• Hey, congrats on 3,000+ edits! I have given you your Level 7: Flareadon Foxfire Badge which you should see at the right side of your profile.

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    • Thanks :) Sorry about my inactivity recently--I thought my before school workload was bad---But now just for one class I have a 60 page packet due Tuesday, a 30 page due Thursday, and a possible essay. Yay. I love school. Plus I got a bug preventing me from scrolling or swiping on my phone. So I'm doing just wonderful :) Did you start school yet?

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    • Oh wowzas that's a lot of work! Good luck and don't worry about the wiki! Cath and I can handle it- you should absolutely focus on school first. I can mark you as partially active on the administration page if you'd like.

      Nope not yet! I start school next week, though i did help out with the Grade 6 Welcoming and Orientation today :)

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    • Thanks :)

      That's sounds pretty cool--Hope your school year goes awesomely (or at least far better than mine :)!

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    • Awww thanks! My first week was good! :)

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    • Nice :) What do you think of the new art btw?

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    • also I just noticed you didn't have this! Here:

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      thank you for being a kind friend. ♡

      use {{EvaFriendBadge}}

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    • Thank you :) 

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    • Oh my gosh, hello! It's been awhile, how have you been?

      Also, when you get the chance, would you mind removing your Bureaucrat role please? Click here and uncheck the bureaucrat box:

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    • It says I don't have the rights to get rid of the title...?

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    • Ok, nvm--I got it

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    • Also--I've been pretty great. I tried my hand at making bread today (I feel so strangely normal by jumping on a quarantine bandwagon) and it actually turned out pretty great....I made churros too :) I've been trying to make a lot of things with my free time. I recently tried making jewelry and did some woodwork. Idk---I basically have just been lapsing into insanity.

      What about you?

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    • Oooh fun! Did you use a bread machine? Earlier during Spring Break I tried making bagels without one and I guess I "didn't knead it properly" beacuse they were super hard and tough the next day. I also made three different types of bread about two weeks ago in one day, since my mom hates cleaning the machine and tells me to use it to the full extent haha.

      Homemade churros are the best! How did they turn out?

      Woah, cool! I actually chose a new class called Art Metal for my Fine Arts for next year where you make jewelry

      I'm doing well. My teachers don't do meets or calls with us at all, so we just use Google Classroom to see our work. We get assigned homework on Monday and have to hand them in on Friday.

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    • I don't have a bread machine, yet it still turned out pretty good. It did end up turning out baguette-y so I must've done something right. Somehow. OK. Wow. You are on a much higher bread level than I am--Hard bagels or not--I'm still trying manage making one...And I basically covered my kitchen in flour when I was at it. I'll get better soon--Hopefully.

      The churros turned out really good. There's nothing like burning hot oil to make yourself more confident in cooking. I was so worried for the first few minutes of piping the churros out. I was completely convinced that somehow I would spill all the oil on myself. It's weird that a pot of hot oil is the most terrifying thing I've seen in months.

      Oh, that does sound pretty cool :) I hope turns out great.

      The only class I have to do calls for is Orchestra which is just downright painful. It sounds like screeching and no one can play in time because internet buffering, and the program fluctuates the tones so oftenly---It's really just a painful headache. And yet my teacher won't give up. *cries* Right now, I wish I took art instead of orchestra. I have two class assignments due each day--And I'm so happy we've moved to a pass-fail system...An essay that would take 4 hours and misery is now counted as an 100% simply for being turned in...It's a lot easier and less painful.

      Have you tried any weird hobbies to pass time?

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    • Nice! 

      Oh no, I am definitely not skilled in the bread-making-area. I just put ingredients in the bread machine and it does everything for me. It scans to see what temperature the ingredients are (the butter in particular) and melts them, then mixes and kneads, warms itself up to rise, and does all the steps so I have a dough to put in the oven. I really can't take credit for it haha, my mom also helped a lot. You will get better!

      Ouch, oil burns are painful. Haha, I don't blame you, I get so nervous when frying things.

