on writing. All the other legacy fanfics I've ship sokeefe!

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    • When you revealed who Sophie's mom was, I literally squealed. Please keep on writing. All the other legacy fanfics I've ship sokeefe!

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      • I've read
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    • Seriously—-this is pretty amazing. Keep writing!

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    • Even though this is a fanfic, when you said her mom was Juline, I screamed

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    • Also Laura Hollingsworth released a Marella, Stina, and a Jensi drawing and they’re all soooooooo good! Marella is Super pretty! If any of you guys didn’t know about it...check it out. Marella is my wallpaper and I’m gonna draw her too!

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    • That’s cool! I love Marella’s drawing too! 

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    • If you guys could pick any other ability for Marella to have, which one would you pick? 

      Mine would be a conjurer

      PS: This is kind of like a poll and anyone can answer!

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       "I don't know!" Dex's mother yelled again. She looked like she was on the verger of tears for not being able to help her son, and Sophie just couldn't take it anymore.

       "Dex, really," she said gently. "It's sweet of you, but I don't think she's lying." When she saw the hurt on Dex's face, she quickly added, "I realy appreciate it. I just think maybe this is okay."

       Mrs. Dizznee shot Sophie a thank-you look. She looked like she was about to say something else when a shriek echoed throughout the house. Bex was running down the stairs, followed by Lex, followed by Rex, followed by...

       A huge wave of clearly controlled water.

       The wave snaked down the spiral staircase, wrapping aroudn Rex and pulling him back. Mrs. Dizznee screamed, yelling, "You don't take my baby!" She froze the wave, and it melted. Over and over again they repeated this, but the wave made progress every time. Then Sophie's Imparter buzzed.

       Sophie got a sickening feeling in her stomach as she pulled her Imparter out, and Linh's face appeared on the screen.

       She wasn't in trouble.

       Or panicked.

       Or in any situation that merited calling the Moonlark at a random time...

       Linh had a cold look of triumph on her face as she proclaimed, "I got ahold of the Moonlark."

       Dex looked over her shoulder and passed out cold on the floor. Mrs. Dizznee was already passed out cold, and the Vackers were upstairs doing other things in a soundproof recording studio.

       Keefe was nowhere in sight.

       "Hello, Sophie," Linh's uncharacteristicall cold voice said, making Sophie burn inside. How could she betray them? Linh's eyes traveled behind Sophie. "Oh, good, you're at the Dizznees. That means you were there to wittness all the... commotion." Linh smirked. "Why did I take a triplet? Simple: We want something in return."

       "You're never going to get it," Sophie spat at the Imparter with Linh's face on it. Biana and Fitz began to calmly come down the stairs, and when they noticed all the broken glass and collapsed Dizznee family members, not to mention Sophie staring at her Imparter red-faced for a reason other than Fitz grabbing her hand, they knew something was wrong.

       Linh's icy voice laughed, and Biana and Fitz went rigid. Sophie could tell they knew who was on the end of the line by her voice. "You're so cute when you're angry. Listen. I took a family member of so many Black Swan members so that they would make getting him back top priority - even over rescuing Tam. Oh wait! - Sophie's matchmaking list is already placed above that."

       Sophie tried to calm down and forced a convincing laugh. "That's what this is all about, Linh? Seriously, we have a plan, and if you'd stick to it -"

       "You're plan wasn't going to do anything!" Linh spat. "Tracking his thoughts was a stupid idea! I had a plan, but no one would listen! And no way I'm teling you now, because the Neverseen are right behind me, counting on me to help their cause. He's right - elves have never been the problem. Humans have. If you would just see the truth -"

       "What if I just decided that twins were the only problem in the world?" Fitz said coldly from behind Sophie. "Because they look like each other and confuse everyone. The world would just be so much better without them."

       Linh stayed silent, but there was fire in her eyes. After a few moments, her dangerously quiet voice said, "If you just show up, hands in the air, at the cave where we first kidnapped you" - note the we - "ready to learn, then Rex will be safely in your hands by the end of the meeting. Every day you delay, he will be returned with more and more bruises and scrapes. And eventually? All you'll get's a body." The Imparter went dark.

