• "Sophie, you could DIE!" Everyone shouted simultaniously. 

    Sophie would not change her mind. "If i do this, the Elvin world would be saved."

    Mr. Forkle shook his head. "Miss Foster, this seems...."

    "Dangerous? Stupid? Kinda-" Keefe started. 

    "I'm doing it." Sophie set her lips in  a hard line. 

    She looked around the room. "If I die, I'm going to want to say goodbye first." 

    "You aren't going to die, cause if you die and leave me with these idiots I am never forgiving you." Biana glared at her friend before grabbing her in a hug. "You better come back." She whispered. 

    Dex next.Sophie wrapped her besrt friend in a hug. "I'll miss you." Dex squeezed her tight. "Come back."

    She hugged her parents, and Linh and Wylie. "I'm going to bring Tam home, okay?" She told Linh. 

    Her sweet friend just nodded. 

    Fitz pulled her into a hug. Things had been awkward since they broke up, but that seemed silly and unimportant. 

    His voice cracked as he said. "I will hate you for life if you die." 

    Last of all Keefe. He stood there, staring, and trying to keep a mask that was cracking into tears. 

    He opened his mouth to say something, but managed a choke. 

    This might be the last time she would see him. 

    She couldn't go without one thing...

    So Sophie slid her arms around his neck and pulled his lips to hers. 

    Just, an explosion. She couldn't break away, and he almost tripped over himself trying to stay connected. 

    Sophie lost connection to the world. If this was going to be what she came home to, she didn't want to go.

    They finally broke, gasping. 

    She wrapped him in a hug so tight no one could hear when he whispered in her ear, "I love you Sophie Foster. Please come back to me." 

    "Love you too." Her voice broke into pieces. 

    Sophie pulled away. She pulled the crystal to leap away, but before she could leave, Keefe grabbed her waist and kissed her one more, beutiful time. 

    He swallowed after moving away, giving her a sad smile. 

    She smiled back. She could do this. 

    She moved to the light. As she leaped away, she heard one broken sob. 

    Sophie refused to leave her friends. 

    She was going to do this, even if she made it back crawling. 

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    • IF YOU DON'T EXPLAIN HOW YOU HAVE SO MUCH TALENT I AM GOING TO DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IFF YOU DON'T WRITE MORE I AM GOING TO DIE ANYWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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    • thanks! i love peoples reactions.... practice i guess? 


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    • This is good! Why is she leaving?

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    • I LOVE THIS AAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    • One and A Half Years Later

      Keefe tore through the crowds, trying to get away from his pusuers. 

      He ripped down a couple of the Wanted posters with his face on them. Breathing heavily, he turned the corner, listening to the constant anouncments blasted over Eternalia. 

      "Reminder: By order of Queen Gisela, anyone who in the past had any connection to Sophie Elizabeth Foster is to be reported to the Seekers at once." 

      Keefe growled at Sophie's name. The pain of losing her tore fresh though his body again. 

      He rounded again, slamming into the wall that hid the remaining Black Swan members. 

      They had been in hiding since the Neverseen took over. And since Sophie had left. 

      Keefe dropped on the ground next to Fitz, who was sitting with his head in his hands. he glanced at the low, dirty room. 

      Grady, Edaline, Fitz, Biana, Linh, Dex, Alden, Della, Elwin, Oralie, Mr. Forkle.  A couple others. 

      They glanced worridely at him like always, hoping for reassurance, or a smile. Unlikely. He hadn't smiled since Sophie left. 

      He curled into a ball. She'd been gone for a year. The pain and loss hurt like nothing he'd ever experianced. 

      The're hadn't been a sign of her in so long, he'd almost lost hope. He'd been prolonging the decisiveness, of Sophie's death. "SHE ISN'T DEAD!" He'd  screamed every night for months. 

      He was losing hope. 


      Keefe shot bolt upright. 


      Keefe!? Please, can you hear me?!

      It couldn't. 

      Foster? He thought timidly. 

      KEEFE! OH THANK GOD! I've been trying, so hard to reach you, Sophie's frantic tranmissions said. 

      What happened, where are you, it's you, I love you, HOW CAN I FIND YOU!? 'Keefe thought desperatly. 

      The Neverseen have me captive, please help me, i've been drugged for a really long time, help me please, I don't know where I am, Sophie sob/transmitted. I love you, please help!

      Sophie, I'm losing you!

      They're back, Keefe, please! Sophie screamed as the connection between them was ripped apart. 

      So, that's my update! A little short, Hope you like! 


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    • Omg my heart ! I need to know what happens next ! No pressure tho

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    • hey peeps! Expect an update by monday night! If not, it'll be later this week! 


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    • Sophie's P.O.V

      Keefe? KEEFE? Sophie thought. 

      No use. The connection was broken. Sophie slumped in despair against the dirty cell wall. 

      The door slammed open seconds later like she'd predicted. The Neverseen had kept her drugged and weakend for, she didn't even know how long. Sophie assumed that whatever member was here now was coming to put her under again. 

      She shivered in horror. 

      Instead, the clacking shoes stopped in front of Sophie. "Look at her. The Moonlark. Who once was so strong no one could keep her down, to weak to lift her head. Strange to see you like this, Sophie Foster. Broken and useless." The cold, taunting voice of Lady Gisela came. 

      Sophie, unfourtounately, couldn't actually look at her. The transmit took all her energy, which wasn't much to begin with. 

      "Look at me, girl." Gisela commanded. 

