• I am not in the habit of welcoming new users (I would always forget and I don't want people to feel left out if they don't get a welcome), but I saw your profile and would love to be your friend if you wanted! We should talk sometime! When I first joined the wiki I didn't really know anyone and it took me awhile to reach out and make friends, but this is such an amazing place.

    You can call me Indie! Is it ok if I call you Spud? That sounds weird, but since your name is A Problematic Potato and spuds are potatoes, I think that would be fun. :D

    I saw that your favorite character is Tam, and he is one of mine too!! (In fact I am dating him XD). My other favorites are Ro, Keefe, and Biana!

    What are some of your main ships? I ship Foster-Keefe, Tiana, Lylie, and FeDex!

    Sorry for the long rambling welcome thingamabob XD

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    • Hey!! Yes, I will call you Indie-and-and yes, you can call me Spud. ;D

      I ship the same things as you-Bam, Foster-Keefe for the Winh! 

      Feel free to talk-I'm on here a couple times everyday!

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    • Yay Spud! XD

      And yayyy! Who do you ship Fitz and Dex with? I'm not really sure so I just put him with Dex XD

      Coolio! Me too! Do you ever go on LC?

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    • No-my parents don't let me LC. :(

      And...I haveno idea who to ship Dex and Fitz with, other then Fitz and the chandeleir. I mean, maybe Dex will meet another girl/guy in his infinante life span? I don't know. But I still like Fedex!

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    • Aww :( That's ok though, we can just talk here.

      Chandelfitz (or Fitzelier?) is an amazing ship. I was joking about it the other day and my friend in real life, who is on book 6, was like "Who's Chandel?" And everyone kept laughing at her. I like FeDex as well! (Ship it like FeDex!) :D

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    • D
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    • Wait typo 

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    • XD that happens to : and *. Do <nowiki> before it.

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    • NICE! That’s a pretty good ship!!!

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    • A FANDOM user
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