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    • OMG! Are you Shannon Messanger! This is AMAZING!

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    • wrote:
      If you guys could pick any other ability for Marella to have, which one would you pick? 

      Mine would be a conjurer

      PS: This is kind of like a poll and anyone can answer!

      I think a shade. Because she'd be feisty AND powerfull!

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      OMG! Are you Shannon Messanger! This is AMAZING!


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      Happy Shadow Thoughts 101 wrote:
      OMG! Are you Shannon Messanger! This is AMAZING!


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    • I know it is really Sharon Messanger trying out some things to put in her book, we can all see that. Amazing story

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    • See? Even you made Fitz bad are u secretly supporting Fitz on the nonsense twin/triplet prejudice? How dare u

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    • Please write more. This is my way to keep up with my kotlc imagination 


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    • This is sooo good! You are an amazing author! I hope Linh isn't actually evil lol. 

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    • I also have my own version of legacy.I made it up in my spair time in between reading and when i was board. I spent alot of time on it. i even installed an entirely new character that i had to creat from scratch. but i don't realy get why i did this. it's not like it's actually going to mean any thing. it was just a way to pass time. i had so much time that i constructed this entire character's history and also keef's dad's history. do you think there's still time to post it?
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    •  "I don't know what to think anymore," Fitz said, tearing down a branch from the tree above them.

       "Whoa, easy, easy," Dex said, grabbing Fitz's hand. "I understand what we're all feeling better than anyone. I mean, Rex is my brother. I don't want him to die. But I don't want to learn either."

       "I meant about Linh," Fitz said, sighing. Sophie was secretly a little pleased that he didn't know what to think about Linh - although she wasn't thrilled about the turning-evil part.

       "Maybe she's playing games," Biana suggested hopefully. "Maybe she's just tricking the Neverseen."

       "Or us," Fitz grumbled. Sophie sighed - she hated it when Fitz got like this.

       "Fitz." Sophie put a calming hand on Fitz's shoulder. "We don't know if Linh is working for the Black Swan or the Neverseen or just herself. But there's a problem that needs solving, and fretting isn't going to get us anywhere."

       Fitz smiled. "It's like magic how you calm me down like that." Sophie smiled back, and it would have been really nice if they were alone.

       "Awww, that might be the sweetest Fitzphie moment they've ever doen in front of us!" Keefe cooed. He laughed when ne noticed Sophie's and Fitz's red cheeks. "I love it when they blush!"

       Fitz shook his head. "No, I don't mean like that," he said, although his sideways glance at Sophie told her otherwise. "I mean, maybe she manifested again ad a Beguiler.

       "I mean, knowing Foster, that's totally possible."

       "Maybe," Biana said doubtfully. "But then couldn't she just use that on Linh?"

       "Maybe Councillor Alina's with the Neverseen and used it on Linh," Dex suggested.

       Sophie highly doubted she's manifested again, and she didn't want their plans riding on a far-fetched theory born out of an embarassing moment. "Listen guys, I don't think so."

       Keefe sighed. "See, but I do think so."

       "It doesn't matter what you think," Sophie retorted.

       "Any more than it matters what you think," Keefe returned.

       "Hey!" Biana chided. "No fighting. Fitz was trying to get you to lay off the Fitzphie comments."

       "Biana's just teasing me," Fitz said quickly.

       A slight vibrating, slightly ringy noise began to sound. Dex sighed. "If it's Linh, I swear..."

       Sophie and the others crowded around Dex to see what was on Dex's Imparter. But it wasn't Linh.

       "What the heck? Who is that?" Dex asked, bewildered. Everybody else was similarly confused - except for Sophie and Fitz.

       They'd been inside Prentice's mind.

       "But isn't Jolie dead?"

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    • AuttumnTree wrote:
      See? Even you made Fitz bad are u secretly supporting Fitz on the nonsense twin/triplet prejudice? How dare u

      No he was just getting back at Linh for being cold and rude and well evil

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    • Are those 2 chapters in Legacy real from Shannon Messanger or did you make it up?????

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    • Nope I'm not Shannon, I've just been writing stories since kindergarten. I currently have a story that I'll be hopefully publishing soon! No I won't tell you what it's called or what it's about, but if it publishes, then I'll tell you.

