• Hi and welcome!

    Hi, {{{Insert Name}}}!

    I'm Anna!

    Who's your favorite keeper character?

    Who do you ship?

    What's your favorite cover? I like Legacy best.

    What's your favorite keeper book? Mine is Neverseen.

    What pronouns do you use?

    Sorry for all those questions, you don't have to answer them all if you don't want to. Have fun here!

    ✦ Please note that this is not an automated message, but prewritten. Don't worry, I'm not a bot. ✦


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    • Sorry for responding family went on a surprise trip for the weekend.

      So...we have a lot in common XD. I really like Biana, but Tam´s my favorite. I ship everything you ship, except Demy (no offense). I love all the book covers, but Lodestar has my favorite cover, and Neverseen is also my favorite book. I´m a girl, so she/her pronouns. Also, I love your name!

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    • Thanks!

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    • A FANDOM user
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