      I made chicken pot pie on Wendesday, I shredded the chicken on the cutting board, and as I went to put it into the pot, the corner of the cutting board was resting on the edge of the stove burner so it melted.... It smelled like a candle being blown out 😂

      Oh dear, orchestra over calls sounds crazy. I hope it turns out well! For our band, we have to post signed practice records and send in videos of us playing. 

      I have also jumped onto the baking/cooking bandwagon. Besides that, I've been trying to do henna, which isn't going that bad. My hands just get shaky when I'm trying to draw with it.

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    • Wow...That is seriously fancy. I'm definitely going to try to get better with breadmaking---I have an overflowing amount of flour rn since the store near me only carried 25 pound quantities, so I basically am obliged to help use it up. We don't really have anywhere to stockpile it all, so there's 5 lbs currently in ziplocks, waiting to be used. I think I'm going to try making a baguette again tomorrow.

      Chicken pot pie sounds good :) I don't think I've melted anything yet. Give me a few days longer in my kitchen and I bet I'll have something. Maybe I'll  manage to burn water. You never know :)

      I'm hoping it turns out well too. If not--Maybe I'll skip class for the first time in my life...I'm totally capable of being a rebel. Totallllyyy. What instrument do you play? I feel like I should know, and I think it's flute, but I'm really feeling unsure all of a sudden.

      I don't think I could manage henna--That's actually really impressive...I know someone who did it at a town fair and it turned out interesting. It seems pretty difficult. 

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    • Not really, there are way fancier bread machines out there lol. Oh wow! That's a lot of flour. We use ziplock bags to put small quantities of yeast in to freeze. Ooh, good luck!

      It was super good! Better than the frozen food we usually get. Ah, yes. I've heard when not handled properly, water tends to burn XD 

      wOaH, skipping class? That class must really be awful haha. I play the trumpet actually in jazz band and concert band. I've tried playing the flute befer and it is so hard. What do you play?

      Some people are super skilled at it. I, however, do not fall into that category.

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    • I officially take on the title of water-burner from here on out for my amazing cooking skill :) I just made the starter for the bread and now just have a lot of waiting to do. I made the questionable fashion choice of wearing all black today and successfully covered myself in flour. It kind of undermined my mourning-for-the-death-of-BookCon (*cries at cancellation*) look.

      I tried flute as well a few years ago. I would literally pant and get dizzy just from playing a note. Wind instruments are way too much effort. I play the viola, the unnapreciated instrument :) I've heard way to many jokes about violas in my life--which is kind of sad honestly--I would people would've found more interesting content.

      Maybe someday...Good luck with henna, I guess then :)

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    • Waiting is the worst, especially when you have to let dough rise twice. I'm not exactly sure what BookCon is but oH nO, I hope it gets re-scheduled! 

      I forgot that I was supposed to hand in my practice record yesterday so now it is marked "Turned in Late" :((

      Me too! I could barely make a proper note or even sound on the flute. Trumpet in my opinion is super hard when starting out. The breathing is so difficult to do and since you only have 3 valves, you have to alter your breathing to be different to make a new note - it's complicated. Oooh, viola seems cool! Like a cousin to the violin, right?'

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    • BookCon's an event in New York City w/ a bunch of authors, publishers, books, panels and other brilliant stuff which I was planning on going to to celebrate my Birthday :) Maybe next year *sigh*  

      Ugh, that stinks--Do you get points docked for late assignments? I heared that some people aren't even doing the assignments at some schools and are just avoiding them...

      I think I need to master breathing normally before I can graduate to any sort of wind or brass instument. I had to do yoga for gym class and I even messed up the "breath consistently" part. I don't really have enough patience to commit to breathing based instrument--or yoga :) And yeah, Viola is basically a bigger Violin with Cello notes :)

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    • Oooh, that sounds so fun! Aw, I'm so sorry to hear that. I know some of my friends are sad to not be able to do much for their birthdays.

      We lose 1 point for turning it in late. Yeah, that's the case for some people in my class, they either put minimal effort or just don't bother.

      😂 Yoga sounds like a difficult gym class. We don't get any selection for gym, plus it's in French.

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