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    • This is such an AMAZING STORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but im super sad about lihn turning evil. what happeen to happy shadow thoughts?😢😢 however it does seem like lihn has been possesed-

      or mesmerised

      or maybe this is all a dream! but ill let you write it since you wrote this

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    • KEANAandSOPHITZ wrote:
      OMG. My other chapter FAILED TO POST! And it was one of my FAVORITES!

      Some advice: type it on google docs or something else FIRST- then if it fails to post you still have it:)

      I get how annoying technology can be... But my motto for these kinds of things is: Always have a backup!

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    • I am pretty sure that after shannon messenger you are my favorite writer. I really hardcore ship Fitzphie and no one else is making fanfic thus good so even if Shannon Messenger says that Sokeefe is Cannon I will have this. Plus since I write stories aswell I like reading other peoples writing to get ideas. Thank you so much and please write more


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    • Note to Readers

      Thank you thank you thank you!!! I love that you all think I'm Shannon Messenger, although I'm not! You guys are really encouraging supporters - my project novel, the one I will soon be trying to publish (yes I mean REALLY publish), I am mostly writing for the people who have supported me here and on Wattpad. I've been writing since 1st grade and my writing style is so different than it was. I love you all for the encouragement, and though I mostly write fanfics for online supporters, who knows? Maybe you'll someday see one of my originals in the library! (If it publishes I'll announce the title to you guys!)

      Your support means so much and I'm so not stopping here. I'm a little busy but tomorrow's a Saturday, with lots of free time to catch you guys up.


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      yes! I will be looking forward to the day I read a published hard-copy book by you! It will happen; you put so much thought and work into your writing, and the more you read and write, the better you will get. I will be cheering you on !!!!

      I agree!

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    • THANK YOU! I love you all! I can't wait to publish my book for you guys!

      There will be some title references in this chapter!

      Here is your next chapter! It's not as good as the others, but enjoy!


       The girl on the screen huffed. "Everyone says that. Every time. I'm not Jolie!"

       "Then who are you?" Fitz demanded. "Because you sure as heck look like her!"

       She sighed. "Ever heard of twins? Edaline doens't know, although I'm sure my name will be enough to trigger her memories. Anjolia Ruewen - sound familiar? Nope. I've erased my legacy in hope to build a new one. Simply Angie - no Jolia, no Ruewen. Angie the Queen."

       "The Queen?" Keefe asked, turning to Sophie. "Um, can you please explain what that is?"

       "She plans to turn the Lost Cities into a Monarchy!"

       "A what?" Keefe asked in a bewildered tone.

       "That's what a Queen is. Like, the Queen of England."

       "What's England?"

       "I don't know...!"

       "You're failing me with your human knowledge, Foster."

       "I mean, how do I explain? You guys have Eternalia and Lumenaria and such. Humans have America, England, Africa, etc."

       "What's a Frica?" Fitz elbowed Keefe.

       "The Moonlark is right. A Queen is a sole ruler," Anjolia explained in a truimphant tone. "My new legacy."

       "So your with the Neverseen?"

       Anjolia laughed. "No! I'm with the Footprints, and even more secret organization. Gisela!"

       That's when Keefe's infamous mother appeared. "This is what a young person living up to their legacy looks like, Keefe. I must say, I'm rather dissapointed that you won't cooperate."

       Then Linh and Tam appeared. Tam looked out of breath, and Sophie realized he must have been what was hiding all of those people. "Ours will be a legacy of triumph. People will look up to twins with respect instead of looking down with scorn. Society's prejudice's will be reversed, with Angie's help."

       And then Marella appeared behind them both. "Including Pyrokinetics."

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    • Ooooooh... I've been waiting for this for a while, and I've gotta say, it's even better than I expected.

      but... what does you mean "Edaline doens't know, although I'm sure my name will be enough to trigger her memories.

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      Eloquent writing!

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    • Dont Bother Me I'm Reading KOTLC wrote:
      How long have you been writing? This is stunning! A lot of Fan-Fics are good, but yours truly stands out as great.

      Eloquent writing!

      Woops! I saw you're earlier post saying you've been writing since first grade. Keep improving on you're already astounding work!