      When Sophie couldn't, Gisela grabbed her chin and slapped her. 

      Sophie's face stung. But she wouldn't give Keefe's mom a reaction. 

      Lady "Queen" Gisela wrinkled her nose in digust. "I don't even know what my son saw in you." 

      Sophie's heart twisted, not from Gisela's comment, but from grief. 

      Soon, the Neverseen was probably going to decide they didn't need her. If Gethen didn't break her blocking soon, they were going to kill her. And she would never see (dang she kept running into that pun.) Keefe again. Or Edaline. Or Grady, if they weren't already dead. 

      Sophie felt like crying, thinking about it. 

      Gisela scoffed. "My dear, you realize this hasn't been working. So we're going to try something different." 

      From her cloak pocket, Gisela pulled a silver nozzled weapon. Sophie recognized it. 

      Oh crap. 

      Gisela hit right on the mark, just above her shirt, she hit Sophie's collerbone with the largest amount of sopridine Sophie'd ever seen. 

      As Sophie's vision spiraled into darkness, she heard Gisela say, "Let's see how well my son holds to this." 

      Then she was lost to oblivion. 

      Tada! Hope that is a good update! 


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    • Hi guys! I made an official account! I am KeephieForeva still! :)

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    • Wow, just wow. This is so freaking Amazing!

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    • This is great

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    • THANK YOU IT MAKES ME SO HAPPY! I Love writing it

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    • I actually already did! I LOVED IT OMG you HAVE To add more!!

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    • Thanks! I just updated btw

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      THIS IS SO GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BUT SO SAAAD!!!!!!!!!!



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    • i was like so mad at gisela, and also like, this kinda makes sense for power hungry mouthbreather

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    • GISELA IS EVIL! but shes also kind of cool.

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    • Or just give us a VERY good reason for everything you've done. Which there is none.

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    • Or that...


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    • Nice -


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    • Hey all, sorry I'm a bit late on this update! I had a bunch going on last night, but here you go!

      Fitz P.O.V

      Fitz unfolded the note for everyone to see. 

      "This is a trap. It has to be." He said, glancing at his friends. 

      They were a ragged bunch, with torn, dirty clothes and tired eyes. 

      "No. I'm not taking that chance. I heard her." Keefe's raw voice said. "If there's a chance it's her, I'm not stopping till i get her back. 

      "Neither am I." Grady shot. "She's my daughter. But the Neverseen are threatning her life if we don't reveal ourselves."

      "So disguise yourself and wait in the crowds. I'm going to find her." 

      "So am I." Biana agreed. Dex too, same with the rest of their friends and Oralie. 

      Grady could tell he was outnumbered. "Fine."

      Keefe and Fitz met eyes. 

      Nothing would stop them from getting her back. 

      20 hours later

      Keefe pulled his cloak to shadow his face even more. "Where are they?" he whispered to Biana. 

      "I don't know. They called this, didnt they?" She said as she pushed through the crowd in the main area of Eternalia. 

      He glanced over to where FItz and Dex were standing.  ​​They were safe, for now. 

      An explosion echoed from a rooftop, and screams followed. 

      Keefe looked up to see three cloaked figures. 

      One was slumped down, and held by the others. 

      Keefe lurched. Sophie. 

      Before he could run to her, Biana grabbed his arm. "wait."

      She was right. 

      Gisela cackled. "Oh, Keefe, where are you?" She sing-songed. "I don't think that your girlfriend is going to last much longer under this sopridine!"

      Keefe felt like he was going to pass out. 

      Biana fixed him with a glare. "She's cloaked, we don't know it's her." (Referring to the unconcius one)

      "It's her." Keefe's voice came in a broken whisper. 

      "what do we do?" Fitz's whisper said. 

      Keefe didn't know. It was taking all his will power not to go running up to his mom and collapsing next to Sophie. 

      "Keefe? You're running out of time!" Gisela called. "In more ways then one!"

      She pulled back the passed-out ones cloak to reveal Sophie's bruised and beaten face. 

      She was completely uncounciuos and obviously barely breathing. 

      Keefe let out a small sob. 

      Oh no.

      Gisela turned, seeing him and his friends. "Welcome, my son!" 

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    • NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! GISELA!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WILL SEND YOU SOMEWHERE FAR FAR AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU HAVE HURT MY BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


      (SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO GOOOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU MUST ADD MOOOOOOOOOORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)



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    • Okay, I will update hopfully wednesday! I start school soon, so I'm going to finish this up

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    • Yay!

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    • how do you change a title of a thread? 

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    • No clue...


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    • Go to the right corner of the comment and the buttons quote and more will pop up. Press more and then edit, and you can change the title!

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    • thanks!

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    • np!

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    • i don't actually see it

      i started this when i didn't have an account, could that be why? 

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    • Probably... but i cannot be of use...


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    • I dont know.

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    • i am going to start a new thread, IGNORE THIS ONE FROM NOW ON, I WILL BE UPDATING THE OTHER ONE!!!

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    • okay

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    • This is really good! One thing tho, the c word isn't allowed.... :(


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    • ??? C word!? I would NEVER use that! 

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    • She means (removed)

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    • I will edit that out later

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    • Now you fixed it so...

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    • Can you give the link to the other thread that you said you would finish posting on because I want to know what happens?

      -Keefe and Sophie forever❤️

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    • More!

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    • This hanst been updated for 3 months! I love it!

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    • omg continue please

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    • A FANDOM user
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