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    • wrote:
      Ooooooh... I've been waiting for this for a while, and I've gotta say, it's even better than I expected.

      but... what does you mean "Edaline doens't know, although I'm sure my name will be enough to trigger her memories.

      A washer wiped her memories away, so Edaline doesn't know, but her memories can still be triggered.

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    • Hey guys!!! I know I can't leave you on that evil cliffhanger too long so I'll update now!​​​​

      I feel like I'm getting better at doing Keefe.


       "When you guys didn't have a solid plan for how to contact Tam, Linh and I decided so go undercover in the Neverseen," Marella explained. "But when we ran into Tam and Gisela -"

       "Lady Gisela, if you please," Lady Gisela interrupted coldly.

       Marella huffed. "Lady Gisela. When we ran into Tam and Lady Gisela, we discovered they weren't with the Neverseen after all - they were with the Footprints. We altered our plan to be double agents here, but then they explained their cause about changing legacies and had us right after promising twins and pyrokinetics would be looked up to."

       "My trust was still a little wobbly when I was kidnapping Rex as leverage to get you to attend that meeting that you​​​​​​ 'didn't show up to," Linh admitted. "But when Fitz brought up the twins thing, I realized Angie was right. The only way to change things was to force it. We each have planned to leave a different footprint than originally planned for us. And Gi- Lady Gisela was pushing Keefe about his legacy, she was trying to show him that he could use his talents at scheming to be a troublemaker who teachers hated, or a mastermind who even the Council looked up to. He could use his smart tongue to manipulate his way into anything he wanted, instead of ticking everyone off. But Keefe joined the wrong organization." Linh rolled her eyes. "Fintan found him before Lady Gisela. But if she'd gotten there sooner, maybe enough of you guys would join us for the Black Swan would realize hiding in the shadows and trying to change things without people knowing isn't going to work. You have to step up and demand attention."

       "If have have to burn anybody, I promise to spare your lives," Marella swore. "I still like you guys. You're my friends. But playing with fire isn't any use if you never use the power. If I want people to see me, I need to show them Everblaze, not just a couple sparks."

       "Now that you guys have unwillingly attended our meeting," Linh added, "you can have Rex back." A scream echoed off in the distance. Linh feigned guilt. "Oops! I'll have to tell them to stop torturing him. There'll only be some blood and broken bones - nothing Elwin can't handle." She smiled a sick smile as she ran off into the darkness. Tam's eyes were tearing up. He was the only one there who didn't seem to care about the Footprints' cause. Then the Imparter went dark.

       Yet he was the reason everyone was joining.

       "Whoa, Foster, you look like you're having a panic attack," Keefe said, backing up a little. "What's going on?"

       "Tam doesn't want to be there!" Sophe blurted. "I could tell. He doesn't want to be there. He doesn't agree with Linh, yet she speaks for them both. And two of the Black Swan ran off to join them to save him, and they didn't save him!"

       Edaline approached with a tray of mallowmelt. "Hey, you guys okay?" She held out the tray, but nobody accepted. "Wow, you won't even go for mallowmelt. That's how I know something's really wrong."

       "Linh and Marella joined the Neverseen," Fitz explained, his fists curling up. Sophie put a hand on his shoulder to help him keep his rage together. "Well, it's not the Neverseen. It's Lady Gisela's version - the Footprints. About legacies and stuff. And this girl named Anjolia - wait, I'm sorry -"

       Sophie gasped. Fitz had forgotten who he was talking to.

       Edaline's eyes widened. "What - Keefe? Is this what you go through every time you uncover something your mom hid in your head?"

       "If it feels like a thousand mini-headaches heading outward from the center of your brain, then yes."

       Edaline clutched her head and dropped the mallowmelt. Dex caught it. "We can't waste the mallowmelt," he explained.

       "Jolie's sister," Edaline said. "Is that right?"

       Sophie nodded.

       "Twin, I think... She's a froster..."

       "And she wants to be queen," Dex said. Sophie elbowed him.

       "She often played princess. She dressed up in a little blue human costume dress and braided her hair. She said it made her look like an ice queen from some sort of human princess movie. She completely froze her room three times. She was the most powerful froster I knew."

       "Elsa? Really?" Sophie couldn't help it.

       But it helped Edaline think of something else. "Who?"

       "She's an 'ice queen' in a human movie called Frozen​​​​​​​. That's probably what she was trying to do."

       Edaline smiled. "I loved Anjolia. She disappeared one day, and then I forgot who she was."

       "Well, if Anjolia plans on being an evil version of Elsa, the Lost Cities are in grave danger."

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    • Aww thanks guys, working on next chapter!

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    • A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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           "Amy? What are you doing up at 2:00 AM?"

           "I couldn't sleep. I can never sleep."

           "I can never sleep because you can never sleep. Leave me alone."

           "But... can't we do something together?"

           "At 2:00 AM?"

           "Okay, fine, I'm just scared of those strange ladies who showed up at our door."

           "What strange lady? Do mom and dad know?"

           "They're not home yet. I answered the door and this girl with long black hair came to the door and asked if you lived here. I told her it was 2:00 AM and get the freak out of here."

           "Good girl."

           "She smiled and said she understood my reaction but that this was urgent and you'd know who she is. Tthen there was this other lady who also showed up and asked me to get you. I said I'd go get you, but... I don't know what to do."

           "Okay, Amy. I'll get the door."

           Tiptoeing down the stairs. The girls. The ice. The candy. The fire.


         Sophie was jerked out of her flashback, still rattled. Who were those people? She coudln't remember their faces. It was just so scary... and unreal...

         "Sophie, are you okay?" It was Fitz. She was sitting on her bed, and he was sitting next to her, concern in his eyes. "You looked like you saw a ghost - although, a couple hours ago, we practically did."

         Sophie's shaking head nodded. "It was a flashback. I was ten, Amy was eight. She woke me up one night scared. Weird people had showed up at our house. I was prepared to call 911 if they tried anything - that's what a human does if they need real help from real danger. I can't realy remember them - just that there was lots of ice and fire and swet stuff - sedatives? It's so blurry!"

         "Shh. Shh," Fitz said calmingly, stroking her back reassuringly. "It's alright. This means we've uncovered something. Come on. Let's go rejoin the others." Fitz helped her up and brought her down Havenfields stairs.

         "Fitzphie's done doing whatever Fitzphie does when we're not around," Keefe proclaimed when they reached the living room. Then he realized the look on Sophie's face. "Wait - something's going on with Foster. Am I right, guys?" He nudged Biana, and Biana looked like a kid who had just been given the keys to Disneyworld.

         "Yes, something's definetly wrong," Biana said, still appearing wrapped up in the fact that Keefe had looked to her for advice. Keefe rolled his eyes when she wasn't looking.

         "I recovered a memory," Sophie explained, her mind finally beginning to clear. "It's a weird memory - like it was never really meant to be found out."

         "Know what you mean, Foster."

         "It was me an Amy, when we were little -"

         "Any and I," Dex interrupted.

         "Yeah, whatever, we were little, and weird people came to the door and they asked for me, and they froze a bunch of stuff and burned a bunch of stuff and there was something sweet, like mallowmelt -"

         "Whoa, easy, Foster. We hardly know what you're saying."

         "I think a Froster and a Pyrokinetic showed up at your door, and the rest is blurry," Biana summarized helpfully, looking to Sophie for approval. Sophie nodded.

         "But then..." Dex trailed off. "Why..."

         "Why what?"

         "The Neverseen don't have a froster, meaning it was Angie. And Marella wasn't with the Footprints back then, and Fintan was a Neverseen person, as was Brant. So who could the other person be?"

         "We could ask the Council," Keefe suggested innocently.

         "NO!" everyone shouted.

         "Geez, I was kidding. What if it wasn't people on the wrong side. Maybe it was the Black Swan, with Dex's mom and a firey pendant and -"

         "Why would they destory my house?"

         "Well, was your house destroyed?"

         "No," Sophie admitted. And then a final piece of the memory finally clicked into place, like that one puzzle piece that you know goes somewhere but can't understand it.

         It gave her nightmares in the past.

         Amy's eyes, Amy's voice:

         Sophie, please - stop!

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      more! More!! MORE!!! MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Keep writing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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